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  1. The heat orbs are still in the MD shop they are under extra features and look like a goblet with a yellow ball in them it is not also unfair to have them as they dont help give anything unless yo fight and i trained quite some time before getting 2 of them though they help out alot there are other things in the shop that can help out even more if you use them correctly
  2. that is the end of the story mode for you that is all you continue with the game otherwise nothing else changes but you may find it harder to get into certain places that is all good luck and have fun only a few parts have that ending and i have found one lol
  3. sorry but i dont hail the lord of bunnies alas i wont be joining him but eating his losses i will do lol or even all of them yay bunny is so tastey
  4. try this once you click and vote and make sure you vote cause the whole point of those 19 links is that you use them to further advertise our great game Magic Duel click the go idle button and then resume play if that doesnt work as it does sometimes for me when they dont update and i know it should send me a message i will look further into why thank you
  5. Heretic archers arent multi targeters but they can be set to dying creatures in which case if the hollow warriors hp was more than max he isnt dying and thus cannnot be targeted by them grasans cant target only 1 target and he cant heal himself probably cause he set it to dying aswell
  6. the section of yours i also put in there because it all came from you you helped and made that part all i did was put it there thank you for that help and i will be adding as much as i can think of
  7. for right now the time limit is 2 days which tomorrow will mean you only have one day the contest will end on friday at 4 pm central time
  8. every part of the riddle has key points you just have to seperate the ones that areuseful and the ones that arent with that information you will be able to devise a good guess or not it is up to you but you need to be careful there is no 3rd swing in this game of riddles
  9. I have been made the keeper of keys and holder of puzzles if you find me and you will as i am everywhere and nowhere at the same time lol read my quest page and good luck these you will find alot harder than the heat one i thought up in like a minute ps i love riddles and will be coming up with more i currently have 3 of them from last nights escapade by by
  10. the last one is it salmon and i still think it is marrige or something of that nature grido lol i never want to get married lol
  11. I will do my best to put that into the FAQ i will put a number of things in it aswell things taht i consider not to be spoiler or secrets for now and that will be one of them story section to it
  12. @14th what am i is it not what am i but alas who am i i would guess either a person, a child, or lol MARRIGE LOL
  13. Morgana Le Fey


  14. it would occur the same way around if you reach max wins but not xp your creatures could get xp but not wins and still no stats or vp
  15. To clarify what i meant thank you glastig that is just about on the spot First and foremost i did attack people strong as that is how you gain stats and early on stats arent important but later on they are the difference from a win and a victorious secondly i did farm wins from 20 ve guys quite alot to get my wins on my creatures but sadly yes i did beat shop guardians and dark slime and any other that i could for the xp gain I was so unbalanced with 60 wins and 18 losses that i tried farming losses but that even gave me xp third and the point of this topic is this WHEN YOU REACH MAX XP YOUR CREATURE WINS STOP AND YOUR XP AND STAT GAIN AND VP GAIN FROM FIGHTS I REACHED IT AT 65 WINS AND 22 LOSSES AND HAVE RESET BECAUSE OF IT MOST MP3'S WHO HAVE ANY DECENT STRATEGY AND UNDERSTANDING OF HOW THE CREATURES ATTACK ALSO REACH MAX XP WAY BEFORE WINS SO I PROPOSE THIS FOR MP3 ONLY WHEN YO REACH MAX XP YOU ARE STILL ALLOWED TO GET WINS ON YOUR CREATURES UNTIL YOUR TOTAL CHARACTER WINS REACH 100 THAT IS THE STOPPING POINT AND BASIS FOR GOING TO MP4 SO WHY SHOULD WE BE SHORT CHANGED OUT OF WINS FOR OUR CREATURES if anyone agrees or disagrees please post why i will be messaging King Manu with the results of this topic and will be inserting a poll if i can
  16. i have a new character The ReaperDeathSeal he reached max xp for mp3 with only 65 wins and 22 losses that isnt even 100 fights total and now my creatures cant get any wins anymore it is my opinion that they should be allowed to gain wins up to my 100 win limit for mp3 otherwise why have a limit they dont gain xp or wins or vp from fights it is impossible to upgrade them anymore thanks for listening now my suggestion is this allow creatures to still gain wins until the person gets to 100 wins or raise the xp cap to 350k xp or something it would help out with this problem that is bvecoming more and more frequent thank you
  17. Morgana Le Fey

    Story mode

    yeah that is the problem most of the time adn all the time for me using my characters when i was at mp3 i would reach max xp level way before i got even 75 wins that is not a good thing as your creatures cannot gain anymore won fights
  18. HEY HEY HEY NOW i am from one of those southern states and maybe i do think like that in vocab kinda things and am not that literate when it comes to speel or speil or what ever that was but hey even us southern folks can so things too and if you need any help ask anyone or post a topic and for the correction of your southern grammer it is ya'll no ye that is british and we dont use ' that much it takes to much time
  19. The choices we make in the story affect our ability to do things in the game dont worry other things open up when something is forbidden jsut look around
  20. i am currently trying to get xp to 2 lvl 1 creatures and it is slower but when they survive omg how much xp they get is alot lol one got 56k xp the other died as with most of my creatures and thankfully i lsot that fight but due to rounds to long
  21. clear your cache if that doesnt work log out and log back in if that doesnt work then maybe you need to update flash player after that it may be a problem with your computer not being able to run the game sucessfully or a bug
  22. no bugs that screen shots show you as the defender all of them so they are not bugs you jsut have to look closer it clearly says e you and e is defender in all 4 fights so that is why you lost honor for losing those fights and it shows you that he was victorious in the first 3 and on the fourth i am not sure why he didnt get a victorious but sometimes it does show that they lose when they didnt meet the pre requisite for a victory
  23. you already beat me twice what more do you want lol and yes i did finish enough for free roam mode but i think i have 3 more pages of 24 hour bonuses
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