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  1. correct tremir is right there is no difference in wins for mp3 if there was omg i would probably reach max xp with 20 wins
  2. hey i dont bite i nibble get it right hehehe welcome again and have fun most of all
  3. The ReaperDeathSeal 5489 points 3204 heads Evoker MorganJade 690 points 1152 heads mp3 and mp4 i have top score and the most heads so i would be on both lists which i think are a good idea but it also shows strategy
  4. i dont think i am ready for heads contest at mp5 just yet i will though try next one
  5. well heads stayed yay and points reset woohoo maybe my mp3 will win or atleast get 2nd i hope to win though i have ovwer 500 heads
  6. I agree with chewett mods and rpcs are here for the game aswell we take no gains that you dont and have just the same rights as you do just a little stricter sometimes
  7. i bought everytihing in the permanent side but imperial armor now i want to reset it so i can gain alot of stuff again lol mainly the vp and ve boosters lol
  8. sakura that is amazing wonderfully amazing you should help with drawing avatars
  9. Welcome to the forums and to our lovely game first off i replied to your message and told you who to send it to and second off glaistig you still worried about what i told you lol welcome and if you have any questions any at all message any of us we would be delighted to help
  10. Nor was i here but i must say thanks for returning and i hope to beat you someday lol welcome back all your home is still here waiting on you well at least you have more age on your creatures now lol
  11. i am also stuck in chapter 2 right now until i can reset xp
  12. It does say in most of their bio's and quest logs that they do have a little permanent skill damage roughly 10% what that means is this when you lose to them whether you attack them or they attack you and they do so based on who you attacked if you attack say Knator commander he is likely to attack you back 2 times to see if your defensive ritual can beat him which mine didnt lol and you lose about .12 to all stats roughly what you gain is more than you lose if you do beat him which i did lol 98% to 98% lol so close but i barely won and he kicked my butt 2 times for that lol
  13. I would say clear your chache and refresh and if it still happens ell then it might be a bug
  14. regeneration +6.3 energeticimmun +6.629 tradesense +6.217 briskness +6.231 initiative +6.418 defence +8.423 attack +7.016 power +6 luck +6.204 on Evoker MorganJade regeneration +8.028 energeticimmun +10.145 tradesense +6.805 briskness +7.125 initiative +6.418 defence +10.151 attack +9.908 power +6.144 luck +6.204 70.928 and i would have had more but i reached max xp for mp4 lol now just need losses to get honor lol yay not doin to bad i think for an mp4 that is lol
  15. that is quite correct glastig and i hope thesemar is sorry casue that would be mean what if manu's name is really bob thunder and lightning you would get
  16. so do i i am aobut to buy all i want from shop and need a reset shortly all i needis 370 honor and i can get all i need
  17. you gain and lose honor based on your opponents win loss ration compared to yours say if you have 50 more losses than wins but your opponent has 250 more losses than wins you will get negative 200 honor from fighting them ors o and they would gain 200 or so honor from beating you
  18. The first riddle is not apart of the story but later riddles will be a part of the story just as quests are part of it they allow you to find new areas through a key of sorts hence the key keeper
  19. dst was that fight against me lol it probably was as you beat me nearly everytime unless i attack you with some help lol
  20. I am going to clarify a few comments and statements first off this is to Lulu and Glastig (when lulu is using your comp lol) 1) you answered a clue about paper cabin and a clue about beserkers way i do believe i will have to clarify again just to make absolutely sure The reason this answer was wrong is partly due to the not having an explanation which would show you that is has nothing to do with either places and the fact that these places arent part of the riddle at all now this is aimed at soultear 1) I hope you dont think that you were cheated as you did not get the right answer. allow me to elaborate on the purpose of having a riddle created from scratch by me and not off the internet for instance i make sure in every riddle that i only have one answer by thinking of something say a clue and then building hints and tips into the riddle that suggests only one possible answer yes answer fits most parts perfectly but if you try to substitute clue into your explanation you will find it doesnt fit most but it fits all of them my riddles will always have just one specific answer or else everyone will win and there will be no reason to think up a riddle at all just give everyone a new creature and send them on their way IF MY RIDDLE HAS MORE THAN ONE ANSWER I WILL LET YOU ALL KNOW THAT IS HAS IE 2 OR 3 POSSIBLE ANSWERS MIGHT BE HELPING YOU BUT HEY LIFE GOES ON for nothing in this game takes no chances look at the story line in all its complexity for instance you will have multiple chances but every time if you stop and think as i put that line in there for a reason add the word to every line that is why there are stanzas granted they dont always rhyme jsut right but hey i try and it is hard I put all this effort into this to make the game fun and more exciting for all and only a hand full of people even tried not even 100 out of the thousands that play 71 people tried and only 15 were right if i wasnt specific then 71 would win cause then any answer explained right would fit next part is aimed at Ren 1) thank you for helping me and understanding what some cant it is tough to find a way to balance everything out and make it to where not everyone can win but make it winnable If everyone won then it wasnt either hard enough or someone is just that good if you all would have given the time and effort like some did then hey you would have won and soultear sorry again this is for you if answer didnt work and it didnt why did you not try again with something similar THANK YOU ALL FOR CARING AND HELPING ME DURING MY FIRST RIDDLE BUT I ASSURE YOU THE SECOND SUCH RIDDLE WILL ONLY BE HARDER AND MORE SPECIFIC AS I HAVE HAD IT TESTED IN STORES THIS TIME THAT MEANS IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR ME I WILL KNOW LOL AS YOU WILL KNOW THE ANSWER INSTANTLY BUT THERE WILL BE NO EXPLANATION NEEDED YOU WILL EITHER GET IT OR NOT AND THIS TIME THE RULES CHANGE YOU WILL KNOW IF YOU WON WHEN IT IS OVER I WILL KEEP TABS IN YOUR PROFILE AND ON MY COMPUTER THAT KEEPS CHEATING FROM HAPPENING THOUGH YOU WILL HAVE A HINT THAT YOU ARENT WRONG OHH AND CREAGAN THANK YOU ALOT I AM HAPPY YOU ENJOYED IT AS THAT IS MY WAY TO HELP MAGIC DUEL SOON YOU WILL ALL SEE ALOT MORE OF ME LOL IT WILL BE FUN
  21. thank you ren alot of things fit in with one part or another that is why i asked for an explanation because if you explained it correctly as i have then on your second guess you would guess a clue as did most of those who submitted an explanation ask metal bunny he didnt get it right the first time but he did the second and wrote one of the best explanations for it
  22. I also think that glastig is correct i had a ritual with almost 200 wins on it and it got broken it healed over 1500 ve on my creatures which at the time healed them fully cause i had weak creatures lol but it was lost subsequently i now create mutiple rituals from an idle player in a different scene where i am gonna fight from so that away if it is lost then well i have more you can create more than just one per fight i create multiple due to some mp5's abilitys to kick my buttocks easily enough and with not that much vitality doing so saves time and effort and you know you have it
  23. Metal Bunny is renowned for his in forum riddles but alas i am the keeper of keys in the game and for some quests you will need the key to things such as maybe an impassable gate perhaps or a spiral with some sort of puzzle things like that i will be directly involved with one day and i will be involved with other quests so yes eventually you will see me in order to complete some quests and receive some aswell for prizes and rewards that might not be nessecary but quite useful i am trying to push for a limited edition creature for the winners of my first riddle as reward for being the first to win and also to commemorate my first riddle
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