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  1. Lulu

    Forum Game

    Burns: he didn't know was that the wine had been poisoned by.... Grido: a strange woman wearing a feather boa... Chewett: that have an idea that he ... dst: was cheating on her with... Grido: Hannah, which as it turns out he was... Metal Bunny: not as Grido fancies other types than Hannah, more petite... Glaistig: really. Grido began convulsing and... Grido: started reaching toward a conviniently placed antidote... Garg: Which, unbeknown to Grido was in actuality full of... Burns: nothing but pure fountain water. Yet, he swallowed it all in one gulp and... dst: spits it out quickly cause it tasted like... Grido: beer, and he doesnt like beer. Cryxus: He rolled and writhed as he looked at Jonn, smiling slightly. "Only you can save me now".... Metal Bunny: Jonn could only reply with: 'Mouth to mouth? Burns: It might feel a little weird, seeing you are no gopher, but i'd still do it for you if you promise...'' Grido: before finishing that sentence, Jonn remembered that Hannah was in the room still, apparently forgotten, she then performs the mouth to mouth.... dst: resuscitation but because she was a bit blind she did it to someone else who happened to be around. That person was... Cryxus: ...Perrobotillo. Grido frowns and turned back to Jonn... Grido: and says ''when did Perro get here?'' and then continues slowly dying.... Burns: while suffering from terrible pain, but all of a sudden, he has THE idea to save his life:... Glaistig: he shoves his finger down his throat, so as to induce a gagging reflex to purge the his system Lulu: but the cruel laughter of Jonn and Hannah makes him choke on his vomit as his eyes fill with desperate tears--he can'tbreathanymorethevomittastesrealbad and THE WORLD IS CRUEL--[i]gone[/i]--and he is dead. Either oblivious or uncaring, Hannah and Jonn... (My pleasure, Grido, to intervene suddenly and rescue you from being the pitiful subject of some terrible, unworthy game like this. Any time, really. And my lines count, regardless of length or some other senseless technicality! R.I.great P., Grido!)
  2. My pen says www.agingservices.info. Just thought I might put that piece of information here, in case it comes in need. For you. MB. Hohoho, rotting adult! Not that you act adult. Ah. D:
  3. I see the tree has been put up there, nice touch B). And I like the animation~ at least until Granos spoiled it for me with his opinion :/ *easily influenced* One thing is the darker color of the... paper? It just looks too dark for me, even if it fits better with the dark brown in the background. And the diagram of that one really famous math figure that I forget, being the lowly, uninformed and forgetful person that I am, part of it goes onto the background and it's hard to see. Might vary with resolution/browser, don't know. Is there music still? :/ I thought the song was nice, but honestly, I had to avoid it every time I logged on. Reminded my family I was logging onto a computer game, and eh..
  4. Mooph. That makes sense. >_> It does irk me, though.
  5. Sorry if I messed up the poll by voting since I don't really play MD anymore D: If I did, you can discount it D; I voted: 1) Don't believe in God. 2) Not important 3) Maybe 4) Combination of ideas 5) No religion 6) Often hide I just felt the compulsion :D Now you know I still stalk the forums :( I don't really believe in the Christian God that is all-benevolence and forgiving. Mostly I reason that it doesn't make sense the world is so full of bad things and that humans are so sinful if he, being the perfect being that he is, created a perfect universe "and saw that it was good." And why would he make something imperfect? And I don't get why he has to be a "he." And I hear that the Bible has a lot of flaws, though I haven't read it. That''s just for the Christian god, however. I do believe a higher being of genius (but not perfection, at least not from the human point of view, as in moral, etc.) could have created the universe (but then, what created that being? a Creator doesn't resolve any question imo). I doubt that it actively intervenes in our world on the behalf of "good," though, so if I did believe in any god I would be a Deist.. @_@ But I remain unresolved :) From my point of view, it could be either way and I will never know. I hide my disbelief in Christianity from believers because I don't want to cause awkwardness between myself and the so many that do believe in Christianity. And, being the majority religion in the area, it really is a disadvantage to be a heretic of Christianity. :/ No matter how open one tries to be, it would make a negative impact. Ah :/ Okay, I fulfilled my compulsion to express my views. I always have that compulsion. :/ As usual, can't manage to write with eloquence. Oh well. :/
  6. Ahh, d*mn you all ): Minory, my peer, how fare you? Glai and I are currently sleeping at around 1-4 am every night, studiously doing our articles and study guides and a lot of other junk that really isn't that much yet we take a lot of time on. n'___'n Beat that. And add me... ): I have Yami on my list, but not you... As for you d*mn Europeans, d*mn: Losers. >_> So much for calling Americans stupid, those of us who have to work to get scholarships actually work it seems, 100x harder than those who choose to slack off in their [i]lame[/i] elevator schools. THAT'S RIGHT! [i]ELEVATOR SCHOOLS[/i]. And Bootes... -fume- I will now, flustered, detach myself from this forum. ---- Oh yes. And I am now no longer an animecan. I'm withdrawing. Even though I can get my episodes off IRC by myself now. Because I'm too busy. Bastards! T_T
  7. This is an interesting topic. :) Hmm. . . I'd say moral values vary from person to person, depending on upbringing like Logan said. However, it seems like there seems to be an overall perception of good and bad, you know, that many people seem to sense in some way or the other. . . But, to respond to your guys' points. . . -I don't know whether all people are equal or not. Where did this come from, listed like a law? Isn't this actually part of the moral beliefs? -Sure, I value stuff, I can safely assume most everyone values things (though I think some sociopaths, "abberrations," as we call them, sometimes may not in the sense we're talking about here), /but/ How did this leap to saying that we must therefore respect others'? Because we have our own things we value, we should respect that others do too? Because we love one person and wouldn't hurt that person, we should realize that others have their own persons, and we shouldn't hurt them? No, I think it would be more like, I value/love this object, therefore I am going to go to lengths of protecting it and improving conditions for it, disregarding what others want if need be. . . Because there's material scarcity, eh? We can't all have what we want. Wellwell, okay then, why does the golden rule have so much sway then? Obviously not all of us treat each others exactly how we would want to be treated, etc., but at least many of us hold some respect for other people's wishes and desires. Because of our societal contract, I guess. If we all went for getting the best for what we have, there would be too much conflict with others and that wouldn't be good for the species! So we banded up together and said, the best way to all get some of what we want is to all respect ea.'s others' to some extent. Now, that was crudely put, but do you kind of understand what I mean? What I'm saying is, this "golden rule" we follow, it's not a thing of "morality" and such, but an understanding of what's necessary for the species. . .? The feeling of right and wrong is just an ingrained urge for survival, like hunger? . . .Well then, couldn't we continue as a species, you know, with a despot having all the others just fulfill his desires, and have the others mindlessly reproduce or something? Wouldn't we still survive as a species well enough like that? Hum, don't know, maybe the best species of them all is one that can survive /and/ have good living standards for all of the species. . . Of course, I don't know whether morality is a real thing or not, I just tend to think in terms of survival. What need is there of moral codes, values, otherwise? Are we just an elevated species? Hm? But, uh, of course, I have a moral code I feel about, just proposing a theory. I'm sorry about my cluttered way of presenting things, by the way. It also appears that I have a pennant for prompting questions. . . e__e Anyway, I might clean this up and try to improve it, but the bell's going to ring now. ^^U
  8. Lulu

    Manu's Real Form?

    A ver. . . Puede ser Manu es muy inteligente, pero no me parece que es como un dios, aunque es la verdad que el esta bastante ocupado. . . Es mas bien para decir, el es una autoridad bastante encantadora, no? No se, solo tiene este modo de hablar que parece que es abstraido, y parece que el siempre esta distraido, no? Y ese lo hace parecer alucinante y encantadoro, si. . . eh. . . Pero creo que si Manu vio todos de estos comentarios a nosotros, le hacerian tener incomodidad, pues. . . n'__'nU. lol, I had to check every other word in the dictionary, woot. Now, if only I knew whether or not to use estar or ser, or if I could make authority masculine because the noun it refers to is male, and uh. . . For all you non-speaking Spanish people :-D!: "Let's see. . . It may be that Manu is very intelligent, but it does not seem to me that he is like a god, though it is true he is often rather busy. . . It's more accurate to say, he's a rather endearing authority, right? I don't know, only he has this way of speaking that seems to be absent-minded, and it seem like he's always distracted, right? And that makes him seem cool and endearing, yeah. . . eh. . . But I think that if Manu saw all of these comments from us, it would make him have some discomfort, uh. . . n'__'nU."
  9. Well, Tremir wasn't saying that RPCs have to make them available right now, am I right? All he was saying was that it would decrease the amount of confusion if RPCs would just put their intentions/status on their quests for those "pretty pieces of paper" in their quest documents. Am I wrong? You know, with this list of RPCs who have the documents public, people will ask about them. They want them! It's natural. I don't think the RPCs should be so puffy about the number of PMs sent to their inbox when they could decrease that number of PMs by letting people know what they plan to do with those documents in their quest papers. It's a small price to pay for volunteering to distribute them, don't you think?
  10. Lulu


    Okay. This is unacceptable. While I'm not familiar with quantum reasoning (or whatever it would be), I must say, I can /only/ say, awful. If you get an A, you must get a B as well, or if not, you get C's and D's. I hate this kind of harsh fate, though I've already suffered it. Isn't this too sad?
  11. Ehhh ehhhhh ehhhhhh hehhhh~ ^SFXs of wheezing laughter.
  12. De veras? Piensas tu que es gracioso? Puedo escribir en espanol todo el tiempo, o intentar, pero yo, pues, voy a hacer errores. Y usar el diccionario mucho. Pero yo puedo intentar. . . :-) Oh! Y debo escribir en ingles la misma cosa? Ehh, and I forgot how exactly to form a question in Spanish. . . what do you change. . .? was it the subject or object that you make come after. . . e'__'e "Really? You think it's funny? I can write in Spanish all the time, or try, but I, uh, am going to make errors. And use the dictionary a lot. But I can try. . . :-) Oh! And should I write the same thing in English?"
  13. Lulu


    A, thou idiots, A. A for an A! All A's for 4.0's! A's! A! A! A! AAAAAAAAA. I hate those B's. I got a B in Tennis last year, and if I could crush it physically, I would. Crush it up in my hand, feel those infuriatingly curved lines shatter and snap. . . -fume- No 4.0 for me.
  14. -You pass by a random butcher shop with a sign saying "Fresh Meat" and you hear, "Hraa~ FRESH MEAT." Well, that isn't related so much to MD, really, in fact, probably not at all. Heh. Why you---!! JUST TURN THE MICROPHONE OFF ALREADY?! Anyway, back to MagicDuel. . . -You log onto MagicDuel during Photography, lunch, and whenever a computer is available. -You worry at school whether Chimaera has overtaken you yet. -You stay up until 5 am watching your heads fervently, then wake up at six and check again. -When you hear about Romania, you no longer think of gothic buildings and vampires, but of Manu and MagicDuel. -You read Of Mice and Men and identify yourself with Lulu, Candy's dog. -When you have a dream about being a protagonist surrounded by thugs, you devise a solution in which you knock down ten of them, then use an energy burst to get away. -_-ll Huh, some of those are surprisingly not very good examples. And there are surprisingly little of them. @_@ Maybe I'm not so glued to MD as previously thought.
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