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  1. an "issue" i noticed so far is that the page auto scrolls to the top when you click an item, i'm not sure if it's intended but it's not how it behaved before, and it would stay at the same page location whe nyou used an item, so that multile items could be used quickly. I think that i prefer the old functionality in terms of the page location resetting, as i would try to use 2 or 3 items quickly before the page refresh. i don't think this is a real problem in terms of how the feature functions, more of a difference to what was before that might bother some others. edit: this is in regards to the recent sidebar changes and inventory things.
  2. i dont think he's suggesting the same creature and level are different for different people. more that the 14th year hollow warrior has 9k VE whereas other anni's have higher. i also think that 10k may not be appropriate due to how the stats of the 14th year barren compare to the other previous anni versions
  3. i wouldnt mind a way to bottle VE/VP, not for me to use as such but as a way for me to use my VE/VP in a way that would allow me to store and share it
  4. from this alone the skill description is not something that can easily be commented on. does the aura affect only itself, or the team? what does this creature itself do, and des it do anything that actually can make use of its power? all of these will need questions to judge the balance of such an aura
  5. Syrian

    Alt Issues

    ooo, thank you for this chew, much appreciated, i hope your break helped you and you're feeling a little better now
  6. Syrian

    Alt Issues

    i'm able to pass items to aeo, so it looks like the issue would be between ledah and aeo as ledah suggested
  7. @John Constantine the problem with this, while i do agree with parts of it, is that it doesnt relate to what the skill actually does. if the skill was referring to recruiting creatures, and that's how you gained it, then yes, but it's not. as mago says, a slave doesnt defy because it's accepted it cannot, given the chance they will choose otherwise, if they are of sound mind. but also as above, the concept of slavery in any form isn't really relavent to the topic at hand. the skill itself comes from the act of taking or collecting resources from the creature, and the name of it should reflect this action, it's a little strange that it doesn't really reflect the nature of the skill or provide any accurate hints/clues as to what you would do to actually gain it.
  8. you could make the argument that what if they want that? they don't seem to have any wills of their own, they just follow ours. though i do agree perhaps mutualism isnt the best word for it, but also neither is taming, its a very strange thing to try to sum up in one word.
  9. true, perhaps in the long term you couldnt consider it to be mutualism, though, in the short term its for the benefit of both, you provide it something to feed from, and get something you need in return. taming to me implies that you are taming something wild and making it tolerate or work with you, which isn't happening here. of the two i feel mutualism would work better. perhaps something like "collecting" would work as well, as (iirc) the button that allows you to gain these resources does actually say "collect".
  10. the current mechanics of taming is more mutualism than taming a creature to obey you, you provide the creature something it needs/wants, and in return you get something you need, it's a relationship of mutual benefit.
  11. Syrian

    Alt Issues

    i'll check this when i have a free moment, waiting on the sewers currently, thank you
  12. Syrian

    Alt Issues

    yeah, i found this very odd, considering i havnt logged in the game anywhere except my home IP, and i havnt moved house
  13. because i have apparently reached my upload limit:: http://storenow.net/download/125fb78fe1ad0e5e155cd85eb313f575/stonenc.jpg
  14. Syrian


    the definition of coherence: " the situation when the parts of something fit together in a natural or reasonable way: " , to people who understand a little about the shade sentinel, this is not at all unusual, and makes sense for it to have such a skill
  15. after a brief skim through this thread, i think the main issue with this Al segment comes from just how limiting it is for the whole realm, if it was just a small change in how the game plays for others then the impact might not have been so severe, however, its affecting gameplay for those not involved, and have no way to get involved. i'm all for elements that affect the realm as they do bring life to the game in some aspects, but this current Al is doing the opposite, its locking down one of the main things that are keeping some of the players active here. a story should enhance the game, not limit it, provide discussion, not opposition. that being said, why cant a compromise be made? even if it's just opening up one altar somewhere, even if it's just for a brief moment every so often, just to allow both things to exist. does it fit the "lore" of the quest? i dont know, but it would make the the state of the game easier to swallow for the people who want to participate in the aspect of the game that is now locked. new players who come to the game may want to change out their creatures or play around with these features, and cannot do so beacuse of a situation they cant participate in, i feel like a temporary solution should be reached. i'm sure there exists some solution that allows both parties to participate in the areas of the game they want to, without treading on the feet of the other.
  16. Syrian


    that it's possible to actually apply myself to something and reach goals i set for myself. it's just a shame i dont have the motivation to do this anywhere else
  17. theres another huge problem with MD being in a vr setting. the scenes are from one perspective, things "behind" the player, or camera, arnt shown, you can infer whats there for the most part, but there are certain scenes where things just arnt shown, and often this for a good reason, secrets are hidden beyond the scope of vision and running a VR setting would mean revealing those and drawing up angles of the game that just arnt visually there. not to mention the amount of work that would be involved in building MD into a 3d environment, the modelling work would be astounding in itself. you also have to consider distance, distance in MD is a very odd thing, and even distances between scenes arnt uniform, especially in the east, and they would need to be calculated and everything in between would need to be filled in to create a full world, its just not practical or feasible
  18. completed, topic may be closed
  19. as per title, however the credits are for a 3rd party, looking to pay around 1gc
  20. When creating a creature totem the naming convention appears to be '[creature family] creature totem' , i.e. 'plant creature totem' , however there is a few creatures that don't have a specified family when it comes to totem creature, and the dont inherit the [creature family] in the name, and just become "creature totem" , a few examples of this would be a santa, or anniversary creatures. previously i thought this was just a naming bug and had no other problems, but today i tried to open one to take out the santa and 8th anniversary aramor that i had stored in them, and instead of bringing up the usual UI to continue with the totem opening, and how many fenths it will cost, nothing happened, the UI that should have been there instead was a blank page, and the totem that i tried to open just disappeared. unfortunatly i have no way to tell if this was the aramor or the santa that went poof. i dont know if this is related to the previous mentioned bug or not.
  21. it really is a shame to see you go, truly, i hope you do as well with future endeavours as you've done here, safe travels on the long roads
  22. Syrian

    "broken auras"

    it could be said tha tif you have a ritual with the max allowed of all different anniversary types you get a bonus based on what that creature is "doing" aramor's do damage, so potentially they could provide some added flat attack to the aramor's , or activate a creatureboost % damage type effect since the creatureboost only applies to the regular aramor and would be useless in this situation. it wouldnt be "meta" defining, but does allow some additional options for low stat players that dont have tokens, or even players that do have them and rely on them for doing things. imperial aramor stacking already does this same thing, but better. hollows heal, so potentialy a power/regen buff to all HW in the ritual.
  23. Syrian

    "broken auras"

    aramor's wont ever be a serious contender for being top of the combat food chain as it were. they are single target, and creature starts are useless beyond a point. a defence boost doesnt mean all that much in context of drachs being able to target all and one shot. the other issue with aramor's is not all of them are upgradable past level 1, which also hurts their viability. the fundamental issue with the suggestion is that there are currently 5 diferent types of aramor, but they have a ritual limit of 3, which i think doesnt need to actually exist for this creature as it's not got a high power threshold to begin wit,h so limiting it doesn't prevent that much abuse like it does with drachs. anniv hollows are already pretty strong. but they wont replace trees in every situation. they have the same VE as a coloured maxed tree and even more regen yet people still use even un upgraded tree's due to availability without being at a disadvantage. and again, there are 3 anniv HW's now, with a limit of 3, so adding another one will also not allow this suggestion to work, however this limit actually does make sense in some ways due to rituals with 6 anniv HW being a great defensive sponge for stat farming. that being said, if people really wanted to go for a 6 creature ritual that does that, they would use 3 tree's 3 HW, so you could make an arguement for removing this restriction as well, if someone is able to get 6 anniv hollow's then all the power to them, they would alos be able to get 3 coloured tree's and 3 anniv barrens just as easily.
  24. the issue here is that Md as a system does not experience time/entropy. its a fixed system that if left by itself nothing will move or decay. the concept/feeling of time applies to the players. think of Md as more of a 2d plane of existence while the players exist in 3d space, we have an extra dimension above the game in which we can experience time. any passing of time that we want to relate to has to be done in this plane rather than within the game itself. it's like looking in a mirror, the reflection itself has no memory of time but the object's its reflecting, do. the reflection has the illusion of time as it reflects the changes of time outside of its plane, but it does not directly experience it. your question is asking how do we quantify something within the game that isn't there to be quantified? things like AD and regeneration intervals exist for the player only, essentially above the plane that MD exists on.
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