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  1. first LHO was shemmy, he was my LHO contact for all things help and really helped get me used to the smaller things in the game. for non LHO, i think i would have to go with fang or DD, as it was those people that were around me the most in my first few days/weeks.
  2. Honor points at MP3

    i also had my MP3 alts for this reason, and a few times i've been tempted to create one again, they are very useful and actually the mp3 combat, as limiting as it can be, is quite quirky and fun to navigate around. i would have had my other characters stay there had i not had to move them up for other plans, MP3 used to be a social place, a fair few new players, lots of questions, lots to do, sometimes even situations to work out that you didnt know before. if we started to get a bigger influx of players i may continue working on on the planned mp3 alt i created
  3. Heat device

    adding on to my other comment, sounds like a good concept start to what a heat solidifier would do or look like, a focus that could direct and channel heat into a single place to create a heat stone, using a memory stone to impart the memory of that resource within the item, it would take that memory and the heat and use the memory of the memory stone to direct its outcome. a representation of the process of memory and heat focused into a single object, the representation of the realms memory and the players influence. could also be a little more straight forward in that a circle could be carved into the centre for the memory stone to "sit" and the heat would be directed across the surface of the solidifier and converged evenly through it into the stone.
  4. Heat device

    looks like it could be used for some kind of heat focus, a type of channel/converging crystal for heat flow due to its spiral shape.
  5. 404 on story mode page (quests page)

    noticed the same, got a message about it as well
  6. the removal of the LHO status and/or moving that status to island guardians, is going to force people to go to the island if they want to retain the LHO/ helper role
  7. the question isnt about being too busy, from a personal standpoint, i want to help, thats why i became an LHO, but i dont want to be limited to the gateway island just to do so, when i/m capable of helping out with questions and other things from the main land. another problem is that if you make all current LHO into gateway islands its going to split the playerbase even more, and i dont think this is healthy. obviously you need people at the island to welcome new players but then there will be less players on the mainland so the game as a whole feel emptier than it already is. i have reasons to want to stay at the mainland, rather than locking myself down to the island, and i dont see why i should be forced to move just to be help out when there exists an option where i dont have to. guardians don/t have to be the new LHO, and if you force all the LHO to the island then you have no helper roles on the mainland.
  8. My post will be primarily focused on this point of the announcement: " Ideal characters for this role are ex LHO, ancient players. The lho playername decoration *..* will slowly be removed or assigned only to guardian role. " I'm all for guardians on the island and think they are needed, what i don't like is how its a role that is going to force people to stay there on the island, signing up with limited information, and how the LHO decoration is going to be removed. As someone who puts a good portion of time into helping others and answering questions (as limited as they are at the moment) , i'm quite saddened that its come to a point where if i want to continue then i have to become a guardian and leave the mainland if i want to keep my wings. The idea that the guardian wont be able to leave the island is obviously a necessity, but that isn't to say that these guardians are the only ones that are able to answer new players questions, and then what about any help/guidance when they have left the island? Why should the current LHO be expected/forced to join the guardians and stay on the island if they want to continue this role? I also understand that they can somewhat continue this role of helping people without the wings, but without the wings then they will be removed from the live help button which is one of the primary ways that newer players ask for help, and i'ts easier for people who do need that help to reach out. Removing LHOs and replacing with the guardians creates a dilution of the help base, not every LHO is going to want to move to the island, and if you make them the only LHO/helpers then you're reducing the amount of players (and potentially the hours that are covered) you have to help people with their questions. In short, i dont think lowering the amount of help base is going to be helpful, yes we need guardians to direct new players, but that doesnt mean they have to be mutually exclusive to the current LHO base, both can operate at the same time.
  9. Help me go MP6!

    jumping on the back of this, MP6 is supposed to be an accomplishment, a show of support and of people coming together, the realm as it stands right now is divided in where it wants to show its support, everyone has their own stances, beliefs, mentors and goals, and the current state of mp6 reflects this, i feel like changing the amount of adepts required to become mp6 diminishes that accomplishment a little. while mp6 is a great thing to have around, its really helpful with the loyalty, being able to summon, and as a show of solidarity and common ground, i feel like right now we dont have the activity to justify much, if any of this. i would love to be mp6 again, but the activity and the realm being so divided in its goals with the split support of the people wanting to be mp6 make it not really a feasible possibility at the moment, people will support who they support, and that should be respected.
  10. Chawan

    error is gone now
  11. Chawan

    its still there
  12. Order items in inventory

    yes please! this would be fantastic
  13. Protectorship Candidate #2 (Golemus)

    there is no reason for this, and i wouldnt ask for it, a shared tool is a better solution overall, the fusioneers is no longer around and its been shown that its no longer a necessity, so why not make the tools more public? even alliances like the woodcutters that are dedicated to a role involving certain tools, do so with shared tools and not private ones. making shared versions is a much more elegant solution than creating recallers for the private tools.
  14. Protectorship Candidate #2 (Golemus)

    im all for public solidifiers, there isnt too much reason not to have them as every other tool has a shared version, if someone really wants heat stones and cant get access to a shared tool, they can come to me or blackshade as they can now, so that wont be a problem, as for the market being flooded with heatstones, there is already more supply than there is demand, there is essentially no market for them in the first place.