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  1. an "issue" i noticed so far is that the page auto scrolls to the top when you click an item, i'm not sure if it's intended but it's not how it behaved before, and it would stay at the same page location whe nyou used an item, so that multile items could be used quickly. I think that i prefer the old functionality in terms of the page location resetting, as i would try to use 2 or 3 items quickly before the page refresh. i don't think this is a real problem in terms of how the feature functions, more of a difference to what was before that might bother some others. edit: this is in regards to the recent sidebar changes and inventory things.
  2. i dont think he's suggesting the same creature and level are different for different people. more that the 14th year hollow warrior has 9k VE whereas other anni's have higher. i also think that 10k may not be appropriate due to how the stats of the 14th year barren compare to the other previous anni versions
  3. i wouldnt mind a way to bottle VE/VP, not for me to use as such but as a way for me to use my VE/VP in a way that would allow me to store and share it
  4. from this alone the skill description is not something that can easily be commented on. does the aura affect only itself, or the team? what does this creature itself do, and des it do anything that actually can make use of its power? all of these will need questions to judge the balance of such an aura
  5. Syrian

    Alt Issues

    ooo, thank you for this chew, much appreciated, i hope your break helped you and you're feeling a little better now
  6. Syrian

    Alt Issues

    i'm able to pass items to aeo, so it looks like the issue would be between ledah and aeo as ledah suggested
  7. @John Constantine the problem with this, while i do agree with parts of it, is that it doesnt relate to what the skill actually does. if the skill was referring to recruiting creatures, and that's how you gained it, then yes, but it's not. as mago says, a slave doesnt defy because it's accepted it cannot, given the chance they will choose otherwise, if they are of sound mind. but also as above, the concept of slavery in any form isn't really relavent to the topic at hand. the skill itself comes from the act of taking or collecting resources from the creature, and the name of it should reflect this action, it's a little strange that it doesn't really reflect the nature of the skill or provide any accurate hints/clues as to what you would do to actually gain it.
  8. you could make the argument that what if they want that? they don't seem to have any wills of their own, they just follow ours. though i do agree perhaps mutualism isnt the best word for it, but also neither is taming, its a very strange thing to try to sum up in one word.
  9. true, perhaps in the long term you couldnt consider it to be mutualism, though, in the short term its for the benefit of both, you provide it something to feed from, and get something you need in return. taming to me implies that you are taming something wild and making it tolerate or work with you, which isn't happening here. of the two i feel mutualism would work better. perhaps something like "collecting" would work as well, as (iirc) the button that allows you to gain these resources does actually say "collect".
  10. the current mechanics of taming is more mutualism than taming a creature to obey you, you provide the creature something it needs/wants, and in return you get something you need, it's a relationship of mutual benefit.
  11. Syrian

    Alt Issues

    i'll check this when i have a free moment, waiting on the sewers currently, thank you
  12. Syrian

    Alt Issues

    yeah, i found this very odd, considering i havnt logged in the game anywhere except my home IP, and i havnt moved house
  13. because i have apparently reached my upload limit:: http://storenow.net/download/125fb78fe1ad0e5e155cd85eb313f575/stonenc.jpg
  14. Syrian


    the definition of coherence: " the situation when the parts of something fit together in a natural or reasonable way: " , to people who understand a little about the shade sentinel, this is not at all unusual, and makes sense for it to have such a skill
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