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  1. down with the bacon! i mean..happy birthday...
  2. Mentor and Apprenticeship

    there isnt typically a forum post around for mentorship and things like this, but if you have questions about the game then LHo is usually the first point of cantact, if you're looking for a mentorship kind of role, ask around, , its a great way to communication and get to know the new players around and find someone that you think you would like and ask them if they would like to mentor you. but since my name got dropped into the thread, if you would like to talk to me and consider it then i dont mind helping you get back into the game, you can always send me a message in game if you see me around : )
  3. spam topic

    the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  4. Granite Wolf

    i cant read it either
  5. Protector Papers Bug

    i don't mind trying to help out, but i've already picked up these papers so i don't think i would be much use on this particular bug, might be that mago would be better to try picking them up seeing as he hasnt got them before?
  6. tested this on the heatvein test item i have, i also got a clear error and didnt get moved ~ Heatvein Energy Punch [Test] ~ Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/marketitems/inc.boxpage_ui.php on line 86
  7. Principle Documents

    i do like the idea of having some hidden away in the library, or perhaps you have too visit the library firs,t and find the book, then read it, to get a clue as to where the principle is, and reading the book gives them the ability to collect it at the location it's placed. it would act as a sort of mini quest
  8. Principle Documents

    these can only be gained at the capital , this isnt really a solution, the point Aia was trying to make was that they should be easy to attain with a little looking around, not hidden really far away, a new player isnt going to think about going all the way to the NC capital, even with tours, they aren't that visible to newcomers
  9. Chat fight messages

    if this is fixed then i have even more reason why the fight chat should be removed, the constant beeping would be far too much
  10. Chat fight messages

    had forgotten about that topic and ideas, yeah, pretty much identical to ivo's first idea, looking at it now
  11. Principle Documents

    let the principle be part of the reward of getting into loreroot, there is no reason to place that one at the door when there is a quest given to the player to enter loreroot. necro i would agree with, it could be placed at the tunnel in MB edit: it could also be placed in the east, at the foundation..
  12. Chat fight messages

    a way to toggle the feature would be nice, maybe a button similar to the OOC chat button, where it would be off by default so chat would behave as it used to, without the fight messages. then once toggled on it showed the last 14 fight messages in the chat. my idea is a little hard to explain so i made a quick example, on the left would be no fight chat toggled, on the right would be with it toggled on, essentially being a "full" chat. though if there were 14 messages from players then it would show 14 messages on the left instead. it would mean however that MD chat needs to be able to process/remember 28 lines (14 from players 14 from fights) and process accordingly. on the left it would display just the 14 from players, on the right it would display the full list of 28, but be limited by chat size, and only displayy the 14 most recent of the combination of players and fight chats
  13. Principle Documents

    deathmarrow can be reached somewhat safely with a tour from lash, but players must find the option on the forums, maybe this could be more visible in game? overall i like this idea and provides a good purpose to exploration
  14. Chat fight messages

    can we just remove this feature? i don't think it serves a positive purpose and just makes it hard to have conversations over long periods of time. especially since a fair number of us no longer have sound so we cant hear when a reply has being posted
  15. it boosts the user by the difference in stats (enemy stats - your stats = stat gain to you) so if you fo reg have 1000 stats, and the enemy 10 , you get : (10-1000=-900) so , get a total of +-900 stats, which comes to -900, effectively draining your stats, stat drain creatures dont work in your favour if you have higher than the opponent. edit: this is not really the full picture, or a proper calculation on what happens, just a simple representation of the mechanic