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  1. worldy inertia could be system inertia (SI), or even just inertia (I), though i think WI is fine, WP is pretty close to AP so at least that's some change ease
  2. i think also you could take the title of the bottom right menu "inventory, public logs" ( https://gyazo.com/b5fb7c94d27dd6a037459f7e8cf18c58 ) etc , and turn that into an expandable list/ menu rather than having icons at the bottom of the screen, as you have to go to the bottom to open up a menu, and then back over to the right to interact with what you wanted to open. this could then mean the bottom popup section could be used for player stats, such as AP/VP/Heat, inside it's own box, rather than floating above it and clipping with other text inside the page. edit: i definitely DEFINETLY did not do my idea's and thoughts justice, but here is a terrible paint edit of the idea''s/placements that i was talking about , hopefully my terrible editing skills doesn't take away from the ideas about the page layout. https://gyazo.com/241e801cfd78bb5fe4c99111a36692d8
  3. willpower is a pretty good representation. willpower is a finite human resource to begin with, so it would be a re presentation of how much a player character can "do" before they have no more willpower left. humanity as a whole struggles a lot with willpower, and tends to spend it on useless things, and then being unable to do the things that they would otherwise need or want it for. it draws real world parallels, because when people run out of willpower they tend to be unable to do anything else with their day, and need to recoperate, much the same as AP.
  4. i actually really look those minimalistic UI boxes on the right, the one's shown in chew's screenshot. is it at al possible to get a total theme like that across other elements such as the menu bar at the bottom? i think it might also be nice to have one of those menu's on the right that pop in for the heat orbs as well , with the option to pin , that way there's some overall symmetry and consistency between side elements. it's really comfy to have those elements on the right scroll with the user now tha ti've played around a little bit with the UI, and it would be nice to have the hdeat orb element do the same as well edit: would it be difficult to add a global text scale modifer to the whole site? having the chat text a few points larger is a huge help but some other elements are very tiny as well
  5. narrow setting is the best format i also wish the side elements ddnt anchor so far away like they do
  6. firefox, 1920x1080 ultrawide screen. i think a feature like that wuld need to be togglable, beacuse scene's are valuable and it could risk covering up important details. but it does look pretty cool having my avatar in the scene like that yes, but it blocks arrows in some scenes 😧
  7. https://gyazo.com/dc502d8fb7314806fd8c0fb07599982e it seems to overlap the scene instead, it works fine on other views
  8. i used to use it when i had thing's i wanted to save but then the messages i saved got removed from it (or deleted from age?) soooo
  9. oh my goodness, thank you so much. this is such an amazing change for me. definitely using the narrow view with 12 point text
  10. thank you! 12 point size goes a long way to helping me read the text much easier, so i appreciate it a lot
  11. alos the new heat system is difficult to use, the orbs move and and difficult to click, and often float behind the main central UI and become unclickable. can we go back to the old way but in the bottom left?
  12. @Muratus del Mur it makes sense now yeah. i'm not a huge fan of it personally. i think the biggest thing that i dislike is the online players and resources sometimes being at the side. i can see how that would be useful to some people who like to use the horizontal space more. but i think it makes more sense to have that stuff always underneath the scene, beacuse it just takes up so much more space to have it off to the side like that. i'm a very "central" view person, i like the important things to be direct centre, so for me having the scene image off to the right is very confusing, and i think it just looks neater to have the scene in the middle. i understand that ( https://gyazo.com/92a4783428f7c17c530cc876ef8bb109 ) this info is being used on the right on wide screens, but maybe this could be shifted elsewhere? perhaps into some pop up when the scene name is hovered over if you wanted to avoid more tabs. this would allow the online list to shift back under the scene and be back in the centre. you could place the "players in this scene" section over on the right near the mini player profile https://gyazo.com/0409b632bf53a6af2b313a6b1c40c66a that way when people click on a name, there is minimal eye and mouse travel and it's still tucked away. maybe that mini profile pops up over the top of the scene player list to reduce mouse and eye travel the biggest reason for me having to zoom in so far on MD is the tiny text size, would there be a way to implemenht some system for having user options to change the chat font sizes?
  13. i really like some functionality, like how a bunch of the side bars are pop in rather than permanetly there. howeve,r the page super breaks when zoom is applied to it. since a lot of the side elements are anchored to the sides of the browser but the middle section isn't, a lot of the page gets disjointed. this is especially true on wide screens. the old MD UI didnt anchor itself to the sides of the user's browser, this was good. but this does and it breaks a lot of the appearance. for example, this is on 100% (default) zoom https://gyazo.com/1df09ce883f812ef91b6e78fdcb085e8 to get the online list and the chat to line back up underneath the scene, i have to zoom in to 180%, which breaks a lot of the elements anchored to the sides. https://gyazo.com/f1f1150552c6e43d584edda46cf3f654 i think this page needs to be nestled inside a specific page width decided by the code itself, and not try to widen itself to the width of the user's moniter. the old page would do this, and would leave empty space on either side of the page if the moniter was wider than the actual page, this is good, it means the user can use the zoom function properly and use the space however they wish
  14. an "issue" i noticed so far is that the page auto scrolls to the top when you click an item, i'm not sure if it's intended but it's not how it behaved before, and it would stay at the same page location whe nyou used an item, so that multile items could be used quickly. I think that i prefer the old functionality in terms of the page location resetting, as i would try to use 2 or 3 items quickly before the page refresh. i don't think this is a real problem in terms of how the feature functions, more of a difference to what was before that might bother some others. edit: this is in regards to the recent sidebar changes and inventory things.
  15. i dont think he's suggesting the same creature and level are different for different people. more that the 14th year hollow warrior has 9k VE whereas other anni's have higher. i also think that 10k may not be appropriate due to how the stats of the 14th year barren compare to the other previous anni versions
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