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  1. Syrian


    that it's possible to actually apply myself to something and reach goals i set for myself. it's just a shame i dont have the motivation to do this anywhere else
  2. Syrian

    Revamps, Overhauls, etc.

    theres another huge problem with MD being in a vr setting. the scenes are from one perspective, things "behind" the player, or camera, arnt shown, you can infer whats there for the most part, but there are certain scenes where things just arnt shown, and often this for a good reason, secrets are hidden beyond the scope of vision and running a VR setting would mean revealing those and drawing up angles of the game that just arnt visually there. not to mention the amount of work that would be involved in building MD into a 3d environment, the modelling work would be astounding in itself. you also have to consider distance, distance in MD is a very odd thing, and even distances between scenes arnt uniform, especially in the east, and they would need to be calculated and everything in between would need to be filled in to create a full world, its just not practical or feasible
  3. Syrian

    WTB 5 credits

    completed, topic may be closed
  4. Syrian

    WTB 5 credits

    as per title, however the credits are for a 3rd party, looking to pay around 1gc
  5. Syrian

    Creature Totem Bugs

    When creating a creature totem the naming convention appears to be '[creature family] creature totem' , i.e. 'plant creature totem' , however there is a few creatures that don't have a specified family when it comes to totem creature, and the dont inherit the [creature family] in the name, and just become "creature totem" , a few examples of this would be a santa, or anniversary creatures. previously i thought this was just a naming bug and had no other problems, but today i tried to open one to take out the santa and 8th anniversary aramor that i had stored in them, and instead of bringing up the usual UI to continue with the totem opening, and how many fenths it will cost, nothing happened, the UI that should have been there instead was a blank page, and the totem that i tried to open just disappeared. unfortunatly i have no way to tell if this was the aramor or the santa that went poof. i dont know if this is related to the previous mentioned bug or not.
  6. Syrian

    Farewell MD!

    it really is a shame to see you go, truly, i hope you do as well with future endeavours as you've done here, safe travels on the long roads
  7. Syrian

    "broken auras"

    it could be said tha tif you have a ritual with the max allowed of all different anniversary types you get a bonus based on what that creature is "doing" aramor's do damage, so potentially they could provide some added flat attack to the aramor's , or activate a creatureboost % damage type effect since the creatureboost only applies to the regular aramor and would be useless in this situation. it wouldnt be "meta" defining, but does allow some additional options for low stat players that dont have tokens, or even players that do have them and rely on them for doing things. imperial aramor stacking already does this same thing, but better. hollows heal, so potentialy a power/regen buff to all HW in the ritual.
  8. Syrian

    "broken auras"

    aramor's wont ever be a serious contender for being top of the combat food chain as it were. they are single target, and creature starts are useless beyond a point. a defence boost doesnt mean all that much in context of drachs being able to target all and one shot. the other issue with aramor's is not all of them are upgradable past level 1, which also hurts their viability. the fundamental issue with the suggestion is that there are currently 5 diferent types of aramor, but they have a ritual limit of 3, which i think doesnt need to actually exist for this creature as it's not got a high power threshold to begin wit,h so limiting it doesn't prevent that much abuse like it does with drachs. anniv hollows are already pretty strong. but they wont replace trees in every situation. they have the same VE as a coloured maxed tree and even more regen yet people still use even un upgraded tree's due to availability without being at a disadvantage. and again, there are 3 anniv HW's now, with a limit of 3, so adding another one will also not allow this suggestion to work, however this limit actually does make sense in some ways due to rituals with 6 anniv HW being a great defensive sponge for stat farming. that being said, if people really wanted to go for a 6 creature ritual that does that, they would use 3 tree's 3 HW, so you could make an arguement for removing this restriction as well, if someone is able to get 6 anniv hollow's then all the power to them, they would alos be able to get 3 coloured tree's and 3 anniv barrens just as easily.
  9. Syrian

    So how do we measure time in MD?

    the issue here is that Md as a system does not experience time/entropy. its a fixed system that if left by itself nothing will move or decay. the concept/feeling of time applies to the players. think of Md as more of a 2d plane of existence while the players exist in 3d space, we have an extra dimension above the game in which we can experience time. any passing of time that we want to relate to has to be done in this plane rather than within the game itself. it's like looking in a mirror, the reflection itself has no memory of time but the object's its reflecting, do. the reflection has the illusion of time as it reflects the changes of time outside of its plane, but it does not directly experience it. your question is asking how do we quantify something within the game that isn't there to be quantified? things like AD and regeneration intervals exist for the player only, essentially above the plane that MD exists on.
  10. Syrian

    Extreme Magicduel

    well the point of contention wasn't first, it was most
  11. Syrian

    Mystery tournament III

    i would like to do this.
  12. down with the bacon! i mean..happy birthday...
  13. Syrian

    Mentor and Apprenticeship

    there isnt typically a forum post around for mentorship and things like this, but if you have questions about the game then LHo is usually the first point of cantact, if you're looking for a mentorship kind of role, ask around, , its a great way to communication and get to know the new players around and find someone that you think you would like and ask them if they would like to mentor you. but since my name got dropped into the thread, if you would like to talk to me and consider it then i dont mind helping you get back into the game, you can always send me a message in game if you see me around : )
  14. Syrian

    spam topic

    the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell