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  1. mysecka

    Ap overload?

    u mean one im talking about or they are talking about? ^^
  2. mysecka

    MD SHop bug

    i have that problem on "Mysecka" and on "Lady Magdalena"
  3. mysecka

    Ap overload?

    I wonder whatt secret feature u are talking about, i know only one "secret" - nothing about vp
  4. mysecka

    MD SHop bug

    have same bug, just checked it and realised ;( dont mentioned that i bought two features, then open shop again and it was still there... even if it worked after buying
  5. for me either i can se page itself but i cant access menus - so i cant play at all... only some parts are loading, graphics etc.
  6. i love this game! its best website game i ever played, and i played many of them... i don't have no ideas but, please do everything that will keep game running, eaven it means to put on adds (the worst thing in the world)... i have fingers crossed, and hopefuly you will deal with it.
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