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  1. I want to start off with a big "Thank you!" to everyone I've met here, and most of all, my deepest and sincerest thanks to Manu for creating Magic Duel. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am eternally grateful for the wonderful experience I had in the year I spent here. Whether you know it or not, I stumbled upon this place in the midst of a series of game-hopping to take the edge off my depression. And MD did more than I ever expected. All of you whom I've met and spoken with, have in a way made me a better person. I simply don't have the words to describe how grateful I am for my time here. But alas, all great things must come to an end. For personal and practical reasons, I have to leave this Realm behind. Practical reason...simply put, I don't have time anymore. I have a paid internship at a research laboratory during this upcoming summer, and there just aren't enough hours in the day to fit in everything. Between my future and MD, I must choose my life, as painful as it is to leave this wonderful community behind. Some of you have noticed, though, that I've been gone or rarely seen these past few months. The reason for this is a personal one. Not to sound rude or anything, but if I haven't spoken to you about this, then you probably do not need to know. Sorry. If memory serves, the number of times I've asked for a personal favor can be counted on one hand. With that said, I'm going to do something extremely selfish here. And this will begin the "will" portion of the note. 1. I will leave leadership of the Legend Speakers to Keith Moon. He will not only be the leader if loyalty but also the leader in name. I know the poor man is stretched very very thin, but I have faith he can handle this. I'm sorry for being selfish, Keith. 2. Absolutely NOBODY will have my creatures. They are mine. I spent the time to acquire and raise them, and they are bound to me alone. Those of you greedily eying Khellendros can give it a rest. My Drachorn is not going anywhere. 3. My account, Yami no Sakura, will also remain my own. I am NOT giving the password to anybody. Also, passwords to any other accounts I have access to will go with me to the grave. So don't even bother asking. And...I think that's about everything that I wanted. Now, I guess is the time for some miscellaneous stuff. Over the course of my time here, I've collected and stored a ton of information. There is a miniature of the MD Archives in my hard drive. I have no means of publishing it, but I will, however, make the information available to anyone who cares to ask for it. However, there are some things that I will not easily hand over. Anything regarding the Loreroot military are classified. If you want those files, you'll have to get one of the Council members to speak to me first. Also, anything that is a spoiler, I will most likely not give you. Besides that, if you need something, ask. The worst I could say is "Sorry, I don't have it." or "Nope, can't give it to you." I guess all that's left now is giving everyone my contact information. While I may be leaving MD, I don't intend to completely cut off myself from the community that I've grown to love so much. Email: yaminosakura (at) gmail (dot) com YIM: xxsakisamaxx Feel free to contact me for anything, whether it is because you need something or you just want to say "hi." All I ask is that you please identify yourself first. I guess this is it, then. Thank you everyone, for everything you've done and all the memories you've given me. Even if I could relive my life, I would change absolutely nothing because all the events that happened ultimately led me here. My time here, as a part of Magic Duel, is something I will never forget. Farewell all, and may your future be filled with wonderful experiences. Just like the ones you've given me. ~Yami no Sakura, ex-Legend Teller. P.S. I am aware of the irony that I was voted as the most addicted person in 2008. Hehe... P.P.S. I'll upload my (in)Famous Quote Lists here since I think they'll be in popular demand. FQL_08.rtf FQL_09.rtf
  2. [quote name='awiiya' post='30400' date='May 5 2009, 10:18 PM']Legend Speakers are not as active as Archivists, and they have less members (No offense to Yami, Keith, Xin, and any other Legend Speakers out there). Furthermore, it is OUR duty to archive information and keep it alive for the MD community as a whole. If the Legend Speakers would like to use our information and tell the story of said veterans, then so be it. However, I think it should be the duty of the archivists to archive information of this sort. And we have 9 members, at least 4 of which are ready to work. Awi[/quote]Waaay delayed reply, I know. No offense taken, Awi. LS is extremely short on man-power and the few members we do have are already committed to other projects and assignments. I won't argue with you on jurisdiction between the Archivists' and Speakers' duties.
  3. I like the idea, Bunny. =) Kill two birds with one stone. Your proposal would simultaneously solve the problem with the ungodly AP drain and the issue with people hoarding kills.
  4. *resurrects the moldy topic* The new AL updates are getting me thinking again. Mind you, this isn't a theory. It's just me thinking out loud. Who is this Traveler? As far as I know, not many people can just drop cubes like that. That is, assuming that he's the one who made the cube appear in the AL. I'm talking about page 466, by the way, in case anyone wants the reference. In any case, I came across something curious while I was rereading the AL: [quote]Page 445 [2009-02-20 06:46:16 - The Traveler] Outside Necrovion, the other part of the Traveler walks as a regular human among others, fighting for his experience, training his creatures and perfecting his techniques. Memories between the two parts synchronize from time to time, [color="#FF0000"]but memories can be easily intercepted by someone that can understand time.[/color][/quote] It's just a thought, but maybe there's a way to learn about the Traveler. I'm no expert on the Principles, so someone who has studied the Time Principle might want to give this some thought. Feel free to give your own input, btw.
  5. I actually kinda liked this torch thing. It's like the Land Wars...only without the politics. xD My only major concern is the AP draining. Sapping all but 1 AP per step is a bit much. I understand the idea behind it (penalties for being out of one's land affiliation and such), but taking all 139 of my AP in one step is overkill. The idea is to penalize the players, not to cripple them, right? >> So, maybe just make the cost higher, like 15-20 AP per step. It'll slow us down enough that we're not charging around like crazy, but it won't keep us stranded at that one scene until the timer resets. I think that's about it. There are minor grievances with protector spells *cough*glanceshiftstoacertainsomeoneinthecrowd*cough* and "jump to leader" options, but those have already been brought up.
  6. [quote name='I am Bored' post='28758' date='Apr 12 2009, 10:35 AM']grido i can do the same, i used the coords to go through the laberenyth[/quote]Haha...I think almost all the people who got through the Labyrinth used the coordinates. I probably don't know the exact location off the top of my head, but I know the region. Which is usually good enough if I'm tracking someone. ^^ Back on topic: - You're convinced that your little sister's Easter Eggs would hatch into baby Winderwilds...if only you can give it an obscene amount of VE...
  7. Maybe it's just because I spent most of yesterday with Lorerootians, but I do sympathize with them. However, I must grudgingly admit that Loreroot is a fractured and relatively leaderless land. I had a front row seat to most if not all the internal dispute, and it's rather disheartening. In light of all that, though, I must say that I gained a new level of respect for Raven. Contrary to what all of you said about him being a bad leader, I think that he has what it takes. Being able to fight with blind courage and bravery and defying all odds is one thing, but being able to step back and know when to stop is also a valuable skill. Granted, his abdication was premature (seeing as how it was only a day or two since the official declaration of war), and he does need to learn how to unite a group of people especially during an emergency. I hope he'll learn something from this ordeal because I do see potential in him. Also during the time I spent in Loreroot, I've gained respect for its loyal citizens. In the midst of their bickering, drama, distrust, and foolhardy braves with their blood lust, I have seen some who are truly loyal to their land and leader. You would be the ones to save Loreroot if this war had gone on, and I bow to you. Regardless of what the majority thinks, I refuse to record this event in history as something to be ashamed of. Instead, it will be a lesson. I hope that all of Loreroot, not just the future newbies, will learn from this. ((Ah...nothing like baptism by fire. Fastest way to learn. NOTE: Sorry for the lack of comments on Golemus and the MRs. I'd spend a day with you and talk to you people, but I find that kinda...difficult. *eyes the Gate of Ages*))
  8. This is slightly redundant, but I would also like to make it clear that the Legend Speakers are neutral in all conflicts. If we show up at the battleground, it is merely to record the events. Leave us out of the fighting. ((OOC: *wants to say "Peace out" like a wanna-be gangsta, but then realizes how it's not appropriate* ))
  9. DISCLAIMER: These are my (Yami no Sakura) opinion and [u]mine alone.[/u] Don't lump it in with the Legend Speakers'. First of all, I'm going to make it crystal clear that I will not interfere with the war effort or the fighting. I won't be attacking anyone or anything until this mess is over. HOWEVER. I will make it known that I think this "war" is completely unnecessary and (from what I gathered to be the cause) childish. You are all acting like children on the playground who started fighting because one kid insulted another. Only...you have bigger and sharper sticks to hit each other with... As I've said, I won't participate in the war. But if you do attack me, don't expect just a row of trees.
  10. Thanks for the support, guys. ^^; @Lib: I'm actually not really sure about that. I'm still confused about half the posts in this thread. Mt. Kelle'tha and missing papers...those don't make sense to me. And I've read over everything at least 10 times. ><; Anyone else want a shot at this theory making? I'm only human...>.>
  11. Okay...let's bring this baby back from the dead. >D First order of business: Sorry for the really delayed reply. I meant to post the explanation to my theory a while ago, but one thing led to another...so yeah. Here it is now! For your convenience, here is my theory again: The Book of Principles does in fact exist. However, it is intangible and is intensely personal. The Shades may or may not know about this concept, but even if they do, they do not understand it. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Fear the spoiler tags! xDD [spoiler]The Knator Commander once told me who was passing out the cubes and what they are. Or rather, what they are representative of. He told me that, and I quote, "Poetically speaking, it's built out of our own walls...Humans tend to limit their horizons and build the cube around them..." The walls are connected to our own personal experiences and are, therefore, uniquely personal. Back to the Book. If the cubes are supposed to surround and protect the Book of Principles, it can be argued that the Book itself has the same innate uniqueness as the cubes. This also means that [u]we each carry our own Book of Principles.[/u] Also, remember how the Book is supposed to be made up of the Principles? Well, each of us also have our own set. We pick our own Principles each time we move up the MPs, and we further them based on the decisions we make in storymode. As Mur had said before, our unique player DNA ensures that no two people have the exact same profile. If the Book of Principles is made up of our own Principles (not necessarily a combination of [i]all[/i] the overarching Principles), then technically we each have our own Book. It is completely unique and personal because no two people have the exact same experiences (and therefore, not the same Principles). Not to mention that our own personal limits (that is, our cubes) are different. And since all of these factors (our limitations - cube - and our Principles) are generally intangible, this would also render the Book to be intangible. I would say that we each carry our own Book of Principles. We have it with us at all times whether we know it our not. And the Book is controlled by our personal limitations. As humans, though, there are just some things that we simply cannot do (meaning that we can't go nuts with the Principles and end up hurting ourselves or those around us). However, within these boundaries, the Commander told me that we can manipulate our cubes. Actually...that's probably not a good word. We can "change" and "modify" our cubes. Obviously, if we changed what we perceive to be our limits we can (to a some extent) our limits, our Principles, and in turn our Book. So...where do the Shades fit into this? Well, one of the things we learned from the Shade Balance story is that the Shade have no individuality. They're like drops of water in an ocean, to use that analogy. They are incapable of having unique experiences and memories. Therefore, they cannot form their own cubes, and they cannot further their own set of Principles (even if they could possess some). As for the color/shape changing that happened to the Knator soldiers and Khal's group... I think that that is an effect of the walls of the cube (our limitations) reacting to the Shades.[/spoiler]
  12. Hehe, that was a fast break. Welcome back, Eggies. ^^
  13. [quote name='apophys' post='27751' date='Mar 26 2009, 08:15 AM']I solved the Labyrinth and was not rewarded... "First 50" seems a bit discriminatory against the few late solvers. Not that I was slow, I woke up late.[/quote]From what I know, the "first 50" was determined based on the amount of time it took to finish from when you entered to when you reached the exit. I don't think it matters if you started late. It's the amount of time you took, not when you start.
  14. Hahaha...Saki isn't really Metal Kitty, Udgard. I just have access to MK, but the account is owned by someone else. ^^; But yeah, I figured it was a side-effect of MK's owner leaving the present trail before opening all the boxes. Thanks. ^^ Okay, dst. You can close and flush this now, I think. Mystery solved.
  15. Bye Eggies. We'll be waiting for you when you get back. Meanwhile, enjoy your time off. =)
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