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  1. do NOT annoy me today, I WILL destroy you.

  2. Obvious spam monger. Needs Murdering harshly.

  3. What ho?


    On the forums?


    Who are you?

    and what have you done with the real minty?

    *eyes him suspiciously*

  4. My new idea is that of an MD awards ceremony for the end of the year. See post for details let me know what people think.
  5. When Google starts asking for wishpoints before it gives you search results. When you run around telling people 'Look at my tiny book', my girlfriend wasn't too happy...Neither were the police... (I've heard it called many things but never a tiny book heheh) You start searching for your local rent-a-void shop. hmm, that's all for now
  6. Okay and yet more.... (Joint effort by me, Logan Marquis, Yami no Sakura and mishadowst) You've been playing magic duel too much when: You try and open your front door and you get one of the following messages: UNDER CONSTRUCTION GAME BORDER THIS IS NOT YOUR CURRENT SCENE or YOU HAVE INSUFFICIENT ACTION POINTS. everytime you say something you follow it with the (legendary) MD Beep You call text messages scrolls When you get in trouble, you look for your MP6 Protector. Your guard dog is named KC You go to the bank and ask for free credits You go to the pet shop and ask for a drach
  7. Got some more: You've been playing MD too much when: You come to the realisation that you've been playing MD too much your calendar is referred to as an adventure log your boss/Teacher/Parents become RPC's You have an irrational fear of Carnivals...and cubes...and little girls with candles...and your own shadow....EEK SHADES! You systematically apply hammer to clown...with force....repeatedly You turn on a light....and see an angien! You turn the light off....and see a shade! You buy a plant from the garden centre to stand outside your back door and work as guard for 'House, Hidden Ex
  8. Don't know if these have been done: You know you've been on MD too much when: At christmas the baby jesus gets Gold, Frankinsence and Mur. You appear four or five times in Yami's famous quotes list. You frisk people for their personal papers (You know they've been playing it too much if you find them) Mundane tasks become 'quests' (I recently did a quest to have a shower) You wonder why the archivist has branched out into indigestion tablets when you see 'Rennies' You see Jewellers as Duellers. You go round asking people for inner magic pages If someone annoys you, you begin to hear
  9. Here's my idea dst How about some sort of access to RPC quests via the RPC list down the side so that we can have access to them even when the RPC is offline. I know i've found it frustrating to have to find an RPC only to find they are offline. We have that already. But congtraz! You are the first that does what I have asked all the players to do:post your new ideas here so we can add a feedback or a conclusion to it after it is debated on the separated topic. Thank you!
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