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  1. No, I wasn't thinking about that particular idea. I have heard about it before, although I can't remember where. Where's it from - the theory about the given and the true name?
  2. We shouldn't name a tree, especially not by a human name. A tree doesn't care what name you give it, it only cares about the energy you exchange with it. You can call it whatever you want, all I'm saying is: this naming of the tree is a thing you do for yourselves, not for it. A tree is not a pet and you do not own naming rights on it. You shouldn't try to name something that doesn't belong to you, because it will be meaningless. A tree already has a name, an ancient name, certainly not chosen by a mere mortal. You can call it whatever you want though, it's the curse of man kind, always needing to label everything down. I'm not saying you shouldn't name it after all, if a word will make it easier for you to channel love towards it. But no matter what you call it, that tree will never actually be Bob or Dave or anything like any Bob or Dave on this earth. Name it Bob if you will, but just because you named it that, don't expect the tree's name to actually be Bob.
  3. I always knew I was the answer to some clever, yet oddly misshaped riddle. For those who didn't get it, -thanasia<gr. death
  4. If the answer is "Death", then I'm afraid somebody is going to have to explain it to me, because I just don't get how it could be. The "so close but yet to far" maybe, but the "one's fear is the other's war"... I think the second part logically indicates a two part answer. I don't think it means that some people fear death and others fight it because the people who fear death ARE the people that fight it. Maybe not exclusively, but still.. one/the other are disjunct.
  5. How about the duo formed by the baser, animal self and the rational self ? The baser self is instinctively afraid, while the the other part must fight this feeling in order to be able to have a rational response. They are so close, meaning they are two sides of the same person, but yet so far, being opposite ways of reacting to a situation.
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