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  1. [quote name='Morrel' post='13754' date='Aug 16 2008, 12:01 AM']I like this idea, but I don't like spam, so... Solutions for abuse: 1 - charge 1 credit for a mass message 2 - Report abuse (by rich people, lol) in the forum 3 - Only allow 10 or less messages per month So many things can be done to prevent abuse...[/quote] 1- Sounds ok, As long as you havent reset 2 times, already and cant reach the option without spending alot more which you spent on ber in the last 3 weeks already, so you simply cant buy more then 5 credits right now lOL... 78 spent thus far, If i can remember it right. 2- Report abuse Options: for Not only rich people, But players of all sorts, After buying the option for 1 dollar (from the MD shop) for Infinite uses of reporting abuse so long as reports arent abused by sender. If proven abused report; Player looses right to send REport abuse reports anymore... 3- Good idea, But should allow more too people who haven proven themselves well at sending in Proven reports. Many things can be done. -Dalorian Seeker of Light
  2. Sorry I have been gone so long. I figured that since I was in story mode from MP4 - MP5 i wanted to keep 24 hour per Right choice each time... I logged in less, and this idea seems to have faded. So, I breath life into it again with my words, and possibly Spring up new responses/Ideas.?.
  3. If people become auto assigned to LHO's then they would attain the requirements for MP6 without having to search for them like the rest of us, and this would limit everyone elses chances or attaining enough adepts to reach MP6... I would sugjest that if the auto assigning is introduced, that only a limited number of people can be auto assinged to each LHO... -Dalorian
  4. You obviously didnt read or missed what was said above... This option should only be allowed for Guild leaders who wish to give quests or certain missions to all his people. or to update them all quickly about certain important events. and only directly to his/her guild related people. Also usefull for players to only send to their adepts. Which would mean that if you abused it, your adepts could simply stop being your adepts and would no longer be able to be mass messaged by you... THe reason I would want to mass message all my adepts would be to send them all on information gathering missions. also to update them on recent developments which are important. Or to send out a new inter Adept riddle to solve for free creidts i will send to the winner and all kinds of reasons like that... Its really a pain in my butt, too have to send it to each individual adept each time i have a new mission or riddle or something along those lines....
  5. The fact is; You can mesage anyone no matter where you are. SO long as you knopw their name or can reply to a previous post... As stated by a friend above, If they are your adepts, or in YOUR alliance. They trust you to send mass messages only if necessary... If they didnt, or you abused the privlage, they would simply stop being your adept, or stop being part of your alliance so that they could discontinue the messages... The fact remains. Having the ability to mass message your adepts/guild members is something that many people would find very usefull... Including myself././. Frankly.. I havent botherd to send any new messages or missions since i posted this forum message in hopes that this idea would be introduced right away like a few of my other ideas i sent to Maru directly... THis is something we all can use, and can be abused, but easily avoided. If you dontwant it, you dont need it. If you need it, You want it... It is a good idea, and thats all there is to it. -Dalorian Seeker of Light
  6. I seek the light, and in saying this, I am a follower of the light and its overcasting of shadows which we must constantly battle when we are not bright enough... The light Always prevails yet the dark always finds us when we are weakest... Never Let your Light fade, for it may be your downfall!
  7. So In General, Manu, and the Great GOD's of this world; Please Concider intigrating this option... The more time that goes by without me being able to do this, causes me to loose alot more time. I need to be able to send out a certain mission message to all my adepts at the same time to save me time. Thank you for reading
  8. Hehe, first of all, I love your disclaimer hehehe... Nice Secondly, The problem with being able to mass message just anybody, is that it would create a frustrating situation where the option would eventually be eliminated due to Abuse. That is why I sugjested this option for only people wishing to contact all their adepts... BUT, and i say but; THis option could also be implicated for use of Guild leaders and their most trusted officials... What do you all think???
  9. Id like to be able to send a mass message to all my adepts when i see it a fitting thing to do. As it is now, i have to copy and paste my message if i want to send it. What do you all think?
  10. Ive chosen Enthropy, sythropy, Light, balance and time.. Im pretty sure I have a Powerful combination here...
  11. I think that above the server load problems that this would present, This would also be hard on the newer players to a new mindpower level. They are just getting back into the swing of things at virtually Vulnerable to attack already from every other player of that mindpower who has been there longer then them. If you organize it to make it easier to spot me right away when i move into a new area, Id never EVer be able to get a win and there-for, Id never be able to grow my characters, which as of right now, I still cant do. Ive been mind power 4 for over a week now, and I havent managed to get a single pvp victory yet because of my level of creatures which was very good at mind power 3 where i couldnt be beaten..... Frankly, The way it is now, Im even getting very frustrated and bored with trying to heal my units and find a target which virtually dosent exsist for me before I get attacked by several people and all my ve is eliminated.... In reality, im playing this game less and less every day because of this hinderance, and the fact that it takes me practically half a day to a whole day just to heal all my creatures again plays a big roll in my frustration....
  12. I am totaly Fed up and sick of waiting all day to heal my creatures, then traveling to Willows shop to try and fight the beast guards, having to wait for the page to load then set up a ritual, and then before i even finish the ritual, Being attacked and loosing all my VE and having to re-do the whole cycle all over again.. Frankly Im fed up with it at this point. I Really Want you to introduce a small time frame for new arivals to an area to be safe from attacks... Maybe like 15 - 30 seconds, so they can at least have time for the Players list to load before we recieve a Attack logg message!!!
  13. Dalorian


    Good point, as do I, but I also tend to look at the first name that pops up most of the time And concider it first when im simply browsing around for a new game to start playing so that I can be the friend who tells my friends about the games. If others do the same, (Which i belive they do) then this would meen that you increase you odds of being checked out, Which would conform to the belifes of all these site creators due to the fact that they set up the voting system in the first place.
  14. Dalorian


    I can only see A lessening of Values in the overal Availability of Profits by eliminating the Free credits links for this game... THis option is A VERY UNIQUE OPTION!... Trust me.. Ive played over 120 Differnt, UNIQUE, computer games both Browser and Regular type computer games/Multiplayer COmputer games over the last 15 years... This is a unique and valuable asset... Let me explain why. Players who may have no money by the time they start this game: Reasons?: Age, Paydays, Uncertainty of dedication to this game... ECT....... Will Very much appreciate the ability to join the higher Echelon of players by Voting where the Higher ranked players who Probably most of them pay more often then most, dont Vote, and thus dont help spread the word... Benefits for voting is a VERY GOOD THING! THUS; Allowing Free voting for Small credits over time will ensure dedication and POSSIBLE/Most likely, Depositing in the future from those who become addicted and want to advance faster.... B) EDIT: Perhaps concidering More Sites to add to the Free voting process and a possible increase in price for MD shop advancments in the future would be in order.... COncider this; Over the next 5 years, Increase Either the number of Voting sites, or the Value of Voting, In COnjunction with an increase in value for benefits/Income in the long run for efforts rendered for all involved in development, from MD shop type items and player population base over the next 5 years... Like a mathmatical curve.. Not Geo-metric, but SLightly the same.... This would benefit the server, Programers, Artists, Gammers, Future Programs, ECT!#1........ I have a 153IQ. First time i took the test i was 18, i got 88, at 22 I got 133, at 25 i Got 153....... Im only getting smarter.. I can help you figure all of this out to advance into the future of gaming without falling behind with most games as times go by... The best games, Are hardly ever the best... But more often the most recognized.... My only real concern about this thread is that KING MANU will not read it.
  15. Comments: 1: Agreed. But maybe 5 - 50% regen based on the experience of the creature with the ability... 2: I DOnt Agree, You should be able to use all six of your HIGH level Creatures if you have had the time to spend to Increase them to the Regeneration level. But Based on the number of Regeneration creatures available, you should loose 5% per Creature Above 1 in your Ritual. 5% regeneration VE that is. 3: I agree, and i think i stated this already. Cept i think it should be given to any creature. In saying this (New Idea) more then the regular type of known healing creatures should be given the resurection ability if they can reach a High enough level. (Anotehr new Idea) Creature levels perhaps shouldnt be capped; so long as the creator can keep up with Their new Abilities and forms for each type of unique creature as they evolve... Evolution should never come to a stop unless all of that Species is destroyed.. Like in real life.... B)
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