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  1. i'm gonna try to find some more players, and eventually put them into the "team" the problem is still that none of us has time to be the "leader" of this team... but - at least - we are starting to think about it
  2. another italian player here, and antoher potential translator, if needed i've quite a huge experience in browser games field (tested more than 100), i've done some semi-pro translations, and i know very well "fantasy english", because i've been a D&D Master for years, using english-written books. I'm even writing a fantasy novel myself, but that's another story I agree with Manu: such a game-novel - as Magicduel is - need to be understood very well to be played, ant language can be a big trouble. I think i know at least a dozen potential players, who will never play because they don't know english good enough. But I agree with Manu even with the "hugeness problem": no reason to start the translation until you can plan to have it (at least almost) complete. I can't be a coordinator, but i can be one in a team, if team there will be
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