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  1. No one

    Guardian of Tools

    As guardian of said location ... there were few cases of repeated collection of 3 boxes, but after some discussion with involved parties, they agreed to take less (as in max 2 candy boxes). And even if there were cases when they slipped unnoticed there were many time when the tools remained untouched. With the above I support Mallos point of view : there is little to no need to use the tools. All we (as MDers) need to know is that the tools are there and it is best to behave.
  2. It seems that following yesterday's update, the resources didn't regenerated (probably crontabs got stopped). https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4585
  3. No one

    How do you see taming?

    That sounds good as we can survive without them and they can do it without us.
  4. No one

    How do you see taming?

    If you are asking about "taming" as MD skill ... you should ask if the naming is appropriate or not. From my point of view "taming" should be called "loyalty" as in "returned loyalty" toward our own creatures.
  5. No one

    How do you see taming?

    Taming concept is an insult just by naming it ... "tame". The results of "tame" concept are based on loyalty and love (applicable to animal, mammal and even human). So, calling a creature "tame" is an insult. You'd better call it slave. On the other hand, if you call "tame" a wild animal who leaves near man then you are wrong. That is no "tame" is "broken", "beaten", "lost" or "caged". A being doesn't need to be insulted by being called "tamed" but it needs to be loved , it need loyalty and to be "cared for" ... aka it needs your attention.
  6. No one

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    That is simple ; 1. get some strong men ON horses 2. pull the old man into pieces 3. stuff its pieces into altars 4. eat a cake while waiting to see if anyone recognizes the corpse as being Rophs
  7. No one

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    @Rophs: in other words, nobody knows Anyway, the more I think, the more this event looks like that darn mass dreaming of PO
  8. No one

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    old players too (would like to change their creatures). I think these events should be kept for those that subscribe to them and not to be forced on everybody ... especially when there is nothing beneficial in this AL for the rest of MD. As I see it, this is becoming a duplicate of PO's mass dream (to be read abuse).
  9. No one

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    BigC doesn't need my help. MD is being shut down in the name of a "quest". @Nava: you should try to know be better. I don't demand. I don't request. I point out. If MD wants a new player pool, the game has to be opened. If MD wants to keep its current players ... it just needs to be playable. So, keep MD available or MD will wither faster. @Nava: if you like that thing called RP, fine, then you play that game. For me, maybe others too, RP is just junk. Thank you for the advice Nava I'll just say pass.
  10. No one

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    Exactly my point. NOTHING happens.
  11. Consider this as a formal complaint against the AL "One Man, Many voices" organizers. True, AL should be possible and should impact the game play of others. So, considering that: altars are one of the top most important parts of MD directly blocking character improvements by getting/exchanging current creatures and by blocking the stats from the currently available creatures there has been no progress on this for a too long time in this AL 3 months already since last post the altars have been stopped for no reason - as there is no info in AL yet as for the altars to be blocked . in the AL timeline you could have added an action which would have blocked them, but this is not the case (as I see) I request : a symbolic punishment for the AL driver - regardless on which of the following actions will be taken restoration of the altars (until their blockage is really needed) and/or action on AL : stopping the AL and thus restoring the status of MD OR somebody else to take over the AL so that it would bring it to its end
  12. No one

    Only 4 principles as MP5?

    yes , as it is written on the altars : when your creatures are elevated enough (meaning higher level) you will get a bonus. So, 3rd lvl birds with no exp gives nothing.
  13. No one

    Only 4 principles as MP5?

    Considering that you can get the new principle from saccing crits ... nope, not a bug. Even with the full story you could end up in MP5 with less then 5 principles if that's what you wished for. Just ask for AL to end so you can choose your prize.
  14. I'm looking for a way to sac birds. I'm willing to trade any of the 20 birds with over 100age for being able to sac creatures. Mod Comment: Removed the tags from the topic, unrelated to market. ~B
  15. No one

    WTT garbage for glue

    Unless smth changed, you could only get 5 glue for 500 resin. So 1 garbage is far too few. As for buying wiiya ... I think you know who to talk to.