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  1. Exactly, then you understand what I mean. The teacher in MD is, like everywhere else, everybody else. You learn from every one. And you find your own niche. The only problem is that we don't have that "adult person to pair" or at least ... most of them quit after a while. You do know that everything in MD is voluntary, right. And nobody is voluntarily receiving crap for ever, not even in MD, not everywhere. And Chewett and the mods are no exception. And this thing with pushing the unfit out ... is common human behavior for millennia. Each community trims their unfit. You don't expect MD to be heaven, right ? Not while you detach yourself from certain MDers, right ?
  2. Well ... good for me to opening forum and for you Pip for opening the topic. I too believe in freedom of speech and the right to make mistakes. BUT some behavior must be responded and then attended. I don't know about your background Pip, but when one child is not capable of attending some classes due to some ... difficulties, it is transferred to another class with different standards or level or profile. If you don't agree, please try the experiment to explain and "force" some reason into one of those "different". I have nothing against them, don't get me wrong, but trying to explain to them high level concepts or getting their approval for such stuff is counter productive. As a counter to this measure (to simply start ignoring them) , we have to be careful and watch the ruling party (in this case Chewett which we still support as most of the times impartial). Afterwards, these special cases, as they still have the freedom of speech ... will still get their chance but through representatives until they prove they can speak for themselves (in our case : mod-preview). --------
  3. don't know. bought it like this. Can we see their config ? Or you mean to find one which doesn't consume & produce ?
  4. I hate to repeat myself but it seems that my Elu is starving himself. Elucu Bration ID: 854922 I know that in January he ... consumed. But then you fixed the other one and this one stopped feeding.
  5. Simple improvement for "Trading logs" page . It extends the trading log and allows you to properly read it. It has the capability to "properly" extend.
  6. Even if I could prove that (yea, it might be me) ... I will not. I don't care. I will talk here about the other problem raised in this topic: This is because of a "bug-feature" that allowed players to have almost identical names like "Blackshade Rider" and "Blackshade Rider" ... and because you said you know what dyslexia is ... well you did noticed the 2nd space in there. Anyway, thanks for this topic, it is / was fun.
  7. well ... you should try it out first. I say that it sucks. 1. aligned to top 2. align to middle 3. 2 lines Or you can always change the layout to a longer format ... not really pleasant either ... but hey, you can see everything. or ... you can increase their width too ... but still it will be a looooong page.
  8. oops. The above thing, with "left" is for chat for non-alliance players, for land-loyalty. But for profile page ... 1. I guess that it would be time to increase the width of the "pagecontent" frame or ... 2. somebody decides to read again my original post in this topic: Ofc, it will no longer be aligned, but at least it will adjust as needed. 3. move the "Bonus Offered by this house" & " Bonus offered by this Alliance " and " Land Loyalty Score " to left side and " House and alliance " to right ... theoretically it should be enough space. I hope the below image explains it a bit:
  9. Well, you can always use "allign=left" for the "td" that is holding the "honor". It should work without any other adjustments. <td class="smallfont-clear" width="100%" valign="top" align="left"> <span style="font-size:8px;"> <strong>Honor: ....
  10. Currently, pure gold is worth nothing more then 1 gold, no matter the quantity you hold. Reviving / killing and using Pure gold will use the entire amount. This way ... you have no reason to stockpile it thus the inflation is in check. If , on the other had, you'd be able to directly convert it to Gold Coins .. then there is no point to stop gathering as you can always convert it to GCs .... thus an increase in GCs that has no real base for MD. The only benefit for being able to trade Pure Gold for GCs ... is not the common player but for the veteran collectors as they already have stocks piled and have the skill to gather it faster.
  11. Reactivating old / forgotten / inactive roles ... yea , that'd be an awesome idea. (I am already thinking for a few candidates for Wodin ... ) Anyway, some roles are not to be trifled with. Lets take these "legislator" tools and you should realize / remember how abuse-able they are. And Mur should have more example of abused roles. So, automated role dispenser ... hopefully not too soon. For "TAG DISPATCHERS" with temporary effects ... why not. There are some known ideas as "(daily) quests" that could be implemented in MD too based on them. There are multiple uses for such "tags" from achievements, allowed activities based on tag (& tag level).
  12. @Bs : why do you always think of personal gain ? Why don't you consider "server" gain ? Why every body wants to get rich fast ? Do you know that each $ matters when paying for the server upkeep ? So, what you propose is actually to totally ignore freecredits & subscriptions because you'd have a far better way to acquire GCs ? In short : Good idea for personal gain . Crappy idea for game upkeep.
  13. well ... yes need an option to revert to the other ordering It seems that now the order only applies to the "tabs" in the inventory, but there is no way to know which item is the last you acquired ... and this is difficult when you're trying to harvest a specific item or to keep your harvesting under control. True, another solution would be the one from here ... but ... why not have the option for it
  14. Thank you. Can you add a progress or something ? It would be easier to follow it.
  15. @Chewett, Can I report my lazy Elu too ? He's not producing anything either ... lazy bugger.