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  1. Tolls

    yeah, nice idea (sarcastic). Lets take this to extreme as "one crazy emperor would raise such tolls in each scene" . That would be fun. Or ... do block access to main roads which lead to shared items and ask for items produced by those shared items. That would be fun. I can't wait to ask for a polished diamond for you to enter LotE On the other hand ... there are also the MD keys that would allow you to enter certain locations. And ... if I am not mistaken, this sounds like closing up some parts of MD when I proposed smth dynamic just to bring ppl closer Mur said that he would not close parts of MD. Anyway, if he has smth to say ... he'll say it. As for experimenting there is always DD's labby. Nobody else cares about it so feel free.
  2. Mega Creatures Auction

    am I too late ? Coloured Joker (shop item) - 831651 : 1g 5sc Tree - 562441 : 9sc Coloured Tree (shop item) - 828472 : 3sc Coloured Tree (shop item) - 828471 : 3sc Coloured Tree (shop item) - 844483 : 3sc
  3. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    No's engraved ring id: 136283 Should be "No one's engraved ring" As for writing it sarcastic ... when you write it so, do expect to be responded in kind
  4. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    Yes, in my opinion these items should be created with full player name. I know that you don't really care of what I mind & care but don't have to be rude about it.
  5. Triggerbox improvement

    Well ... seen or not, there are way too many tips. Quite often I get multiple tips ... meaning that once I close one tip I see another tip and then another and then another. So, why not add the tips to the normal information from triggerbox ? I mean to add it just below the normal information from that area. That way , nobody would mind closing them as the information they need is still present.
  6. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    Well ... examples are but just a few for the moment as we're few and thus few are impacted ... meaning those that have a composed name as opposed to those with a single name. But let's take the absurd and consider that it would have taken the another part and the example : Murratus del Mur and therefor "Del's item". Or in your case, what would be to have your personal item called "Ch's item" ? Yea, in RL that's the way to do it as it would choose a family name but in games half the name means nothing more then an insult.
  7. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    item name : No's engraved ring Description:
  8. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    wow @Chewett, that's pure genius I would have not figured that out ... ever. Thanks. And with that it answers all my questions.
  9. Cross Mind Power Theory

    A bit off topic but as is mentioned here ... , about this part of Mallos' comment: Yes, I'd all like to see that "screenies" , especially with my name on it. Otherwise you should get your facts straight and stop placing words & actions on my name.
  10. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    Good to know. Thank you BR. I'd still like an answer from @Chewett on this "timed" items or at least a link toward this explanation. And the other issue with "No's engraved ring" (id: 136283) still stands.
  11. Requesting someone else gets a wiiya tool

    That's bs @Mallos and you know it. MD is all about uncovering stuff yourself. There are plenty "spoilers" on wiki for those willing to read and plenty of answers if ppl intend to ask around. But as long as new players are encouraged to use other methods of discussions / forum then ... I always get confused with this one : are they playing MD ?
  12. Cross Mind Power Theory

    My apologies Mallos. Yes, there are those that don't want any stats. My mistake. In RL ppl may call those few as "losers", but in MD that is just a personal choice, so : my apologies for forgetting your type of players. On the other hand, you choosing to have no stats should not imply that the same state should be imposed to others or the lower MPs to be exposed to whim of higher MPs. As some said, if one really wants (s)he can get to MP4 in an alliance. @Fang Archbane, sure, you were in alliances before, it doesn't mean that you're welcomed back. As for the new age and you children ... one can only hope they stick with MD.
  13. There seems to be an issue while categorizing the personalized items. I've just shuffled my items and I've seen a yellow "Bottled emotions" . As I already have bought MRF's before I said I want one with my own name and bought it : (id: 146641). Unfortunately it appears as neither personal nor with my name in it. Are there 2 types of "Bottled emotions" like personal and uncommon ? It might just be that there is a "space" in my name which causes some issues as seen in "No's engraved ring" (id: 136283) where the second part of my name is missing. If there is an issue ... can you please fix either of my items. Thanks
  14. More fillable clickable ideas

    If there would be an automatic way to get you ouf of jail ... then that would be a neat way to visit it
  15. Cross Mind Power Theory

    For the lack of partners ... sure, I know how that is, I've grown some characters to MP5 in recent few years, I know how lack of players prevents you from getting from MP3 to MP4 in under one day. But then ... you are not supposed to rush through MP levels or you'll complain about unfairness of the big stats in MP5. And there is always that solution of helping with alts if you really want to. Check the rules about using them though. As for fight and run from an MP3 ... get serious. Your worst random ritual has high chances on winning such fight. Meaning that in order for an MP3 to win against an MP4 or MP5 would be a consensual lose from the higher MP ... and that is translated into free stats. Let them grow naturally. Ofcourse. One that is close to your near 1000 extra losses would lose ... lets say 50-100 honor to attack you but would gain 200-400 from attacking a balanced player, so ... easy gain for them from everybody. But then they aren't really interested in the mechanics of fights, just easy gain.