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  1. No, no freezing involved nor any unfreeze was cast on it. This was noticed because it is a lose exp fight thus nobody should do damage. Joy joy, what a surprise of me crit
  2. have no idea, I'll check it next time
  3. I would really like to be notified why my wine / diamond are completed and need to be picked up.
  4. In other words: my Chaos Archer (661437) is a real Chaos Archer which was in this ritual since lower levels thus "random" for target. After updating the Archer to Chaos this "random" was replaced by "All". So, my Chaos Archer ... is ... remembering some skills ... meaning that the current battle system is not validating current skills & targets of the creatures vs skills & targets of the ritual. The ritual is quite old so ... I don't know when this change occured.
  5. bar/box.php - isn’t redirecting

    As requested to be pointed out, this fits really good on : "looks really bad, or its annoying"
  6. bar/box.php - isn’t redirecting

    well, after login, the bar/box.php it displays OK even if I stay 1-2 minutes. But if I try to move (first step) ... it enters the redirect loop.
  7. bar/box.php - isn’t redirecting

    Well, just move 1 step aside and all hell break loose. So, page is actually reloading but with this content: " Reload the page to get source for: https://magicduel.com/bar/box.php " So, it will redirect to that page over and again. After some iterations, FF intervenes. Have fun.
  8. Mood Panel not loading properly?

    Still happening. Shouldn't this be in the bug section ?
  9. Freedom of Idiocy

    Exactly, then you understand what I mean. The teacher in MD is, like everywhere else, everybody else. You learn from every one. And you find your own niche. The only problem is that we don't have that "adult person to pair" or at least ... most of them quit after a while. You do know that everything in MD is voluntary, right. And nobody is voluntarily receiving crap for ever, not even in MD, not everywhere. And Chewett and the mods are no exception. And this thing with pushing the unfit out ... is common human behavior for millennia. Each community trims their unfit. You don't expect MD to be heaven, right ? Not while you detach yourself from certain MDers, right ?
  10. Freedom of Idiocy

    Well ... good for me to opening forum and for you Pip for opening the topic. I too believe in freedom of speech and the right to make mistakes. BUT some behavior must be responded and then attended. I don't know about your background Pip, but when one child is not capable of attending some classes due to some ... difficulties, it is transferred to another class with different standards or level or profile. If you don't agree, please try the experiment to explain and "force" some reason into one of those "different". I have nothing against them, don't get me wrong, but trying to explain to them high level concepts or getting their approval for such stuff is counter productive. As a counter to this measure (to simply start ignoring them) , we have to be careful and watch the ruling party (in this case Chewett which we still support as most of the times impartial). Afterwards, these special cases, as they still have the freedom of speech ... will still get their chance but through representatives until they prove they can speak for themselves (in our case : mod-preview). --------
  11. don't know. bought it like this. Can we see their config ? Or you mean to find one which doesn't consume & produce ?
  12. I hate to repeat myself but it seems that my Elu is starving himself. Elucu Bration ID: 854922 I know that in January he ... consumed. But then you fixed the other one and this one stopped feeding.
  13. "Trading logs" page

    Simple improvement for "Trading logs" page . It extends the trading log and allows you to properly read it. It has the capability to "properly" extend.
  14. Player fraud

    Even if I could prove that (yea, it might be me) ... I will not. I don't care. I will talk here about the other problem raised in this topic: This is because of a "bug-feature" that allowed players to have almost identical names like "Blackshade Rider" and "Blackshade Rider" ... and because you said you know what dyslexia is ... well you did noticed the 2nd space in there. Anyway, thanks for this topic, it is / was fun.