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  1. I believe these are the scores as of 2218(Sasha's latest hour count), 1 day done (please correct me if I've worked them out incorrectly). Aelis = 1+(12*0.25)-0.5 = 3.5 *Sasha Lilias* = 1+(7*0.25) = 2.75 AmberRune = 1-0.5+1-0.5+1+(1*0.25)-0.5 = 1.75 *Eagle Eye* = 1+(2*0.25)-0.5 = 1.0 Dark Demon = 0.5-0.5+1-0.5 = 0.5
  2. And yet I was casting it on Miq.
  3. Title says it all, fairly sure last time I used it was a year ago, recall it having issues then, but thought they got fixed - tried to grant access recently and was provided below error, tried twice, same error. Spell casts normally in chat, but no access was actually granted. Would appreciate it getting fixed, even though it just affects me in terms of casting :)   [log=error] Error: SyntaxError Err description: undefined Err number: undefined Err message: missing ; before statement Ajax response: Duplicate entry '7251-ch3-golemus-deep' for key 'PRIMARY'    
  4.   I believe Rophs is talking hypothetically, rather than from experience. Also using such a script would be an exploit, not a bug (still against rules).   ---   Thread closed at Alyon's request (due to this not actually being a bug)
  5. Wanted to clarify, with the Extras, I take it you add on the ticket price to each of them? That it's not included within the cost of the Extra.
  6. Thought there was already a report on this , but couldn't find one when briefly searching.   Fairly sure it's based on how players are added/removed from alliances. If using the alliance interface to join/leave it counts correctly, but if you use server/admin to do so then it doesn't change the value. You end up getting "extra" values in alliances, so the 13 instead of the 7 would mean that 6 people have been forcibly removed previously for some reason or other (not necessarily all at once).
  7. Based off Chew saying it's fixed, and nothing to the contrary in 4 days, thread closed.
  8. I've been reminded recently of the "issue" of removing your personal page content, and instead of it then going directly to your main profile, displaying a blank profile page.   This is due to a line break being left in the html section when removing everything else.   So. To truly remove all content from your personal page, go to the html tab (found bottom right, above the 'Save' button, next to 'Design' view), and instead make sure everything is clear there before saving. Your profile will then be immediately viewable when following your player link.   Please note, even
  9. Unfortunately your bid was beyond the 48h window of last bidding, and also the close of the auction for that creature Nad. Please either find me at GoE or Paper Cabin to make payment (make me aware prior to sending of coins)     ---   2) Grasan stardust Stored Heat     120604 Won battles     53 Age     621 CTC806680SHZIW39MDC   is still up for sale, will keep it up, and once more give 48h after the first/last bid on it.
  10. gonzalocsdf, darkraptor(g), Eon, Princ Rhaegar - I am looking for you to grant you the medals from these awards.   Trophies will get issued with the artwork - it's pending, I have enquired as to timeline.
  11. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7766-adept-forever-maybe-not/?p=66419
  12. Looksee (searching things is fun);   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7766-adept-forever-maybe-not/   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/1843-adepts
  13. It's specifically set up as a pop up for only the first piece :)     @DD, Could be new items in the sense that you couldn't pick them up before?
  14. "Congratulations! You just acquired your first piece of equipment. Come back from time to time to check for new items." ?
  15. [log=md award ceremony] [10/01/15 12:56] Lania:Ha! Look who came early. *chuckles* [10/01/15 14:27] :Haedrin smiles and laughs [10/01/15 17:44] :Dark Demon leans against the wall and watches silently [10/01/15 17:55] :lashtal nods to those gathered [10/01/15 17:55] Assira the Black:Hello Lashtal. [10/01/15 17:56] lashtal:Hello Assira [10/01/15 17:56] Dark Demon: *nods to lashtal* Hello [10/01/15 17:57] lashtal:Hey there [10/01/15 18:00] :lashtal wonders how to answer to a voice inside his head... [10/01/15 18:00] :lashtal shrugs and welcomes it anyway [10/01/15 18:17] :Azrafar sits
  16. Forgot to post here particularly.   As decided by the vote, the ceremony shall take place tomorrow (Sat 10th) at 2000 server time. It will be held in Sage Keep. I hope to see as many of you there as possible!
  17. Just as an FYI, the game name for the Medusa axe is "Lyzard's Tail", and whilst lang interface allows editing that, it doesn't allow me to edit the codename of "topor-an-m".     In terms of the actual suggestion though, I like it, just it'd be quite low priority.
  18. There is nothing called Medusa axe - can you please tell me what the name as it appears in the inventory is called? Also specifically what the typo is?
  19. Here for you both if you want to talk (or a distraction).   All the best x
  20. anon. bidder sent me a PM. So prices updated.
  21. There will be a log taken of the event, so you should be able to read it back at least :)
  22. Selling the following as I have surplus.   For those interested in low IDs, I point you in the direction of  9) Barron Soul  which has an 80k ID.   1) Aramor Kellethafire,stardust,blooddrop1 Stored Heat     242158 Won battles     117 Age     1254 CTC732148SHSUF69MDC 2sc - Tal 2) Grasan stardust Stored Heat     120604 Won battles     53 Age     621 CTC806680SHZIW39MDC 1sc - Draconas 3) Unholy Priest -- Stored Heat     23278 Won battles    
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