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  1. Just wanted to check, so I don't accidentally interfere - are these texts part of, or outside of, the lang interface?
  2. Unfortunately (for bidders), I received a very lovely offer involving a creature trade that I could not turn down which this Rein was a part of, so it is no longer for sale. Thread closed.
  3. Nice and straight forward, I'm selling a Reindrach (the red, christmassy one).   Stored Heat     117723 Won battles     51 Age     898 CTC784061IMAXZ49MDC (no tokens)   Please start bidding, please be sensible with your bids, and please don't increment in the lowest possible way.   Plan for this to last a week, ending on 18/02, will get extended if there's bidding close to the end.
  4.   Default also currently has (per my inventory) Trophies, my compass, telescope and a few other things - it's not just pickables. I'd lean more towards pickables being put in with resources.   In terms of categories, we also have "test" (self-explanatory), and "bestiary", if we have a creature category, I'd put bestiaries in there with the totems, and remove the tag specific to them.   Rare, for me, tends to be items which have a rare ability, as opposed to being a rare item, if that makes sense. So not many Kill tools, Kill is a rare item, not many medal boxes, they're rar
  5. I'm reading this as a bug report? Therefore wondering why it's it General Forum... I'll move it, let me know if I've misinterpreted the thread intent. Could be a new idea, could be a discussion piece, I really don't know...Please place forum threads appropriately in the future, whichever the intention.   ---   What errors? For doing what? Please state examples, then they can be either explained or resolved.     Font is easy enough, but yeah, as Aeo said requires a couple bits of html, the issue as stated is that there's no drop down option on the design view wit
  6. The Temporal Vault, I believe it was called, it's on one of the old screenshot pages which were linked on the old homepage (can't find said links currently)
  7. It terms of land storage, I mean it's not the same idea as you have there, but various (I think all?) lands have been after an accessible land treasury, where possessions of the land could be put (for instance I have a couple items, some resources and coins that belong to the land, rather than myself)
  8. http://storenow.net/my/?f=79a28c946e2acf1cb1729193f7cfe00d (sorry for lack of timestamp)     A bug was used by Glji to give me the watch (I assume unknowingly). Said bug has now been fixed. http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3332 *cough* removemypoints *cough* :p
  9. I would like to purchase 2 Lock in Chaos spell stones, please message me if you can help with a price :)
  10. Are the morphs already snowmen, or still snowballs?
  11. Unaddressed ransom note Walking Stick   dibs.
  12. I have just restarted a subscription up that unfortunately I had to cancel a few months back, so it's now for more, and as a result I will likely have 'some' 'spare' credits on my account with which to buy RP items. So I will be putting up a picture of the RP items I can see in my shop, if you're interested in one of them offer a reasonable price (I am spending money after all). I believe the going conversion is 3sc/$, so I'll put a minimum offer for an item of 3sc.   You do not have to offer in coins, I will accept trades of both items and creatures, but they would have to be ones I w
  13.   For those not referring to the first page regularly, with the extensions, the contest is currently set to end Tuesday 10am ST.
  14. Kalamity should have points?
  15. Take an MD Stage as being a Comedian's Tour. At the start of the tour, it's a lot of the same material as the end of the previous one, few new bits thrown in, maybe structured a little differently. As the tour goes on over time the set changes as new material is developed and added, by the end of the tour, it's pretty much a whole new set, ready to shuffle and then start the next one.   Yes MD has had some Stages where nothing massively obvious may have happened at that moment, but compare the end of one against the start and see what's changed and you might see differently. Granted tho
  16.     Why'd you shrink MDA that much? The scenes there are pretty much the same size as scenes in the rest of the realm, after all, and LotE is proportionately much bigger than that... [spoiler][attachment=4474:Full Map 1.jpg][/spoiler]   My MDA map was made the same grid size as main map, if kept the same size then the MDA scene would match up with the scene left of where I've adjusted it to. (Colouring wise, it's an old map)
  17. Just seen this item in my RP shop;   5 inch Popsicle Gigantic Popsicle that's exactly 15 centimeters long.     ugh, American spelling.   But anyway, main issue here is that 5 inches is not 15cm.... it's very much not, if you want to be exact it's 12.7cm (according to google), but roughly speaking it'd be 2.5in/cm = 12.5cm, which means if it's 15cm, it'd actually be closer to 6in(15.24cm)... Not sure exactly which way round this might want to be edited, I'd imagine the simplest way is to edit the name to 6 inch Popsicle, and ignore that it's not actually exactly 15cm
  18. I would consider stage 12 as an overhaul - a number of things have been fixed, redesigned, or made more efficient, interface adjustments made to think about the future and make things easier for then. Which is all amazing....for the future. Along with that, there has been a strong focus on RP, which is appreciated and is a big aspect of MD, but as Nim says we shouldn't be leaving other aspects behind. I'm aware that A25 will be helping the quest makers and takers, but aside from Fight Causes combat seems to have been completely forgotten about for a long time now - I don't fight very often at
  19. http://storenow.net/my/?f=536b7a07b028844cf948bab7a9d6a502
  20. In terms of the final line of chat there Asthir, see top right of playerlist.   Also, blackshade rider gave away two watches?     Sasha wise I don't mind either way, but you did clearly state to be careful about who to pass to, so I guess she shouldn't be put back in.
  21. As an FYI, I've previously had a tokened GG Drach which got mutated into a Windy, tokens remained.
  22. print @content[0] ."<p/>" .@content[1];     I added in the paragraph break, but the key part is putting a full stop before the next fragment
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