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  1. For clarity, this is a regular aramor?
  2. On the basis that it's been over 36 hours since my bid, I would claim the Windy for the 13 Gold minimum you have since instated.
  3. 10 Gold   Also, there an end time to this?
  4. Both Root Warriors, 2gc total
  5. If I ignore your exaggeration and the fact that I had actually had a conversation with you regarding the demotion and a few other things... Let's go for the important part of your post and ask you what you consider the qualities are that are needed to be a good lho manager. ------ I can certainly let the lhos know any demotion reasons
  6. She has two birthday's, like the queen!   Happy Birthday!!
  7. The above, whilst not stated publicly previously (indeed though as a result of lack of public statement, it's been rarely acted upon), is something I've always been happy to do.     I am a fan of transparency, hence the previous comment, but I often don't realise what people want might want more transparency on. I will happily and publicly answer questions with regard to what I'm doing, or have done. So long as I have a record, or memory of the situation, there is no time limit to requests of this nature.   With regard to the public LHO forum, I am happy for it to be used t
  8. In respect of the original post, I am a supporter of LHOs having more severe punishments for breaking rules - I have displayed this on several occasions.     The ruling is indeed circular with the end there, as you say Z, and certainly it's written in a way to avoid them being used as scapegoats. There has been talk at various points of removing the rule knowledge from LHOs and pushing it towards some other group instead, but it hasn't panned out, and indeed the questions would still get asked of them.   People ~should~ say when they're uncertain of information, but they do
  9. Well I know that the gg-deep key spell only works on the caster, which isn't exactly practical.
  10. Indeed, why not let some other who is not proven so impartial over the years. Look we have the perfect man, the one that is never understood. The mighty DD, lord of the labby and lord of beggers. <<<--- It has some sarcasm in it, sorry, i could not withheld myself   Why would you want to change an impartial judge ? I just hope you are joking about this. Do you have a better candidate ? <<<---no sarcasm here   ------Above added from part of No One's post on the Rules thread. The appropriate ordering of posts would put the above portion between Princ and dst's p
  11. Let me be clear here, so that you do not slander my name further. I am the LHO manager, I am in charge of the LHOs. If I wanted to demote an LHO, I do not need a reason, people might object, but it would be accepted. There is no reason for me to jail someone as an excuse for removing their wings, as no excuse is needed. As for not responding to your messages afterwards, we have since spoken regarding this.   If anyone has an issue with my actions in any capacity I assume, they are more than welcome to message those above me regarding (currently Chewett or Mur)   ---   Actu
  12. As for a more realistic starting bid.... 10gc
  13. Clog what up?   Creature/sac page - don't get them Combat interface - not sure how it would clog, a crit is a crit after all Server space - fairly sure this isn't a concern
  14.   Bidding closed a while ago now.
  15. Kinda waiting for Chew to pop along and reminisce about there only being the forum... *cough*   I remember the excitement of new lands being opened (MDA was fun), MP2's on the beach, everyone getting kicked out of LR when the guards moved in and all sorts of other fun things
  16.   Without overdotting areas, I've done everywhere up to just past the Knatty Vacation house. Much like interiors would display as the same place as the exterior.
  17. Feel free to disagree with me on some of the positioning, but here's a map with placements on most of the Tribs locations. http://storenow.net/my/?f=0cb3309ff8fd328cc331bc31cd759db7
  18. I recall it being said that currently there is no distinction between TC death and killing death, so for the message to be different a distinction would have to be coded.   Simpler, I guess, would be the text changing so that it applies to both situations.
  19. The spewed error is indeed exactly the same.
  20. To be clear, those spell words also appear to be the ones associated with illusions.   Didn't ask this before, can you try to put one of those on a spell stone please? If they're illusion ones, it should prevent you.
  21. Looking for some Judges, message me if you feel yourself suitable.

  22. For the record, Money Laundering, as Zlei said, is regarding money sourced illegally, not money you intend to use illegally or immorally. Please no more discussion about this.     This form of trading ~is~ Alt Abuse. Alt abuse is defined as one of your accounts benefiting from another account you control.   IF B(middle man) trades with A1, as a direct result of trading with A2, then A is abusing having multiple accounts. B, in knowing this, would also be culpable. The key point here being that B would have to be aware of A1 and A2 being alts. This scenario is the case rega
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