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    New ideas

    First, i think you mean VE. Second, there's a reason that they don't gain it automatically, it means you have to actually pay attention to what's happening with your creatures
  2. Grido

    Celtic Trees

    That's far too good, you must by lying about painting it
  3. This section is not a place for you to post your quests, the place for that is on your papers in game, and it's not a place to advertise your quests either. It's if you want somewhere to place results of your quest, for all to view them.
  4. lol, a bit back i had the status "there are naked chicks on my profile, you can see their breasts and everything!" I just haven't taken down the pic since then :P

  5. *mutters something about Akasha not having a screenshot so it not counting* (we did it within the same minute) so yeah, i was first *cough* at 17:41 [attachment=1110:Burst Burner.jpg] also in relation to that, i believe new record for wins achieved in a day of 1257
  6. yea, the Archives (on the most part) have poss been in existance longer than Glor has been playing MD Valy did do the Lab [spoiler]though i've designed a ''better'' (translate more evil) Labrinth, not that i've finished, or told Mur i have [/spoiler]
  7. hey *hic* not actually frunk anymore, but s';ll type liek a drunk person, or try to antyway. How;s toui?

  8. hehe, np, nice and sober now :) you have a better one :D and celebrate lots

  9. Grido

    question still stands :P

  10. Grido

    Do i count? :P

  11. also Savels: Princ Rhaegar - Leader, MWBrady - Second
  12. Grido


    yeah..almost skeletal
  13. Grido


    i have mixed feelings here....it's expression and looks are cute, but....it has pitch black eyes making it look evil....
  14. Grido


    hehe, shush, you enjoy it
  15. i eat babies...wait..what?

  16. Grido


    look *points* under the red bull, it's the MD folder!!
  17. Grido


    that's just...awesome
  18. Grido


    i'm hoping Kaya, otherwise the picture is oddly named
  19. Hola :) i'm well, thanks, you? hows the marketing going?

  20. will edit this in later... paraphrased what players are required to do as to the the requirements, you do the job before getting it, only requirement other than the job itself is that you are mp4 or above or i'm just sleepy and cant think of stuff atm, either way, will edit in stuff tomorrow
  21. For ease, all the LHO announcements I'm putting at the top here [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] [quote](2008-07-15 02:06:07 - Alpha 6 ) .... For those that don't know yet, becomming LHO is one of the many ways you can get deeper in the game and involved with its development. Like all other ways you first have to actualy DO what you are supposed to be doing and only after that you can claim to be recognized and allowed in the team.[/quote][quote](2008-09-27 21:58:58 - Alpha 7 ) New voting feature will be used to allow votes for certain p
  22. woo, i'm her favourite mod for spamming in her spam topics :)

  23. Grido

    New Forum Rule

    *whispers* dst is soft as a muffin really also, we could close this thread so's only mods and admin can spam it
  24. Grido

    New Forum Rule

    yes...my fault....all mine *looks over nervously at the wookie with it's hand gripping tightly on his shoulder* that's it right? you;ll let me go now? i've said what you wanted me to tell them...
  25. Yami, it was a pleasure knowing you, and i wish you all the best in everything you set out to do, it's sad to see you leave, but i agree, life comes first i havent spoken to you in a while, but i remember chatting a fair bit ''back in the day'' it was fun i may want to get a hold on that mini-archive you have farewell Yami, live long and prosper
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