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  1.     Any more input regarding these? Are we still wanting these as separate awards, or amalgamating into a single award of some description?   With the Rookie award there have been comments about changing the date range for eligibility - August would be 3/4 months prior to the nominations, which is in line with suggestions above. Do people support this change? That the player must have created their account since 1st August 2014, rather than November? Should we increase the AD requirement so that people are not eligible for this award in two consecutive years, or are we ha
  2. Not an issue as such... but the "ace of red spades" is a black card, can it be red? Not sure about the other black/red cards but possibly the same for them as well.   So awesome to have all these though, thanks Neno!
  3. Rules are scheduled to finish discussions tomorrow, I would appreciate further feedback on this.     Also:
  4. Anyone have any objections to Rophs' suggestion of a new category?     Any more input with regard to Rookie? People seem to not like it as it is, do we want to remove it, or amend it in some way?   Other categories that people want to feed back on?
  5. If such a thing occurs that it's only noticed at the end of the nomination period then I would defer voting for 12-24 hours with the express comment of an option for someone else to nominate that person. The reason not to allow this outweighs the reason to allow, in my opinion.
  6. Indeed, please keep this to a category discussion rather than anything else.   More feedback on Rophs suggestion? (Rophs, I assume as Chew does that this is a modification suggested for Rookie award?)     Any other categories people want to discuss? Remember they can be added, removed, or modified as shown above.
  7. Any more discussion regarding the rules? Any further comment on what Chewett has raised on a minimum amount of nominees?     Thoughts on ceremony date? Friday 18th December - MD Awards Ceremony Happy with date? Preferred time?
  8. Category thread opened - http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16867-md-awards-2015-categories/
  9. You will find below the list of categories that was used for the MD Awards 2014, feel free to Add, remove, or modify any of those listed. I will strike out any that are decided to be removed from the list. New categories are also encouraged, and will get added to the list if there's no/negligible objections to it and multiple people want it included. This is the purpose of the thread, to come up with a final list of categories, remove and add as you decide, I'll just edit the list every so often.   As you're doing these, please be aware of this thread as we are running the general rule
  10.   Indeed that was the original intention, to have it all in another thread, opening when the outline indicates, however seeing as the public has asked (and the logic makes more sense than not) I will open the discussion  earlier than intended, likely later today.       Three counting votes would indeed be the ideal, yes - odd is good for any discrepancies (which shouldn't exist), three is better than one, and five unnecessary. Currently it's just me however so am looking for others to assist.   Two years ago there was a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 nom
  11. There was an occurrence last year where JOHN SMITH was nominated for various categories, as there is an actual playername of that in MD it was acceptable within the rules last year, however that account is not active and did not have many AD. I would propose a rule to combat this happening again however I leave it up to the community to determine how exactly to impose this.
  12. It. Is. Time. The year has rolled around once more and it is time to think about what everyone has done over the past year and who deserves special merit in certain categories.   I asked around previously if anyone wanted to run these awards as there have been timing issues the previous couple of years (primarily down to myself). Unfortunately only the one person stepped forward to offer their services, however because of a few different factors (such as time scale) they have now opted to not run it this year, but may in the future. They have also opted not to assist in running this - a
  13. I have recently borrowed a Compendium from someone, giving me two. I wanted to see if it had any creatures in it - opened my inventory, clicked on "Use Item".   Got normal doc iframe (like comments / hate list etc), with a close at the bottom. There were my two compendiums listed at the top. My pre-existing one has a score of 0, it having no creatures in it, the "new" one however had a score of 2892009711, I assume as it has creatures in it.   If I then click to open the bestiary (either one) it then says "Player does not own a bestiary or has not made is viewable to the public."
  14. Yes, I realise it's only October and thinking about Christmas festivities is weird at this time of year...   ---   To avoid issues like has happened in previous years, I would like someone to primarily run the event this year, I would of course be on hand as needed including any vote counting that may be necessary.   You would need to have been around a year or more, having been here for at least one previous awards ceremony.   In terms of responsibilities, you would need to: - Open threads at appropriate moments to indicate opening of the various stages of the vot
  15. I have around 300 Silver I'm looking to switch into Gold.   If you have any Gold you'd like switched into Silver, please let me know so we can arrange a time/place :)
  16. Back in March Kyphis officially became leader of this forum area, he was I think going to do something but that was over 6 months ago now, so fair game as far as I'm concerned.
  17. I be running the Brighton Marathon on April 17th 2016 for Cancer Research UK, anyone wants to donate please text "GTBM90 £5" to 70070. (change 5 to however much you want to donate, and I'm not sure on currency rules) THANKS!!

  18.   I'm aware, hence the now bold/redded "or around" bit. I can update the info there, I just don't know enough about combat to comfortably rewrite it.     I personally have no issue with discussions along these lines, so long as it's more general rather than using actual creature examples.
  19. Assuming you refer to combat, anything in or around the target section on this page would be fine. If you mean something else then I'm not sure what you refer to by "filters".
  20. 4gc because saying a week would mean someone could snipe at the end....
  21. It would appear there's just under 8h left to sign up for any last minute volunteers
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