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  1. Less "extreme", more "feature I haven't seen in a while"
  2. Bidding over on all items - please find me at GoE to complete trade.
  3. The undefined tends to be fixed by clearing cache and cookies - have you tried local fixes for the syntax errors?
  4. Assuming no minimum, I'll kick it off for the Knator at 1sc
  5. Bidding will end on the Marksman in approximately 48 hours.   Everything else will end at 2359 server time today, 25 Jan, unless new bids are received.
  6. Bump   Personally I feel that 1sc for a coloured LR archer is an absolute bargain, but either way it'll sell when the time expires unless someone outbids
  7. Selling a few, bidding will remain open for a week minimum, and 48 hours after the latest bid.   Dream Joker Stored Heat    805 Won battles    0 Age        21 Tokens        None CTC846222DEWIP91MDC 5sc - Aethon   Marksman Stored Heat     0 Won battles     0 Age        712 Tokens        None CTC794032ARSEL55MDC 5sc - Klawdees   Unholy Priest 1 Stored Heat     79889 Won battles     230 Age         998 Tokens        Stardust CTC806498WINAW56MDC 1sc - Imperius Unholy Priest 2 Stored Heat     72505 Won battles     201 Age        752 Tokens        None CTC817595KRSHA72MDC 1sc - Imperius Unholy Priest 3 Stored Heat     36688 Won battles     264 Age        998 Tokens        None CTC806496ERIMH40MDC 1sc - Imperius Unholy Priest 4 Stored Heat     90619 Won battles     233 Age        998 Tokens        None CTC806497FEERY82MDC 1sc - Imperius   =================================     Also, if anyone has any creatures with an ID under 200k, please let me know, as it's likely I may want to purchase it.
  8.         Please note that I very deliberately said "on the other hand I could be wrong there and am happy to be proved otherwise." regarding your start date.   If you could also elaborate on what "weapons/spells" you were getting? Weapons implies a very different thing than spells, and I'd be curious what spells you were casting on No one that resulted in the land being protected.   You stated things as fact in what you said to Wideberth. There was no "I think" / "I'm pretty sure" / "I believe" / "Maybe" or indeed anything else that might imply that what you said might be anything other than factual historical account. I take offence when lies are propagated as fact, hence this thread to clarify - it is not a case of staying out of your conversation, it's a case of stopping lies spreading about me / the realm, and educating those correctly that might not know better.
  9. It was brought to my attention that certain inaccurate comments were made partly about the history of the realm, but also specific references to myself in it's history. You can find the chat I'm referring to here. It was partly obfuscated, however some of it can be determined, as can the other bits which are still fully legible. This post is aimed to clarify a few of the inaccuracies raised, and covering a few other points as I find appropriate.     As you may or may not know, my account was created in October 2007, I played for a short time, stopped, and then a few months later resumed, continuing from then onwards with very little complete absence since.   On 24 November 2008 the game had a new start point, with MP2's in Golemus. At this point I was already an LHO, but had no specific role or focus in the game being unaffiliated with any land. Now I recall there being an account named Blackrider, however not in 2008 like is claimed, on the other hand I could be wrong there and am happy to be proved otherwise. There was a comment made in the chat referring to that time saying: [14/01/16 16:39] blackshade rider:In my journey i ran into alot of people and in those times things were harder and people were more ...... well unkind and unwilling to help Now if memory serves, there was a good stock of LHO, and plenty of help going on - a number of players (myself included) volunteered to be posted to Golemus with quests and help for the new MP2s. They did this out of their own desire to help, not out of a chance for reward (though some did get one afterwards). Granted there were some who did their own thing, as you might expect, so there were those unwilling to help, but the sweeping statement provides a bad generalisation.   To clarify a few statements made - the Fusioneers guild was founded July 2011 (which is much more likely that he was around for), and Firsanthalas became King of Loreroot in October 2009, resigning from the position in November 2011.   [14/01/16 16:45] blackshade rider:also in those time Grido was somewhat new [14/01/16 16:47] blackshade rider:However in those days Grido was at his greediest Depending on when in the confused time period that's being referred to, I would probably still not refer to myself as new. Greedy perhaps, depending on your definition of my actions - I'm a collector, by virtue of that I desire possession of things to complete my collections. Certainly I am not oblivious to my being referred to as such.   [14/01/16 16:48] blackshade rider:the fusioneers would help new players  [14/01/16 16:49] blackshade rider:grido had other plans in those days The guild was set up to create a market for Heat collection using Jars, creating Heat stones, and whilst they may have helped new players (Kiley was the initial leader, I'm sure people can check with her), they did not have the exclusivity on being helpful. In May 2009 I was promoted to LHO leader with both the previous leader and Mur agreeing to the appointment, helped set up a lot of content in the MD Wikia in November 2011, with a number of things in the middle also of a helpful nature. I'm offended by the comment that I "had other plans" besides helping people, and consider it slander to say so.   [14/01/16 17:05] blackshade rider: He wouldnt do much of anything for his people unless it benifited him [14/01/16 17:06] blackshade rider: Depletion of golemus’s memory stones (as the fusioneers wouldnt had allowed that) Also slanderous, I accept comments about lack of activity, but my land is more important than I, and this comment is a straight up lie regarding only doing things to benefit me. I believe you hold a false memory of what abilities the fusioneers were, and what powers they possessed to physically prevent people from taking memory stones.   [14/01/16 17:11] blackshade rider:Golwmws is tcw onle land to cavw two kings rwlw at cw samw timw I believe this says "Golemus is the only land to have two kings rule at the same time", I mean if you're being specific about the title of King, then possibly, however Loreroot has on several occasions had joint leadership in place, and the Archives do so currently.   [14/01/16 17:16] blackshade rider:and grido jwst sits on cis tcronw saeing all is wwll Again, believe this is "and grido just sits on his throne saying all is well" pretty sure I've spoken to you directly about the issues in Golemus and that something needs to be done, that along with various other people trying to determine how to improve matters.   [14/01/16 17:18] blackshade rider:golwmws wswd to flwrisc jwst as lorwroot did. bwt wcwn grido bwcamw king, golwmws startwd to loosw its glore  [14/01/16 17:18] blackshade rider:Alot of pwoplw lwft golwmws wcwn cw first bwcamw king  [14/01/16 17:18] Wideberth:pwoplw lwft tcw land and MD?  [14/01/16 17:18] blackshade rider:Yws and no. tcwe also lwft golwmws and wwnt to anotcwr land Something about Golemus flourishing just as Loreroot did, but when I became king, Golemus started to lose it's glory, and that a lot of people apparently left when I became King. Both leaving MD, but also to other lands. I would love to see anywhere that states this was a result of my becoming king. Or even vaguely implies.   [14/01/16 17:19] blackshade rider:Kilwe wswd to bw a golwman  [14/01/16 17:19] blackshade rider:bwt scw swwmwd to cavw wnowgc of tcw land tcat grido rwlwd ovwr and scw joinwd nwcro Kiley was a Golemian, but joined Necro after I became King, is the gist of this bit. She is welcome to interject as my memory may be hazy and I may not remember accurately, but I seem to recall talking to her and her saying that Fusioneers was the reason she was a member of Golemus, and so when it was gone, so was she. We actually get on quite well (she really is a lovely person, as Rider goes on to say), so I would find it hard to believe she left because I was king. Unfortunately I can't easily find an announcement referencing Fusioneers being disbanded to add to the timeline.   [14/01/16 17:25] blackshade rider:grido crwatwd ALOT of wnimiws  [14/01/16 17:25] blackshade rider:swcc as  [14/01/16 17:26] blackshade rider:No onw, dst, Eon, Nimrodwl, Swnfirw, Siwgccwart, and a fww otcwrs Actually not sure what "wnimiws" is, but apparently I created a lot of them - enemies maybe. I wouldn't categorise them all as any same thing that I may have created though, they've certainly not all been my enemies, some maybe just not all.   [14/01/16 17:37] blackshade rider:< i will loan you 4 gold coins to buy you some weapons to help protect the land, but you will have to pay me back with interest> Umm.... Loaning and interest, yes, but what weapons to protect the land? I don't recall you ever mentioning the use of the coins to be protecting the land. I certainly haven't seen these weapons in action. Also did I do anything particular to you when you failed to pay me back by the date that ~you~ chose? No. I extended the time period, in this same time I even bought your leash back on your behalf as you were complaining you kept being pulled away annoyingly - the same leash you have since put up for auction and sold again, given I asked you to pay this back as well, but I was doing it to save you irritation.       There is more there that I could respond to, however didn't want this to be a longer post than necessary. If I have made any incorrect statements, then I apologise and invite others to highlight them along with if you determine anything that I did not raise. I do not like people spreading false information and so I will act accordingly against it - if anyone really wants to state negative things about me there a few good examples in MD history of things I've actually done, however I'll leave you to your own investigations on that.   More than one person brought this to my attention, I will not name them, however I appreciate you letting me know so that lies are not propagated.
  10. What tokens did you remove / add?
  11. Roleplaying can sometimes get you further. If you play out a role well enough, you can get things to aid you play it, some people have become official game characters as a result of their roleplaying.   Mostly however, people do it for fun, and it makes interacting with others a bit more interesting, as you can portray yourself to be something other than you are in real life (or indeed extend your actual persona into the game.
  12. Title updated as requested
  13. Also heavily against the selling of the Mouth Sewing Kit, so keep it.   2 TST
  14. Medals for people's avatars are now distributed, unfortunately the inventory items are looking like closer to the end of January currently - will update as appropriate :)
  15. The ceremony took place as planned, you can find the winners below, along with a chat log of the event (silvertongue and all)   Winners: Adventuring Award - AmberRune Best Beautification - Neno Veliki Champion Fighter - Asthir AND Clock Master Fossil of the year - Miq Helper of the Year - Syrian Most Addicted - MaGoHi Most Improved Player - Aethon Most Popular - Chewett Outstanding Service to MD - Chewett Pre-eminent Role Player - Aeoshattr Prime Quest - Zleiphneir (En Guard & Questopolis) Rookie of the year - Aethon Top Techie - Chewett   [log=MD Awards 2015] [18/12/15 20:33] Aethon: *bows* Evening Seer Jubaris. [18/12/15 20:33] :Aethon chuckles [18/12/15 20:34] Jubaris:Hello, Aethon [18/12/15 20:35] Jubaris:Glad to see you close [18/12/15 20:35] Aethon:Of course. Can't have my leash fall into the wrong hands now, can I? [18/12/15 20:35] Jubaris:Too late! *grins* [18/12/15 20:38] :Aethon laughs [18/12/15 20:40] Jubaris:Hi Aeo [18/12/15 20:40] :Aethon smiles and nods towards Aeo [18/12/15 20:41] Aethon: *tilts his head* I wonder if there are other rooms in here to explore... [18/12/15 20:42] :Aeoshattr nods quietly [18/12/15 20:42] Jubaris:Wait, when are the awards? [18/12/15 20:42] Jubaris:Tonight? :O [18/12/15 20:42] Aethon:Tonight, in about 20 minutes. [18/12/15 20:42] Aeoshattr:Should be in less than 20 minutes. [18/12/15 20:43] :*Miq* mumblejumble [18/12/15 20:44] Jubaris:Hi guys [18/12/15 20:44] Aethon: (brb, shower) [18/12/15 20:44] MRF:Hiya juju [18/12/15 20:48] Jubaris: (afking myself) [18/12/15 20:51] :*Syrian* sits on the book [18/12/15 20:54] :*Sunfire* sits down against the wall [18/12/15 21:01] :klawdees wanders in [18/12/15 21:01] *Grido*:hrrrm [18/12/15 21:02] klawdees: (I shall also bathe, literally JUST woke up) [18/12/15 21:02] klawdees: (and saw time xD) [18/12/15 21:03] *Grido*:Maybe will give it a few minutes for latecomers [18/12/15 21:03] *Sunfire*:try a jumplink for them [18/12/15 21:04] *Grido*:Had managed to completely forgotten about them [18/12/15 21:04] *Grido*:*forget [18/12/15 21:05] WittyLeWat:Hey guys! [18/12/15 21:06] *Miq*:jumplinks! [18/12/15 21:06] *Miq*:haven't seen one since MD birthay [18/12/15 21:06] *Grido*:Think it's too late notice to get Chew to, specially with his post yesterday [18/12/15 21:06] Aeoshattr:Well, there are the boots for those who can't get in [18/12/15 21:09] *Grido*:True true, just crowded is more fun [18/12/15 21:09] :Sir Blut sits next to witty [18/12/15 21:10] :WittyLeWat holds blut's hand [18/12/15 21:10] *Miq*:Mass murder you mean [18/12/15 21:10] Aethon:We should have done it in the MDA Toilet then. [18/12/15 21:10] :Aethon chuckles [18/12/15 21:11] MRF:The fountain of dark vibrations? [18/12/15 21:11] *Miq*:everyone is there for the only working sink [18/12/15 21:12] Aethon:Oh...I usually do my best plotting sat on that toilet... [18/12/15 21:12] Aethon: *looks around* Only me? [18/12/15 21:12] *Syrian*: (or best plopping?) [18/12/15 21:13] Aeoshattr: *clears his throat* That explains a lot. [18/12/15 21:13] *Miq*:only you [18/12/15 21:13] MRF: (syyyyyr xD) [18/12/15 21:14] *Grido*:Well possibly waited long enough [18/12/15 21:15] *Grido*:Should we begin? [18/12/15 21:15] :Aethon chuckles [18/12/15 21:15] :*Sunfire* nods [18/12/15 21:15] Aethon:Let's. [18/12/15 21:15] *Grido*:Anyone know people that were intending to come but aren't here yet? [18/12/15 21:17] *Grido*:Take that as a no. [18/12/15 21:17] *Grido*:Well then, here we are, and welcome to the MD Awards 2015! [18/12/15 21:17] :MRF Applause [18/12/15 21:17] :WittyLeWat claps [18/12/15 21:17] :Aethon spins in a circle and claps [18/12/15 21:18] *Grido*:A lot has happened in the past year, some good, some bad, but lots of excitement [18/12/15 21:18] :klawdees stares blankly, sees Aethon, and keeps his mouth shut [18/12/15 21:18] :klawdees smiles [18/12/15 21:19] *Grido*:Votes have been open for just over a week, and we have our results [18/12/15 21:19] :*Miq* tries to pry a tile from the floor [18/12/15 21:20] :WittyLeWat Grins [18/12/15 21:20] *Grido*:We shall begin with a new award for this year, the one for Most Improved Player [18/12/15 21:21] *Grido*:For someone who has markedly improved over the past year [18/12/15 21:21] *Grido*:We ended up with 6 people nominated for this: [18/12/15 21:21] *Miq*: *yells* Me Me Me [18/12/15 21:22] MRF: [Spoiler: its me] [18/12/15 21:22] *Grido*:Aeoshattr, Aethon, Jubaris, MaGoHi, Rophs and Wideberth [18/12/15 21:22] *Grido*:It was a tight score, but the winner in the end was... [18/12/15 21:22] *Miq*:Wideberth! [18/12/15 21:22] *Grido*:Aethon! [18/12/15 21:23] :Aeoshattr claps [18/12/15 21:23] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 21:23] WittyLeWat: *claps* Congratulations! [18/12/15 21:23] Lintara:Woohoooo! *cheers* [18/12/15 21:23] Aethon:Oh. *blinks and then smiles* [18/12/15 21:23] :*Miq* claps also, confusedly [18/12/15 21:23] :klawdees smiles [18/12/15 21:23] :*Sunfire* claps [18/12/15 21:24] *Grido*:If you might take this opportunity for a speech? [18/12/15 21:25] Aethon:Well...thank you to those that nominated and voted for me. I wasn't expecting to win, more thinking someone else would...But thank you. I'd be interested to hear how I've improved. *smiles and nods* [18/12/15 21:25] Aethon:Or, how I could improve. *looks at Miq and chuckles* [18/12/15 21:25] Aeoshattr: *coughs* You changed your name. [18/12/15 21:25] :Aeoshattr coughs a couple more times then straightens up [18/12/15 21:25] MRF:By being more quiet! [18/12/15 21:26] :Aethon laughs [18/12/15 21:26] :*Grido* chuckles [18/12/15 21:26] :WittyLeWat chuckles [18/12/15 21:26] *Miq*: *mumbles* you did not exist even [18/12/15 21:26] *Grido*:Well we shall have to see if people let you know [18/12/15 21:26] Aethon:I shall endeavor to be more silent then. *grins* [18/12/15 21:27] *Miq*:that's a improvment [18/12/15 21:27] :Aethon grins at Miq and sits back down [18/12/15 21:27] :MRF Doesn't believe you [18/12/15 21:28] *Grido*:From Most Improved, we go for someone that has been around for so long that there's not much possibility for Improvement [18/12/15 21:28] *Grido*:The Fossil of the Year [18/12/15 21:28] :klawdees frowns at the description [18/12/15 21:29] klawdees:That's mean! [18/12/15 21:29] *Sunfire*:miq! [18/12/15 21:29] *Miq*:i'm not even a fossil [18/12/15 21:30] *Grido*:For this we had nominated: dst, Lintara, Miq, No one, and Sunfire [18/12/15 21:30] *Sunfire*:you're goldfossil [18/12/15 21:30] *Miq*:you see not a fossil [18/12/15 21:30] Ungod: (damn, what did i miss?) [18/12/15 21:30] WittyLeWat:yay for fossils! [18/12/15 21:30] *Syrian*: (some guy won some award, nothing really :P) [18/12/15 21:30] WittyLeWat: (aethon won most improved player!) [18/12/15 21:30] *Grido*:Again, quite tight votes at the top with this award! [18/12/15 21:31] *Miq*:Sunfire! [18/12/15 21:31] Ungod: (cool, thx) [18/12/15 21:31] *Grido*:But the winner in the end, contrary to their own objections... [18/12/15 21:31] *Grido*:is Miq! [18/12/15 21:31] :Aethon claps [18/12/15 21:31] :Aeoshattr chuckles and claps [18/12/15 21:31] :*Miq* hides [18/12/15 21:31] Lintara:Yay Miq! [18/12/15 21:31] :*Sunfire* claps [18/12/15 21:31] Ungod::) [18/12/15 21:31] WittyLeWat: *cheers for Miq* Congrats! [18/12/15 21:31] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 21:31] klawdees: *does not smile* I'm sorry, Miq. [18/12/15 21:31] Aeoshattr:Don't hide... who knows when we'll find you again. [18/12/15 21:32] klawdees:I trust that MD is wrong. [18/12/15 21:32] :MRF Dragsmiq out from hiding [18/12/15 21:32] *Miq*:in a stone ? [18/12/15 21:32] Aeoshattr:Yes, you'll end up replacing one of the dales here. [18/12/15 21:32] :*Miq* mumbles [18/12/15 21:32] *Miq*:So [18/12/15 21:32] *Grido*:I feel, for such an award, a speech is required [18/12/15 21:32] Ungod:that wouldn't be bad *laughs* [18/12/15 21:32] :WittyLeWat pinches Conc for no reason and giggles [18/12/15 21:33] *Miq*:i'd like to thank all the fellow petrified objects that make buildings and wish them the best of not moving! [18/12/15 21:33] :Lintara laughs [18/12/15 21:33] :*Sunfire* chuckles [18/12/15 21:34] :*Miq* steals the books and turns into a floortile [18/12/15 21:35] *Grido*:We shall now move on to the Top Techie award [18/12/15 21:35] *Miq*:Lintara! [18/12/15 21:35] MRF:chewy! [18/12/15 21:35] *Grido*:For the person who has displayed most Technical ability with Quests and Coding over the past year [18/12/15 21:36] *Grido*:For this we had nominated: BFH Lightning, Burns, Chewett, Darkraptor [18/12/15 21:36] WittyLeWat:Chewy! [18/12/15 21:36] *Miq*:Maeb! [18/12/15 21:36] MRF:liam nelson! [18/12/15 21:36] :Sir Blut kisses witty's nose [18/12/15 21:37] :WittyLeWat blushes [18/12/15 21:37] Lintara:Some random person! [18/12/15 21:37] *Grido*:The winner, was Chewett! [18/12/15 21:38] :klawdees smiles [18/12/15 21:38] MRF: (i m surprised hes missing awards) [18/12/15 21:38] :*Sunfire* claps [18/12/15 21:38] Ungod:well done! [18/12/15 21:38] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 21:38] :Lintara applauds [18/12/15 21:38] WittyLeWat: *claps* Yay!! [18/12/15 21:38] :MRF twerks [18/12/15 21:38] :Sir Blut claps [18/12/15 21:39] *Grido*:Unfortunately he would appear to have not made it thus far, certainly he was absent yesterday which he posted about [18/12/15 21:39] *Miq*: *draws out the blueprints to decorate Chews moument* what you all thing? [18/12/15 21:39] Lintara: *blinks at Miq in confusion* Huh? [18/12/15 21:39] *Miq*:Monument [18/12/15 21:40] *Grido*:Will have to see if he will make a speech at a later date [18/12/15 21:40] *Miq*: (and "think" :D) [18/12/15 21:40] MRF:not hairy enough for wookie [18/12/15 21:40] *Grido*:From skill with coding, we shall move on to skill with a pencil [18/12/15 21:41] *Grido*:The Best Beautification award [18/12/15 21:41] *Sunfire*: (afk, food) [18/12/15 21:41] Ungod: (didn't vote in this...just didn't know whom to choose) [18/12/15 21:42] Ungod: (who*) [18/12/15 21:42] *Syrian*:neno! [18/12/15 21:42] *Grido*:We had just the three nominees for this award, the votes reflecting in this [18/12/15 21:42] :Aeoshattr nods [18/12/15 21:43] *Miq*:Gonz! [18/12/15 21:43] Lintara:Gon-za-lo, Gon-za-lo [18/12/15 21:43] *Grido*:Nominated was: Gonzalosdf, MaGoHi, and Neno Veliki [18/12/15 21:43] *Miq*:Or Robert [18/12/15 21:43] MRF:neno [18/12/15 21:43] WittyLeWat:Gonzi! [18/12/15 21:44] *Miq*:dst? [18/12/15 21:45] *Grido*:Our winner, who has impressed the realm for some time now, doing artwork for game features as well, was... [18/12/15 21:45] *Grido*:Neno Veliki! [18/12/15 21:45] Ungod:nice [18/12/15 21:45] :WittyLeWat claps [18/12/15 21:45] :Aeoshattr claps vigorously [18/12/15 21:45] phantasm:grats neno [18/12/15 21:45] *Syrian*: (can you give medals to offline people?) [18/12/15 21:45] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 21:45] :klawdees refreshens his smile [18/12/15 21:45] Lintara:Yay Neno! [18/12/15 21:45] :Sir Blut applauds [18/12/15 21:45] :*Miq* claps some floor tiles [18/12/15 21:46] No one:why don't we have a jump link to this location ? [18/12/15 21:46] *Grido*:I can, will do all the medals and things straight after - items might take a few days need to get a couple things sorted with them [18/12/15 21:46] :Lintara cringes a little at the noise and chuckles [18/12/15 21:46] *Syrian*: (hes going to be missing for some time and i'd hate to see him miss it) [18/12/15 21:46] *Syrian*: (but i can summon him here) [18/12/15 21:46] *Grido*:Not able to set one up, and forgot about them till the start No One. [18/12/15 21:47] *Syrian*: (items? we dont even have last years :P) [18/12/15 21:47] No one:+1 [18/12/15 21:47] *Grido*: (aware, same issue Sunfire) [18/12/15 21:47] *Syrian*: (wrong lho) [18/12/15 21:48] *Syrian*: (lemme know if you need/want neno, i can bring him and take him back) [18/12/15 21:48] *Grido*:Regrettably due to real life concerns, Neno is not able to attend this evening [18/12/15 21:49] Ungod: (ah, now i understand what I don't like about gonza's avatars:) ) ) [18/12/15 21:49] *Grido*: (...medals will take a little longer than I anticipated, didn't check something I should have) [18/12/15 21:50] *Syrian*: (alrighty) [18/12/15 21:50] *Grido*:To the next award... [18/12/15 21:50] *Grido*:We shall move on to Helper of the Year [18/12/15 21:50] MRF:Warlord sphere! [18/12/15 21:50] *Miq*:Asthir! [18/12/15 21:51] *Miq*:or MRF [18/12/15 21:51] MRF:I don't think I got nominated for anything xD its either asthir or syr [18/12/15 21:51] *Grido*:For the person who has helped out others the most over this past year, selflessly, and mostly without reward [18/12/15 21:51] Ungod:everybody knows it's actually me:p [18/12/15 21:52] *Miq*:hmm [18/12/15 21:52] *Miq*:Miq! [18/12/15 21:52] Ungod:oh, wait, i actually got help, not helped >.> [18/12/15 21:52] *Grido*:Nominated were: Asthir, Sunfire, and Syrian [18/12/15 21:52] :*Syrian* covers her face with her heads [18/12/15 21:52] *Syrian*: (hands*) [18/12/15 21:52] :Ungod blinks [18/12/15 21:52] MRF:Thats some trick syr :O [18/12/15 21:52] Ungod:i'd say [18/12/15 21:52] *Syrian*: (HANDS) [18/12/15 21:53] :No one breaths [18/12/15 21:53] WittyLeWat:Syrian! *cheers* [18/12/15 21:53] *Miq*:i almost puked [18/12/15 21:53] Aeoshattr: (award for best typo of 2015) [18/12/15 21:53] klawdees: (I knew it! Sy is a hydra! totally called that one) [18/12/15 21:53] *Syrian*: (ive done worse) [18/12/15 21:53] *Grido*:I am happy to see that an LHO is being awarded this, the winner is... [18/12/15 21:53] *Grido*:..Syrian! [18/12/15 21:53] : Eon throws the dice and gets 8 [18/12/15 21:53] :Aeoshattr claps [18/12/15 21:53] Lintara:Yay Syri! [18/12/15 21:53] WittyLeWat: *cheers* Congrats! [18/12/15 21:53] No one:. [18/12/15 21:53] *Syrian*: *squeaks* yay! [18/12/15 21:53] MRF:grats ;o [18/12/15 21:53] *Miq*:All Hail The HYDRA! [18/12/15 21:54] Ungod: *mumbles* didn't know hydras can get awards [18/12/15 21:54] Ungod:seriously, grats :) [18/12/15 21:54] *Grido*:Evidently they can *chuckles* [18/12/15 21:54] :klawdees refreshens his smile again [18/12/15 21:54] *Miq*:indeed *claps* [18/12/15 21:54] *Grido*:Speech? [18/12/15 21:55] MRF:Only from one head though we don't have all day :D [18/12/15 21:55] *Miq*:Will she get medals for all heads? [18/12/15 21:56] :Aethon claps [18/12/15 21:56] *Syrian*: *pouts* im not a hydra! but thank you for all the votes [18/12/15 21:56] MRF:I didn't vote for you *Sticks my tongue out* But I think all 3 deserved it [18/12/15 21:57] *Syrian*:i didnt vote for me either, so there! [18/12/15 21:57] *Grido*:Short and sweet speech I guess? [18/12/15 21:57] Ungod:well, syri and juba are making their contribution all year round, they deserve that :) [18/12/15 21:57] *Miq*:SPEECH! [18/12/15 21:58] :Change walks in quietly and stands by the door [18/12/15 21:58] *Grido*:From helping, to Outstanding Service. [18/12/15 21:59] :[Spell] eugnotrevlis *Grido* [18/12/15 21:59] *Miq*:really? [18/12/15 21:59] Ungod:i don't get this.... [18/12/15 22:00] *Grido*:ऄଽlթful• [18/12/15 22:00] :[Spell] Ward of Lethargy Eon [18/12/15 22:00] :[Spell] Wards of Banishment Eon [18/12/15 22:00] *Grido*:Sଽଽmގ ଽoղ ऄoldގ a ᎶℜudᎶଽ [18/12/15 22:00] :Aeoshattr chuckles [18/12/15 22:00] :Ungod laughs [18/12/15 22:00] :Aethon sits back down [18/12/15 22:00] : Eon throws the dice and gets 5 [18/12/15 22:01] :WittyLeWat hides behind blut [18/12/15 22:01] *Miq*:We wait or stick with the Silvertongue? [18/12/15 22:01] *Grido*:ѡould թଽoթlଽ թℜଽfଽℜ I ѡaiᴌ॰ oℜ coղᴌiղuଽ? [18/12/15 22:01] MRF:I think hes hoping you make a mistake and get in trouble [18/12/15 22:01] Change:Continue! [18/12/15 22:01] :Sir Blut holds witty's hand [18/12/15 22:01] :[Spell] eugnotrevlis - Eon [18/12/15 22:01] Aeoshattr:We can understand the words [18/12/15 22:01] Ungod:continue [18/12/15 22:01] *Miq*:continue [18/12/15 22:01] *Miq*:or i can proxy [18/12/15 22:02] *Grido*:So॰ OuᴌގᴌaղdiղᎶ Sଽℜѵѥଽ ᴌo ᗰD [18/12/15 22:02] Ungod: (miq, translate:) ) [18/12/15 22:02] *Miq*:so, outstanding service to MD [18/12/15 22:02] *Grido*:Ѡଽ ऄad fouℜ ղomiղଽଽގ foℜ ᴌऄiގ⁝ Aގᴌऄiℜ॰ Ͼऄଽѡଽᴌᴌ॰ Nଽղo Ѵଽliki॰ aղd Ⱬlଽiթऄղଽiℜ [18/12/15 22:03] Ungod: *squints* aha [18/12/15 22:03] *Miq*:we had four nominees for this asthir, chewett, neno, Z [18/12/15 22:03] :Change chuckles at 'Z' [18/12/15 22:03] *Grido*:I fଽଽl ऄଽ'ގ abbℜଽѵiaᴌiղᎶ••• [18/12/15 22:04] *Miq*:I am abbreviating [18/12/15 22:04] :*Miq* grins [18/12/15 22:04] *Grido*:Ѡଽ ऄad oղଽ թaℜᴌѥulaℜ ղomiղଽଽ ѡऄo ऄad a laℜᎶଽ թℜoթoℜᴌioղ of ᴌऄଽ ѵoᴌଽގ [18/12/15 22:04] *Grido*:Tऄଽ ѡiղղଽℜ iގ•••• Ͼऄଽѡଽᴌᴌ! [18/12/15 22:04] *Miq*:we had one particular nomination who had large porpotion of votes [18/12/15 22:04] *Miq*:Chewett! [18/12/15 22:05] :*Miq* claps [18/12/15 22:05] :Ungod claps [18/12/15 22:05] :Lintara cheers [18/12/15 22:05] :Aeoshattr claps [18/12/15 22:05] :WittyLeWat chuckles [18/12/15 22:05] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 22:05] :klawdees re-refreshens his smile again [18/12/15 22:05] WittyLeWat: *applauds* Yay! [18/12/15 22:05] *Miq*: (klawdees is a he?) [18/12/15 22:06] :Change chuckles softly when clapping [18/12/15 22:06] klawdees: (wadja think? It?) [18/12/15 22:06] *Miq*: (well it or she) [18/12/15 22:06] *Grido*:Oղcଽ aᎶaiղ॰ uղfoℜᴌuղaᴌଽlᎩ Ͼऄଽѡଽᴌᴌ iގ ղoᴌ ऄଽℜଽ ᴌऄiގ ଽѵଽղiղᎶ॰ aղd ގo ѡଽ ѡill ऄaѵଽ ᴌo aѡaiᴌ ऄiގ ގթଽଽcऄ aղoᴌऄଽℜ daᎩ! [18/12/15 22:07] klawdees: (nope.) [18/12/15 22:07] *Miq*:chew is not here [18/12/15 22:07] klawdees: (Don't worry about it though :P) [18/12/15 22:07] *Miq*:speech later [18/12/15 22:07] :WittyLeWat looks at miq and laughs [18/12/15 22:08] Ungod:I like Miq's style [18/12/15 22:09] *Grido*:From service in one way, to service in another, we have the award for the Prime Quest [18/12/15 22:09] *Grido*: (and seems silver ended!) [18/12/15 22:09] Ungod: (for now:D) [18/12/15 22:09] *Miq*: (yay) [18/12/15 22:10] :[Spell] eugnotrevlis - eon [18/12/15 22:11] *Grido*:Eon, I would appreciate continuing uninterupted. If you spell me again during this event I will sew your lips so you cannot speak for a while, I would prefer not to do this [18/12/15 22:11] *Grido*:-that goes for anyone, not just Eon. Please and Thank You [18/12/15 22:12] *Miq*: *mumbles* ok [18/12/15 22:12] *Grido*:The Prime Quest is for the player creating what is thought to be the best over the past year [18/12/15 22:13] *Grido*:Quests play an important part here, so these people are all worthy of merit, however only one can win. [18/12/15 22:13] *Grido*:Nominated for this was: Assira the Black, Asthir, WittyLeWat, and Zleiphneir [18/12/15 22:14] MaGoHi:hello *waves* [18/12/15 22:14] WittyLeWat:hi mago! [18/12/15 22:14] :Sir Blut squeezes witty's hand and smiles [18/12/15 22:14] *Grido*:The winner is.... Zleiphneir! [18/12/15 22:15] *Grido*:With En Guard & Questopolis [18/12/15 22:15] :Kyphis claps [18/12/15 22:15] :*Miq* claps [18/12/15 22:15] *Miq*:i did those [18/12/15 22:15] :Sir Blut claps [18/12/15 22:15] :Lintara applauds [18/12/15 22:15] :Aeoshattr claps and smiles [18/12/15 22:15] :WittyLeWat applauds [18/12/15 22:15] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 22:15] :MaGoHi applauds [18/12/15 22:15] :Sir Blut hugs witty tight [18/12/15 22:15] :Aethon claps as well [18/12/15 22:15] :klawdees re-refreshens his refreshed smile again [18/12/15 22:16] :WittyLeWat hugs blut back and smiles [18/12/15 22:16] :Sir Blut whispers in her ear [18/12/15 22:17] :WittyLeWat whispers back [18/12/15 22:17] :*Sunfire* wakes up again and claps along [18/12/15 22:17] *Grido*:Alas, Z is not here this evening, so please pass on your appreciation when you next see him! [18/12/15 22:17] Eara Meraia: *pokes Jubaris* stop sleeping, its a sanctuary [18/12/15 22:18] *Miq*:Z zleeping, speech later [18/12/15 22:18] :Ungod laughs [18/12/15 22:18] :[Spell] eugnotrevlis *Grido* [18/12/15 22:18] Sir Blut:Wow [18/12/15 22:18] :[Spell] eugnotrevlis Aethon [18/12/15 22:18] Sir Blut: *silences Eon* [18/12/15 22:19] [Spell]: is unable to speak (118349) [18/12/15 22:19] :*Miq* misses Z [18/12/15 22:19] *Grido*:Doଽގ aղᎩoղଽ ऄold obᴊଽcᴌioղ ᴌo mଽ ᗰouᴌऄ SଽѡiղᎶ ଽoղ - I ѡill ղoᴌ do iᴌ uᖹଽގގ թଽoթlଽ aᎶℜଽଽ [18/12/15 22:19] [Spell]: is unable to speak (118349) [18/12/15 22:20] Aethon:ଽoղ॰ ѡऄaᴌ ℜଽގթଽcᴌ I ऄad foℜ Ꭹou ऄaގ ղoѡ dimiղiގऄଽd ᎶℜଽaᴌlᎩ• Ᵽlଽaގଽ ᴌakଽ Ꭹouℜ թଽℜގoղal fଽudގ ގomଽѡऄଽℜଽ ଽlގଽ॰ ℜaᴌऄଽℜ ᴌऄaղ acᴌiղᎶ likଽ a ގթoilᴌ cऄild iղ թublѥ• [18/12/15 22:20] *Miq*:are there any other with the kit? [18/12/15 22:20] Aethon:No॰ Ꭹou caղ'ᴌ ऄaѵଽ a lollᎩ ℜiᎶऄᴌ ղoѡ• [18/12/15 22:20] :WittyLeWat rolls her eyes [18/12/15 22:21] *Grido*:Suղfiℜଽ ऄaގ oղଽ [18/12/15 22:21] *Sunfire*:while his actions are not kind they are not rulebreaking [18/12/15 22:21] *Miq*:they are not [18/12/15 22:21] *Miq*:then i can just keep him silenced by my spells [18/12/15 22:21] *Grido*:IղᴌଽℜfଽℜiղᎶ ѡiᴌऄ թublѥ ଽѵଽղᴌގ ऄaѵଽ bଽଽղ kղoѡղ ᴌo bଽ couղᴌଽℜଽd bᎩ ގilଽղciղᎶ iղ ᴌऄଽ թaގᴌ [18/12/15 22:21] *Grido*:Buᴌ ղo maᴌᴌଽℜ [18/12/15 22:22] :*Miq* failed to cast a spell [18/12/15 22:22] :[Spell] Jammm -Eon [18/12/15 22:22] *Miq*:i mean this is pointless [18/12/15 22:23] *Miq*:please remind me to recast [18/12/15 22:23] Ungod: (alright) [18/12/15 22:23] Aeoshattr:We can understand the silvertongue, even if with some difficulty. [18/12/15 22:23] *Grido*:Ѡଽ ऄaѵଽ ގi〤 aѡaℜdގ ℜଽmaiղiղᎶ• [18/12/15 22:23] *Miq*:we have 6 more awards [18/12/15 22:24] Eon:• [18/12/15 22:24] dst:who won what? [18/12/15 22:24] *Grido*:SଽଽiղᎶ aގ ѡଽ aℜଽ ऄaѵiղᎶ a biᴌ of a baᴌᴌlଽ oղ ގթଽakiղᎶ॰ ѡଽ ގऄall moѵଽ oղᴌo ᴌऄଽ aѡaℜd foℜ Ͼऄamթioղ FiᎶऄᴌଽℜ [18/12/15 22:24] *Miq*:Chapion fighter award next [18/12/15 22:25] *Miq*:*champion [18/12/15 22:25] *Grido*:Tऄଽ aѡaℜd foℜ ᴌऄoގଽ moގᴌ ގkillଽd aᴌ fiᎶऄᴌiղᎶ॰ aղd uގଽ of ᴌऄଽ combaᴌ ގᎩގᴌଽm [18/12/15 22:25] *Miq*:awarded to the most skilled at combat [18/12/15 22:25] Ungod::D [18/12/15 22:26] *Grido*:Nomiղaᴌଽd ѡଽℜଽ⁝ Aގᴌऄiℜ॰ Ͼlock ᗰaގᴌଽℜ॰ FaղᎶ Aℜcऄbaղଽ॰ aղd Suղfiℜଽ [18/12/15 22:26] *Miq*:nominees: asthor CM Fang and Sunny [18/12/15 22:26] WittyLeWat:Clock Master! *cheers* [18/12/15 22:26] Ungod:asthir* [18/12/15 22:26] *Miq*: (lol astor) [18/12/15 22:27] dst:Sunnt! Sunny! [18/12/15 22:27] dst:Margaret Astor? [18/12/15 22:27] Ungod: (oscar) [18/12/15 22:27] Kyphis: (Sunny D, Alright! Gotta say it right) [18/12/15 22:27] *Grido*:The votes were very tight on this one, with three being barely separated [18/12/15 22:27] *Miq*:CM [18/12/15 22:27] *Miq*:i'd bet [18/12/15 22:28] *Grido*:In fact, so tight, that we have two winners... [18/12/15 22:28] *Grido*:Asthir and Clock Master! [18/12/15 22:28] Ungod:? [18/12/15 22:28] :[Spell] Jammm -Eon [18/12/15 22:28] :Aeoshattr claps [18/12/15 22:28] :*Sunfire* claps [18/12/15 22:28] :Ungod cheers [18/12/15 22:28] :Aethon claps [18/12/15 22:28] :MaGoHi applauds [18/12/15 22:28] :Kyphis applauds [18/12/15 22:28] :Change chuckles and claps [18/12/15 22:28] WittyLeWat: *claps* Congratulations! [18/12/15 22:28] :klawdees smiles [18/12/15 22:28] :*Miq* applauds double for double [18/12/15 22:29] WittyLeWat: *cheers* Whoo! [18/12/15 22:30] *Grido*:Neither of them seem to be here currently though, possibly too worn out from battling others! [18/12/15 22:30] No one:miq [18/12/15 22:30] *Miq*:yes? [18/12/15 22:30] :Ungod blinks [18/12/15 22:30] No one:stop that [18/12/15 22:30] :Ungod points at CM [18/12/15 22:31] :*Miq* hides CM [18/12/15 22:31] :WittyLeWat laughs [18/12/15 22:31] Aeoshattr: (... in all seriousness, could you all do this *after* the awards? if y'all have an issue to solve, solve it between yourselves) [18/12/15 22:31] Ungod: (what aeo said) [18/12/15 22:31] *Miq*:no [18/12/15 22:32] *Grido*:At this point we move on from an expert at fighting, to an expert at RP. [18/12/15 22:32] *Grido*:We have the award for Pre-eminent Role Player [18/12/15 22:32] Kyphis: (Clock Master is actually here, Grido) [18/12/15 22:32] Ungod: (top of the list, even:) ) [18/12/15 22:32] :Sir Blut laughs [18/12/15 22:32] *Grido*:my bad...managed to miss him [18/12/15 22:33] *Grido*:Clock, if you're there, would you like to make a speech? [18/12/15 22:33] :WittyLeWat pokespokes ClockMaster [18/12/15 22:34] *Grido*:...take that as a no, I guess [18/12/15 22:34] *Grido*:So once again, we shall look at the award for Pre-eminent Role Player [18/12/15 22:34] Kyphis: (Guess he's dead, Jim) [18/12/15 22:34] :*Sunfire* passed Flowers to Yala Sviseusen [18/12/15 22:34] MaGoHi: (XD) [18/12/15 22:35] *Grido*:The player who has displayed the best skills at role playing over this past year [18/12/15 22:35] :Yala Sviseusen smiles warmly at Sunfire and nods a thank you [18/12/15 22:35] *Grido*:We had five nominated: Aeoshattr, Aethon, Azull, Klawdees, and Rophs [18/12/15 22:36] :[Spell] Jammm -Eon [18/12/15 22:36] Eon:ଽuᎶղoᴌℜଽѵliގ ⁂Ꮆℜido⁂ [18/12/15 22:36] :Aethon chuckles [18/12/15 22:36] *Grido*:The winner, who I am sure will display a fine appreciation of winning [18/12/15 22:37] *Grido*:is....Aeoshattr! [18/12/15 22:37] :Sir Blut claps [18/12/15 22:37] *Miq*:All hail the Cone! [18/12/15 22:37] WittyLeWat: *claps* Bravo! [18/12/15 22:37] :klawdees grins and relaxes a little [18/12/15 22:37] :*Miq* claps [18/12/15 22:37] :MaGoHi claps [18/12/15 22:37] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 22:37] Ungod:well done [18/12/15 22:37] :Aeoshattr looks up from the dales, looking genuinely surprised [18/12/15 22:37] :Aethon claps [18/12/15 22:37] :Change smiles softly and claps [18/12/15 22:37] :*Sunfire* claps [18/12/15 22:39] :Kyphis cheers [18/12/15 22:39] *Sunfire*:speech! [18/12/15 22:39] dst:speech specch [18/12/15 22:39] *Grido*:Indeed, speech! [18/12/15 22:39] Aeoshattr: *chuckles* I'll keep it short. [18/12/15 22:39] Eon:• [18/12/15 22:40] Aeoshattr:I would like to thank those who believed in me at times when I didn't. Some are present here, some are not. And all together, they are the reason I am here today. [18/12/15 22:40] klawdees: (...this is random, but I think MD needs a Krampus) [18/12/15 22:40] MaGoHi: (xD) [18/12/15 22:40] *Miq*: *cheers* go cone! [18/12/15 22:41] Aeoshattr:And furthermore, I would like to thank everyone else as well. [18/12/15 22:41] Aeoshattr:I hope that the pointy end of the cone is louder and sounds better than the wide end... *chuckles* [18/12/15 22:41] *Grido*: *smiles* thank you Aeo [18/12/15 22:42] *Grido*:Now it comes to our award for the Most Popular [18/12/15 22:43] *Grido*:For the most well known in the realm, and generally well liked [18/12/15 22:43] *Grido*:Nominated was: AmerRune, Chewett, Ghostlord, Nimrodel, and Sunfire [18/12/15 22:44] *Grido*:The voting was skewed in favour of the winner, which shows how popular they are [18/12/15 22:44] *Miq*:Nim! [18/12/15 22:44] *Grido*:The winner is....Chewett! [18/12/15 22:45] Junior:im i late? [18/12/15 22:45] :*Miq* applouds to Nim [18/12/15 22:45] :MaGoHi applauds [18/12/15 22:45] :*Sunfire* claps [18/12/15 22:45] :Change smirks slightly and claps [18/12/15 22:45] :[Spell] Jammm - Eon [18/12/15 22:45] :ଽuᎶղoᴌℜଽѵliގ ⁂Ꮆℜido⁂ [18/12/15 22:45] :dst sneezes [18/12/15 22:45] :Aeoshattr claps [18/12/15 22:45] klawdees: *grins* He'll survive this for sure. [18/12/15 22:45] :Kyphis rabble rousers [18/12/15 22:46] Ungod:a silvertongue while silvertongued...didn't see that before :) [18/12/15 22:46] *Miq*: (sorry i'm out of casts now) [18/12/15 22:46] *Grido*:IղᴌଽℜଽގᴌiղᎶ [18/12/15 22:46] *Miq*:hmm [18/12/15 22:47] dst:nice bug :D [18/12/15 22:47] :*Miq* laughs [18/12/15 22:47] *Syrian*: (its quite common and recreatable if youre fast) [18/12/15 22:47] *Syrian*: (ive seen it a few times) [18/12/15 22:47] *Syrian*: (its just one of those things i always forget about) [18/12/15 22:47] Kyphis: (yeah, fairly normal) [18/12/15 22:47] :*Miq* get to his translate station [18/12/15 22:48] Ungod: (i assume it's that short interval until a spell is 'set' when you can speak your own spell) [18/12/15 22:48] Kyphis: (I always just assumed server lag) [18/12/15 22:49] *Grido*:Tऄℜଽଽ aѡaℜdގ ℜଽmaiղiղᎶ [18/12/15 22:49] *Miq*: (no matter) [18/12/15 22:49] *Miq*:Awards remaining [18/12/15 22:49] Ungod: (isn't the server supposedd to work really fast?) [18/12/15 22:49] : Eon throws the dice and gets 8 [18/12/15 22:49] *Grido*:(ᴌѡo ގଽcoղdގ iղ iᴌ) [18/12/15 22:50] Ungod: (that's plenty of tie...sometimes:) ) [18/12/15 22:50] Ungod: (time*) [18/12/15 22:50] *Grido*:Ѡଽ Ꮆo fℜom Ᵽoթulaℜ॰ ᴌo ᴌऄoގଽ ᴊuގᴌ ގᴌaℜᴌiղᎶ ouᴌ aղd ގᴌaℜᴌiղᎶ ᴌo iղcℜଽaގଽ iղ թoթulaℜiᴌᎩ॰ ᴌऄଽ aѡaℜd foℜ Ꭱookiଽ of ᴌऄଽ Ꭹଽaℜ! [18/12/15 22:50] Ungod: (aaand...5 KoB in the scene. beat that) [18/12/15 22:51] klawdees: (sorry, distracted...who won what?) [18/12/15 22:51] *Miq*:rookie of the year [18/12/15 22:51] *Miq*:gone from noting to somethhing [18/12/15 22:51] :[Spell] boom eon [18/12/15 22:51] WittyLeWat::D [18/12/15 22:52] Aeoshattr: (from zero to hero, just like that *snaps fingers* ) [18/12/15 22:52] :*Miq* resets the timer [18/12/15 22:52] *Grido*:(Ᵽᗰ Klaѡ) [18/12/15 22:52] MaGoHi: (lol) [18/12/15 22:52] klawdees: (thank you :D) [18/12/15 22:52] Ungod: (well, maybe not hero) [18/12/15 22:52] *Grido*:Ѡiᴌऄ ᴌऄℜଽଽ ղomiղଽଽގ॰ ᴌऄଽ comթଽᴌiᴌioղ ѡaގ ᴌiᎶऄᴌ [18/12/15 22:53] *Grido*:Nomiղaᴌଽd⁝ Aଽᴌऄoղ॰ Klaѡdଽଽގ॰ aղd ᗰaᎶoऄi [18/12/15 22:53] *Miq*:here whe had 3 nominees [18/12/15 22:53] *Miq*:aethon klawdees and magohi [18/12/15 22:54] *Grido*:Showing not just improvement, but also being the favoured Rookie, our winner is... [18/12/15 22:54] *Grido*:Aethon! [18/12/15 22:54] Kyphis:Go Aethon! *Kyphis Cheers* [18/12/15 22:54] *Grido*: (time miq) [18/12/15 22:54] :Aeoshattr pats Aethon's head [18/12/15 22:54] :MaGoHi applauds [18/12/15 22:54] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 22:54] :Aethon chuckles [18/12/15 22:54] Kyphis:Peach! Peach! Peach! [18/12/15 22:55] :klawdees smiles [18/12/15 22:55] *Syrian*:pomegranate! [18/12/15 22:55] :Change claps [18/12/15 22:55] Aethon:Well time for the big secret I guess. [18/12/15 22:55] Aethon:I am Grido's alt. [18/12/15 22:55] Aethon:This was all a test. [18/12/15 22:56] :Aethon sniffs [18/12/15 22:56] *Miq*:Speache! [18/12/15 22:56] *Grido*:Shh! [18/12/15 22:56] :Aeoshattr looks mortified [18/12/15 22:56] Kyphis:I'm assuming we passed? [18/12/15 22:56] :*Syrian* pats aeo [18/12/15 22:56] :*Sunfire* laughs at aeo's expression [18/12/15 22:56] Aethon:Of course! [18/12/15 22:57] Aethon:But honestly, thank you everyone. :) [18/12/15 22:57] Ungod: (ahh, what'd I miss? i had to go away for a minute;( ) [18/12/15 22:57] Aethon:Even though I never met him, I feel he played a big part in this. *wipes away a tear* [18/12/15 22:57] *Syrian*: (aethons admittance) [18/12/15 22:57] Ungod: (on what?) [18/12/15 22:57] Change: (Drat, I bet on someone else. *forks out some gold* ) [18/12/15 22:57] *Syrian*: (being gridos alt) [18/12/15 22:58] Ungod: (ah) [18/12/15 22:58] *Miq*: (one minut eon eon) [18/12/15 22:58] *Miq*: (minute on eon...) [18/12/15 22:58] *Grido*:Onwards then to the Adventuring Award [18/12/15 22:58] :[Spell] boom eon [18/12/15 22:59] klawdees: (I am still highly amused that someone though I might be Eon's alt) [18/12/15 22:59] : Eon throws the dice and gets 3 [18/12/15 22:59] : Eon throws the dice and gets 8 [18/12/15 22:59] klawdees: (huge honor, tbh) [18/12/15 23:00] *Grido*:For the person running around competing in quests, with the perseverence of a hero [18/12/15 23:00] *Grido*:Three nominees for this: AmberRune, Asthir, and Vladan [18/12/15 23:00] Kyphis: (sorry Klaw, you are not quite a good enough RPer to pass as Eon's alt) [18/12/15 23:00] *Miq*: (.) [18/12/15 23:00] Change: (yeah, need more .'s) [18/12/15 23:01] Change: (Miq gets it) [18/12/15 23:01] klawdees: (:P) [18/12/15 23:01] klawdees: ( *I* know that, some poor sap didn't) [18/12/15 23:01] *Grido*:The winner, probably off on some Adventure even now, is... [18/12/15 23:01] *Grido*:AmberRune! [18/12/15 23:01] *Miq*:The most questing player [18/12/15 23:01] *Miq*:We all hate her! [18/12/15 23:02] Ungod:lol [18/12/15 23:02] :Kyphis congratulates [18/12/15 23:02] :klawdees grins [18/12/15 23:02] Aethon:Yay! Woooo! [18/12/15 23:02] :*Miq* claps [18/12/15 23:02] :Change claps and chuckles [18/12/15 23:02] :*Sunfire* claps [18/12/15 23:02] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 23:04] : Eon throws the dice and gets 6 [18/12/15 23:04] *Grido*:So with her off on her own Adventure this evening, we will wait for her speech another time [18/12/15 23:05] *Grido*:At which point, we come onto our last award of this evening, and indeed of this the MD Awards 2015 [18/12/15 23:05] *Grido*:We come to the award for the Most Addicted [18/12/15 23:06] *Grido*:For the person that can't go an hour without needing a fix, twitching when they are away [18/12/15 23:06] *Grido*:Hearing chat beeps, even with no chat around [18/12/15 23:06] *Miq*: (one minute) [18/12/15 23:06] *Grido*:Five were nominated for this [18/12/15 23:06] Ungod:for the obssessed ones :/ [18/12/15 23:06] *Miq*:Robert! [18/12/15 23:06] *Grido*:Aethon, Asthir, MaGoHi, Nadrolski, and Syrian [18/12/15 23:07] *Grido*:With the nature of this award, it is no wonder the winner is here this evening [18/12/15 23:07] :Kyphis undulates rhythmically for Aethon [18/12/15 23:07] Ungod::)) [18/12/15 23:07] *Grido*:Our winner for Most Addicted is... [18/12/15 23:07] *Grido*:MaGoHi! [18/12/15 23:07] :Aethon laughs and claps [18/12/15 23:07] Ungod:didn't expect that [18/12/15 23:07] :*Miq* sheers [18/12/15 23:08] Ungod:i was expecting the hydra to win [18/12/15 23:08] :klawdees grins [18/12/15 23:08] :Yala Sviseusen claps [18/12/15 23:08] :Change blinks but chuckles, clapping [18/12/15 23:08] :Ungod claps for Mago [18/12/15 23:08] :Aethon wonders what Miq is sheering... [18/12/15 23:08] *Miq*: (fish) [18/12/15 23:08] MaGoHi:thank you [18/12/15 23:08] :*Sunfire* claps [18/12/15 23:09] Ungod:a very on point speech [18/12/15 23:10] MaGoHi:oh, speech, right [18/12/15 23:10] :Aeoshattr chortles [18/12/15 23:10] Ungod:next year [18/12/15 23:10] *Miq*:I demand a respeech [18/12/15 23:10] Ungod:you already did it once this eyar :P [18/12/15 23:10] MaGoHi:well, i would like to thank bacon and the Baconeers and beer to make this possible [18/12/15 23:10] Dark Demon:Bah I missed my own time [18/12/15 23:10] *Miq*:Cake! [18/12/15 23:10] :MaGoHi grins [18/12/15 23:10] Dark Demon:Hello everyone, I assume everything is over [18/12/15 23:10] Kyphis:Speech come from a man, they were put there by a can [18/12/15 23:11] :Dark Demon is a sad demon [18/12/15 23:11] MaGoHi: (you are a SDD now :D) [18/12/15 23:11] Dark Demon:Congrats to all the winners [18/12/15 23:11] Ungod:wow, Mago actually thanked beer for helping him win this award [18/12/15 23:11] Ungod:epic [18/12/15 23:11] Dark Demon: (omg lel) [18/12/15 23:12] :Ungod passes imaginary bacon & beer to Magohi [18/12/15 23:12] *Miq*:Beer is good [18/12/15 23:13] :MaGoHi bows to ungod and accepts the imaginary bacon & beer [18/12/15 23:13] *Grido*:And so this concludes the awards for this year, we have had a number of winners, and I hope you all had a pleasant evening [18/12/15 23:13] klawdees: (I have to leave, unfortunately...All winners have my congratulations, 'cept Miq because Grido made the award out to be a bad thing, who has my condolences. Someone PM me a list) [18/12/15 23:13] *Grido*:The silvertongue use excluding... [18/12/15 23:14] :klawdees wanders out [18/12/15 23:14] :[Spell] Find the pages.   *Grido*: I will be distributing the medals and items by the end of the year (including last years items) *Syrian*: (woo!) MaGoHi: (woheee) *Grido*: The winners and log of this evening will be posted onto the forum shortly Ungod: congratulations, all *Grido*: Awards were counted and verified by Chewett and me. Kyphis: Huh... Well, that saves me from casting the log spell, I guess *Grido*: Thank you all for attending, it's you that makes this realm, and these awards work![/log]
  16. For clarity, I take it there's only going to be one winning number? As in just one set of dice rolls on the day (provided someone wins first go)?   If winning number is 1234, and I have 2348, do I still win, or does it have to start with the same number, as well as being in the correct sequence?     LE: Oh, also when are you normally around to buy tickets from? I'm going to buy some regardless of your answers to above, but they're good to know :)
  17. Someone who has been excommunicated doesn't seem to have the same status effects as being Jailed - this would be unintentional I would believe.   For instance, upon being outside of Jail, there is no option to be "grabbed" and returned there, looks like like normal except with that particular tag.   Additionally, I seem to recall there being nojump tags in Jail, and Eon was able to use Teleport Papercabin to get out...
  18. I in fact did follow the normal process - if a player escapes from Jail I have the ability to return them there to serve out the remainder of their sentence. I followed the rules as per that ann and appropriately used my admin ability. There was no abuse. You have the right to your opinion regarding the alliance, but just because you say it is so, doesn't make it that way.
  19. I could alternatively have left him outside of jail and said he was abusing a bug? I feel in the end the action I took was appropriate. I feel the admin log is unnecessary seeing as I already clearly stated I had used the Jail spell. I'm not trying to hide my use of it dst, as I didn't do anything wrong. The announcement clearly states those leaving before time will be put back for a longer sentence, I just facilitated this. I am not saying I would not have to work to get the alliance back, I will, but being a King does in fact lend to certain options which mean it doesn't need to be a role alliance to get it back. You requested things that were not due to you, there was no negotiation possible. Frankly it surprises me that you considered I might actually pay up and not do this.
  20.  I used the Excommunication tool to send him to Jail. It would seem that if someone escapes from Jail (He seemed to have used Port to PC) when Excommunicated there is no such "grab" feature as there is when a player is jailed. As a suitable alternative he was returned using the Jail spell - I did not have time to write up a bug report, but will do so this evening regarding lack of "grabbing" ability.
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