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  1. heys, believe me it's all of it fun i havent played D&D before either though to my credit it is partly cos my friends didnt want to go through the whole hassle of teaching me
  2. It's told me i'm blue as well hmm, it's half right, the good half i mean lol
  3. Grido

    probelm :(

    if you log onto MD, on the right hand side on the screen should be a sort of gold coloured box which says ''online now, live help'' click onto it and a message box will appear, tyoe into the message area about this problem and someone should respond to it fairly quickly
  4. Grido

    probelm :(

    i'm not a mod so cant, but send a message to live help ingame as well as this message
  5. Grido

    Three bugs

    i use both firefox and IE, on differnet comps, one is mine, the other works, both cant use the new skin properly, i cant think why it might not work on some peoples comps and work on others
  6. near enough chew the ''official'' answer is
  7. i thinks it's just there for some reason
  8. some of them are possible to 'skip' over and fill in a bridge so to speak though lol, i have a big imagination though lol
  9. there are 4 more to buy in the MD shop, in the extra features section, total to have currently is 6
  10. the theory itself is in all sorts of books, dont know where it origionated though, i've read it in the Eragon series, but also in a series of books which i dont know the title to, main character in called maerid or something though, there's 3 books atm but should be more at some point /ends slightly advertising of book lol
  11. Thanasia are you talking about true names? it's said that every living thing, plant/tree/animal has both a true name, and a given name, the true name being known only to the person themselves and any which they tell, it also holds great power over them
  12. not quite chewitt, but it is to do with that ball yeah, which is the earth on the of chance you didnt already realise. the earth doesnt equal 42
  13. i'm mostly not responding to that because it all sounds quite good, the thing with alpha is i thought manu/mur mentioned something about being in perpetual alpha, constantly updating and adding new things
  14. i voted for bob, i like bob, bob is a nice name i do feel quite sorry for dave though nobody has voted for it
  15. Hello, enjoy MD i think that most of us origionally clicked on a random link to get here, though it was now quite a while ago for me so cant really remember lol feel free to ask about the game, don't ever feel any question is too stupid, there'll be someone else who's asked it before
  16. That happens sometimes, i think it's a flash bug, been there a while, should sort itself out after a while, occaisionally fixes itself after refreshing but doesnt always
  17. hey Mistress, welcome to the game, most of us get at least a tad bit obsessed with the game lol, it's nothing to worry about though arrggh only got the temp boosters left in MD shop dont use them enough
  18. still not there, check whenever i'm logged on, hasnt come back at all
  19. @Trahern, edits post the last answer has something to do with the book, and the picture oh and for bonus points find the other 4 answers which arent published on the net, Douglas Adams said there were 10 answers
  20. i'm on firefox, the new screen has same effect, not allowing me the full reply thing, i went back to the old format
  21. ye i need a new one too as well, mines broken hehe i like the comic i'm a mix between 1 an 3 on Aurinia's list, apart from being neither her bf or mother lol
  22. if you've ever read LOTR then you'll understand my recalling the bit before the meet Tom Bombadil at this point, ahh trees eating people
  23. @trahern, i said do NOT post if you already know/googled it, that way others would have to work it out for themselves The last answer you gave is wrong anyway, your answer has no connection to the pic, the answer does
  24. Grido


    each group will have stage 2 start the same time, dependant on every category having reached 5000 points, check the changelog
  25. @morgana, i was going to say light till the line with it in came up, hmm what about ? i've got one, and because i'm not usually too inventive like this i've taken it from a famous person, and if you can't guess at least who the famous person is from the number *shakes head* Look at this picture The answer is simple, 42. What is the question? note: there are 6 possible answers to find, one is really easy. With one of the answers it helps to have read his book. note 2: don't google it, takes the fun away, if you do google dont post the answer. *EDIT*The answers all have something to do with the picture
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