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  1. I don't know about regular view, because I'm a forum mod, but next to the poll title I can see the amount of people who voted. I am not looking at the amount of votes to indicate this. That's why I said "Total number of voters" as opposed to saying I was going to add up the votes cast.
  2. Total number of voters, minus those who voted for a timeslot = those who can't make that time.     Poll will close same time as voting, so 7th Jan @ 2359.
  3. ...poll is set up for multiple answers...not sure what you mean?
  4. vote for 1600, and we can look into starting a little early if that time is chosen?
  5.   Fiiiiine, added, please mark up there instead.
  6. 1. Having a limited NPC amount was always an aspect that pushed more pvp, so that players wouldn't get an unrealistic idea about MD. If we had it tied to the amount of MP3's within NML, then maybe - Like if there's <5 MP3's then a few NPCs would become attackable for them at GoE/some other place (maybe they move around, idk). Having it linked that way also means that when hopefully MD gets busier again, we wont have to touch it because it just wouldn't be triggered anymore.   2. I've seen new players light up like christmas trees when they've been given stuff early on, I feel them be
  7. We appear to have these options presented so far as possible start times. If you can indicate the ones you're able to make, majority wins.   Fri 9th @ 2000 Sat 10th @ 1600 Sat 10th @ 2000 Sun 11th @ 1600 Sun 11th @ 2000     (Eagle, I'm not sure if the 'or' means you can make these times or not..)
  8. That would be awesome on both counts, thank you.   Could you please message/send me them in uploadable format so that I can distribute?
  9. That's cool, appreciate it :)   Each of those medals (though it's hard to read) have the year of issue, and the category won, which is why I'd rather not attach them to 2013's medals.
  10. 20sc Santa   May as well stick 1sc next to the rest (yes I read the title)
  11. ...closed anyway as resolved.
  12. From the look of it, I would figure that's a previous year medal image - New images were produced for each year, I hold all except the 2013 ones.   I'm not sure whether you're using that as an example, or something else?
  13. Sorry yes, thank you Syrian, was late when it was confirmed to me all given out. Those who have them will notice there are no images uploaded for them currently, unfortunately we appear to have mislaid them from last year. If you have an appropriate image that you wish to upload to your award (Or if we do manage to track down last year's images), I will arrange for the uploading costs to be reimbursed (at my own cost if needed). If you are paying for the image to be drawn and want reimbursing for that, please speak to me prior and I'll look into if it's practical for me to cover / sort cover f
  14. As Burns has recently said, maybe only post these for people that have actually been around recently?   Last Active 03 Jun 2013 09:19 PM
  15.   Please don't forget Established Housings, it's a land in its own right.     No real input as to the rest of the topic, -0.5 makes sense to me, sent some corresponding stuff to you DD, which isn't directly related to the thread.
  16. @Koshu, Mur said yes to me doing Spells, so stick me down for that please :)
  17. There is no automatic count, we manually check and count, and compare with each other (Ailtih, dst, and myself) to ensure we each have the correct totals.
  18. So that's what spoiler tags are for! And here I thought they were used to shrink down text to shorten the page length.   --   After posting the reiteration here, I decided that I would not follow through on removing all votes from people before the date of my recent post (30th Dec), due to the the lack of obviousness about not voting for yourself. The vote for yourself itself would still hold as invalid though and not be counted.   I did actually put that people should read the rules before voting in the trigger box. It is an onus on you to follow instructions laid out pla
  19. There is a null vote option on each of the categories if you don't wish others to get your vote.   Additionally there was just over a week to discuss every single rule that stood from last year and add/change/remove as the public saw fit. Whilst Chewett mentioned that rule initially no other person pursued the editing of that rule, and so it remained in place for these awards. If you disagree with the rule, then please raise it for discussion when next year's awards process begins.   --------------------------------------   We need to arrange a Time and Date for the ceremo
  20. So I just thought back to how I joined Golemus, anyone else (Except Burns) remember?

    1. Sasha Lilias

      Sasha Lilias

      I may...I'm not sure though...

    2. Nimrodel


      After I quit lr :3

    3. Junior


      You joined before the great war as part of the legion of wodin warrior class.

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  21.   Just highlighting from the original post, since Ary and DD (and possibly others) seem to have overlooked the rules, if I follow their mood panel statements.
  22. Could always play it out like poltergeists. New ghosts can't do much, older ghosts can interact with things and mess with non-ghosts.
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