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  1. I have to say this reminds me of the spiral and the crossed lines on the wall you see on the way to the Gate of Ages. Ipomea
  2. The picture of the mountain and the plateau showed buildings (dwellings?) very near the plateau with the pyramids. Has anyone tried to question the people living in or doing business in those buildings? Perhaps there is some sort of monastery with people who maintain the pyramid plateau. The people there may have local legends, artwork, or writings pertaining to the pyramids. Remember the spiral on the wall that had the lines drawn through it? If we imagine the uprising flames as a spiral, someone could try drawing the crossed lines with blood (or metal or wood) on the ground underneath the floating double pyramid. Remember the Berserker Puzzle notes that said such a device should not be made out of wood? This might do nothing at all or it might be very dangerous or maybe something else. It might be worth drawing the spiral in blood on the back side of one of the sheets of paper. I'm guessing the spiral might be some sort of activator and the crossed lines a form of disruption. Mur pretty much came out and said that a person in Akasha's support thread suggested the true answer. One would simply have to attempt every suggestion in Akasha's thread which hasn't been tried correctly yet. Has it been established whether or not the 'flames' are hot? From the picture, the effect appears to begin on the ground and move upward. Someone should walk over and test whether it gets hotter the closer one gets or if there is some other effect going on.
  3. Speaking of clickable items that don't do anything, there are several books like that in a room at the library.
  4. Hmm, I wonder if there is a magical shorthand so more info can be included. What if someone could invent a new principle simply by writing it on one of those blank papers and sticking it back in one of those regular pyramids... In the drawing, there were structures that looked like homes and businesses on the upper road near the pyramid plateau. Maybe she could've asked someone there questions. There may have been monks or a guild of some sort acting as caretakers of the plateau. From the drawing it appeared the 'flames' originated on the ground directly underneath the floating, double, counter rotating pyramids and moved upward. Those flames may have been the powersource keeping the structure in the air. Douse the 'flames' and the structure may come to ground level. I don't think anybody knows yet if the 'flames' are mystical in nature or something else.
  5. I see 3 notable aspects of Magic Duel. 1. The player is encouraged to lose as many fights as s/he wins. 2. It is possible for players to have new game content implemented by the decisions they make during quests/tasks. 3. Movement is not governed by WASD or arrow keys on keyboard. Instead of using Wikipedia, why can't we just make a game wiki on Magic Duel's server? There should be several wiki types to choose from. At some later point all the game wiki content could be copied over to the worldwide Wikipedia.
  6. Perhaps the book is unfindable, but maybe the individual pages can be found (or borrowed?). The wizard was working with some very strong magics. Even if he was lying about the book as he was describing it to her, perhaps his words had an unintentional effect on the his unformed magical construct and caused something connected with the book to come into existance somewhere. Perhaps Wodin knows something. On a different train of thought, is it possible to send our flying creatures, which are bound to us, to go inspect the floating structures? If our creatures can fight then they must be capable of movement. Maybe the Scout is called a 'scout' for a reason. Maybe Wodin is the 10th.
  7. If one seriously wants to send the papers into the slow fire then one could tie them to an arrow and shoot the arrow into the flames using a bow. Perhaps sleep in one of the pyramids for dream insight?
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