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  1. wow , i chose Time Principle Principle of Imagination Darkness Principle I see that others probably have the same drift like I did. I didn't see darkness as "evil", although in principle darkness is not good nor bad. it's about obfuscation, stealth, changing... it is in absence of light. light doesn't necessarily mean good either. i am glad i'm not the only one with this combo...but with the many different permeations of outcomes these principle together will have different outcomes with each player.
  2. i have writing experience.. and I do DO poems. I have some skills as story writing and artwork.. I can help edit or assist in writing in any capacity.. I do have work, a kid and real life.. but could set some time to do any small projects given as I want to keep my skills sharp (good motivation not to lose skills i have but don't use anymore). thanks! let me know.
  3. I like your sketches it is very loose and not rigid in form. i like that they use black and white as well! I wish i could draw a little bit better myself! I realize my style is not much different than yours and it is one of the main reasons why i started playing this game! the art is fantastic!
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