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  1. This is just my view: Eventually a reset will be necessary because it's simply impossible to attract more people when it continues as it does. I have been in another game where I set my personal challenge to be in top 50 and still improving my character. At a certain stage this gets boring and eventually you just logon routinely ..... so despite the fact I put years in that game I still urged for a reset and in fact I quit that game until it actually resets! Although power and ranking are not the main ideas behing MD, one sets challenges and when you find those challenges to be impossible because of the large gap between levels you get in this routine where you only occasionally logon hoping for a reset. I'm, really bothered by those who say they don't want such a reset because of all the time they put into the game. I did put money and time in this game as well. However, it's selfish and unrealistic to believe things can go on forever. So: PLEASE RESET!
  2. Hi all, This is indeed one of the finest games around and that cannot be stopped due to this issue. I'm also not that creative on ideas to solve it, maybe you could contact somebody (or others have contacts) that wouldn't mind being more or less a 'silent' sponsor for a (relatively) small amount. Anyway I will make another donation and hope this helps. Ramses
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