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  1. Now, I know I called myself a butterfly, but is that my new name? >:) What gives, a goat, a butterfly; how I envy others who have no name but that which they picked.


  2. I only said those living things because people call me those things D: And there's no way you can vote for me to become a shapeshifter when I'm not offering myself to be one~

  3. Yuh. Ledah is the n00b master, and I his subordinate in command. 8-)

  4. My picture is the url I put in the last comment. You have to work hard to get the privileges! :D

  5. I don't remember brutally attacking you :o

    Give me 5 stars man! I'm so radiant! :-D

  6. Hnn.. I'll seriously spam this place if you call me a goat in my comments section :D *deletes* Have to think of a way to get back..

  7. MB is mean~ Based on what do you judge?

  8. Now, now.. we were just having a bit of fun :) You can make your own judgment about who we are and how we're related.

  9. All hail the Bunny Lord for giving me his heads and motivating me to participate in the contest! ;D

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