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  1. I swear to god i can see the feet. Look closer
  2. Hi and welcome to MagicDuel! Hope you enjoy your stay here
  3. Spoiler on how to kill the loreroot guards (spoiler tags added by chewett)
  4. What Metal Bunny says is true. You will get slaughtered for a while untill you get the hang out of it since as soon as you are mp4 you still have the same creatures you had when you where maxed at mp3 so basically those who have been at mp4 for a while will Slaughter you. Max your creatures as soon as you can. Increase your vp and buy new equipment. I have the 3rd stage of the egg (I got it when it was 5k value and low vitality cost ) just +54 more won battles to go until 4th stage (And a cost of 12k vitality, just noticed that, Crap!) and the 2nd stage of my dragon who needs 12 won battles until next stage According to Manu they are a pain to train in the lower levels but are deadly in the later levels. Also loreroot is almost impossible to access at mp3 because the guards will slaughter you, but at mp4 once you trained your creatures further you can access it so it basically is a new area for you.
  5. Hola y bienvenida Carla! Yo soy de Argentina, y me encanta Uruguay (Fui en Semana Santa ) Espero que te adaptes bien y si necesitas algo, aca estoy para ayudarte. Saludos
  6. Welcome! Im from Latino America too so your not alone Im from Argentina
  7. I recognize a teleport spell would be useful Especially one to the hidden shop It's a pain having to walk all that Or a teleport to Willow's shop
  8. Well, i think making all tiles black is impossible since you will always have to click a tile, making it orange. So you can only have 1 orange tile and the rest black.
  9. I made it after 9 hours I started since the realease and finished it finally (You can't imagine the amount of papers i used, since i suck drawing and i couldnt get the figure perfectly )
  10. Yea, i know. Im waiting until i have 20 activity days to apply. It means i will get to know the game a lot more, and it's far better. And i can't see how killer's post is negative He is just saying That Mur probably doesn't need translators any more, in fact, he is telling me to actually try and apply. I see that as positive Thanks for posting and helping all of you !
  11. Hello all! I found out about this game 2 weeks ago. I played my first week with the demo account and as soon as i logged in, i felt in love with the game. 1 week later i created my own one: Braiton. Anyway, back to topic, I can translate the game to Spanish. I have lots of free time in my hands. Im a fluent Spanish speaker as its my native language and i have no problem with english. So if you need my help, im always here. See you all soon!
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