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  1. The fact is Alliance members belong to a different gameplay stage than normal players. Normal players offer no rewards to Alliance players nor do Alliance players to normal players. You can still attack a normal player though.
  2. Na, this intresting find was posted yesterday I mean the information shoeps found is from June 13th, 2006 Dont worry Regards, Braiton
  3. Thats from long ago Morrggana so its obvious things have changed since then Regards, Braiton
  4. Braiton

    MD SHop bug

    Ya, working good for me too
  5. Hot rpg site allows you to vote. You maybe mean: Gindis Games and The Renaissance Kingdom. They are not voting sites but Partners. Your still supporting MD by clicking them. And as Glaistig said, the links that lead you to voting sites but offer no voting options are direct links meaning you vote by clicking the link. Some sites use gateways so bots dont abuse them. Regards, Braton
  6. Braiton

    Offtopic Forum

    You could start another topic envy Im from Argentina by the way if you want to know heh Regards, Braiton
  7. Bienvenido! Si nesecitas algo, o quieres preguntarme algo, solo preguntame Yo siempre estoy llendo de un lado al otro Saludos, Braiton
  8. I wouldnt say that Glaistig. Besides, you have no way of knowing. Regards, Braiton
  9. I think he fixed the idle time when doing the Berseker Puzzle, not This one though.
  10. Happy birthday! *Insert Birthday Icon here*
  11. Braiton

    Alliance Bug!

    Same problem to me. The bad thing about this is that my profile is balanced and i swear for god, no one, but no one (except ugauga that gives me 50 honor -.-) in MP5 gives me positive honor. At least i get extra Exp heh Regards, Braiton
  12. Braiton

    MD SHop bug

    I still cant add more than 5 friends
  13. http://magicduel.com/players/.Shade%20Sentinel. He is one strong guy, he needs better creatures though EDIT: Copy and paste the link
  14. Heres a screen of the shade, for those who cant remember it, i took it in one of my many "close" encounters alone. Regards, Braiton
  15. Hi! Welcome to MagicDuel! Enjoy your stay! And dont fear to ask if needed! Regards, Braiton
  16. Braiton

    MD SHop bug

    I have the same problem. I should be able to have 10 friends but i can only get 5. Regards, Braiton
  17. Braiton

    Reset Waiting

    Ya, its a bug. If you choose to wait in the story, then reset your character and the waiting time wasnt over yet, it will be carried over. The game thinks your trying to continue so it still takes the waiting time. To move out of that page, a continue option appears. So as i said before, the game takes it as if you were waiting on the story. Just wait untill its over and youll be able to continue Regards, Braiton
  18. I think its a nightshade grido I think its Wodin's drug lol
  19. On 4. Maybe it could show a collumn with tops scores and a 2nd one with most heads for each mp level? Just a thought Regards, Braiton
  20. You need to search better Here, this thread should anwser all of your questions: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=1633
  21. Welcome to the world of MagicDuel! If you need any help just send me a message or ask anyone else that is around. We are friendly, and whats most important of all, we dont bite! (Well...most of us heh ) Welcome and enjoy your stay! Regards, Braiton
  22. Wow saki, that looks awsome. Maybe Manu could make a new section on the main page for fan art. Who knows. Good job thumbs up! Regards, Braiton
  23. trying clicking the 'go idle' button next to the log out one and then click the red log-out on the idle-screen Back on the main page click play and enter your info That should work Regards, Braiton
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