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  1. Ill find you and ill make sure you suffer, ill take your soul with me as well. No one will ever avenge you, your alone, alone in a world where no one can be trust, and you made the first mistake. Ill be day and night behind you, not only because you hate Necrovion, but also because you are a true pest, one that has bothered me since the beggining. My wrath you shall fear soon! There you are. That's what people tell you when they really hate you. Nothing personal. Regards, Braiton
  2. Agreed with the post above. Also i haven't seen Nihal for ages and i see gaconkzk very little. Last time i saw him was 2 weeks ago. *Sigh* I miss phleg. I liked talking to him. Regards, Braiton
  3. Braiton

    Again PWR

    Braiton EDIT: Title: The Drachorn Experimentalist Description: Crazy experiments and tests on drachorns is what he does. Crazy can't describe how the experiments turn out. Cruel to drachorns, the drachorn experimentalist swore vengance to the golemus kind and seeks to create a new species of mutant and corrupted drachorns. Wishes: Understanding of the first and seconds levels of Black Water to be successful in my search
  4. One thing: We dont know if shades are inmaterial or not. The skull you saw was only the logo of the alliance. That doesn't mean shades are made of bones, wich i doubt. Regards, Braiton
  5. Braiton


    Just vote B! Ill give you money!
  6. lord3, his name ingame is .Bootes. TheNinjunny is his forum name. Regards, Braiton
  7. Hola, si necesitas algo podes preguntarme. Estoy disponible para ayudarte en lo que necesites. Soy de Argentina asi que hablo EspaƱol tambien @Glai & Lu: Its so funny watching you speak spanish I wish you did speak it all the time Regards, Braiton
  8. So true. *Looks at bunny* Regards, Braiton
  9. Not fast enough for me At least not how it used to
  10. Intresting idea, but i dont want this to become like Runescape, were random events are annoying as hell If there could be a way not to make them annoying (Less frequency, or 2-4 times a day), then *thumbs up* Regards, Braiton
  11. *Is sad for not finding this game before* **
  12. Quoting Manu: "one is for adventurers, one is for gods, and one is for everyone once its open..." I guess Adventurer would suit you better (When everyone formed and adventure group and were transported there). I guess gods (I ) are the ones who get through story mode? Or i might be wrong
  13. Braiton


    Vote for B or die. You choose
  14. Lol dst, i guess i should say ANYONE next time Regards Braiton
  15. Hi, welcome to the game! Ask if you need anything No one from Argentina...? No one? Regards, Braiton
  16. Braiton


    B because of my name
  17. Next to the [View announcements] in the top there is [Adventure log] Click it and click view all, and scroll down
  18. Braiton

    PWD contest

    Braiton (Is not well known lol)
  19. Thanks, That one is awsome Good job! Regards, Braiton
  20. The game has changed a lot I remember joing 1 or 2 days before Alpha 4 finished, then came 5, 6 and now 7. It's amazing how time Flys
  21. Those are some nice drawings DiKra. Any chance you could draw one with a guitar ? Regards, Braiton
  22. I guess its RPC errand doing time for me! Regards, Braiton
  23. Its funny how in this poll sage has the most votes but in the game no one calls it sage lol Regards, Braiton
  24. We had a hailstorm! Ice of the size of tennis balls fell from the sky! It was funny (not, espcially because my car...my car ) And stuff. Regards, Braiton
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