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  1. Its harder on MP5 because everyone that won the hc go for heads too. Some even have alts that they use to hide heads or to take heads out of the game. And everyone (well most) uses some kind of strategy and some people make some kind of pact where one helps the other. In MP4 and MP3 it's different. Most of times no one does the above and its plain fighting and hiding. I say it from experience.
  2. I think someone got a Lv 2 Rustgold Drachorn.
  3. What if we make a song for you! Thanks Manu!
  4. And in an alt i opened the presents again and i got: +friend list +315 vit (perm) +35 won fights to all crits +2258 VP (perm) +26k to all crit +A Joker +1 heat storage +Stat boost. So you could say, crit exp, battles, VE and VP and creature are the only things that are random
  5. Well summing everything up from the big presents (Thanks Mur ) i got: 278 perm VE, 1568 perm VP, an increase in friend list. 73k exp to all my creatures, 35 won battles to all crits., an usless 1 heat device, a bloodpact archer level 3 and some stats increase for an hour. Nice
  6. I loved the gifts And i still haven't used all of them! I knew Santa had no time to see how i behave heh.
  7. Ugly = Awesome. Youll end up like that if you don't eat your vegetables, and i bet one of you doesn't.
  8. Thats one big fat fish. Simply love it!
  9. Player name: .Braiton. ID: 31629 Tag before: The Drachorn Experimentalist Player description before: Crazy experiments and tests on drachorns is what i do. Crazy can't describe how the experiments turns out. Cruel to drachorns, i swore vengance to the golemus kind and seek to create new species of mutant drachorns. Avatar before: The Shade with the guitar [color="#0000FF"] Fixed except the avatar. dst[/color]
  10. [quote name='King Manu' post='20014' date='Nov 16 2008, 11:52 AM']There might be some problems with rpc players and some of the illusions. I need 2-3 experienced players that have spells and rpc status to test this before opening it for everybody. The risk is that the illusion won;t return to the initial state when its done and you will lose some of your abilities or player tag. I cant check all the possible combinations myself and its all about how you combine the illusions to get different results. Any volunteers? Something else, MP4 players will become MP2 and MP5 will become MP7. I dont guarantee what will happen with MP6 and their worshipers if they join this test and i wont fix or repair any damaged account after this test.[/quote] If you need me, i can help
  11. You stole an old poem i had on my page But i still [s]hate [/s] like you.
  12. Heh. Give me 1 day and ill get you 500.000 players before you realise! Just let me find that spam bot... J/k heh But i still remember when i joined (202 days ago to be exact ) there were very few people, and look now ! Im number 31629:D My guess is that the numbers will double-up for next year if things keep going like this. Now i just need to find a suitable cake to celebrate!
  13. Nope, it was not him but the people who he invited. And I am bored too invited a few people too
  14. Well lightsage, all this happened under your command. We knew there were many spies in the alliance (Yes you too lightsage, dont negate it. ) and we pacted to stop inviting people. You did what you wanted and invited a few people who you did not even know well. Thats all On topic: When i grow up i want to be like you Dst! Yay! j/k. I never thought of that, clever you are heh
  15. Good, something to have fun with.
  16. Oh noes! I missed your BDay! A bit late but: Happy Birthday!
  17. Thank you all Sadly you won't see me around here today Hey, it's my birthday! But anyway, probably most of you know im never online on saturdays because of my job (Of which some know too ) Thank you all again. Regards, Braiton
  18. Generaly dicators don't put a happy smiley face after an order. You will have to do better than that, probably start an anarchy, who knows?
  19. I think i saw you a bunch of times while i was still a new player Later i realised who you were heh Anyway, its good to have you back
  20. Pssst. Im not your Assassin (If you think so) Pssst. Master of Puppets is a song (A well known one. Call yourself the Puppet master, can't see how its related to being a spymaster though. That name would suit you better in a role of an evil dictator controlling everything lol )
  21. Sounds Like Achievements I like it Regards, Braiton
  22. It was me, and that exact skull head you see, is just what i said if you could have cared to read. The alliance logo.
  23. Your just throwing more wood to the fire of hatred. If you invite me to try, i will.
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