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  1. So this bug has been mentioned a number of times and Mur has mentioned it is very difficult to fix. Is there any chance that the regen ability could just be removed or disabled until it is fixed? It's rather annoying to have a big fight with over 10k lost on either side getting a 100% kill and negative 20,000+ XP. Just to recap this bug affects any attempted use of the regen ability (the creature attack, not the stat or the healing that happens between fights). No health gets added to any creatures when the ability is triggered however for the purposes of healing reducing XP the game thinks the healing has been done. Unlike actual healing since no healing is done a) there is no way to get that XP back during the fight (such as doing more damage to the people who were healed) and b) there's no limit to how much creatures can be healed... actual healing is maxed at the full health of the creature getting healed, life steal is maxed based on the amount of life the opponent has... but since no healing is actually done by regen it can just keep stacking up the negative XP.
  2. As a note this issue could easily be fixed by simply removing the bonus XP for honor greater than 200.
  3. At an early level the birds promise they'll grow up to have a stunning effect... that's cool that they've got it : )
  4. Clearly Mur would like people to balance their fights. To get this result the reward for having balanced fights should be higher than any other state of player wins/losses. Ignore for the moment the issue of honor as most people will be able to gain honor unless their Wins-Losses is significantly higher than the global average and as long as you're gaining a bit honor isn't that significant. Looking at XP: A balanced profile gives your creatures twice the XP and 1.75 the XP to your stats. For the high end MP5 players who have little trouble leveling creatures stat XP is far more important than creature XP . But for the sake of simplicity we'll ignore that issue and pretend that you get twice as much XP across the board for a balanced profile. Average fights repeatably available at MP5 on the good end run about 3k-5k vitality (there are a lot which are <2k and you can sometimes get a fight which is over 40k). Let's assume that the average is 5k vitality. Therefore fighting with a balanced profile will give you an extra 5k XP (10k total to creatures instead of 5k, and 35k to stats w/heat instead of 20k). For having a much lower Wins-Losses than the average you get a flat bonus to XP. Making the same assumptions as above if the average extra XP you get from a fight due to getting more than 200 honor is greater than 5k then it's better than having a balanced profile. Unlike a balanced profile there isn't a limit to how good a high loss profile can get, as time goes on it'll just be better and better, it could give you an extra 100k XP per fight or 200k... it's only a matter of how many losses you have. Again the fundamental problem is that players are rewarded more for having an extremely low Wins-Losses than they are for having Wins-Losses=0. Clearly there are a number of problems with people being motivated to generate as many losses as they can, so I won't go into those here.
  5. This has always been true... it doesn't seem like a problem as if you have 0 AP there isn't anything you can do that'll abuse s your ability to sac multiple things at once (you'll have extra VE and VP, but no way to use them).
  6. What's the goal of the second question? I've got too many wins cause there's nothing good about wins (and by wins I mean victories)... but I've got 300 more losses than wins (I'll try to get that up to 500+ after the heads contest). How would you want me to answer the 2nd question?
  7. Pi, yup that's it. As mentioned before Rendril's answer was so close and yet so far.
  8. What we say about it won't matter... it's not about selling it to the editors. They have a fairly precise definition of what they mean by "Notability" which can be seen in the link bellow in a lot of detail but which is summed up by the sentence "If a topic has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject, it is presumed to be notable." As individuals presenting the game we do not qualify as either significant nor independent sources so no matter how good of a job we do at saying why it's a notable game we will be ignored. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability To prove notability we need to tell the editors what sources to look at that are both significant and independent of MD. The voting sites which we rank highly on may count, I don't know, but that's the type of thing we need not a good sales pitch.
  9. Eldrad


    I don't think stats have any where near as much of an effect as you think. Even with the really high stats people have creatures can be much more significant than stats... and that's not even counting the fact that holding a large pile of heads basically sets all your stats to 0. While I'm currently the leader I don't have the highest stats of the people competing. Glaistig 4th place has stats which are low enough to be pretty much insignificant in a 6 creature ritual... and she's clearly competing. Knowledge and creatures are far more important in this contest than XP. Knowing how to get VE quickly, being able to feild a varraity of rituals which take different tactics to get Victories against is really the key in my oppinion. Though a lot of other people would argue being able to run and hide is also important.
  10. Eldrad


    In both stages you have to be online to score points... the only difference is you _also_ have to be in a particular location in stage 2. Nothing new there, you don't score points if you've logged out (or if you've been idle for more than 6 hours). Now I could be wrong but that's what I think it means.
  11. Pi, you're not making it too hard ... but your answer happens to be incorrect. If you'd like I can point out where you went wrong or let you figure it out yourself.
  12. Eldrad


    The ritual must have 301 VE (before any bonus VE, or your personal VE).
  13. Eldrad


    If they have 3 or more heads you should be able to attack them. If they've got 2 or less you can't. You get 1 point per scoring period for every 3 heads you have, so if they don't have at least 3 they're not scoring.
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