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  1. 3sc for 1, doesn't matter witch
  2. Hah... First of all I want to greet you all people. I played this game a long long long .... long time ago but then I stopped playing and forgot about it. I remembered about it and I wanted to see how it developed or even if it is still alive. And wow. You have done a fantastic job and added a lot of features. I remember now when the alliances were added in game. Such a long time ago... But mainly the reason I posted here. http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/9744/newbitmapimageg.png I bet I have one of the oldest creatures here with 876 days . Too bad I pause for about... 700 days Anyway I want to congratulate Mur and all his friends who created this piece of jewelery named "Magic Duel"
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