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  1. FF shows this as well but it's not preventing me from logging in. It just shows a warning saying that "this connection is not secured". I ignored it.
  2. I used the wish shop wish to split the resources.
  3. This might be a bug or might be just a displaying issue (I can't really check). Background: I have 4 stacks of colored papers (see below print screen): Whenever I collect any new colored paper, I cannot see the total amount as the 30 value does not change. I assume that 30 is the initial stack and the latest stack is updated with the new value but I cannot see it. So I think I have something like: 30 30 30 30+X (where X is the amount of paper collected after I split the resources) My question is: is there any possibility to, I don't know, cli
  4. How about this one?
  5. dst

    Ann. 4219

    Ann 4219 I have been keeping some codes with the intent of sponsoring some quests. Or to gift them to some that need them more than me. Same for WP codes. The current MD population is low. I haven't had a chance to find someone to give those. I have been asking for credit codes instead of simple credits because of the easy usage. Plus, as a veteran I don't need that many credits (I get enough for my current obsession from daily credits). I haven't seen anything good (as in appealing for me/myself and I) in the shop for quite some time. I agree that the "codes DB" needs to be cl
  6. I pick to go attend my other businesses as I got enough stupidity from you in one night. @All Others: don't bid on the lady avatar. It's not in the shop anymore and BS is trying to rip you off. Explanations will come prolly tomorrow on the other side.
  7. No, I will not take down my last post because I want to expose what a fraud you are.
  8. I want to see a print screen with the avy AND the current date (and hour). I placed a bid for it and I want to be sure I was not cheated because I don't trust you. No, I don't have a problem with bidding on something in the shop as long as it really IS in the shop.
  9. For future use as it seems blackshade sells things he doesn't have.
  10. You should have not bothered copy-pasting the wall of text. You could have sent us the links. Like this one. What you did it's consider plagiarism and it's punishable. Furthermore, even if MD is not an academic structure, it's common sense to cite the sources.
  11. Since this is the official forum and not my playground I will state my reasons clear and short: I consider that the 2 members of the alliance do not fit it. I think that the ally would be in better hands if it were to be passed to the real helpers that are now stuck in Gateland to try and help the new comers.
  12. Yes, the print screen is yours, indeed. I haven't denied that. But you can go to Gateland and get the print screen yourself. Why rely on me? Yes, I am a flattered. I wanna be as good at a** kissing as you. You are by far the better. And look what it got you: mp7, ambassador, a new alliance. Who wouldn't be jealous on you? And all you had to do was make a duck face!
  13. I bolded the reasons why you should get your own print screen if you want one. You can get to the Gateland, right? Sure BS, anytime. For you, words are powerless.
  14. You need to provide the screen shot if you don't believe my "confession". Yes BS, you're my hero! my everything! I don't know how I lived until I met you. I am now truly fulfilled! If we were in RL, I would have asked for an autograph.
  15. Then if you don't know how to "interpret" the rule, why do you say that the case is closed? Shouldn't it be analyzed by the proper entities? I still don't understand what dyslexia is. Seems like a disease of sorts. Yes BS, I wanna be like you, I wanna walk like you, Talk like you too! Oh obee, doo... Don't forget to Click here!
  16. Could you please elaborate on " suggest you are [...] another player " How do you measure the similarities? Number of characters?
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