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  1. As title says, the site has been hacked. I think it should be removed. And thank you everyone for noticing. This says a lot on how often people actually check the sites...
  2. dst

    COtE disbanded

    And I hope it stays this way. This ally should stay dead forever and ever. I have nothing against Aia, I have everything against the alliance she represents.
  3. I am the only one that received the doc... I got it almost 3 years ago.
  4. Can be but why the other one has only 24h?
  5. It looked suspicious at the beginning so I waited to have the confirmation: the cool down for the newly created toy chest is 42 hours while for the one Mur made it's only 24. To be honest, I do not know, again, if it's a bug or intended.
  6. At the moment there are only 3 types of toys, all usable. But I think it's just a matter of time (to code) as we defo do not lack ideas for such an implementation.
  7. The only info that I was able to find about the "functionality" is the below: From here. First thing that I noticed is that the tablet is turned into a stone. Which imo is defo not supposed to happen. How I interpreted the above is: a stone tablet is able to store "all" casts of a spell. Which makes sense because you need 20 memory stones to produce one.
  8. I used today a stone tablet in order to test its functionality. The below was the outcome: dst enchanted a Stone Tablet into a Lockinchaos stone I've checked all my Lockinchos stones looking for a difference in them in order to spot the new one who was supposed to act differently. I was unable to find any...nor was I able to find a different item in case the message in the chat was wrong. On the other hand, there was no clear announcement (even on the forum) that the tablets are functional per se. So this may not be a bug after all but an incomplete feature.
  9. Today marks another personal achievement: after almost 2 years since it was first implemented, I was able to create a Bottomless Toy Chest using the tool in Willow's Shop. I think it's the first chest created this way (the other 2 were awarded by Mur). So, another challenge down, bring on the next one! The last achievement for which I needed this much time was the Morph Collection. Can't wait for a new one! Goooo me!
  10. It seems this is going on for some time now. Snowmen have not melted since 2015! I would have not noticed if it weren't for BFH to send me a CTC for a snowman. I could not take it cause it's not melted. Then I checked the ANNs in order to see if this year we had a meltdown. To my surprise, the last meltdown was "manually" done by Chew: Am I missing something here? Or is this indeed a "buggity-bug"?
  11. Farewell BFH! You were the first new player I helped out of pure goodness of my heart! And probably the only one . Thank you for all the gifts and do drop by to say "Hi"! I'll defo miss you. Take care and have a good life!
  12. Rein - 75 SCs ( I don't have too many GCs anymore).
  13. Item 1: Anni creature 2018. Price: 20 plushies Item 8: random rp item. Price: 5 plushies x2 = 10 plushies Total 30 plushies.
  14. Is this completed? I would like to use the shop for the remaining plushies.
  15. Rustgold drachorn - 20 plushies Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 40 plushies
  16. Rustgold drachorn - 20 plushies Wind dragon egg - 30 plushies
  17. When's the next iteration cause I would like to use the option. I'd be sacrificing a crit btw so no need for the heat thingy.
  18. Not extreme but rather funny: Although we have 837 items (btw: the "limited" items were supposed to be...limited) what were the odds? It was bound to happen but I don't think I am such an avid shopper/shuffler to have this popping up.
  19. Cool! I thought the tools do not reset after each match but you need to carefully plan the use of them to last you for the entire tournament.
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