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  1. Thank you all for the wishes!

    Ok. I do hope so.

    Cause you will have even less reaaons to come back to MD.

    Instead of making me jump for joy (for the opportunity as I know what goodies you have), this really saddens me . A LOT.
  5. Remember when Mur introduced something called "vote power" (or something similar)? I liked that idea. It was not that well implemented since I never knew the criteria on which the power of a vote was decided. But it might be something we could look into it. Maybe if we'd have a set of rules from which to choose and apply to a vote (few details below) then we might have a working system. Details*: there is something being implemented for a land, so all the citizens of that land should get a higher vote power. But in theory everyone should be able to vote because what if the rest of MD might be impacted indirectly by the change/whatever that's being voted?
  6. Log in via google, facebook, twitter...

    I love the idea! That would be indeed something VERY original. And very interesting for players :D. Imagine the struggle.
  7. Log in via google, facebook, twitter...

    I forget logins but I HATE having to log in using my fb account but heh...I am old fashioned.
  8. Works fine for me. At least from the work laptop (and they are security freaks)
  9. One extremely selfish use: tell me how many hours till Free credits are available Ooor...a more useless feature: make an item somewhere where anyone can enter a message (ann, status, joke, etc). The item resets randomly during 24 hours so it will be a first come first served based: whoever gets there first after the item resets can add their comm. Use it as a reminder/player: you have to brush your teeth tomorrow morning between 8 and 9. You have to pay the internet bill - yeah useless and without any connection to MD but I am brainstorming Make him yell a hall of fame...sort of...Yesterday player X gained the most resources, player Y gained the most stats, player Z had the most battles, player W cast the most spells. Found another one: the crier yells at you the last login date since there is no possibility (except for using alts) for someone to know when they have last logged in. Yes, no useful feature but maybe others can get inspired and come up with something good.
  10. Chimeras

    Thank you! Please keep the shmsh for future quests. And if you come by me I will give you some additional stuff to sponsor your quests.
  11. Hmm...missed this one...
  12. Quest rework - Quest types

    That falls under creative.
  13. Has certain age - a new player might not be able to perform the same way as a veteran Has X as friend - should be an interesting addon - there have been quests where you were encouraged to find and talk to some players. This feature might be proof of at least "searching" of the search Has Creature or X amount of Creatures - for example you could have a quest where the number of crits of a certain species can give you a class: you have 5 dragons -> dragonslayer/dragonbreeder etc; you have 10 barren souls -> healer; you have 10 Imps -> Paladin etc etc
  14. Works for me now. Thank you, Chew!
  15. bar/box.php - isn’t redirecting

    I was unable to find a pattern so far.