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  1. Christmas play

    Actually, role playing the AL is not that fun. Why would you role-play something that was already "played"? I would like more to see a quest similar to what Nimmy did 2 years ago (I think) with the murder mystery dinner - i think it was a dinner...murder...mystery ( cannot find the link right now): assigned roles to players and few guidelines, we RPed and in the end we were also asked to find the murderer. It was awesome!
  2. A Future MP6 With Lofty Goals

    Mno...rejecting adepts means the path to MP6 only gets harder or even impossible at one point given the current player base. It does make sense and it's reasonable but then it's not in the subject's best interest.
  3. Calling The Worthy

    Guess again.
  4. Vouchers

    If anyone wants rainbow candy and I have (I usually do), let me know and I will pass some for free.
  5. Christmas Cards 2017

    I am sending them this year too. Handmade! as I found a bit of time and inspiration and created few of them during one rainy Sunday. One is for Chew and for sure one will be for Nimmy so 2 down. If anyone else wants one, PM me on the forum with your address. I plan to ship them during the first week of December.
  6. TSB

    I like it and I raise you another useless but fun in my head idea: how about instead of giving the items to TK, some sort of a raffle is organized (there are way too many possibilities to list here regarding on how to draw the winners) and one or several people walk out with a bunch of goodies or a huge load of junk
  7. WPs flying around

    What a bunch of bs just to justify breaking the rules. Save it and save your breath for the noobs.
  8. WPs flying around

    Nava awarded a WP to blackshade for the below reason: Does this mean that now I can award WPs to whoever I want for whatever reason I find fit? If yes, then I shall start awarding some WPs. If not, please do the needful.
  9. Honor points at MP3

    It can be a temp solution to our current depopulation. I also see it (if coded in a smart way) quite dynamic: the "shop" to be adjusted based on certain factors (some brainstormed ideas below): - if there are more MP3s logged in, the cost of the items increases, if there are less, cost decreases - certain things can be available only in certain parts of MD (encourage travel) - certain things can be available only when for example an MP4 or an MP5 (or a combination of numbers of those MPs) are online - same for the costs - as MP3s age, more items are available (but maybe at a higher price) - i still like my achievements idea as it's done based on MDs history and can be a good way of teaching people about the past in order not to repeat the same mistakes (yes, there are tons of stuff I'd do differently - in a worse way, of course!)
  10. Lists, a list for everything!

    I received some feedback when I wrote that post (I didn't approve it because...well...because of a stupid reason regarding multiple laptops and passwords - I hope I'll remember tomorrow at work to approve it) but here it is (thanks to the comms being sent to my e-mail address - smart wordspress!): It "hurt" more than I could imagine because like it or not he's saying the truth. And I still cannot accept it. It was rude and uncalled for as in the end, my blog is my personal dreaming/ranting/brainstorming place and they can simply stay away from it. But meh...it's nicer to try and shatter someone else's dreams :D. Now, back on topic: I still lists are great as they give people something that MD lacks: goals. Yes, it's fun to play in a sandbox but human nature is a bit different. You HAVE to push or to incentivize people as even the ones that almost never get bored, will manage to not find anything to do and leave. And today we need new people. New people that play games are the new generation that grew up with a different view on games and MD is hard for them as most look for instant gratification (not their fault). I joined MD in an era where MMOs were few and quite limited so MD was something "wow". It changed a lot in the past (ha! never thought I'd say that) 10 years but it's not keeping the pace with the real world. MD, as it is today, is not for everyone. And since it's not visible in the ocean of MMOs, it's hard to find people that would stay. So we need the a mass from which to get a few stable players. To get that we need what Mur said he never wanted to implement: addictive things. We can get rid of those later, you know? Or we can have MD composed of 2 MDs: the "marketable" MD (this might be the one that would sustain both financially and in terms of player base the second one) and the real one. And it seems I forgot how to stay on track and write normal forum posts and start writing blog posts so I'll stop here.
  11. Thank you all for the wishes!

    Ok. I do hope so.

    Cause you will have even less reaaons to come back to MD.

    Instead of making me jump for joy (for the opportunity as I know what goodies you have), this really saddens me . A LOT.