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  1. The items given from the Toy Box. 1 of them is not working and considering the cooldown and how hard the toy box is to make, if i draw the line and do the math it's totally worthless to try and get the item(s).
  2. Since so far I trusted Aia, I will bet on her: her answer is correct.
  3. Double on Aia: 1- true, 2-true
  4. Answers: Aia - 1) true 2) true 3) true 4) true Nep 1) true 2) true 3) false 4) true
  5. Ok. Let's see if I understood it now: Aia: 1) true 2) true 3) true
  6. So, 3 cards, 3 bets, right? 1 - Aia 2 - Nepgear 3 - Aia
  7. I'll give it a try although I don't know how much time I will have...nor do I remember how to fight. However, if I can, I will be there. So: dst
  8. Surprisingly, I don’t but I am sooo freaking bored! Plus I secretly hope we have auctions for other things than cash.
  9. I would like to see ANY kind of auction.
  10. One issue that I see is that past winners cannot win a second time or a 3rd time or etc times. This way the competing population decreased over time. Maybe, let past winners compete and win again with a certain "lag" meaning for example that if I win this round, X amount of rounds from now I will not be able to win. Or if you want to be really sadistic, make X random (between I don't know...0 and 10?) meaning that I can be eligible for win the next HC or 9 HCs from now.
  11. dst

    COtE disbanded

    CoTE is once again disbanded.
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