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  1. I like them all, of course! My favourite may be the female dragon thing. They go very will with the MD style, too. What's wrong with the centaur? Personally, I like it. It seems to catch both the man and the beast pretty effectively.
  2. Something I noticed as I played was that the better I got, the longer I had to wait between good attacks. When I started the game, I could heal all of my creatures within an hour. That made for some exciting gameplay as I could attack and be attacked more frequently. The problem is, as my creatures went from 200 or 300 health to 2500, it started taking over an hour to heal a single creature. To fix this, I have several ideas. First of all, perhaps the VE regenerated each cycle could increase as the player gains more experience or increases their MP level. MP3 would still regenerate 300 VE an hour, MP4 might regenerate 500 or more VE an hour. Upgrades would also be available (perhaps unlocked during gameplay) to further increase this amount. VE regeneration could also be based on Max Vitality. A player would regenerate anywhere between 5-15 percent of their Maximum Vital Energy every cycle. This would also allow for upgrades to be unlocked during gameplay to increase the percentage gained. A third idea I had was to regenerate VE based on the average maximum creature vitality (the sum of the maximum vital energies of all your creatures divided by the number of creatures you own). One possibility with this is that every regeneration cycle, you gain enough VE to completely heal one of your average units, or, if that's too much, maybe half of one of your average units. In any case, it would add more possibilities to the game. Personally, I like this idea the best. Please don't just shoot down my ideas - I understand that part of the game's concept is to be played a little bit every day, not all at once, but I think that improving the VE gained per regeneration cycle wouldn't ruin the concept but would actually make it more fun!
  3. Actually, I think Netscape has a closer affiliation with Firefox, especially as they are now encouraging people to switch to FF. In any case, I would prefer not to have to switch browsers if I didn't have to. I'm kind of attached to Firefox. http://blog.netscape.com/2007/12/28/end-of...e-web-browsers/
  4. I just installed flash player 9, but I'm still having the same problem. I guess that wasn't it. It's also interesting to note that when I log on at the beginning of a new game day, the box that tells you what you gain for logging on appears behind the main screen, even though it is the first box to appear. Every other box appears in front of the main screen if it's the first box I click on after the last refresh. If it's not the first, then it also appears behind the main screen and I have to refresh and try again. I wonder why the introduction screen is the exception to the "first box is on top" rule? Am I making sense?
  5. The worship screen is behind the elements of the creatures/vitality screen. As far as the images' appearance is concerned, I think that just has something to do with transparencies not working. If you know of any settings that I could change to make it better, let me know, but I'm not as frustrated about that as I am about continually refreshing to be able to do simple things such as attacking other players.
  6. I don't particularly like the idea of using armor on individual creatures either, but there should be a way to take advantage of armor you're never going to use again. Perhaps something like sacrificing it for vitality points.
  7. Yup. Here's a couple screenshots. The first one is of my worship/stats gained screen behind my creatures. The second one is after I clicked to attack a player in the main screen (if you look hard, you can see writing in the background, although you probably won't be able to read it).
  8. I just played on some other computers, and there is definitely not a problem using firefox in Windows XP. Is there some setting that I might be able to change that would make things work right? It really is a big pain to have to do a complete refresh after everything I do.
  9. Sorry about being confusing. When you click the button that says "Attack this player (xxx honor)", the browser adds a new "box" to the screen with the attack interface. The same thing is used for reviewing previous attacks, accessing the worshipping/stats gained information, receiving extra stats at the beginning of a new game day, purchasing things from stores, etc... My problem is that this "box" appears underneath the other elements of the page every time except the first time I click on one of them after refreshing the page. It doesn't actually open a browser window, everything happens on the same browser tab. Sorry about the confusion. My computer used to be dual-booted with Windows XP, and it worked fine with Firefox in Windows, so I think it might have something to do with Linux. And I don't have any addons installed onto firefox. Thanks.
  10. Every time I try to attack another player, worship my protector, visit a store, or do many other things, I have to refresh my browser before it works The first time I do anything after refreshing the browser, it works perfectly, but on any subsequent actions of that sort the new information appears behind the old information (which makes it very difficult to use). This does not apply to moving between locations or clicking on any of the links on the left-hand side. My operating system is Kubuntu and my browser is Firefox - both are up-to-date.
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