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  1. for the most part everything seems to be running good.... moving around loads faster, keep getting the multiple windows open thing, but I was getting that before.attack logs seem to be a bit better to view. I think that the heat thing was the only issue. Of course most the improvements i'm noticing are prolly because going from a single core processor to a quad core and from 2 gigs of ram to 6 gigs lol
  2. i'll agree with that... this new computer is confusing the crap out of me.... took me 2 days to figure out how to get to the desktop... windows 8 is definitely out there as unique
  3. switching to a different browser doesn't solve the issue, it looks away from it. Oddly enough the compatibility view doesn't come automatically on. Once I set it to autoon my heat returned. Thanks!
  4. cache cleared. I went and checked to make sure I have flash and I do and it's up to date. Still nothing and I cannot accumulate heat either as I just found out.
  5. I posted the picture to show that my store heat isn't just empty heat... it's physically not there at all. I did ctrl f5 it already. I have a new computer with windows 8 on it and the explorer version is 10
  6. thanks everyone!!! and yes shadowseeker, I did read this lol
  7. why can't you guys(girl) make a masked screenname(s) ingame and have a realtime questionairre? Why bring popularity to the forum and not the game?
  8. same issues here... thought it was me... glad it's not
  9. i understand how real life makes it hard to feel truely active sometimes in here... Hope to see you get more free time soon!!! lol
  10. I am not sure if there is this in pubic veiw already, but having a population of each land would be cool. It could go where the rebel page is or something.
  11. at tarq: while the posts dont really have anything to do with mur interveneing(it's too early to know how to spell big words) I think the Topic Title is the big provoker. Also your last statement is oh so perfect!!! If you cant take heat don't dish it out!!!
  12. [quote]Closing your eyes, or sticking your fingers in your ears will not make it go away [/quote] not being there makes it go away lol... that is, until someone pm's you telling you to go to the location only to see all the bullying going on for yourself... hmmm sounds familiar... oh yeah that type of bullying and harrassment is why i dropped RPC!!! I wanna say something like this in different context but same thing gets broughten up like every 4-6 months.
  13. i do wanna say here that if this is added then the meetings could happen more often... Well not in the context that brought it here, but a general thing would be cool, maybe like once a month or something. People can talk about issues freely and such, kkiind of like a "Ask God thing" lol
  14. I picked no only because of the not knowing a general idea of the time factor. I work 10 hour days and it's hard to adjust when i work the day before. I changed my schedule to revolve around the meeting that was supposed to be happening today so i would be present. So naturally I will be working tomorrow when the meeting actually happens probably. I can only hope that it happens before or after i get out of work... makes it kind of hard to communicate properly with meetings and such if you cant plan on when they are going to happen.... Finding the location out wouldn't be a concern as long as i knew the time so i could plan on travelling there at an appropriate time.
  15. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10384-jumped-inside-drachorns-lair/page__hl__%2Bdrachorn+%2Blair__fromsearch__1"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10384-jumped-inside-drachorns-lair/page__hl__%2Bdrachorn+%2Blair__fromsearch__1[/url] in reference to the "accidental" jump, which as seen from the top of the topic is what i was referring to.
  16. this is true for the USA, however most countries dont consider ass to be a relevant swear. Kinda like in the USA the word "after" isn't considered a swear. then again how many times have you seen "lmao" in md? just cause it is subbed doesn't mean it's not a valid to its full context.
  17. directed at pip: [b][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=FqKPG2HV2lb70eSXH79kuw,,"][color="#7e5132"]:::::::[/color][/url]: [/b][i][color="#cc0000"]SmartAlekRJ: Is that a comeback ? I wipe my ass with sharper stuff than this. [/color][/i]:::::::: the word ass technically isn't a swear in the game if the autotyping stuff show up with it. At least thats what I was going with when I thought it up. I'm just pointing out this not trying to get inbetween anything
  18. 1: adding things to your post AFTER I posted is stupid, you could reply afterwards instead of making a retarded scene. 2: you chose to make this public vs the council keeping it private. 3: I did not make it public about the area after i had changed it. 4: the only person that has made this public is the topic starter. Do not try to attack me based on biased assumptions. Come up with something real. btw I sent tothe council the messages in the DracHorn Lair before this topic started based on the facts i already knew. Yrth, nothing to do with you other than i am curious how i "bragged" about it and would like to see proof.(I do get drunk and forget things, but don't remember bragging about a thing that I meant to keep privvy). And again I would rather refrain from this being public as it's not in a public area and the only person to make it public is someone who and I quote said "i would like to inform you that the Lair is still closed for everybody." Appartently not everybody. btw chewett.. i can understand changing a post before someone else posts, but afterwards makes the forum useless for this type of thing. i request this topic be closed based on inadequate information and multiple changes to posts to try to better oneself.
  19. not that I want to respond to this, but the no jump tag was there before one of your alliance members "accidentally" jumped there before... So it doesn't prevent people from jumping TO you. It prevents people from jumping FROM the location.
  20. in a soon to be related incident, what is 12:00 PM (Server Time) if we run in a 24 hour format?
  21. smartalekrj


    you cant fix the past... only learn from it and build for a better future... thats like me wanting to fix my car 3 weeks before it broke cause it wouldve been cheaper... But i'm over that now lol
  22. smartalekrj


    You want my opinion on the topic? Or the bs that is written in it? This is a joke. Grido has been in a tough... Not just tough... harshly difficult position since he took over for Jonn. One, from what I am seeing, you are stating that Grido isn't a human being, but a god... Couldn't be further from the truth. I've known Grido since he took on the pos position. It's a position of tough work with very little gain in general but he is happy to do it. He has never abused a power he has in any way shape or form that inflicts the game. He IS a person in the game, if you look at his name and see a godlike figure than get some glasses, cause he's not. Morally he is the best person for the job!!! Now i've shouted this, for what 2 years or so now?, VOTE FOR GRIDO!!!!!!!! lol
  23. This topic now shouts "Hey new people, If you wanna learn about MD read this topic first!!!" lol so now I have some questions(long posts make me dizzy and puzzled) Are we argueing a general concept or trying to stone certian individuals? From what I can see it's more of a rant about a small group of people(dst, Jester, Eon etc) What does cybersex have to do with the price of tea in China? I have asked the big cheese about cybering when I was a noob, as I was I think getting the nightshade in the caves and there was 2 people down there with some very raunchy detail and was confirmed that it WAS allowed, as long as it was in a secluded area that not many people go to. Gonna go to the comparing MD and RL marks all over this topic and say that You have sex in RL you don't really do it in public so why not in here i guess. I dont agree with that but it is ok in game so fine by me. Should someone be going around hunting for raunchy details after they have been dotted out of chat? no thats messed up and immature in a sense. Thats a different subject though i'm sure. I saw RPC's brought up to have had more authority in a sense than Kings(and Queens). This is true to a degree as when RPC's came out there were no restictions at all and the restrictions that Kings and Queens have now(if they have any) could have very well been set in place due to RPC's abuse. However, from what I have seen on the Kings(and Queens) end is better conduct than some RPC's and action has been taken when issues came about in a timely manner I might add.(sometimes could take months of abuse before something happens, I would know ) so argueing about past events is kinda useless mainly because something HAS happened as the higher ups realized something was "F"'d up! As far as stats damaging Eon is concerned. Is it cause of his loss ratio? If it is then thats evil!! lol But for now is allowed. Thats like an MP5 attacking an MP3(pun intended)!! Some general notes: If you are argueing a general thing that should change then dont use specific people and their issues to try to resolve it... Will get nowheres and a possible actual good idea will get crushed because it's not directed as general, but as specific.... Damn my post is long and making me dizzy. Edit: I didn't realize Mur had a topic on the cyberthingy so it really is a different subject! lol
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