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    i like music, Jim Morrison and THE DOORS, the poetry of the music!I play football...my heart's team is Juventus FC, Torino! Buffon and Alex Del Piero are the best player in the world
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  1. Savelfuser is here..is now time to create something which is different from all others for originality! A Church of Savelfuser could be a very interesting idea! But we need to be in so many and especially that King Manu give us the willingness to do this! But first of all i write here my Story, the Story of the Great Ghost Savelfuser “Have you ever stopped at The Road of Battles and wondered what happened in this place? Be forewarned, in this world, thoughts can be very powerful, even doorways to other places, other times. You never know just what or who you might find beyond.” The bard carefully placed his lute into its case and turned back to those who had come to hear him. The song was over, but the story had just begun… It was a day like any other. The sun stood still in the sky. The young warrior walked along the road, the sound of his blades tapping against the steal of his armor played out a steady beat, a cadence all warriors know. He stopped at a turn in the road looking confused. “I know this place.” He thought, though in fact he had never been there before. He smiled to himself while shaking off the strange feeling. And began to move on when suddenly he froze, chills running up and down his spine. “I know that sword,” he thought, staring at the rusty old weapon sticking up from the ground. He left the road as though walking into a dream, drawn to the sword as iron to a load stone. As soon as his hand touched the blade it began. Things turned dark and a thick misty fog rose up from the ground. A scream ripped through the air full of terror and anguish. He tried to turn and run. But he could not move. A gravel worn voice said, “You have called, and I have come.” The young warrior saw a shape coming toward him out of the fog. “I … no…,” the young warrior stammered, “I did not call you.” A tall lean Berserker with hollow eyes and ancient looking armor approached and said, “My pretty child, my sweet one, you chose this day. You touched the sword. You who are of my blood have called me and I have come.” The ghostly berserker intoned. “The music and voices are all around us now, the ancient ones, they seek to destroy all that threaten the balance; All of humanity. Look into the fog of time and I will show you.” The young warrior could see a vast dark army marching to destroy all who would oppose their will. The numbers of the dark army shook the ground as they marched. The young warrior’s heart fell to the floor as he trembled at the sight of so great a host. “How can this be?” he said. “Who could stand against such a horde?” The young warrior turned away from the vision and it faded back into the fog. “Alone you will fail, but you will not be alone,” Said the Berserker ghost. “I will be with you. You are the heir of all my power and knowledge. This is not the first time, I have fought the dark army, and this will not be the last. But you must choose to accept me.” Sound came from all around him; a cacophony of whispers, a torrent of murmurs, the ancient ones cried out “choose….choose….choose…” they intoned. The young warrior knew in his soul that what the ghost had said was true, alone it was useless. Without the ghosts power, all his strength and skill would be no match against the dark host. “I accept.” He said and the ghost smiled. “You must seek The One who has returned, he who is fated to destroy the dark ones. I fought beside him long ago, here in this place. Wodin Ullr; even now he gathers his forces together to stand against the darkness. You must learn from him, taking all his lessons to heart.” The ghost seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then began to utter strange words in a language never before spoken in this world. Light seemed to grow within the fog and it began to swirl around. The light grew brighter and brighter until the young warrior thought that surely he would be blinded, but still it grew. The world seemed to spin and for a moment he tasted death and the grave. And then all was silent and still and Savelfuser stood in the Road of Battles holding what once had been his sword; once but no longer. Savel looked toward Necrovion and in a great voice he yelled, “We are the Great Ghost, Savelfuser! I have returned form beyond with the power to destroy you!” In a quiet voice he said, “This time it is you who will fall.” In Golemus an old priest heard those words; words that he had waited to hear for so long. Turning to the others with him, Morquor said, “Brothers, He has come. The Great Ghost is here at last.” The brotherhood jumped to their feet. “Brother Nihal, we will go to meet our master on the road. He is expecting us.” The Savelight Brotherhood was descended from Wind’s Berserkers… hidden, they have walked among the denizens of Marind bell for centuries, but no longer. Now that their master had returned, all would be restored. Elias ran to the stairs, springing two at a time he reached the top of the tower and rang the great bell which for so long had remained silent, but no longer. As the bell rang out across the land, Torcalus, Vasymanu, and Danteval for the first time in centuries donned the raiment of the Savelight Brotherhood and ran out to spread the word. Griffon, Dexter, King Arthas, and Rynkar stayed at the chapel and prepared for the return of their master. Far away in Necrovion, the Shade sentinel turned away from the scrying glass and the images there faded. He was uncertain of this new feeling, but he thought it might be fear. The Bard of Loreroot downed the rest of his mead and turned to go, when someone within Windy Tavern called out, “we all heard the bell, and many saw that light, but you don’t really expect us to believe this ridiculous story, do you?” BlackThorn turned back to the doubter and he shrank from his gaze and the painful death he saw there. The tavern grew quiet. “Don’t you know that a bard cannot speak other than the truth?” then he smiled and the crowd stirred to life once more. He left Wind Sanctuary heading to The gates of Golemus to meet with his friend The Great Ghost Savelfuser.
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    Savelfuser a.k.a. The Great Ghost
  3. damn....i would like to see too ....it's strange that there aren't any clue around this 7 sheets
  4. Yes...maybe someone had write this many time ago and now we can't read anything...or maybe someone who know the future has put this white sheets at the top of the golemus mountain then will write the names of seven brave leaders who brought peace and serenity to the whole world... Savelfuser...Guerrilla Golemicarum....
  5. good luck to everyone
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