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  1. Summon elemental(summon creature). Summons one creature to fight for you. it would use Principle of Element(80)+Principle of Imagination(?)+Principle of Light(?)(to summon some healing or protecting creature) or Principle of Darkness(?)(to summon offensive creature). can be used only if you don't have enough creatures or half of creatures necessary for ritual vitality is below 5%. As spells name points - principle of element i added to summon elemental, but it can be changed to other principle(cyclity or enthropy or syntropy) to summon other creatures. But i dunno if this is possible. You can take as much principles you want, but it is wiser to learn only 2-4 principles. So you can have more points in some principles. oh. and you wouldn't be able to choose what creature to summon(strong or weak). it would jus summon random creature with random lvl. it would be better if it would be possible to summon some unknown or legendary creatures too. Creature ascending. Creature of your choice travels trough time to come back one lvl higher as it was. For example you have lvl II elemental you choose it put a spell on it, and it becomes lvl 3 elemental. Effect is for one round. Can be used once a day. Uses Principle of Time+Principle of Transposition+Principle of ?(Cyclity). Can be used in MP lvl 3-4. Creature changing. Changes your creatures with enemie creatures. All creatures you had now is enemies creatures and all creatures enemie had is your creatures. Works for 1-5 rounds. Uses Principle of Imagination+Principle of Transposition. Don't know if this spell would be apropriate becuase all creatures are bound to character, thus they can't be divided. They are ONE. But if you can get something out of this would be great. Have to get back to work. will try to think about other spells as well - not related to creatures in exact way.
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    cool. i just now noticed that MD has music. nice. i like it, but it is really short and only one. i hope soon we will be able to listen a lot of soundtracks in MD while traveling around.
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