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  1. I'm awaiting for put reply. But it's time. (My first language is espaƱol, so...) 2 weeks ago I had 200+ win over lose. Today I have 100+ LOSSES over win. First, I thought the cumulative losses was because I "bought" 4 new mobs. With 5 power, 4 low level and the rest intermediate (mobs) my force was unbalanced for the fight against mp5 players. But I realize that is not the explanation. After, I thought about the rituals. Made several power, several with one creature, several with 4 creatures. Mixing skills. But if you get many attacks your ritual get drain little by little until ONE good ritual beat you. Then if you get 0 vital energy for support your rituals then you will be overwhelm. Think in you are one against many. You cannot deal forever. That is the answer. In each fight always one lose but no always one get a victorious. That is unbalanced, because in the abstract you have a pool with all players and you are sending "losses" but few "victors". Even with good rituals you have less victors because your battles drain the vital and you will not fill the rule: The rules for a VICTORIOUS fight are that the loser loses over 30% more vitality than you do and that both players lose more than 20% So, it's improbable that you get balanced for a long time. The good side is being a great losser don't mean much in this game, so still I'm happy with the game. Good day Nash
  2. Name in game: Nash MP: 5 Camp: B Thanks
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