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  1. 80 cartography. good to know this effect by cartography. but still it's not that accurate...
  2. it consumed fewer than it shows on the arrow. from way of cleansing to demented path. It shows AP: 150+16-24 (142), but I lost just 58 AP (303-245 for my status). from way of cleansing to the well of tears. It shows AP: 80+12-24 (68), but I lost just 1 AP.
  3. Thanks and sorry for the fuss as they look totally different...
  4. some other issues on mobile: 1. cannot move the slider when choose the percentage of pray power. 2. in some locations the arrow is unable to click. as inside MB capital and some places I don't remember clearly. And the button of the fight result is hard to click on both PC and mobile.
  5. ohh I have 2 colored remains. Are they...that trees? It's been too long since I bought them so I may forget their look in the shop.
  6. no not the imp. I meant the black one in the bottom right corner in my first picture.
  7. I found this colored creature in an alt account under the permanent booster category. But my main account has never seen it even I went to the bottom under the same category. in the first picture you could see that burning man/soul in the alt account. in the second picture you could see I already reached the bottom.
  8. yokin

    infinite tea

    not until we all have 100 cups to stay awake through the whole anniversary
  9. yep I encountered the same today.
  10. Updated. Modified the rewards. the drachorn should be saved for more meaningful quests.
  11. yokin

    Weekly silver

    So many Nolan fans. it suddenly comes to my mind to make a survey on users profiles. By knowing the relative features of the players we would know some better strategy of promoting.
  12. Of course your are not bratty. 666 has quite different meaning in our social media culture. It’s usually used as comment means interesting and cool.
  13. I’m always wondering why set 1 gc = 15 sc. it isn’t a very common rate. btw. I thought 1g = 100 sc in the very beginning🙄
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