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  1. It happened to all land cleansers
  2. I’m not sure if I misunderstood. I already bought 6 erolin devices and they became my heat slots. So I thought they are the same thing.
  3. erolins are visible at MP3 yea I think it will pass when I move to mp4. It's a complaint at my current stage, especially when I've been at mp3 for about 8 years and plan to stay at MP3 still for quite a long time. I want to know the theory, the mechanics, the reason for this design.
  4. Yep. +1 for daily login. I agree that MP3s are not supposed to do everything. The limitation on creatures for example, is not a problem as all MP3 are treated the same and the fights happen only among the same mind power. but these game features, to my understanding, are supposed to open to players with their further exploration and dedication to the game. Perhaps some items have some purpose restricted to higher mind power. But at least I don’t see why the items such as message labeling and searching set the barrier to MP3s.
  5. Yes I complain it because it's a barrier to me. But from what I understand, the heat requirement is only the problem for MP3 players. It's a threshold but not a cost. Once MP3 players hit the cap the only way is spending a WP to lower the heat to 0 and plot a huge fight. The active days, honor, loyalty are already served for the similar barrier for new players. why set the heat requirement to make it exclusively impossible for MP3 players?
  6. Am I the second, the same place with sunfire? but if the points were miscalculated, yes I would choose the history of Elu
  7. I haven’t seen BSR ever since the jail tour.
  8. Me the same. I already had some annis and am short of the slots.
  9. Thanks DG Interesting that I found all the roles we had communication with went to the wrong place eventually... (I exchanged more info with lashtal, Aia, jakubhi, Steno. but I decided lashtal's role before the exchange) But I'm still confused about your statement on Mirus. which one is true? it's 6 points for each right? I would prefer spell stones and plushies. 1 of each spell and 3 plushies.
  10. Tissy

    Looking for idioms

    It’s totally another meaning but it’s funny. this idiom is used when someone fails and is in deep desperation. if it’s said by the same party, it indicates the temporary retreat is not shameful and he/she will return some day in the future If it’s said by another party, it’s to prevent someone doing stupid things like ending its life. word by word it means: as long as there is a mountain (keep some important resources, usually it points to the people) there would always be wood. ( you would survive and restore from the disaster) So some translations are: live to fight another day. where there is life, there is hope.
  11. I have to say the judge is a genuine gourmet
  12. Tissy

    Looking for idioms

    1.留得青山在不怕没柴烧 2.赔了夫人又折兵 3.巧妇难为无米之炊 4.跳进黄河也洗不清 5.无风不起浪 Try some to see how you interpret them
  13. Klawdees is part of the island. You cannot see him elsewhere
  14. If you are in the mainland, you could type “tutorial “ on the signpost of Marble Dale Park.
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