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  1. Hi all, known or unknown,   after a good snooze (9 month here) Merowinger is back. Hope to see some of the old chaps and to meet the new chars too.   Have fun,   Mero
  2. Want to buy a heat infused tree for 1 SC
  3. Mero


    I totally agree with Fang in this case!
  4. 1 Tal - an item to give or remove the sylvan watch tag to people (10 points) 2 Dark Demon - return of the Cildren of Eclipse (9 points) 3 Eara Meraia - tag mirror counselor (8 points) 4 Menhir - Swordshades to be completed (7 points) 5 Peace - My item 'Bottle of perfume' to be edited and act as a reviving item (6 points) 6 Maebius - 1 WP (5 points) 7 Rumi - 4 casts of mild rain (4 points) 8 ZenTao - ability to add stories, news, quest arts and music to the MD archives (3 points)
  5. Here is my submission, my first worksheet with an image editor... [img]http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/jkc3-3-eccb.jpg[/img]
  6. Best Beautification: [b]Lazarus[/b] Champion Fighter: [b]Tal[/b] Helper of the Year: [b]Maebius[/b] The Golden Protector : [b]Peace[/b] Pre-eminent Role Player: [b]lashtal[/b] Outstanding Service to MD : [b]BFH Lightning[/b] Rookie of the year: [b]Eara Meraia[/b] Top Techie : [b]Maebius[/b]
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