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  1. [quote name='Magistra' timestamp='1348825794' post='122513'] Hi! Welcome. I hope you like it here. [/quote] Hello Magistra. So far I'm loving it here [quote name='Ackshan Bemunah' timestamp='1348839053' post='122520'] (QUIN -- take a look at just happened and replicate it repeatedly with as many people as possible.) [/quote] I think I've socialized with people long enough to know how to talk to others. But thanks for the pointer anyways.
  2. I don't have enough max action points to travel to MDA yet... Thanks for the PM DD. That helped clear up a lot of my confusion with the fighting system.
  3. I've been RPing practically my whole life, so I feel confident there. Then again, I'm self taught, so maybe it wouldn't hurt to gain knowledge from the experiences of others. And DD, I would love to learn about combat, so any advice you have would be great!
  4. Not a bat idea. I don't have a single one that you've listed, so I guess I ought to start my search for some tutors. Especially someone that can teach combat. I thought I had the fighting system in the bag back when I had to fight those shadowy creatures. Once I got into the real world, I realized that those shadows were just there to make newbies like me feel good about ourselves.
  5. Dark Demon, not sure if I should be intriged or scared, lol. Tom, Sounds great! I just have aramors and barren souls.
  6. Thanks for the advice! I'll try putting them into good use. Rhaegar, don't worry, I'm quite sure that I'll be sticking around. Peace, I love people that talk, or in this case write, with wisdom and are proverb-like. Fang, my life changes daily, or at least is always altered and adapts one way or another. So bring it on.
  7. I've read the FAQ, which has helped a bit. Thanks for the welcomes!
  8. Hello everyone. I've recently joined MD, and got to say that this is definitely the most interesting RP game I've ever joined. Granted, I've been here a week already... actually, according to my profile, I have 8 out of 7 activity days, so it's proof that I've been putting my 110% into the game literally (it's always been a day more than I've actually been playing)... Even with a week of playing and getting a little taste of everything, I'm still loaded with questions. I stayed silent for a while cause I didn't want to get overly involved in something that ends up not hold my interest a few days down the road. But MD has held my interest for a while now, so I'm eager to learn the many twists and turns that are in store for me. Hopefully along the way I'll get to know many of you guys that are friendly and patient enough to help me with the many questions I have, which I have a feeling that 99% of my questions will have obvious answers that are not so obvious to me at the moment. Happy adventuring!
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