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  1. The selling has ended.
  2. [quote name='Manda' timestamp='1282927355' post='67176'] 5 silver each [/quote] Thats to little and i wont sell any of them for that.
  3. Hi, Im selling 5 Angiens with Age 451 of today. The have no tokens. This selling will end at 04/09/2010
  4. 5 gold and 50 silver, 3 max angiens, 2 max gg dragorns and 2 max rustie for the Dark
  5. Ofcourse i wont have more then anyone els...
  6. Shoeps

    Quest Rewards

    [b]*From: dst (ID:17096) [/b][i]*sent 17 hours and 50 minutes ago[/i] Quest I don't want the wp or the spell pages. I want the drach. And my name on the winners list. If I don't get what I have asked for then I will sabotage every little quest DS or you will ever put up. And you know that I am smart and I can do it. This is not a threat but a warning. If by the time I wake up, I don't have the CTC...well...I will begin my little plan. Have a terrible night
  7. Simplyzero, leader of DS guild has refused your request to join.
  8. Yeah Pampy is mine, mine mine mine and mine...
  9. @ Burns.....No Kangaroos... :yahoo:
  10. Shoeps

    Gifting Credits

    Buy them and ask me to change it... Could be a idea..
  11. Or you could trying to push CTRL key and the F5 key on your keyboard together. That could olso help.
  12. Did you used a CTRL+F5 and or did you delete your browser temp/cookies manuel? Did you try it out without your firewall/antivirus?
  13. Hi, Can you send me a screen shot of the code please... Shoeps@magicduel.com
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