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    Metal Bunny reacted to Muratus del Mur in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    good you cleared that up.

    i find your reaction most amuzing since you were never targeted by such tests, yet you cry about rights and such. Anyway, your 'human rights' have nothing to do with your character rights...otherwise you might want to sue me for jailing people or turn them into frogs ....

    Excuse me for not having a degree in ..anything at all actually, lol. According to that social standard I am a mediocre imbecile you find everywhere. Am i really?
    Last time i checked i was not writing any medical prescriptions or giving any psychology advice and such. Do I need a degree for scouting the human mind in my own way for my own wisdom? My actions go no further from the characters you play and that character is as you pointed out a fraction of your true self. The really sad thing is that from all this it is you that have to learn the most, by 'you' i mean those 'tested'. I learned what i learned, but did you? Failing dramatically or experiencing unexpected turn of events in an online game is the perfect sandbox to learn something about yourself ad the people around you. If you prefer to shut yourself down and point the finger at my crazy experiments..i really wondered why and how you survived md so far.

    Rights do not protect you from your own mind..sadly enough. You like to generalize and fit all this in the "crazy scientist" making experiments on "humans" category? Sounds so cool, thank you, but if you really want to understand what I said don't lose yourself in preconceptions.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Sharazhad in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1326991614' post='101236']

    @Sharazhad, the breaking points are only in relation to the persons role. I constantly push and test CHARACTERS in key positions, in such ways that they will never notice or know it and hopefully when they less expect it. It has nothing to do with the person behind the character. [b]My role in the realm is one of a demon and i play it fully.[/b] You think i crossed the line? I only redirected certain forces to certain purposes, things IN REALM against things IN REALM.
    Why was it not "public"? First of all you have no idea what it is you are talking about that it was. Secondly it was not public because if the involved person would pass the test, the only possible reward for that person would be its own success. Thirdly, if you know you are tested you would not behave as you are and the 'test; would be influenced. Come on people, this is so obvious.


    [color=#008000][i]OMFG. If I ever had a reason to leave a game this is it. Tell me Mur, do you have a degree in Psychiatry? Psychology even? Where do you even get off "testing" people? What is your basis for this? What do you hope to achieve? Do really you see yourself as a scientist and we are your labrats? [/i][/color]
    [color=#008000][i]You say that your "tests" have nothing to do with the person behind the character. I say you are mistaken. On the start up page you appeal the player [b]to take a part of their own character [/b]and give it a name. Who are you testing then if not the player themselves?! [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]If you are going to be performing experiments on people, they should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want to be part of this twisted scenario. I hope you realise that what you are doing (finding breaking points on your unknowing subjects or whatever other crazy experiments the MD populous is undergoing) is unethical and can be considered a violation of human rights[/i][/color].
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Liberty4life in sellin gold coins for silver   
    this shop of mine is very simple... i sell gold coins for silver coins

    with all the gold coin price skyrocketed due to mur's auctions, i will sell gold of course under current market value of gold, or should i say under the value i think its worth in comparison to silver

    i will make trades in ratio of 17sc per gc

    12 gc left
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Prince Marvolo in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1326991047' post='101229']
    What he could mean is that Eon, dst, and Granos are so annoying and purposely do things like this for fun, and some king said **** it, and gave up.

    And that is Indeed worth an award.

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    Metal Bunny reacted to Seigheart in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    How about you stop assuming things, Sharazhad. You don't know what happened. Stop making conclusions until you hear both sides of the story.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Chewett in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    Both lifeline and Handy blamed me for resigning, doesnt mean it was my fault, i look forward to the next attempt on MB kingship, LOL

    As for this medal, Its Mur's opinion on it all, There are some things that are just unsaid and cannot be said. If Mur wants to make a medal based on things only he has seen, Then i trust his judgement. Because in the end this medal is solely based on his judgement. Similar to when SS got jailed for whatever he did. People didnt question exatly what he asked or found out etc.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Sharazhad in A "kingslayer" medal was awarded ?   
    [color=#008000][i]I also have some question marks about this announcement.[/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]From the announcement it is stated that players were put to a breaking point; which is assumed to be a mental breaking point, because any other breaking point would not be feasible in game. This would then mean that the dynamics of the game would be shifted from MD to RL as you are now "messing with the person's head". The fact that someone is awarded a medal for testing a person's breaking point is sick!!! I do not stand for this, it is wrong and twisted. Is this where MD is heading to? if you cant get them in game, play mind games?! Pathetic! [/i][/color]

    [color=#008000][i]If the kings left, it can not be assumed that it was due to in game issues only and shouldn't be awarded for it. [/i] [/color]
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    Metal Bunny got a reaction from Watcher in GC gathering season - balanced profile   
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    Metal Bunny got a reaction from Dragual in You know you've been on MD too much when...   
    -When people start stalking you, or dreaming about you and making poems about you...
    Yeah.. uh, wtf?
    ¬_¬ freaks..

    -When you see some belladonna on a nearby hill and think about MD..
    -When you, due to 'unrelated' events, wake up in a dark alley in the middle of Amsterdam the next morning with a naked inflateable doll next to you..
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    Metal Bunny got a reaction from Watcher in 'Metal Bunny's Malicious and Delicious and Malformed Diamond of Mental Misery with the Sublime Sigil of Superior and Stressful Suffering of Dastardly   
    This is the quest result for;
    Metal Bunny's Malicious and Delicious and Malformed Diamond of Mental Misery with the Sublime Sigil of Superior and Stressful Suffering of Dastardly and Diabolical Doom!

    Or sigil or diamond of doom, for short.

    I wanted to put this up on the.. 25th of december 2010, but I got distracted and then promptly forgot.

    So.. I'm going to lay out the quest here, which is just 1 picture. Then some hints in spoilers.
    Then, the answer in spoilers.
    Then, how to actually solve it, in spoilers again.
    Then, who actually solved it and why I stopped after 1 winner, because apparently, it was too hard to find more than 1 winner ¬_¬.

    So here is the quest.
    [attachment=2542:Sigil of doom puzzle.png]
    That's it. Nothing else.
    When it became clear that no one was brave enough to torture themselves, I added hints in a couple of stages.
    [log=First Stage]
    Color tips: The colors of the dots and stripes are important, the monotonous color of the squares are not. The colors of the squares are a hint at best. This puzzle is designed so that color blind people can solve it as well.

    Shape tips: Every shape is important, but the circles and stripes are separate from the squares.

    A line is a line and a circle is a circle, not a slightly bigger or smaller one.

    Method tips: Concentrate on the colors, they are different for a reason, but they are surprisingly similar. Find out what the colors mean and you will know almost everything you need to know.
    [log=Second stage]
    Not including the ugly color of the diamond itself and the black outlining, there are a total of 24 colours.
    As said before, every shape is important, but the colors are completely separate of the shapes.
    [log=Last Stage]
    First word spells ‘Welcome’.
    The shapes will tell you where the first word starts.

    Alrighty then, the answer:
    The correct answer was *drum roll*
    Send me a pm with a picture of me, at Willow's shop, saying lol, and then say that the magic number is 175.

    The method! Yay!
    I decided I wanted to make a tiered quest, or puzzle, but that these tiers, or layers or levels, had to be interlocking, or go beyond the convention.

    Most quests are made in such a way that you can't continue without solving something else first. I wanted mine to be slightly different.

    What I did was take a really generic and simple way of making a secret message; I substituted the alphabet for something else.
    What people usually do is turn A into b, or x, or even m and subsequently make B into c, or a or even n.

    What I did was slightly more nasty.

    The hint (you did look at the hints right?), of 'there are only 24 colours', indicate implicitly, that I substituted the alphabet into a series of colours. Oh noes, the horror~!
    Yes, there are 26 letters in the alphabet, but most people 'should' know that in a secret message, you don't always use all 26 letters. The letter X for instance, is almost never used.
    I didn't use the letters X and J.

    That was the first tier of one part of the puzzle.

    The symbols, meaning the stripes and circles, or - and . , were very simple. Very simple *cough- some of you were thinking too complex -cough*.
    It was morse code. You know, where they also use - and .?

    Now here is something nasty that I did. I made the morse code stay inside the squares, but the secret message of the colours go outside of the boundary.
    Meaning that the morse code was supposed to be read within the squares, but that the words of the secret message could be broken down into two, with one half in one square and the other half in another square.

    If you deciphered the morse code, which wasn't that hard, then you realize that they are numbers.
    They were numbered from 1 to 49, as it was a square of 7 by 7. If you look at the way they are ordered, it may not make any sense, but to help you out, it's a magic square order 7.
    Google is your friend.

    Anyway, the morse code was only useful for showing you what the order of the squares was. (read the hints).
    With the very last hint, you could've started deciphering the colours. (read the hints).

    Once you deciphered the colours (which could've been a real hassle, only the very last hint of 'welcome' would've made this a whole lot easier.), the following message would appear:

    Welcome to Metal Bunny(’)s Malicious and Delicious and Malformed Diamond of Magnificent Mental Misery
    Solve this riddle and perform the task to claim your wp reward
    Sadly though you will not get any hints or tips for the riddle
    When you stand before three paths diverging
    With equal amounts of towers
    That nurture new winds emerging
    To gain great wishing powers
    Travel one must and do their best
    To catch me red handed in the act
    In place from four strides to the west
    Of breaking the anti lol making pact
    Then send it to me with the magic numbers

    Ah. How refreshing. For once I actually made an easy riddle. (I was thinking about going overboard with the interlocking stuff and crossing boundaries and do the riddle in dutch or latin, so that you'd actually still have to translate it, but that would've just been cruel.) (and I was feeling lazy).

    Anyway, the morse code and the squares now come into play, even though they were given at the start. You have to know that it's a magic square, in order to send me not just a pm with me saying lol in it at willow's shop, but also the actual magic numbers. Which was just a magic number, but I was to lazy to change the whole frigging message, just to remove 1 letter.
    I know this wouldn't have been a problem, because absolutely none of you, except for one, actually came this far. Really, was it that hard?

    The only person to successfully complete this puzzle was VonUngernSternberg
    Not to mention that he was the only person to do it within the 9 frigging months I had this quest going, lol.
    He also did it before the last stage hints, so.. Yeah. Shame on the rest of you .
    Kudos to him, he got a wp.

    Also, thanks for Shadowseeker for some test help.
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    Metal Bunny got a reaction from Udgard in Gg Alliance Returned   
    [quote name='Pipstickz' date='10 October 2009 - 03:43 AM' timestamp='1255139038' post='44227']
    Wodin doesn't have a personality of his own anymore.

    Getting a tiny bit tired of people disputing this. What Pipstickz says here is true. I'll hand you personal proof. Although, the moment Burns is going to change the papers, the proof will be sort of gone, except for the memory of older players.

    If you read Wodin's papers, it will speak of honor and a moving fighting circus or something like that. These papers were made like.. 6 months ago. Maybe more. He also had a paper that talked about how he hates shades and fights them to the last breath. H-eh, yeah right.

    The real Wodin quit playing a very long time ago. So no he doesn't have his own personality anymore.
    [quote][2008-08-28 04:09:44 - Alpha 7]
    Intriguing change, but what else to expect in an unusual game other than an unusual event. Master Wodin is now no longer the person you knew before, but its a public role, occupied/invoked by whoever will rule the Guerrila Golemicarum alliance. The .Wodin Ullr. character was apperantly deserted by its rightfull owner, but because he achieved such a huge popularity, the character will permanently remain in the game even if its owner will change from time to time. This unusual change is the first step towards predefined game roles that regular player can occupy if they fulfill certain requirements. I am open to opinions on this. If the feedback is good, other deserted rpc roles will become open as public role, and some even specialy created for that, if not, then i will keep deserted characters just as legends in the game and allow owners to resume them anytime they want. Please use the forum for feedback. This is a very important decision for the game future expansion.
    More than 13 months ago he quit playing. If you count his little break of MD then you can easily say that Wodin quit a very, very long time ago.
    Yes, he was popular back then and this is listed as a reason to keep him as a public character. Back then, he was still one of the strongest players, because he had one of the highest profile stats and the real Wodin knew a lot about rituals.
    Is he popular now? Hah, don't make me laugh.
    Is he strong now? Not only are his stats and principles ridiculously low compared to the really strong (which means that Wodin would have to train at least for a year (or about the time the real wodin was gone) to come back to the top) and his knowledge about rituals (with exception of now, with burns at the steeringwheels) was deplorable.
    I even gained on Wodin with activity days. And the majority of the time, Yrthilian was controlling him. What do you mean? The revolt was nothing but a petty attempt at revenge? You newbies don't know jack.

    To be honest, I feel that the legacy the real Wodin had left has been tarnished by months and months of neglect.
    I believe honestly that the current Wodin either has to train for an ungodly long time, or to become a symbol and retire, like KC.

    I could go on about what the real Wodin wanted and what he said about the current state of business. But the way he left the game (he reset his entire character) should say enough.

    Just saw that Burns had removed those 2 papers, with the exception of the honor one and the rules, which fit wodin's character more.
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    Metal Bunny got a reaction from Amoran Kalamanira Kol in MD Anual Awards - Feedback   
    Any type of category which is clearly a case similar to that of the fossil case, or categories that overlap each other, for instance, and this is just an example;

    Rendril got best techie award, but simply, by sheer definition and by what he mostly does for MD, he is already going to get a sizeable amount of votes, if not win every year, much like the fossil award. It would be the equivalent of being able to nominate Mur for 'best contributor to MD'. While people may vote otherwise, and while Mur may not always do stuff just for MD, but also just hang around and loiter, it is hopefully, clearly evident that Mur would win, regardless, each year, over and over.

    Then there is the overlapping, there is a lot more subjectivity and nuance to this, for instance, while you may stop letting Rendril win the award for best techie each year, it would be harder to define so for best contributor. To allow repeat winners in this category would make sense, in the way that Rendril would now be competing against everyone who contributed, and not just contributed in a very specific manner, such as techie, which is his job.
    However, simply by the nature of this category, combined with the relatively low population we have, we would then continuously see a repeat nomination of people who contributed to MD.
    Instead of a monopoly, we'd get an oligopoly. Even if we would stop previous winners getting a nomination in the next year in specific categories, such as just Rendril for the techie award, Grido for helping, Chewett for forum (there is none, but I am making a point), Dst for having no social life and doing to many quests, we would then instead have;
    A constant to and fro motion amongst these four (just an example), in the category 'best contributor'.

    I think it should become a lot more like the HC. Previous winners can still be best at something, but they already had recognition and it /could/ (not necessarily), discourage newer players from trying to become more important. While this may seem entirely selfish, almost all of the categories are set in such a way that the winners cannot do anything but have contributed massively in the past. Except when it is a villain, but that depends on your point of view .
    I can think up of more arguments, but I am tired.

    By doing so, you could also create a new category which would allow for repeat winners, but it's nomination requires massive contribution towards MD.
    For instance, most adepts at any point in time in that year.
    This category may allude to a manageable monopoly system, in which a player could repeatedly become number 1 each year. But the sheer amount of effort required to do this is so disproportionate to the actual reward given, that no one would actually do it, just for the reward.
    Besides that, the actual net income that MD gets from this (higher amount of newbies staying), would, in my opinion, mitigate any kind of malcontent concerning a monopoly system. (seriously, it's ridiculously hard to get and maintain adepts. I had 72 at one point and 110-ish worshippers and then just thought, meh, scr*w it, and let go of mp6).
    It then also no longer becomes a popularity contest, nor a matter of nomination based on recommendations by friends. One simply serves him or herself up to be measured via screenshot or otherwise.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to ZenTao in A Request for Shift of Power or Change   
    Hello Ladies, It saddens me that this is the view on things as of late. As far as I know, Seigh has been doing as he was told to do by Mur, this seems to be the case, or at least this is what I have been told. It seems so many of you really have issues with Seigh, but for me he has always been kind and respectful. Lately with these last awards I had been assigned to dispatch, there were many codes that did not work or were deemed "in use" and I hear the reason why that kept happening was because of the abrupt quitting of Curi, in leaving she supposedly left the TK's stuff in shambles? though I really don't know why. I do however see that Curi is not doing anyone any good by coming back with a vengeance, I am an adult I believe you are as well, would it be such a terrible thing to be more diplomatic in voicing your opinions? I have no idea why you are so angry all the time, and I do not doubt you have reason to be, I just feel like fingers against a chalk board reading insult after insult and then pointing the finger at everyone else. What ever the case may be I hope we can work this out.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Amoran Kalamanira Kol in A Request for Shift of Power or Change   
    After the Grasan replacement contest ended, Amoran and a few others had not been given their wish point rewards. I first posted in the forum, and then waited two weeks. Then I chose to find the nearest TK to get the matter settled.

    When I contacted Seigheart via PM and forum PM, he said that he did not wish to be bothered with "trivial requests". Amoran did however, receive her wish point after he explained that he did not want anyone messaging him about rewards.

    All is well, however.. I do not feel that this is the way reward inquiries should be handled. After waiting 2 weeks for my wish point, I then had to wait a few days for him to respond- and once he did, I faced the attitude that my request was not important to him.

    While I appreciate that he did respond, I was not aware at the time that we were supposed to mail such questions to the TK's email address.

    **Please note that this is not a complaint, but rather a negative encounter with Seigheart regarding rewards. This is really my only encounter with Seigheart since he took the reins of the Treasure Keepers.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Curiose in A Request for Shift of Power or Change   
    I do not know the entire story, but I do not care. I do not care to know the whole story.

    My request is to have a change of Power from having Fenrir [AKA Vicarious/Seigheart] to someone else more deserving and less abusive of the power. As I have seen, he is restrictive of means of communication and refuses to accept any PMs in game or forum. He manipulates the way he runs the sponsorhips and is in fact decling quest creation.

    If people want to contact him, it is imperitive they message him through e mail. Some people do not favor that option and instead wish to do the other means. He insults quests, calling them lousy, and instead uses his own ideals of a quest to pick and choose who gets a sponsorship, and even more so what they receive.

    To me, that is not what makes a treasure keeper. That is a dictatorship and decreases the morale of quest makers, It is abusive and unfair and restrictive.

    I request that either the hand of power gets shifted to someone more responsible, or the entire means of sponsorhip get abolished and changed.

    It is the job of a volunteer, as a treasure keeper, to help people. Not define what they can or cannot do.

    Proof of said actions:
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Phantom Orchid in A Request for Shift of Power or Change   
    I too wish that such a position be given to somebody who a) does not have a track record of abuse of power b) has been involved in creating quests and is knowledgeable about what fair reward distributions should look like c) is fair.

    I am specifically thinking about the quest Fenrir posited several months ago where he 'charged' silver coins for entrance and then abandoned the quest and kept the coins. I am also thinking about how he plays favorites in reward distribution in his TK position.
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    Metal Bunny got a reaction from Watcher in MD Awards 2011 - Nominations   
    I have doubts as to me being active this year. Is the awards system to look at overall holistic activity and average trend, which include simple day to day conversations and walking around, etc? Or do you regard it more in terms of any instance of activity, in which an intense burst of activity is more important? If it's the first, then no. If it's the 2nd then perhaps. (I haz a lot of school stuff )
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    Metal Bunny got a reaction from dst in MD Awards 2011 - Nominations   
    I have doubts as to me being active this year. Is the awards system to look at overall holistic activity and average trend, which include simple day to day conversations and walking around, etc? Or do you regard it more in terms of any instance of activity, in which an intense burst of activity is more important? If it's the first, then no. If it's the 2nd then perhaps. (I haz a lot of school stuff )
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    Metal Bunny got a reaction from Eon in MD Anual Awards - Feedback   
    What Chewett said +1, especially in the case of nominations.

    But also in the case of awards now that I think of it. There are too many that are similar, when you look at who were the winners. Perhaps it would be better to make previous winners no longer eligible for future awards in the same category, for certain categories, much like the fossil category.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Firsanthalas in Shameful MD   
    [quote] Eon would not have attacked darigan if he wouldn't have started a topic on the forum about that subject.[/quote]

    uummm.. ok I must be stupid, because I really don't understand that one.
    Darigan makes a topic that he is being attacked by Eon, but Eon only attacks Darigan because Darigan made the topic??
    Chicken, egg, chicken?
    And putting aside what came first. The simple fact that Eon has decided to continually attack Darigan (or anyone else for that matter) for (insert any lame reason you decide to give) is ok?
    It is not at all in any way shape or form a form of bullying, intimidation, victimisation or whatever word fits best?
    I don't like your face, therefore I am going to attack you as much as I please? Even if you do decide it is fair, when exactly is it enough?
    Sacrifice your critters you say. Why should anyone feel they have to do that I ask? Is that not a sure sign that there is something badly wrong?

    Anyway, I'd like to say thanks for that post dst. As ever it may me smile to myself.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Firsanthalas in Shameful MD   
    So, basically I have to say this because if I don’t I will simply end up exploding in a very undignified manner and letting myself down. Laugh if you want to, I am past caring and in an odd way you will just endorse what I am saying in my view.

    MD encourages and fosters harassment, victimisation and bullying. MD is a game for bullies and blow-hards. It seems that MD has rules about using bad language and we have the word Nazis on patrol because we use a word like ‘crap’ or we have the sex patrol, out to make sure that we all remain chaste. Yes folks we need all these things because MD is a place where kids might hang out and they may be exposed to something that poor little children should remain protected from. But, bullying? Nah every kid needs a healthy dose of bullying don’t they? (And by the way, age is no excuse either, whether 9 or 99, nobody should be subjected to it and using the excuse that someone should be old enough to handle it is also just ignorant)

    For a long time now I have seen people in MD chased around the place. Spied on, called names or just being attacked over and over again. And what do people in MD do? Well, some people point out that no rules are being broken. That the person has said ability, so no matter how they choose to use it, it’s all good. When people actually dare to complain what happens? They get told they are talking rubbish, to grow up, to deal with it, to get their own back, that they are being babies, or even that you think it is hilarious or better still, there is no problem and that you would do exactly the same. And some of you endorse it by the virtue of saying nothing.

    I’ve seen people let themselves down in their reactions to things. Their arguments might reduce down to babbling and bad language and little else. However, I feel that there is an element in MD that just delight in that. It’s easy to laugh at the poor tortured soul having a meltdown. Bless them, they are clearly off their rocker. It seems that many people content themselves with the view that the person was just unstable or weak or immature to begin with. Let’s not waste time considering that perhaps there actually was a valid reason for them to complain in the first place. Or heaven’s forbid that perhaps we have a moral obligation to recognise that not everyone is as hardskinned or hardnosed as you may be? No, what we need to do is keep pushing and pushing someone that is clearly unhappy or distressed about something until they reach the point that they snap. And you know what, we can all have a jolly good laugh about it and then just sit back and wait for the next person to snap. Fun times indeed.

    Yeah, I have decided that I will just be a dick to someone today/this week/this year/forever and you know what? It’s totally fine. As long as I don’t break any rules, I can do whatever the hell I like. I mean, I can be a dick in real life, but chances are I would have to deal with my boss, my friends, family at some point or just get a plain old box in the face from someone. But, I don’t need to worry about that in MD. As long as I don’t actually break a rule I can be as big a jerk moron wallyface as I please. Yay for me! Go team jerk moron wallyface. Oh, you don’t like being called a jerk moron wallyface? Tough nuts jerk moron wallyface, I am not calling you a curse word, so neah neah neah. Ohh and by the way, you have a face like an elephant’s backside and your mother fed you with a slingshot you is so ugly.

    The other one I love is when a person acts like a jerk, but it’s ok, coz guess what? They are just like that. Yup, if you happen to be a total jerk it’s ok to act like one. But if you aint a jerk and you do something that someone thinks is a bit jerky, then yeah, you need to be told off for that one.
    Do you think that I am over-reacting? Maybe I am, I think not though. Come on Firs, harassment, victimisation, bullying? Awfully strong words there pal. I really don’t think that is true at all.

    Would it make it easier on you if I called it ‘socially undesirable behaviour’? I mean, cybersex is so obviously socially undesirable behaviour, but hounding people, calling them names, spreading lies about them, slagging them off as foolish or weak, well that is totally different right? I mean that is obviously acceptable behaviour. Chasing someone around and attacking them over and over again, for hours at a time even though they have asked you not to do so, that is ok too. I mean, it’s obvious that you are upsetting them, but hey, you aint breaking any rules right? And yeah, of course people are going to point that out and say it’s hilarious and they are such a stupid weak idiot, they like totally deserve it. Yeah, you go girl/guy!

    Shame on you people. Shame on you.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Darigan in accept or decline notice for teleport spells   
    then ya really shouldn't be selling the spells for any other purpose then that. but then I guess that goes under the: It's my spell I can use it how I please.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Darigan in accept or decline notice for teleport spells   
    I believe there should be a notice that pops up anytime someone uses a spell to teleport a specific person or people. Said person or people should get a box telling them they are about to be teleported and give them the option to accept the teleportation or decline it. If they decline it will cost them some ap or vit or something just to make it fair.
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Firsanthalas in "Be at this location, NOW" Attutide?   
    This might be a bit ranty but...

    I hate this attitude. On a personal level I find that I am active in MD when MD is mainly dead. Now, that is my tough luck and that is just the way it is, nobody is to blame for that.
    Like a lot of people I have a full-time job that involves travelling to work and back. Some people in MD work from home, don't work or are students of some kind. If you work in an office for 8 hrs a day you probably spend another 1 hr (up to 2hrs total) either side of that travelling. Then when you get home there is the issue of food. Food does not magically appear in-front of me when I am at home. I have to purchase said food and then cook it. Both activities take time. So lets call that an hour a day for cooking and eating of said food. That's about 11hrs of the day gone.
    Given that I work and have to get up in the morning to be in at a particular time and then do said work, that means I cannot stay up all night long on MD. Sad to say it is a given that I must strive to allocate 8hrs for sleeping (even if I don't actually sleep for the 8hrs or at all).
    So that puts me up to 19 hours of my day gone.
    So, yeah, that gives me 5 full hours out of 24hrs to play MD! Err.. no. I have this thing that I like to call a life. A life involves many strange and wonderful things like, talking to friends and family, reading, watching TV and other interests, dealing with some kind of unforseen drama or crisis, or doing further education (which I am doing). Then there are holidays. Yes, if I happen to book my hols months in advance and don't turn up to a set time and location in MD that is maybe even only announced while I am away on hols then I obviously don't care. Shame on you Firs for daring to go on a holiday.
    I was away this year for the festival around Easter. Because I was away that meant that I could not receive any medals etc.
    I would say that you could be online for hours on end in MD almost 365 days of the year, but if you happen to be unavailable at just a particular time and place in MD you get nada, or even worse, you are seen to be not bothered?
    I am pretty sure that there are many people in MD that can say the same for themselves and feel as I do.

    (This statement is in no way meant to offend people that have no life or the dead or undead. Any similarities portrayed here with real persons are purely coincidental.)
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    Metal Bunny reacted to Chewett in "Be at this location, NOW" Attutide?   
    Over the past few years, Events organised by mur have tended to have moved towards a format where the location is not announced until hours or minutes before the event.

    This is all perfectly fine for events where you need to be online and talking, but this has also applied to vet of the year medal celebrations among other important events whereby you only get your "reward" if you can log on at a specific time and get to a specific location before mur leaves.

    With MD spread across every timezone, there will always be times when an event location is announced, organized and held all before someone wakes up, and they miss it.

    In my personal opinion keeping a location secret until the last moment, then revealing it and expecting people to be there, even just logging in to go to said location and idle, is pretty mean when they lose the chance of getting some reward they worked for.

    Add to it the comments that have been made before about these events, and to quote the most recent announcement "Either be there in person or it means you don't care that much." Which quite frankly I'm sick of such an attitude.

    When i have raised such a point directly to mur he seemed not to understand the fact that not everyone can play MD 24/7 or even have access to a computer to just login and move somewhere. There are times when people work and therefore cannot access it. Its not that they dont care about X or Y, but that they cant log in. Holding such events announcing location an hour before the event just means you selectively pick certain timezones to participate, Nothing at all to do with if people care. If you really wanted to see who cared about something it would be announced days before, to see who would take the "hit" of idleing in the location (attaining losses for most) waiting for the event. Wheras now you count how many people were on MD to see the announcement...

    I doubt mur will change his mind in regards to this style of events, Given that his attuide at the moment seems to favor whatever timezone he picks, But i wondered what the community felt in regards to these type of events.

    Thanks for reading this post
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