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  1. This is ridiculous; it's obvious that he didn't bother to read and was looking for something ridiculously simple. I assure you, if you can't be bothered to read the tutorial and get through the mp3 fase, then every single other facet of the game will not appeal to you, in the slightest. Thus, even if the tutorial became easy, simple and newb friendly, then the rest of the game still wouldn't be liked.
  2. This is the quest result for; Metal Bunny's Malicious and Delicious and Malformed Diamond of Mental Misery with the Sublime Sigil of Superior and Stressful Suffering of Dastardly and Diabolical Doom! Or sigil or diamond of doom, for short. I wanted to put this up on the.. 25th of december 2010, but I got distracted and then promptly forgot. So.. I'm going to lay out the quest here, which is just 1 picture. Then some hints in spoilers. Then, the answer in spoilers. Then, how to actually solve it, in spoilers again. Then, who actually solved it and why I stopped after 1 winner, because apparently, it was too hard to find more than 1 winner ¬_¬. So here is the quest. [attachment=2542:Sigil of doom puzzle.png] That's it. Nothing else. When it became clear that no one was brave enough to torture themselves, I added hints in a couple of stages. [log=Hints] [log=First Stage] Color tips: The colors of the dots and stripes are important, the monotonous color of the squares are not. The colors of the squares are a hint at best. This puzzle is designed so that color blind people can solve it as well. Shape tips: Every shape is important, but the circles and stripes are separate from the squares. A line is a line and a circle is a circle, not a slightly bigger or smaller one. Method tips: Concentrate on the colors, they are different for a reason, but they are surprisingly similar. Find out what the colors mean and you will know almost everything you need to know. [/log] [log=Second stage] Not including the ugly color of the diamond itself and the black outlining, there are a total of 24 colours. As said before, every shape is important, but the colors are completely separate of the shapes. [/log] [log=Last Stage] First word spells ‘Welcome’. The shapes will tell you where the first word starts. [/log] [/log] Alrighty then, the answer: [log=Answer] The correct answer was *drum roll* [log=lol] Send me a pm with a picture of me, at Willow's shop, saying lol, and then say that the magic number is 175. [/log] [/log] The method! Yay! [log=Method] I decided I wanted to make a tiered quest, or puzzle, but that these tiers, or layers or levels, had to be interlocking, or go beyond the convention. Most quests are made in such a way that you can't continue without solving something else first. I wanted mine to be slightly different. What I did was take a really generic and simple way of making a secret message; I substituted the alphabet for something else. What people usually do is turn A into b, or x, or even m and subsequently make B into c, or a or even n. What I did was slightly more nasty. The hint (you did look at the hints right?), of 'there are only 24 colours', indicate implicitly, that I substituted the alphabet into a series of colours. Oh noes, the horror~! Yes, there are 26 letters in the alphabet, but most people 'should' know that in a secret message, you don't always use all 26 letters. The letter X for instance, is almost never used. I didn't use the letters X and J. That was the first tier of one part of the puzzle. The symbols, meaning the stripes and circles, or - and . , were very simple. Very simple *cough- some of you were thinking too complex -cough*. It was morse code. You know, where they also use - and .? Now here is something nasty that I did. I made the morse code stay inside the squares, but the secret message of the colours go outside of the boundary. Meaning that the morse code was supposed to be read within the squares, but that the words of the secret message could be broken down into two, with one half in one square and the other half in another square. If you deciphered the morse code, which wasn't that hard, then you realize that they are numbers. They were numbered from 1 to 49, as it was a square of 7 by 7. If you look at the way they are ordered, it may not make any sense, but to help you out, it's a magic square order 7. Google is your friend. Anyway, the morse code was only useful for showing you what the order of the squares was. (read the hints). With the very last hint, you could've started deciphering the colours. (read the hints). Once you deciphered the colours (which could've been a real hassle, only the very last hint of 'welcome' would've made this a whole lot easier.), the following message would appear: Welcome to Metal Bunny(’)s Malicious and Delicious and Malformed Diamond of Magnificent Mental Misery Solve this riddle and perform the task to claim your wp reward Sadly though you will not get any hints or tips for the riddle When you stand before three paths diverging With equal amounts of towers That nurture new winds emerging To gain great wishing powers Travel one must and do their best To catch me red handed in the act In place from four strides to the west Of breaking the anti lol making pact Then send it to me with the magic numbers Ah. How refreshing. For once I actually made an easy riddle. (I was thinking about going overboard with the interlocking stuff and crossing boundaries and do the riddle in dutch or latin, so that you'd actually still have to translate it, but that would've just been cruel.) (and I was feeling lazy). Anyway, the morse code and the squares now come into play, even though they were given at the start. You have to know that it's a magic square, in order to send me not just a pm with me saying lol in it at willow's shop, but also the actual magic numbers. Which was just a magic number, but I was to lazy to change the whole frigging message, just to remove 1 letter. I know this wouldn't have been a problem, because absolutely none of you, except for one, actually came this far. Really, was it that hard? [/log] The only person to successfully complete this puzzle was VonUngernSternberg Not to mention that he was the only person to do it within the 9 frigging months I had this quest going, lol. He also did it before the last stage hints, so.. Yeah. Shame on the rest of you . Kudos to him, he got a wp. Also, thanks for Shadowseeker for some test help.
  3. Arguing? The arguing about what Ren did wrong with the AL happened at least 18 months ago, if not more. Because it was so long ago, the arguing actually stopped at one point. In a sense, the majority of the debate happened a /really/ long time ago. Also, in reference to the part of 'asking the question is just as important as the answer'; well, you never asked. In fact, no one ever asked me anything about the AL. Now maybe you did ask someone else, but there is also the possibility that that person never asked as well and simply assumed it was truth. Don't ever assume anything, not in here, not in real life. Besides that, I warned the caretakers, in this very topic itself, that you should be careful with fact and fiction, and the fact that Ren has died at least 3 times now. Not only that, you guys have another ancient person who refuses to die, like me, and is beholden to truth and fact, dst, so I figured you /knew what you were doing/. Now, I wasn't there at the memorial, as I was busy with school, but I believe that no one actually mentioned Ren's 'glorious moments' of using his spaceship, or heroically going into the house of liquid dust. A memorial, one that you guys specified with being short and to the point, interspersed with moments of silence out of respect, should not have been about these things. The most you should've done was that he worked as the master archivist and helped with the AL, and left it at that, leaving out any information regarding the actual state and nature of those AL passages at that. I hope you did that. If you didn't, then perhaps I am partially to blame. If you didn't, then next time, I won't be so subtle and tell you what you really shouldn't put into your memorial and what you should. If you didn't, and thusly admit to doing a bad job, according to my opinion, I will do that which every self righteous b*st*rd does in a liberal democracy with free speech; [b]I will interfere.[/b] I didn't want to interfere, because you are a guild and you are responsible for what you do. You are the ones who are supposed to figure this out yourself, the ones to scrutinize each legend, each detail, and separate fact from fiction and distil inspiration and admiration and then carve their memory into stone. You are supposed to remain independent. I want to keep it that way. This is the reason why I didn't want to push you so very hard; that previous post of mine? That's me being nice and supportive. (my spawn will grow up so messed up) And trust me, if you are not going to do a good job, then everyone is going to want to interfere, much like some are doing now. So, all you need to do, in order for me to shut up and stay out of your business as I am supposed to, is to tell us what happened at the memorial, and that's it. If everything went fine and dandy, I got no issue with it. *edit* I just now read the last post before me, that makes things better. So yeah, keep up the good job and the rest of you, shush. As for the ancient part. I think it's safe to assume that the threshold is something very subjective. I only just started using the term, simply because I am twice as old, if not more, as some, if not most, 'veterans'. Seriously, what even defines a veteran? 1 year of active days? I have more than 3. Maybe ancient is more than 3 years. I dunno, maybe you are ancient when you look at Zleiphneir, who is regarded as an old goat and veteran by many, and yet still see him as a newbie .
  4. I am not speaking of value in their legends, myths or other such stories. I am speaking of the greater value in the deeds that they have "actually" done. I am not saying that you are writing falsehoods, or mere exaggerations, I am saying that you need to carefully tread, so as to not sully their memory, nor create impossible and unreachable idols. The closest thing that comes to explaining this, is the social interaction in MD, which I shall use as an analogy. If you exaggerate or even write falsehoods for a legend, just to create a myth, then realize there will always be others who know the truth and who will contest your lies. Much like a godmodder; someone who exaggerates and write incredulous things, improbable even in a magical realm; you'll get some attention, but it will have the adverse effect, most will ignore you. If you do not check your facts, or put great emphasis on that which took no effort, nor was even enthusiastically done, then all you are doing is misleading the people. It's a bit like saying that grinding is of greater value than roleplay, without checking to see if it is true, nor explaining what the other aspects of the game may entail. A better way of putting this is like an LHO who gives advice, and it's not necessarily wrong, just rife with prejudice, dominance as well as sometimes falsehoods. People will focus on the wrong things and some may not share your opinion, which is subjective by nature, and as such, due to the nature of disagreement, tend to drift away from the game. Sadly enough this also means they will be less likely to explore other facets of the game which could've been just the thing they wanted to do. In this case, people, once realizing that certain things were not that great at all, will have less respect for the legend, and perhaps for other legends as well. Now don't get me wrong, you are most definitely increasing activity with this memorial. You are attracting attention and goodwill towards this legend and by doing so, perhaps other legends as well, along with increasing a novice player's ambition and motivation and eventually bettering the game itself. However, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing good. So why not accept criticism, why not accept questions? (you still haven't answered any, all you did was justify fantasy) I think it's best said with explaining why legends have become legends, even though they all came from the lowly grounds of the common mp3. You may want to explain what they did, what their motivations were, or what set them apart from the rest. Maybe their personalities or perhaps something enigmatic was the driving force behind their legend. One thing you must realize however, is that if you ask any adult person who their hero is, who their greatest inspiration is, it is almost always someone real, or realistic. Someone who was rather limited by the same boundaries as us, yet did something incredible. Not some dragon slaying knight who has a magic sword. It's a war hero, a poet, a president, someone who was like all of us, yet did something remarkable, someone who stood up and was the first to shout. Who is admired more? Alexander the Great? Or King Arthur? Who will be admired more? Renavoid who struggled, achieved real things, made fundamental differences, and overcame adversity and pushed onward, until the day that he died? Or Renavoid who is cruising around in his 'spaceship', beaming himself around and, just because he fancies it, goes into a troubled place and magically solves everything, and yet despite his great power, somehow died? Now I know that you are not ignorant of these things and that you are far more likely to do the things in the correct way. However, you have organized it in such a way that makes it hard for me to understand as to how you actually plan to commemorate his memory. If you were old enough to know Renavoid for a great long time, I'd have less doubts. If you were close to Renavoid all the time, I'd have less doubt. But you're not, as you admit it yourself, you are quite young for a 'veteran'. As such, see these questions and criticisms as a way for you to improve this occasion, so that while you probably will not sully his memory, you will most definitely do his memory and legend a just honour. And as a by-product, all the other legends as well. So; 1: Who is going to speak and why will they speak? 2: What aspects of Renavoid are you planning on commemorating? As I cannot imagine you to be able to do the whole lot. 3: Are you absolutely certain about the location? What is your motivation for that place, besides being one of the locations where he 'died'. 4: Are you planning on doing this for other legends and is it perhaps not better to get this done in a permanent fashion, par example a memorial hall of fame? And would this not be a better solution in the case of Renavoid suddenly coming back to live.. again? Now, I know that I wrote fact is or can be boring and that you wrote that some embellishment is necessary. I think people can see that. [b]I am simply warning you that while fact may be boring, it does not mean that you have a mandate to outright lie. [/b] Instead I recommend that you simply tell fact, but explain why it borders fiction and why it's just so very great, which is why I am asking who will speak, why they will speak and what of Renavoid they will talk about.
  5. Really? Does that mean that simply because me, grido, chewett and dst are the only active ancients left, that our testimonials are moot, obsolete and untrustworthy fiction not worth the paper it is written on? Does that also mean that, heck, I may as well throw away all of the historical text I wrote for the festival of war and remembrance. I contest, in fact, you can ask me anything, about almost anyone up until when I joined, and I would still know stuff about people who were older than me, such as BigC, Shoeps or actraiser, for instance. It's not that fiction will dominate, no. Because there are a handful of ancients who can dismiss those things. It's just that fact is incredibly boring and underwhelming and much like when America was just founded, you people need heroes, need culture, tradition, something to look up to, something to aspire to. And sometimes, you won't bother with verifying facts, because fiction is just so much better. Hah, as if Washington never told a lie.
  6. Wuh? I have a couple of misgivings with this. 1: He left two times before. 2: Which veteran players? The ones he taught, the ones that admired him, the ones that barely knew him, or the ones that knew him from mp3 on and actually know his actual contributions to the game? Please give names. 3: Why a memorial at the house of liquid dust? It is a place of pain, confusion, fear and the place of one of his deaths. I am pretty sure it's more appropriate and more noob friendly to put the memorial in the archives, presumably marind bell's room or preferably her balcony. Besides that, aren't you blatantly ignoring the other legends, especially the legends who frigging 'taught him the basics and the lure of the game', such as MRD and Wodin. Wouldn't it be better to continue ren's abandoned effort to install a memorial hall for legends who have contributed massively to the game (and who, quite succintly, left, came back, left and came back again) *edit* In response to Mya's response: We are not complaining about there not being a job done. At least I didn't. I am not complaining now, I am giving misgivings, meaning that I am confused, yet still willing to help you guys, via criticism and questions. Surely, as caretakers, not only do you want to do your job, but you want to do it correctly. Which is why I am wondering why you can't do a memorial hall of fame, like Ren wanted. Naturally you can still do a memorial service, but again, I wonder if it wouldn't be better at the archives. Basically, I would love for you to explain why you are doing what you are doing. Not just how you are doing something.
  7. Of all the nicknames possible, 'snoofle' has got to be the one that comes close to me actually looking forward to meeting you in person, just so that I may slap the ugly out of your mouth. Nah, just kidding . Anyway, thank you all very much for your congratulations, it's all very appreciated, except for the snoofle one. I had a nice 21st birthday, even though I can't really remember a lot of it, had to entertain 70 people and woke up drunk on the couch, sitting up straight with my coat on, at 8 am, because I am too heavy to be carried up by my drunk parents and brother. ¬_¬
  8. OMG @ the KY comment... at least we don't have captcha's that are random words.. I saw the strangest things sometimes
  9. This is a really nice painting, much better than what my parents have at home . Great use of colour and the transition between themes and such.
  10. Well, okay, 2 days. I am offering my nutcracker for your mutated joker and 2 GC. This is just a bid, not a final offer.
  11. I have a nutcracker, and it has less than 10 age and no tokens, but age is not important in a nutcracker, it is important in a mutated joker. How much age does it have and how many tokens, if any?
  12. Metal Bunny

    MP6 Symbol

    Before spamming the newbie areas was made illegal, partly thanks to me, I got enough mp3 and mp4 to know what an mp6 was, and what I could do for them if they became my adept and worshipper. I answered dozens of pm's a day. That is the price of staying mp6, if your dang adepts keep leaving. And trying to get more worshippers
  13. Any type of category which is clearly a case similar to that of the fossil case, or categories that overlap each other, for instance, and this is just an example; Rendril got best techie award, but simply, by sheer definition and by what he mostly does for MD, he is already going to get a sizeable amount of votes, if not win every year, much like the fossil award. It would be the equivalent of being able to nominate Mur for 'best contributor to MD'. While people may vote otherwise, and while Mur may not always do stuff just for MD, but also just hang around and loiter, it is hopefully, clearly evident that Mur would win, regardless, each year, over and over. Then there is the overlapping, there is a lot more subjectivity and nuance to this, for instance, while you may stop letting Rendril win the award for best techie each year, it would be harder to define so for best contributor. To allow repeat winners in this category would make sense, in the way that Rendril would now be competing against everyone who contributed, and not just contributed in a very specific manner, such as techie, which is his job. However, simply by the nature of this category, combined with the relatively low population we have, we would then continuously see a repeat nomination of people who contributed to MD. Instead of a monopoly, we'd get an oligopoly. Even if we would stop previous winners getting a nomination in the next year in specific categories, such as just Rendril for the techie award, Grido for helping, Chewett for forum (there is none, but I am making a point), Dst for having no social life and doing to many quests, we would then instead have; A constant to and fro motion amongst these four (just an example), in the category 'best contributor'. I think it should become a lot more like the HC. Previous winners can still be best at something, but they already had recognition and it /could/ (not necessarily), discourage newer players from trying to become more important. While this may seem entirely selfish, almost all of the categories are set in such a way that the winners cannot do anything but have contributed massively in the past. Except when it is a villain, but that depends on your point of view . I can think up of more arguments, but I am tired. *edit* By doing so, you could also create a new category which would allow for repeat winners, but it's nomination requires massive contribution towards MD. For instance, most adepts at any point in time in that year. This category may allude to a manageable monopoly system, in which a player could repeatedly become number 1 each year. But the sheer amount of effort required to do this is so disproportionate to the actual reward given, that no one would actually do it, just for the reward. Besides that, the actual net income that MD gets from this (higher amount of newbies staying), would, in my opinion, mitigate any kind of malcontent concerning a monopoly system. (seriously, it's ridiculously hard to get and maintain adepts. I had 72 at one point and 110-ish worshippers and then just thought, meh, scr*w it, and let go of mp6). It then also no longer becomes a popularity contest, nor a matter of nomination based on recommendations by friends. One simply serves him or herself up to be measured via screenshot or otherwise.
  14. What Chewett said +1, especially in the case of nominations. But also in the case of awards now that I think of it. There are too many that are similar, when you look at who were the winners. Perhaps it would be better to make previous winners no longer eligible for future awards in the same category, for certain categories, much like the fossil category.
  15. How is this topic not closed yet? There is no hard proof. You want to sequester an alt check? Try talking to them first and find out if they are truly that similar or not. Same rits?, it's a matter of convergent power play, whatever works in this realm and has more good results than bad, will be adopted and used, hence most rituals are the same-ish. Same goes for anything else, in all of reality, it's an inexorable process, much like evolution. Whatever works the best, will be adopted and since working together with friends is not illegal, and can be very useful, it will, at some point in time, be used. You yourself can put this tactic into play as well, it's how HC works. And please, make some screenshots that actually make sense, such as only one account of theirs being active, and the rest idle at the same time. Please, please, close this topic.
  16. I am willing to bid as well. 110 SC.
  17. Many people already did or have a variant of a sharp cross like thing. I wanted to do that as well, but then I thought that it may not have been sharp enough. So, in my image I completely collapsed the corners. [attachment=2435:Sharp.png]
  18. This topic states Necrovion succession. Why not ask about the monarchy from the beginning, from Khalazdad on?
  19. I can tell you about savelfuser when he was young and had not even desired an alliance of his own, up to the point where he left the first triumvirate of GG to found the savellites. Then a bit about his activities until he left. After that you are on your own.
  20. Again, quite interesting. It counters the symbol, but still powers it. So what I thought was that it is opposite to the line, not the symbol itself and since it counters and is opposite to it, I thought that it'd be best to place the dot at the beginning of the supposed line if the circle was full. Then I realized the dot was a bit too big and I downsized it. Kind of like Great Guba. [attachment=2382:Dot.png]
  21. I found the posts before me intriguing. To me circle means open, so I thought that was a nice addition. I wanted to do a cross in the square and say that it was closed, but someone already did that so I tried to cancel it. [attachment=2377:Canceled.png] Also, I think someone did a sideways triangle with the elongated tip to the right, much like the play button on many devices. It wasn't until this point that I realized that circle may have meant open to many others as well, and that they may have seen the square as closed, or negative, to begin with. As such, since they already did that, I decided to look at the square as open, or positive and fill it up to cancel it. So... a filled up square it is. (canceled)
  22. I inversed most possible things... But I did it in simplistic ways. Straight to circle, circle to straight. big to small, small to big, or up vs. down and down vs. up. I would've done left vs. right, but that wouldn't have made any difference. Heck, I did left vs. right as well. Inversed the colors. Now that I look at it, the first picture looks like a sunrise seen from space with earth being the small circle. And the inverse looks like sunset on earth, on earth. But that's just me. [attachment=2333:Inverse.png]
  23. Ugh.. Indyra and Yoshi asked me to exchange christmass cards. I was just wondering how many people wanted a christmass card from me, so that I don't have to go to and fro from the shop to get individual christmass cards. ¬_¬, I know that there is already a topic about christmass card exchange, but this is the offtopic forum (spam allowed ), a general invitation to come and find me, [b]because I will not come find you and pm you[/b] and if you hadn't noticed yet, a weak and meager attempt to dissuade people from trying to actually force me to get more cards. Humbug! Anyway, if you wish to annoy me more, or have an actual dying need to acquire an angrily written, yet awesomely awesome, christmass card, to put on display, then find me at berserker's way or wind's sanctuary, before 16th of december. Because that's the deadline before I send out the cards, after that, I'll ignore your meek pleas for a paper object of social and cultural significance. ¬_¬
  24. You state that writers will be compensated. With a pickle point. Care to explain how this is done exactly? (how much do you need to get an actual tangible reward? What types of reward are there?) Also, is it allowed to provide more questions in a topic, once it has been started, without editorial consultation? Besides that, is it allowed to just make small comments and remarks, which lean more closely to reminiscence, or vague rumours, rather than an actual story?
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