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  1. An enormous chat log is to follow.. and it isn't even the full chat log of today. There were some extra challenges after challenge nr. 4 With 5 being, find the laboratory and into the tunnel 6 being, survive the tunnel 7 being, make sense of the laboratory and find out the killer. Team Merry Devilers finally did it, with some coaxing, they found out that the killer is Udgard. Arsenic poisoning. [log=partial log of today] *From: Lifeline (ID:102239) *sent 46 minutes and 7 seconds ago Read later RE:Chatlog roundabout: [19/04/11 20:50] *Shadowseeker*:Hmm.. [19/04/11 20:50] Metal Bunny:What do you wish to do? [19/04/11 20:50] *Burns*: (2nd riddle in our list) [19/04/11 20:53] Metal Bunny:I count 4 people [19/04/11 20:53] Metal Bunny:What do you wish to do? [19/04/11 20:53] *Lightsage*:You count 4? [19/04/11 20:54] Nimrodel: [19/04/11 20:54] Metal Bunny:Ah, you weren't in the online thingy yet [19/04/11 20:54] Metal Bunny:5 now [19/04/11 20:54] Nimrodel: (BunnBunns clue for the second riddle) [19/04/11 20:55] Metal Bunny:And unlock the obstacles you meet [19/04/11 20:55] Metal Bunny:This door a given clue finds But I open worlds and minds [19/04/11 20:55] Metal Bunny:These lines are the most important [19/04/11 20:55] Metal Bunny:Also, think about why that riddle is there [19/04/11 20:57] Nimrodel:Common Sense? >> [19/04/11 20:57] Metal Bunny:I can't give answers? >> [19/04/11 20:57] Metal Bunny: (You guys could always do what the letter says and burn down the house) [19/04/11 20:57] Nimrodel:Should I go ahead and try writing? >> [19/04/11 20:58] Nimrodel:Ok.. *summons her three angiens* [19/04/11 20:58] *Burns*:Let me, i still have a left hand. [19/04/11 20:58] :Nimrodel nods [19/04/11 20:59] Metal Bunny:You are at the well, what do you wish to do? [19/04/11 20:59] Nimrodel:Burn the house... [19/04/11 21:00] Metal Bunny:You are not at the house yet [19/04/11 21:00] Metal Bunny:I assume you are now traveling there [19/04/11 21:00] Nimrodel:or maybe write first >> [19/04/11 21:00] Metal Bunny:You arrive at Oetzi's house [19/04/11 21:00] Metal Bunny:it is a simple wooden cabin [19/04/11 21:00] Metal Bunny:2 windows, 1 door and a chimney [19/04/11 21:01] Metal Bunny:What do you wish to do? [19/04/11 21:02] Metal Bunny: (wow, taking this long to figure out a game plan? lol) [19/04/11 21:04] *Burns*: (We're just too stupid to figure the riddle... -.-) [19/04/11 21:04] Metal Bunny: (lol) [19/04/11 21:06] *Lightsage*:Hmmm... *looks at the centerpeace and coughs* [19/04/11 21:07] Metal Bunny:what centerpeace? [19/04/11 21:07] *Lightsage*:The one that sais the bunny looks up at me... [19/04/11 21:08] *Burns*: (Cutler's, probably unrelated to the quest ) [19/04/11 21:08] :Nimrodel searches for writing material [19/04/11 21:09] Nimrodel: (as in quills >>) [19/04/11 21:09] Metal Bunny:It is the same door as Mordred's door, a heavy thick wooden door, with a riddle on it and a feather in the corner [19/04/11 21:10] *Lightsage*:Well, tell us the riddle? [19/04/11 21:10] :Nimrodel takes the feather and writes the words 'common sense' with it [19/04/11 21:10] Nimrodel: [Forum link] [19/04/11 21:10] Metal Bunny:You guys already know the riddle, don't make me time consuming stuff [19/04/11 21:10] Metal Bunny: [19/04/11 21:10] Nimrodel: (there you go lighty) [19/04/11 21:10] Metal Bunny:As Nimrodel writes common sense on the door [19/04/11 21:11] Metal Bunny:something strange happens [19/04/11 21:11] :Nimrodel drops the quill and hides behind samuel [19/04/11 21:11] Metal Bunny:the ground on which Nimrodel stands starts to shake [19/04/11 21:11] Metal Bunny:A few moments after Nimrodel runs away, spikes appear from underground, impaling the air, for about 3 square feet [19/04/11 21:12] :*Burns* jumps off Sammy and goes to the other end of the fountain [19/04/11 21:12] Metal Bunny:or 1 square meter [19/04/11 21:12] Nimrodel:I say burn the friggin house >< [19/04/11 21:12] Metal Bunny:The spikes retreat into the ground [19/04/11 21:12] Metal Bunny:What do you wish to do? [19/04/11 21:13] Nimrodel: *mumbles in samuel's ears* Run through the wall beat down the house to bits and burnsy will love you more than ever [19/04/11 21:14] :Nimrodel watches samuel attempt what she ordered him to do [19/04/11 21:14] :*Lightsage* walks to the door, writes down, "Riddle" and runs for his life [19/04/11 21:15] :Nimrodel sends her angiens natsu, wendy and gajeel, and drachorns Panther lily, Carla and Happy to assist Samuel [19/04/11 21:15] Metal Bunny:Wait, please choose what you want to do [19/04/11 21:15] Metal Bunny:Lightsage or Nim? [19/04/11 21:15] Metal Bunny:also, what is samuel? [19/04/11 21:15] Nimrodel:Lightsage first [19/04/11 21:15] Nimrodel:A pimp fluffeh [19/04/11 21:16] Metal Bunny:As lightsage writes the word riddle on the door [19/04/11 21:16] *Burns*:A gay Pimped Grasan that's having a crush on me. -.- [19/04/11 21:16] Metal Bunny:Nothing happens for 3 seconds [19/04/11 21:16] Metal Bunny:The the door falls down with an enormously heavy thud, showing a tiny glimpse of inside [19/04/11 21:16] Metal Bunny:before coming back up again [19/04/11 21:16] :*Lightsage* smirks [19/04/11 21:16] Metal Bunny:The door slides back into place [19/04/11 21:16] :*Lightsage* puts [19/04/11 21:16] *Lightsage*:*pouts [19/04/11 21:17] Nimrodel:My turn now.. [19/04/11 21:17] *Lightsage*:What did we see in that glimpse? [19/04/11 21:17] Metal Bunny:A bed [19/04/11 21:17] Metal Bunny:You think [19/04/11 21:17] Metal Bunny:with something like a table or something, on the left [19/04/11 21:17] Metal Bunny:What do you want to do? [19/04/11 21:18] Nimrodel:I say burn the house? >> [19/04/11 21:19] *Shadowseeker*:And risk burning evidence? [19/04/11 21:19] Metal Bunny:Does everyone agree? [19/04/11 21:19] *Shadowseeker*:Break it maybe? [19/04/11 21:19] Nimrodel:Ok.. *calls her angiens back* [19/04/11 21:20] :Nimrodel sends the other two pimps pervy mike and shemhazaj as well to assist her crits [19/04/11 21:20] Metal Bunny:LOL [19/04/11 21:20] Nimrodel: () [19/04/11 21:21] Nimrodel:Everyone ok with this? [19/04/11 21:21] *Burns*:Yeah, break the walls down. [19/04/11 21:21] Metal Bunny:As the creatures start pounding on the walls, something strange happens [19/04/11 21:22] Metal Bunny:The unmistakeably shaking of the ground can be felt near the walls as well [19/04/11 21:22] Metal Bunny:The walls start crumbling, but slow creatures such as grasans are getting impaled [19/04/11 21:22] :Nimrodel summons the grasans back and heals them with her vitality [19/04/11 21:22] Metal Bunny:As you continue to try and break the walls nothing remarkable happens [19/04/11 21:22] Metal Bunny:it takes time [19/04/11 21:23] Nimrodel:Shadow... you have the diary right? [19/04/11 21:23] Metal Bunny:Finally [19/04/11 21:23] Metal Bunny:The wall crumbles [19/04/11 21:23] sasha lilias:Hello all *smiles* [19/04/11 21:24] Metal Bunny:It falls to the inside, the corners tumble with it [19/04/11 21:24] Metal Bunny:and the roof collapses [19/04/11 21:24] Metal Bunny:As the roof collapses, debris falls on the floors [19/04/11 21:24] Metal Bunny:You hear the unmistakeable clicking and ticking of traps being activated [19/04/11 21:25] Metal Bunny:You hear multiple clicks and ticks at the same time, some fast some slow [19/04/11 21:25] Metal Bunny:10 - 7 - 30 [19/04/11 21:25] Metal Bunny:9- 6- 29 [19/04/11 21:25] :Nimrodel hides behind her angien [19/04/11 21:25] Metal Bunny:8 - 5 - 28 [19/04/11 21:25] Metal Bunny:7-4-27 [19/04/11 21:25] Metal Bunny:-6-3-26 [19/04/11 21:25] Metal Bunny:5-2-25 [19/04/11 21:25] :*Burns* sits on a tree with a thick trunk [19/04/11 21:25] Metal Bunny:4-1-24 [19/04/11 21:25] :Nimrodel hides the others behind her crits as well [19/04/11 21:25] Metal Bunny:From the middle of the floor a large metal rod appears [19/04/11 21:26] Metal Bunny:it then suddenly extrudes more, long horizontal rods [19/04/11 21:26] Metal Bunny:the rods start spinning [19/04/11 21:26] Metal Bunny:It is hitting debris and pieces of roof and wall are flying through the air [19/04/11 21:26] Metal Bunny:2- 22 [19/04/11 21:26] Metal Bunny:1 - 21 [19/04/11 21:27] Metal Bunny:From the 3 standing walls fire bursts from hidden spots [19/04/11 21:27] Metal Bunny:the wall that is on the floor, broken, leaks oil [19/04/11 21:27] Metal Bunny:the oil is catching flame as well, and now flying pieces of burning debris is hurtling in your direction [19/04/11 21:28] Metal Bunny:Lightsage is hit in the face with a large burning piece of hard wood [19/04/11 21:28] Metal Bunny: (seriously, take cover dude) [19/04/11 21:28] Nimrodel: (i hid them behind my crits buns) _ [19/04/11 21:28] Metal Bunny:The metal rod in the middle is slowing down, as it can't handle all the damage of hitting wood all the time [19/04/11 21:28] Metal Bunny: (didn't read that) [19/04/11 21:29] Nimrodel: (now you know ) [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny:A flying piece of debris hurtles into the sky and hits a bird [19/04/11 21:29] *Shadowseeker*:Grilled? [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny:the bird falls to the ground, and hits Lightsage on the head, but it is a very small injury [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny:At least now you have dinner [19/04/11 21:29] Nimrodel: (=) )) [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny: (huuungryyy) [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny:Anyway, 15 [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny:14 [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny:13 [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny:12 [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny:11 [19/04/11 21:29] Metal Bunny:10 [19/04/11 21:30] Metal Bunny:9 [19/04/11 21:30] :*Shadowseeker* takes cover [19/04/11 21:30] Metal Bunny:The fire rages on, uncontrollably [19/04/11 21:30] Metal Bunny:the metal spike in the middle, finally stops, completely broken [19/04/11 21:30] :*Shadowseeker* summons 2 water daimons to extinguish it [19/04/11 21:30] Metal Bunny:8 [19/04/11 21:30] Metal Bunny:7 [19/04/11 21:30] Metal Bunny:6 [19/04/11 21:30] Metal Bunny:5 [19/04/11 21:30] Metal Bunny:The water daimons have trouble keeping the fire under control [19/04/11 21:31] :*Shadowseeker* summons two elementals to remove some fire as well [19/04/11 21:31] :*Burns* sends some birds to freeze the flames [19/04/11 21:31] :Nimrodel sends her birds to freeze the fire [19/04/11 21:31] Metal Bunny:the fire in the house is dying down, slightly, but the flying pieces of debris from earlier is causing the forest around you to slowly light on fire [19/04/11 21:31] Metal Bunny:4 [19/04/11 21:31] Metal Bunny:3 [19/04/11 21:31] Metal Bunny:The trees around you are catching fire, rapidly [19/04/11 21:31] *Shadowseeker*:Rush to extinguish the forest as well now.. [19/04/11 21:31] :*Shadowseeker* have my drachorn just chop them and toss them into the fountain [19/04/11 21:31] Metal Bunny:the fire of the house is getting under control, due to the birds and more elementals [19/04/11 21:31] Metal Bunny:2 [19/04/11 21:32] Metal Bunny:1 [19/04/11 21:32] :Nimrodel sends her elementals as well [19/04/11 21:32] *Shadowseeker*:*drachorns [19/04/11 21:32] Metal Bunny:With a loud groan the metal spikes falls down [19/04/11 21:32] Metal Bunny:spike* [19/04/11 21:32] *Shadowseeker*:I switch control to the forest now with my creatures. [19/04/11 21:32] Metal Bunny:From out of nowhere the entire floor of what was previously the house [19/04/11 21:32] Metal Bunny:falls down a few inches [19/04/11 21:33] Nimrodel:''>> [19/04/11 21:33] Metal Bunny:The forest is getting under control, but the house keeps burning [19/04/11 21:33] Metal Bunny:albeit slightly less [19/04/11 21:33] Metal Bunny:from the sides of the new 'pit', crawl an enormous amount of fist sized beetles [19/04/11 21:33] *Burns*_o [19/04/11 21:33] Metal Bunny:The beetles seem enraged, and some spit fire, others spit acid [19/04/11 21:33] Metal Bunny:they get organized and charge you [19/04/11 21:33] :*Shadowseeker* summons angiens to massively burn them away [19/04/11 21:34] :*Burns* jumps into the fountain and hopes beetles don't swim [19/04/11 21:34] Metal Bunny:The beetles that spit acid run away [19/04/11 21:34] Metal Bunny:the ones that spit fire dont and keep rushing you [19/04/11 21:34] Metal Bunny:they are getting in range [19/04/11 21:34] Metal Bunny:3 [19/04/11 21:34] Metal Bunny:2 [19/04/11 21:34] :Nimrodel sends her birds to eat the beetles [19/04/11 21:34] Metal Bunny:1 [19/04/11 21:34] :*Shadowseeker* summons Sharpshooters [19/04/11 21:34] Nimrodel::3 [19/04/11 21:34] Metal Bunny:You are now in range of getting burned, the acid beetles return [19/04/11 21:34] *Shadowseeker*:The sharpshooters pluck the closest ones off. [19/04/11 21:35] *Shadowseeker*:Rapid fire mode. [19/04/11 21:35] Metal Bunny:as the birds attack the beetles, some others cling to the birds.. and start eating [19/04/11 21:35] :Nimrodel asks the drachorns eat them as well [19/04/11 21:35] Metal Bunny:you hold some of them off but the beetles are now attacking the ones that aren't being defended properly [19/04/11 21:35] *Shadowseeker*:I call a few priests, and their vigorous mumbling steals the energy of the beetles to give them to the birds. [19/04/11 21:35] Metal Bunny:Burns is now in water, but is going to be drowned in beetles [19/04/11 21:35] Metal Bunny:Eon as well [19/04/11 21:35] *Shadowseeker*:I cast- [19/04/11 21:36] Metal Bunny:A dozen or so beetles drop dead from loss of energy [19/04/11 21:36] :[Spell] The Order of the Crimson Cross- *Burns* [19/04/11 21:36] :[Spell] The Order of the Crimson Cross- Eon [19/04/11 21:36] Metal Bunny:the acid beetles are returning [19/04/11 21:36] :*Burns* dives and has his aramors hack the beetles [19/04/11 21:36] Metal Bunny:Now burns and eon are being eaten alive, except they can handle it due to the spell [19/04/11 21:36] Metal Bunny:the beetles chasing burns drown, chasing him [19/04/11 21:36] *Shadowseeker*:My sharpshooters instead of using single arrows now just go ahead and use multiple arrows per shot. [19/04/11 21:36] Metal Bunny:Eon's beetles enjoy an endless buffet [19/04/11 21:37] :[Spell] Strengthen the Order- *Burns* [19/04/11 21:37] *Shadowseeker*:I just call my darkling. [19/04/11 21:37] :Nimrodel asks her blood pacts to assist her chaos in murdering the beetles [19/04/11 21:37] Metal Bunny:The fire beetles are cut down to just a small group, but the acid ones return [19/04/11 21:37] *Shadowseeker*:It vigorously chews Eon's beetles off. [19/04/11 21:37] *Shadowseeker*:The acid ones, my drachorns and angiens are summoned to. [19/04/11 21:37] Metal Bunny:Eon manages to live [19/04/11 21:37] Metal Bunny:The fire beetles are now dead [19/04/11 21:38] Metal Bunny:The acid ones are being burned [19/04/11 21:38] Metal Bunny:Meanwhile, the forest around you, is in a really big fat fire [19/04/11 21:38] Metal Bunny:also, the house is kinda destroyed to a big fat black crisp [19/04/11 21:38] :*Shadowseeker* mutters and massively curses the fire [19/04/11 21:38] Metal Bunny: (mmmh.. big fat.. huunnggrrryyy ) [19/04/11 21:38] :*Burns* comes up to breath and squished a beetle [19/04/11 21:38] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Metal Bunny [19/04/11 21:38] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Metal Bunny [19/04/11 21:38] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Metal Bunny [19/04/11 21:38] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Metal Bunny [19/04/11 21:38] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Metal Bunny [19/04/11 21:38] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Metal Bunny [19/04/11 21:39] *Shadowseeker*:Spell failed [19/04/11 21:39] *Shadowseeker*:Spell failed [19/04/11 21:39] *Shadowseeker*:Spell failed [19/04/11 21:39] :Nimrodel rummages through the ashes and searches for a key [19/04/11 21:39] Metal Bunny:The acid beetles are now dead [19/04/11 21:39] Metal Bunny: (hey, don't blame me) [19/04/11 21:39] *Shadowseeker*:The fire should now have a better spot to burn.. [19/04/11 21:39] *Shadowseeker*:You [19/04/11 21:39] Metal Bunny: (I'm not really here ) [19/04/11 21:39] Metal Bunny: (I am MC ) [19/04/11 21:39] *Shadowseeker*:Then the empty spot.. [19/04/11 21:39] :Nimrodel searches for the key in the ashes [19/04/11 21:39] Metal Bunny:Meanwhile, because no one is doing anything, the forest keeps burning [19/04/11 21:39] *Shadowseeker*: (I curse so much that the energy is sucked out, which in returns draws the heat in) [19/04/11 21:39] Metal Bunny:the leaves on the ground are starting to burn [19/04/11 21:40] :Nimrodel sends the rest of the crits to control the fires [19/04/11 21:40] *Shadowseeker*: (which removes the fire) [19/04/11 21:40] Metal Bunny:Nimrodel is searching [19/04/11 21:40] :*Burns* takes a bird on his shoulder to blow ashes and dust away, rummaging for a green key [19/04/11 21:40] Metal Bunny:Nimrodel finds a blue key [19/04/11 21:40] Metal Bunny:in what used to be.. a desk? [19/04/11 21:40] :*Shadowseeker* calls his creatures to keep the fire under control [19/04/11 21:40] :Nimrodel pockets the blue key and searches for more keys [19/04/11 21:40] Metal Bunny:the forest fire is hard to get under control [19/04/11 21:40] Metal Bunny:since it raged uncontrollably for so long [19/04/11 21:41] Metal Bunny:Nimrodel keeps searching [19/04/11 21:41] *Shadowseeker*:I just order my creatures to dig trenches and lay counter fires. [19/04/11 21:41] Metal Bunny: (I am laughing my ass off here) [19/04/11 21:41] Nimrodel: ( )) [19/04/11 21:41] Metal Bunny:Nimrodel finds a red key [19/04/11 21:41] *Shadowseeker*: *kicks Lightsage* Help? [19/04/11 21:41] Metal Bunny:Lightsage is on fire [19/04/11 21:41] :Nimrodel pockets the red key as well and continues searching [19/04/11 21:42] *Shadowseeker*: *walks over to Eon, and kicks him as well* You could at least summon the creatures, if you are around. [19/04/11 21:42] Metal Bunny:The forest fire is still hard to control [19/04/11 21:42] :*Burns* wonders why Nim finds keys and he doesn't [19/04/11 21:42] :*Shadowseeker* tosses Lightsage into the well to extinguish him [19/04/11 21:42] Metal Bunny:Nimrodel is searching [19/04/11 21:42] Metal Bunny:Burns is searching (you just said you used birds, lol) [19/04/11 21:42] *Burns*:So am I! [19/04/11 21:42] Metal Bunny:Lightsage is extinguished [19/04/11 21:42] Metal Bunny:Burns finds a yellow key [19/04/11 21:42] Metal Bunny:Nimrodel finds a green key [19/04/11 21:43] Metal Bunny:The forest fire is getting under control [19/04/11 21:43] Nimrodel: (Epic comeby bunny ) [19/04/11 21:43] *Burns*:Hooray! *pockets it and searches on* [19/04/11 21:43] Nimrodel: *pockets it* Lets run!! [19/04/11 21:43] Metal Bunny:Burns keeps searching [19/04/11 21:43] Nimrodel: (comedy*) [19/04/11 21:43] *Burns*:Nim, you have the gree? [19/04/11 21:43] Metal Bunny:The forest fire is getting under control, if only because there is no more forest left to burn [19/04/11 21:43] :Eon summons his remain [19/04/11 21:43] Nimrodel: ( ) [19/04/11 21:44] Nimrodel:yes burns.. [19/04/11 21:44] *Shadowseeker*:Oh no you don't.. [19/04/11 21:44] :*Shadowseeker* has his drachorn toss the remains into the fountain just so it won't burn [19/04/11 21:45] *Burns*:Mhm... Screw the forest, let's go for the lab. [19/04/11 21:45] Nimrodel: [19/04/11 21:45] Metal Bunny:the forest fire is diminishing rapidly, and for some odd reason, you can see a lot further as well [19/04/11 21:45] Nimrodel:Lets go shadow!! [19/04/11 21:45] *Shadowseeker*:Where is the lab? [19/04/11 21:45] Nimrodel:Labyard [19/04/11 21:46] Metal Bunny:The forest fire is out.. and you can see empty black land for a large range around you [19/04/11 21:46] Nimrodel:oh wait!! [19/04/11 21:46] :Nimrodel moves a hundred paces north [19/04/11 21:47] :*Burns* brushes the burnt leaves off the trapdoor [19/04/11 21:48] Metal Bunny:the trapdoor is in full view [19/04/11 21:48] Metal Bunny:the trapdoor has something written on it in red letters [19/04/11 21:48] Metal Bunny:it has a lock [19/04/11 21:48] :Nimrodel reads it [19/04/11 21:48] Metal Bunny:The red letters say: [19/04/11 21:48] Metal Bunny:Beware magicians and summoners [19/04/11 21:49] Nimrodel:Evill bunbun [19/04/11 21:49] Metal Bunny: (what?) [19/04/11 21:49] :Nimrodel bends and unlocks the trapdoor with the green key and pockets it safely again [19/04/11 21:49] Metal Bunny:You are all tired, bruised, eaten, burned or something else [19/04/11 21:49] Metal Bunny:Are you sure you wish to continue? [19/04/11 21:49] Nimrodel: (we cant use crits or spells inside? ) [19/04/11 21:50] Metal Bunny: (nope, but you will notice that later on) [19/04/11 21:50] Nimrodel:I do.. [19/04/11 21:50] *Shadowseeker*:I'm staying out, food and such. [19/04/11 21:50] Metal Bunny:Who else wishes to enter? [19/04/11 21:50] Nimrodel: (go have dinner and come if you are hungry buns..) [19/04/11 21:50] Metal Bunny:yeah, I have dinner in 30-45 mins [19/04/11 21:51] *Burns*:Huzzah! Off into the unknown! [19/04/11 21:51] Metal Bunny:After a while the trapdoor locks into place again [19/04/11 21:51] *Burns*:You got your green key, didn't you, Nim [19/04/11 21:51] Metal Bunny:Warning, you will want as many people as you can get [19/04/11 21:52] Nimrodel:Yes Burns... I did [19/04/11 21:52] Nimrodel: (its now or never buns.... its ending tonight.. we'll take our chances I think.. what say burns?) [19/04/11 21:52] Metal Bunny: (2 people is not enough, for certain) [19/04/11 21:53] Metal Bunny: (7 is good) [19/04/11 21:53] Nimrodel: (O_O) [19/04/11 21:53] *Shadowseeker*:Bunny.. [19/04/11 21:53] Metal Bunny:3-4 is challenging [19/04/11 21:53] *Shadowseeker*:That's a ridic amount considering not even your own team [19/04/11 21:53] *Shadowseeker*:mustered that many at once lol [19/04/11 21:54] Metal Bunny:really? [19/04/11 21:54] Metal Bunny:7 isn't that much, Fyrd said your team had at least 2 dozen members [19/04/11 21:54] *Shadowseeker*:you had that many as well [19/04/11 21:54] *Shadowseeker*:And I had to fill 2/3 of my challenge with non bunnies [19/04/11 21:54] Metal Bunny:yup, and we also have 7 active at the same time [19/04/11 21:54] *Shadowseeker*:plus that was spread over a lot of timezones- [19/04/11 21:55] *Shadowseeker*:so theoretically we shouldve gotten over half bunnies [19/04/11 21:55] Metal Bunny:yeah, which is why I disliked letting everybody who wanted into the team, because you can't rely on them [19/04/11 21:55] *Shadowseeker*:we/I [19/04/11 21:55] *Shadowseeker*:Exactly..even if we have Eon and Lighty on our team per se, or Yala [19/04/11 21:55] *Shadowseeker*:They're here but not really doing anything.. [19/04/11 21:55] Metal Bunny:I can change the challenge so that it suits 4 people, but it will make my heart hurt [19/04/11 21:56] Metal Bunny: *snik snif* oh my hard work.. [19/04/11 21:56] *Shadowseeker*:Why do you think I ignored Murs orders and put non bunnies into mine? [19/04/11 21:56] *Lightsage*:I'm here, now... [19/04/11 21:56] *Lightsage*:And will be for a while. [19/04/11 21:56] Metal Bunny:lol [19/04/11 21:56] *Lightsage*:Man has to have dinner. [19/04/11 21:56] Metal Bunny:I know, Mur also said to not have challenges on the last day [19/04/11 21:56] Metal Bunny:we almost always ignore mur [19/04/11 21:56] *Shadowseeker*:Which is kinda what you#re doing lol.. [19/04/11 21:57] Metal Bunny:I know, but .. I worked so hard on this [19/04/11 21:57] Metal Bunny:Well, not really... but still [19/04/11 21:57] *Shadowseeker*:Make it so it's manageable with 4? [19/04/11 21:57] Metal Bunny:fine.. [19/04/11 21:57] Metal Bunny:T_T bunny sad [19/04/11 21:57] Nimrodel:Can we god mode bun buns? [19/04/11 21:57] Nimrodel::3 [19/04/11 21:57] Metal Bunny:did you read the first topic? [19/04/11 21:57] Metal Bunny:god mod and punishment happens.. in hilarious ways [19/04/11 21:58] Nimrodel: *sighs* well then just four here.. [19/04/11 21:58] Metal Bunny:T_T bunny sad [19/04/11 21:59] Metal Bunny:Alright, who is going in? [19/04/11 21:59] Nimrodel:I am [19/04/11 21:59] Nimrodel:Burns is [19/04/11 21:59] *Lightsage*:Me, I guess. [19/04/11 21:59] *Burns*:Me too! [19/04/11 21:59] *Shadowseeker*:and me. [19/04/11 21:59] Nimrodel:Shadow? >.> [19/04/11 22:00] Nimrodel: [19/04/11 22:00] Nimrodel:YAY! [19/04/11 22:00] Metal Bunny:alright, 4 people? [19/04/11 22:00] Metal Bunny:Or is eon coming as well? [19/04/11 22:00] Nimrodel: *prods eon* You wanna come? [19/04/11 22:00] *Shemhazaj*:hello [19/04/11 22:00] Metal Bunny:You guys could kidnap eon and use him as a living shield.. *cough* [19/04/11 22:00] :Eon summons his remains [19/04/11 22:00] Nimrodel:Shem? You wanna come inside the trap door? [19/04/11 22:00] *Shadowseeker*:Oh, and we drag Shemhazaj. [19/04/11 22:00] *Shadowseeker*:Not Eon. [19/04/11 22:00] Metal Bunny:Hi shem [19/04/11 22:00] *Shadowseeker*:We use Shem as a human shield. [19/04/11 22:01] *Shemhazaj*:uhm... sure, I guess... [19/04/11 22:01] Nimrodel:>> Nuh [19/04/11 22:01] *Shadowseeker*:For Yala. [19/04/11 22:01] Metal Bunny:lol.. so 5 people entering the doomed hallway, I mean, the trapdoor? [19/04/11 22:01] *Lightsage*:Can I have Yala as human sheild... [19/04/11 22:01] *Burns*:5 people with 9 hands, yeah. [19/04/11 22:01] Nimrodel: *pokes shem* say something [19/04/11 22:01] *Shadowseeker*:I think just for the cause...we kidnap Eon. [19/04/11 22:01] *Lightsage*:If I can, she can use shem [19/04/11 22:01] Metal Bunny:Shem said yes [19/04/11 22:01] Metal Bunny:So, you are with 6 now [19/04/11 22:02] Nimrodel:>.> [19/04/11 22:02] Nimrodel:ok.. [19/04/11 22:02] *Lightsage*:Which means 5 won't make it through. [19/04/11 22:02] Metal Bunny:eh? >, we shall see [19/04/11 22:02] Metal Bunny:Alright, please start [19/04/11 22:02] Metal Bunny:My dinner is almost done [19/04/11 22:03] :*Lightsage* looks arround [19/04/11 22:03] *Shadowseeker*:Eon goes ahead *cough* pushed *cough* [19/04/11 22:03] *Burns*:Okay, so? What is here, Mr. MC? [19/04/11 22:03] Metal Bunny:As you enter the trapdoor it is dark [19/04/11 22:03] Metal Bunny:it is a narrow tunnel, going down [19/04/11 22:03] *Shadowseeker*:I light a torch. [19/04/11 22:03] Metal Bunny:all 6 of you are in and you can hear the trapdoor relocking itself [19/04/11 22:03] Metal Bunny:there is light now [19/04/11 22:04] Metal Bunny:as 6 of you keep moving [19/04/11 22:04] Metal Bunny:the tunnel widens and enlargens [19/04/11 22:04] Metal Bunny:you come against a dead end [19/04/11 22:04] Metal Bunny:With a large bang, a wall falls down, behind you [19/04/11 22:04] Metal Bunny:you are trapped [19/04/11 22:04] Metal Bunny:you hear a ticking [19/04/11 22:05] *Lightsage*:Run! [19/04/11 22:05] Metal Bunny:As you look around, you see something written on the wall on your left [19/04/11 22:05] *Shadowseeker*:What was the name of the teddy! [19/04/11 22:05] :*Lightsage* looks at the walls [19/04/11 22:05] *Shemhazaj*:where? it's a dead end... [19/04/11 22:05] Nimrodel:Fluffypoopskins [19/04/11 22:05] *Lightsage*:xD That being the point... [19/04/11 22:05] Metal Bunny:Say my name, it says [19/04/11 22:05] Nimrodel:name of the teddy [19/04/11 22:05] Nimrodel:Fluffypoopskins [19/04/11 22:06] Metal Bunny:saying fluffy poopskins doesn't work [19/04/11 22:06] *Lightsage*:mordred [19/04/11 22:06] Metal Bunny:the ticking is slow [19/04/11 22:06] Nimrodel:Fluffy poopskin? [19/04/11 22:06] *Shemhazaj*:my name... [19/04/11 22:06] Metal Bunny:As you say mordred a voice appears from nowhere, echoing through the room [19/04/11 22:06] Metal Bunny:Ah Knozz, good that you are finally here [19/04/11 22:06] Metal Bunny:You can hear me, I can't hear you, just like we rehearsed [19/04/11 22:07] Metal Bunny:Riddle me this knozz [19/04/11 22:07] Metal Bunny:Well, not so much of a riddle.. [19/04/11 22:07] Metal Bunny:You have 10 seconds to write on the wall [19/04/11 22:07] Metal Bunny:My full name [19/04/11 22:07] Metal Bunny:9 [19/04/11 22:07] Metal Bunny:8 [19/04/11 22:07] Metal Bunny:7 [19/04/11 22:07] Metal Bunny:6 [19/04/11 22:07] :Nimrodel writes Mordred Nitratos [19/04/11 22:07] Metal Bunny:5 [19/04/11 22:08] *Lightsage*:Mordred [19/04/11 22:08] *Burns*:Mordred Nitratus. [19/04/11 22:08] *Shemhazaj*: *writes* my full name [19/04/11 22:08] *Shadowseeker*:Lord Mordred Nitratus [19/04/11 22:08] Metal Bunny:Even though nimrodel writes with her fingers [19/04/11 22:08] :*Shadowseeker* writes on the wall as well [19/04/11 22:08] Metal Bunny:it still seems to work [19/04/11 22:08] Metal Bunny:the ticking stopped [19/04/11 22:08] Metal Bunny:and the wall that was a dead end, goes up [19/04/11 22:08] Metal Bunny:it seems you have no choice but to move forward [19/04/11 22:08] *Burns*:Well done Nimmy! [19/04/11 22:09] Nimrodel:-.- [19/04/11 22:09] *Lightsage*:Oh, no.... [19/04/11 22:09] *Lightsage*:We're staying here. [19/04/11 22:09] :Nimrodel moves forwards [19/04/11 22:09] *Lightsage*:It's an evil world out there. [19/04/11 22:09] Metal Bunny:Nimrodel moves forward, everyone else is staying behind.. apparently [19/04/11 22:09] *Burns*:We all go on. And we're totally surprised to be lokced again. [19/04/11 22:09] *Shadowseeker*:I keep up with her. [19/04/11 22:09] *Shadowseeker*:And I push the rest with me. [19/04/11 22:10] *Shadowseeker*:Who doesn't get pushed gets dragged- [19/04/11 22:10] Metal Bunny:As you move on, you immediately see another wall [19/04/11 22:10] Nimrodel: [19/04/11 22:10] :*Lightsage* is comfortable being dragged arround by shadow [19/04/11 22:10] Metal Bunny:the wall behind you, unsurprisingly, slowly goes down [19/04/11 22:10] Metal Bunny:you hear a slow ticking again [19/04/11 22:10] Metal Bunny:On the wall to your left it says: [19/04/11 22:10] Nimrodel:damn -.- [19/04/11 22:10] Metal Bunny:Luanda Holiday [19/04/11 22:11] Nimrodel:Fluffy poopskins [19/04/11 22:11] Metal Bunny:As Nimrodel talks, Mordred's voice comes back [19/04/11 22:11] *Shemhazaj*:you seem to really like that name Nim [19/04/11 22:11] Metal Bunny:He sounds drunk [19/04/11 22:11] :Metal Bunny hic [19/04/11 22:11] Metal Bunny:Hey Knozz *hic* [19/04/11 22:12] *Lightsage*: ( Also, I was a bit in a drunken mood, so one q-------is about that ghastly teddy bear of Luanda. ) [19/04/11 22:12] Metal Bunny:Right, *hic* , gimme the name of that horrible thing I use to wipe my [censored] and [censored] [19/04/11 22:12] Metal Bunny:you have.. 100000 seconds hahaha [19/04/11 22:12] Metal Bunny:ehe.. *hic* [19/04/11 22:12] Metal Bunny:no really, you have 4.. no 7 minutes *hic* [19/04/11 22:13] Nimrodel:Fluffy poopskins? [19/04/11 22:13] Metal Bunny:You hear the ticking going faster [19/04/11 22:13] Metal Bunny:As you say Fluffy poopskins, the ticking stops and wall goes up [19/04/11 22:13] Nimrodel:toilet paper? [19/04/11 22:13] Nimrodel:-.- [19/04/11 22:13] Nimrodel:This lab is scary.. [19/04/11 22:13] Metal Bunny:I assume all of you are continuing [19/04/11 22:13] *Burns*:We're still in the tunnel, not the lab. [19/04/11 22:14] Metal Bunny:As you continue, the wall naturally goes down [19/04/11 22:14] Nimrodel:yes [19/04/11 22:14] *Shadowseeker*:Ofc. [19/04/11 22:14] Metal Bunny:On the wall to your left it says: Riddle time [19/04/11 22:14] :*Lightsage* is shocked [19/04/11 22:14] Nimrodel:damn >> [19/04/11 22:14] Metal Bunny:As lightsage talks, the voice of Mordred begins again [19/04/11 22:15] Metal Bunny:Ah Knozz [19/04/11 22:15] Metal Bunny:The voice is serious [19/04/11 22:15] Nimrodel: (easy riddles please buns) [19/04/11 22:15] *Lightsage*: (I talked? o.O) [19/04/11 22:15] Metal Bunny:You are finally here [19/04/11 22:15] Metal Bunny: (I meant nim) [19/04/11 22:15] Metal Bunny:You have 5 minutes to solve the following riddle, once I am done saying it [19/04/11 22:15] Metal Bunny: (these riddles are easy) [19/04/11 22:16] Metal Bunny:Mordred's voice coughs [19/04/11 22:16] Metal Bunny:Let's begin shall we? [19/04/11 22:16] Metal Bunny:I wish to grow, grow, grow and grow [19/04/11 22:16] Metal Bunny:It's all I seem to do [19/04/11 22:16] Metal Bunny:To grow high from a seed so low [19/04/11 22:16] Metal Bunny:Do I grow for you too? [19/04/11 22:16] Metal Bunny:Surely it mustn't be [19/04/11 22:16] *Shadowseeker*:Ambition? [19/04/11 22:16] Metal Bunny:For thou art vastly weaker than I [19/04/11 22:16] Metal Bunny:For survival you need me [19/04/11 22:17] Metal Bunny:Naught but the elements needs my eye [19/04/11 22:17] Metal Bunny:What am I? [19/04/11 22:17] Metal Bunny:As mordred ends, a slow ticking begins [19/04/11 22:17] Nimrodel:desires [19/04/11 22:17] Metal Bunny: (if I don't say anything, it's because it is wrong) [19/04/11 22:18] Nimrodel:tree? [19/04/11 22:18] Nimrodel::3 [19/04/11 22:18] *Lightsage*:Ego [19/04/11 22:18] Metal Bunny:as Nimrodel says tree, the ticking stops [19/04/11 22:18] Metal Bunny:and the wall goes up [19/04/11 22:18] Nimrodel:-.- [19/04/11 22:18] Metal Bunny:You all continue, with Eon being dragged into the next room [19/04/11 22:18] Metal Bunny: (told you it was easy) [19/04/11 22:19] Nimrodel: (yay buns!!) [19/04/11 22:19] Metal Bunny:The wall on the left says goal [19/04/11 22:19] Nimrodel:Lab [19/04/11 22:19] Metal Bunny:As Nimrodel speaks the voice of Mordred begins again [19/04/11 22:19] Metal Bunny:The voice sounds sleepy [19/04/11 22:19] Metal Bunny:Hello Knozz [19/04/11 22:20] Metal Bunny:You have about.. 2 minutes to do this [19/04/11 22:20] Metal Bunny:The question is, obviously [19/04/11 22:20] Nimrodel:>< [19/04/11 22:20] Metal Bunny:Wby do we do, what we do? What is our dream? [19/04/11 22:20] Metal Bunny:why?* [19/04/11 22:20] *Shadowseeker*:Life. [19/04/11 22:20] *Lightsage*:Eternal life. [19/04/11 22:20] Metal Bunny:the ticking begins again, it is faster than usual [19/04/11 22:20] *Shadowseeker*:Eternal life? [19/04/11 22:21] Nimrodel:To live? [19/04/11 22:21] Metal Bunny:Nothing happens, it ticks a bit faster [19/04/11 22:21] *Lightsage*:We don't want to die, the dream is eternal life. [19/04/11 22:21] Nimrodel:Satisfaction [19/04/11 22:21] Metal Bunny:Nothing happens [19/04/11 22:21] Nimrodel:Happiness? [19/04/11 22:21] *Shadowseeker*:Knowledge? [19/04/11 22:21] Metal Bunny:Nothing happens [19/04/11 22:21] *Burns*:To become god. [19/04/11 22:21] *Lightsage*:World domination as ordered by the master bunny? [19/04/11 22:21] Nimrodel:To win [19/04/11 22:22] Metal Bunny:Nothing happens [19/04/11 22:22] *Shemhazaj*:success [19/04/11 22:22] *Shadowseeker*:what did the diary say? [19/04/11 22:22] Metal Bunny:The ticking is faster [19/04/11 22:22] *Shadowseeker*: (wasnt there then) [19/04/11 22:22] *Shemhazaj*:yeah I skipped that lesson... [19/04/11 22:22] Metal Bunny:Diary (and the book you frigging talked to in Mordred's room) says that he wants to rule with the nobility instead of the king [19/04/11 22:22] *Shadowseeker*:Get the book out, Nim [19/04/11 22:22] *Shadowseeker*:rule with nobility [19/04/11 22:22] Nimrodel:We didnt open it >< [19/04/11 22:23] *Shadowseeker*:Strengthen nobility. [19/04/11 22:23] Metal Bunny:the ticking stops [19/04/11 22:23] Nimrodel:For power [19/04/11 22:23] Metal Bunny:the wall goees up [19/04/11 22:23] Metal Bunny: (I could also have said nothing) [19/04/11 22:23] :Nimrodel opens the book and keeps it ready [19/04/11 22:23] Metal Bunny:You all continue into the next room [19/04/11 22:24] *Shadowseeker*: (<- distracted) [19/04/11 22:24] Metal Bunny:on the all on the left it says calculate [19/04/11 22:24] Metal Bunny:wall* [19/04/11 22:24] Metal Bunny:The voice of Mordred begins [19/04/11 22:24] Metal Bunny:Hello? Testing, testing [19/04/11 22:25] Metal Bunny:one two three [19/04/11 22:25] Metal Bunny:Ah yes, for whomever shall be my apprentice, here is a quick riddle for you [19/04/11 22:25] Metal Bunny:it tests your ability to think fast [19/04/11 22:25] Metal Bunny:it is mathematics [19/04/11 22:25] Metal Bunny:Are you ready? [19/04/11 22:25] Metal Bunny:I am sure you are [19/04/11 22:25] Nimrodel:yes [19/04/11 22:25] Metal Bunny:You have 15 seconds from the moment I end my sentence [19/04/11 22:25] Metal Bunny:What is [19/04/11 22:26] Nimrodel:>< [19/04/11 22:26] Metal Bunny:10982 + 234 / 5, aaand GO! [19/04/11 22:26] Metal Bunny:The ticking begins and it is a fast ticking [19/04/11 22:26] *Lightsage*:2243,2 [19/04/11 22:26] Metal Bunny:5 seconds left [19/04/11 22:26] Metal Bunny:oeh, just in time [19/04/11 22:26] *Burns*:11028,8 [19/04/11 22:26] Metal Bunny:the ticking stops and the wall goes up [19/04/11 22:27] *Shadowseeker*:2243,2 is the answer? [19/04/11 22:27] Metal Bunny:On the next wall it says: she isn't innocent anyway [19/04/11 22:27] *Shadowseeker*:lol [19/04/11 22:27] Nimrodel:Marind? [19/04/11 22:27] *Shemhazaj*:no, 11028,8 is [19/04/11 22:27] Metal Bunny:The voice of Mordred now sounds a bit sad [19/04/11 22:27] Metal Bunny:No, 2243,2 is [19/04/11 22:27] *Shadowseeker*:i know, but he said in time [19/04/11 22:28] *Shadowseeker*:the hell, why? [19/04/11 22:28] Nimrodel:the whole thing divided by 5 [19/04/11 22:28] Metal Bunny:Anyway... [19/04/11 22:28] *Shadowseeker*:the way you wrote it [19/04/11 22:28] Metal Bunny:The voice continues [19/04/11 22:28] Nimrodel:not just the second number [19/04/11 22:28] *Shadowseeker*:it means just 234 through 5 [19/04/11 22:28] Metal Bunny:10982 + 234 / 5 = 2243,2 [19/04/11 22:28] Nimrodel:Lets forget it.. its over >< [19/04/11 22:28] *Shadowseeker*:no [19/04/11 22:28] *Shadowseeker*:bunny.. [19/04/11 22:28] *Shadowseeker*:you need to write () [19/04/11 22:28] *Shemhazaj*:yeah, it's a mathematical rule [19/04/11 22:29] *Shadowseeker*:else, you do division first [19/04/11 22:29] Metal Bunny:that is true, but I count both answers right [19/04/11 22:29] *Shadowseeker*:bad bunny, didnt learn maths [19/04/11 22:29] Metal Bunny:but it was supposed to be 2243,2 [19/04/11 22:29] Metal Bunny:fine, keep complaining, good move [19/04/11 22:29] *Shadowseeker*:mkay.. [19/04/11 22:29] Metal Bunny: [19/04/11 22:29] Metal Bunny:Anyway [19/04/11 22:29] *Burns*:Then we got 2 correct answers now. Should get us two walls further. [19/04/11 22:30] Metal Bunny:A cockroach flies into burns' mouth [19/04/11 22:30] *Burns*_o [19/04/11 22:30] Metal Bunny:burns was just finishing talking, so he accidentally bit it [19/04/11 22:30] :*Burns* swallows [19/04/11 22:30] Metal Bunny:Anyway, the voice of mordred continues [19/04/11 22:30] *Shadowseeker*: (oy people are eating here..) [19/04/11 22:30] Metal Bunny:It is a sad voice, and you swear you can hear some sobbing [19/04/11 22:31] Metal Bunny:well.. it seems that she was right all along, that crazy woman [19/04/11 22:31] Metal Bunny:I think you know the answer Knozz [19/04/11 22:32] Metal Bunny:You have 5 minutes to answer.. as I reckon you may want to recouperate from the shock [19/04/11 22:32] Metal Bunny:who killed Marind's father? [19/04/11 22:32] Nimrodel:O_O [19/04/11 22:32] *Lightsage*:Luanda? [19/04/11 22:32] *Lightsage*:Me? [19/04/11 22:32] *Shadowseeker*:Nim, quick..browse the diary? [19/04/11 22:32] *Lightsage*:Burns *points finger in accusation* [19/04/11 22:32] :Nimrodel browses the diary [19/04/11 22:32] Nimrodel:Sally? [19/04/11 22:33] Metal Bunny:Where in the diary do you wish to search? [19/04/11 22:33] Metal Bunny:beginning, middle, end? [19/04/11 22:33] Nimrodel:Mordred? [19/04/11 22:33] Metal Bunny:it has no table of content [19/04/11 22:33] *Shadowseeker*:middle. [19/04/11 22:33] *Lightsage*:Oetzi? [19/04/11 22:33] Metal Bunny:you open up a random page [19/04/11 22:33] *Lightsage*:Random guesses ftw... [19/04/11 22:33] Nimrodel:Crazy mike? [19/04/11 22:33] Metal Bunny:Luanda was right.. [19/04/11 22:33] *Lightsage*: [19/04/11 22:33] Metal Bunny:the diary states [19/04/11 22:33] Metal Bunny:I cannot believe that Luanda was right [19/04/11 22:33] *Shadowseeker*:flip around a bit earlier to see if the name was mentioned. [19/04/11 22:33] Metal Bunny:it took me ages to find out the truth [19/04/11 22:33] *Lightsage*: [19/04/11 22:34] Nimrodel:Charles? [19/04/11 22:34] *Shadowseeker*: (after finishing the passage) [19/04/11 22:34] Metal Bunny:you flip to earlier [19/04/11 22:34] Nimrodel:udgard? [19/04/11 22:34] Metal Bunny:which name? [19/04/11 22:34] *Lightsage*:The butler... [19/04/11 22:34] Metal Bunny:but it seems she did kill my brother, marind's father [19/04/11 22:34] Metal Bunny:I cannot believe it... [19/04/11 22:34] Nimrodel:Luanda [19/04/11 22:34] Metal Bunny:she is indeed, not as she seems.. [19/04/11 22:34] *Lightsage*:Earlier... [19/04/11 22:34] Metal Bunny:Oh diary, it hurts me so much [19/04/11 22:34] Metal Bunny:I shall sleep [19/04/11 22:34] Metal Bunny:and hope tomorrow doesn't come [19/04/11 22:34] *Shadowseeker*:Luanda Holiday [19/04/11 22:34] Metal Bunny:the passage ends [19/04/11 22:35] *Shadowseeker*:..killed him? [19/04/11 22:35] Metal Bunny:you flip to earlier pages [19/04/11 22:35] Nimrodel:we dont >< [19/04/11 22:35] Metal Bunny:oh.. okay [19/04/11 22:35] Metal Bunny:nothing happens [19/04/11 22:35] Metal Bunny:2 minutes left [19/04/11 22:35] *Shadowseeker*:we still flip. [19/04/11 22:35] Nimrodel:ok earlier pages [19/04/11 22:35] Metal Bunny:searching for what? [19/04/11 22:35] Metal Bunny:A random passage begins: [19/04/11 22:35] *Shadowseeker*:names [19/04/11 22:36] Nimrodel:Marind's father's murderer [19/04/11 22:36] Nimrodel:and names [19/04/11 22:36] Metal Bunny:Luanda is being so harsh on my fiancé, if she wasn't friends with my niece, I'd kick her out the village [19/04/11 22:36] Metal Bunny:She keeps accusing her [19/04/11 22:36] *Lightsage*:Earlier. [19/04/11 22:36] Metal Bunny:calling her by a different name [19/04/11 22:36] *Lightsage*:Skip this, earlier! [19/04/11 22:36] Metal Bunny: (39 secs left) [19/04/11 22:36] Metal Bunny:Earlier: [19/04/11 22:36] *Shadowseeker*:wait [19/04/11 22:36] Nimrodel:Lilith!! [19/04/11 22:36] *Shadowseeker*:read one [19/04/11 22:36] Nimrodel:Sally! [19/04/11 22:36] Metal Bunny:As you say lillith [19/04/11 22:37] Metal Bunny:the ticking stops [19/04/11 22:37] Metal Bunny:and the wall goes up [19/04/11 22:37] Nimrodel:-.- [19/04/11 22:37] Nimrodel:This is scary buns... -.- [19/04/11 22:37] Metal Bunny:The wall on the left says liar [19/04/11 22:37] Nimrodel:Charles? [19/04/11 22:37] Metal Bunny: (be glad I said 5 minutes instead of 4) [19/04/11 22:38] Metal Bunny:The voice of Mordred begins again [19/04/11 22:38] Metal Bunny:It sounds drunk again [19/04/11 22:38] Metal Bunny: *hic* okay.. 40 seconds [19/04/11 22:38] *Lightsage*: (We'd just have had our 'close call' moment a minute earlier ) [19/04/11 22:38] Metal Bunny:to gimme dat foul liar's full name! [19/04/11 22:38] Metal Bunny: *hic* begin! [19/04/11 22:38] Nimrodel:Charles oliver night [19/04/11 22:39] Metal Bunny:As you say the name, the ticking stops and the wall goes up [19/04/11 22:39] Metal Bunny: (damnit, stop succeeding and die already) [19/04/11 22:39] Nimrodel: () [19/04/11 22:39] *Burns*:Nim's too good to die. [19/04/11 22:39] Nimrodel: (do I get a wish point buns? :3) [19/04/11 22:39] Metal Bunny:The wall on your left says: RIddle Time! [19/04/11 22:40] Metal Bunny: (lol) [19/04/11 22:40] Nimrodel:>< [19/04/11 22:40] Metal Bunny:The voice sounds sober, neutral [19/04/11 22:40] Metal Bunny:Alright Knozz [19/04/11 22:40] Metal Bunny:You have 5 minutes to solve this riddle [19/04/11 22:40] Metal Bunny:If you fail, you die, you remember right? like we practiced [19/04/11 22:40] Nimrodel:>< [19/04/11 22:41] Metal Bunny:The timer shall begin when I end the riddle [19/04/11 22:41] Metal Bunny:Here it comes [19/04/11 22:41] *Lightsage*: (Now we know the reason he's dead xD) [19/04/11 22:41] Metal Bunny:The voice begins [19/04/11 22:41] Nimrodel: () [19/04/11 22:41] Metal Bunny:I am here for you, always have [19/04/11 22:41] Metal Bunny:I relax your body like a laugh [19/04/11 22:41] Metal Bunny:I clear your mind for what is to come [19/04/11 22:41] Metal Bunny:But loudly disturb others for some [19/04/11 22:42] Metal Bunny:But sometimes I bring bad tiding [19/04/11 22:42] Metal Bunny:Ghouls of night force you in hiding [19/04/11 22:42] Metal Bunny:Come to the point of no return [19/04/11 22:42] Metal Bunny:I stop and sweat and fear you learn [19/04/11 22:42] *Lightsage*:Yawn [19/04/11 22:42] Metal Bunny:What am I? [19/04/11 22:42] *Shemhazaj*:dream [19/04/11 22:42] Metal Bunny:Nothing happens [19/04/11 22:42] *Shadowseeker*:sleep [19/04/11 22:42] Nimrodel:sleep [19/04/11 22:42] Metal Bunny:As you say sleep, the wall goes up [19/04/11 22:42] Metal Bunny:and the ticking stops [19/04/11 22:43] Nimrodel:-.- [19/04/11 22:43] Metal Bunny:The wall on the left now says: [19/04/11 22:43] *Shadowseeker*:that riddle was weird imo.. [19/04/11 22:43] Metal Bunny:something very strange [19/04/11 22:43] *Lightsage*:Game over, you die. [19/04/11 22:43] Metal Bunny: (Mordred is strange, no?) [19/04/11 22:43] Metal Bunny:you can't really read what is on it [19/04/11 22:44] Metal Bunny:it seems quite chaotic [19/04/11 22:44] Metal Bunny:The voice begins [19/04/11 22:44] Metal Bunny:Alright Knozz, 1 minute to answer the question on the wall [19/04/11 22:44] Metal Bunny:Begin! [19/04/11 22:44] *Shadowseeker*:Nim, get the necromancer book out [19/04/11 22:44] *Shadowseeker*:Ask it to tell us what it is! [19/04/11 22:44] Nimrodel: *pulls out the talking book* TALK DAMN YOU [19/04/11 22:44] :Paracelsus sits and listens [19/04/11 22:44] Nimrodel:AD whats there on the wall!! [19/04/11 22:44] Nimrodel:read* [19/04/11 22:44] Metal Bunny: *B* eh? [19/04/11 22:44] Metal Bunny:What? [19/04/11 22:44] :*Shadowseeker* rips his sword out of the sheath and prepares to stab it if it doesnt do it [19/04/11 22:44] Metal Bunny:Buh. buh [19/04/11 22:45] Metal Bunny:AAAH [19/04/11 22:45] *Shadowseeker*:Do it or die! [19/04/11 22:45] Metal Bunny:AAAAH [19/04/11 22:45] Metal Bunny:What is happening? [19/04/11 22:45] :*Shadowseeker* puts the tip onto the book [19/04/11 22:45] Metal Bunny:Uh.. [19/04/11 22:45] Nimrodel:WALL [19/04/11 22:45] *Shadowseeker*:Explain later, read now! [19/04/11 22:45] Metal Bunny:the question on the wall? [19/04/11 22:45] *Shadowseeker*:yes [19/04/11 22:45] Metal Bunny:I have no eyes... [19/04/11 22:45] :*Burns* traces his fingers over the wall to 'read' like the blind [19/04/11 22:45] Metal Bunny:I can teach you the language [19/04/11 22:45] Metal Bunny:But.. please don't stab me [19/04/11 22:45] Nimrodel:quick >< [19/04/11 22:45] *Shadowseeker*:How can we read it within 20 seconds? [19/04/11 22:45] *Shadowseeker*:Else we all die, including you! [19/04/11 22:46] Metal Bunny:The book begins spouting random nonsense [19/04/11 22:46] *Lightsage*:Death. [19/04/11 22:46] Metal Bunny:The book screams [19/04/11 22:46] Metal Bunny:AAah [19/04/11 22:46] *Shadowseeker*:Open [19/04/11 22:46] Nimrodel:alchemy [19/04/11 22:46] Metal Bunny:It sounds chaotic [19/04/11 22:46] Metal Bunny:the ticking stops [19/04/11 22:46] *Lightsage*:Chaotic is the clue... [19/04/11 22:46] Nimrodel:Open sesame [19/04/11 22:46] Nimrodel:Chaos!! [19/04/11 22:46] Metal Bunny:but the wall isn't opening [19/04/11 22:46] Nimrodel:Run [19/04/11 22:46] Nimrodel:help [19/04/11 22:47] Metal Bunny:You panicking monkeys! The book says [19/04/11 22:47] :Nimrodel says what the book saud [19/04/11 22:47] Metal Bunny:SHOUTS: You should have told me we were in the tunnel! [19/04/11 22:47] Metal Bunny:I helped create this tunnel [19/04/11 22:47] Nimrodel:quick >< [19/04/11 22:47] Metal Bunny:The book scoffs.. [19/04/11 22:47] *Shadowseeker*:So we're safe now? [19/04/11 22:47] :*Shadowseeker* removes the sword [19/04/11 22:47] Metal Bunny:I should just let you all die here, but I stopped the trap for you... [19/04/11 22:47] Metal Bunny:for now.. [19/04/11 22:48] Metal Bunny:I know the answer [19/04/11 22:48] Nimrodel:tell then >< [19/04/11 22:48] Metal Bunny:But i won't tell you [19/04/11 22:48] Metal Bunny:I'll just wait here until master comes [19/04/11 22:48] *Lightsage*:Chatoic writting... [19/04/11 22:48] chrispr:i keep going in circles [19/04/11 22:48] *Lightsage*:That's our clue. [19/04/11 22:48] Nimrodel:Shadow sword >< [19/04/11 22:48] *Shadowseeker*:Hm.. [19/04/11 22:48] *Lightsage*:But... What does it mean? [19/04/11 22:48] Nimrodel:Or you want me to rip you page by page? [19/04/11 22:48] *Shadowseeker*:No, if we stab it we die. [19/04/11 22:48] Metal Bunny:Oh, you cannot hope to read what on the wall, it takes effort to learn it [19/04/11 22:48] *Shadowseeker*:Nim, can I have it shortly? [19/04/11 22:49] chrispr:this is so confusing [19/04/11 22:49] Metal Bunny:HAH! Rip me and I shall never speak [19/04/11 22:49] Metal Bunny:And then you will NEVER get out of here! [19/04/11 22:49] :Nimrodel gives the diary to shadow [19/04/11 22:49] Metal Bunny:You need me to get out [19/04/11 22:49] :*Shadowseeker* takes out a flask of water [19/04/11 22:49] *Lightsage*:Necromancy [19/04/11 22:49] *Shadowseeker*:Now, book... [19/04/11 22:49] *Burns*:Would you read it to us, then? [19/04/11 22:49] Metal Bunny:Give answers all you want, fools, you do not even have the proper language [19/04/11 22:49] chrispr:ok [19/04/11 22:49] Metal Bunny:Why should I do that? [19/04/11 22:49] *Shadowseeker*:Are you waterproof, and even moldproof? [19/04/11 22:50] Metal Bunny: (chrispr, we are busy with a quest) [19/04/11 22:50] Metal Bunny:FOOLS! The only reason why I helped you before is because I had no leverage on you, I couldn't defend myself [19/04/11 22:50] Metal Bunny:but if you damage me now, I will not help you [19/04/11 22:50] chrispr:ok [19/04/11 22:50] *Shadowseeker*:I have heard of an interesting way to torture you. [19/04/11 22:50] Metal Bunny:and that means the trap will continue and one of you will die [19/04/11 22:51] *Shadowseeker*:Oh, you won't be damaged. [19/04/11 22:51] Nimrodel:Would you like to nibble a bit of my flesh in return for the favour? [19/04/11 22:51] Metal Bunny:Pfah! [19/04/11 22:51] Metal Bunny:mmmh.. nice idea [19/04/11 22:51] Metal Bunny:but I am not hungry [19/04/11 22:51] *Shadowseeker*:How would you like to get water all over your cover? [19/04/11 22:51] Metal Bunny: *b* the book growls [19/04/11 22:51] *Shadowseeker*:It won't damage you...you can drink allt eh water after all... [19/04/11 22:51] Metal Bunny:you don't seem to understand [19/04/11 22:51] *Lightsage*:Waterboard the book? xD [19/04/11 22:51] Metal Bunny:I can kill you [19/04/11 22:52] *Shadowseeker*:One of us. [19/04/11 22:52] Metal Bunny:I can tell the trap to continue [19/04/11 22:52] *Shadowseeker*:Are you prepared to die with me as well? [19/04/11 22:52] *Shadowseeker*:The time it takes for me to die should be enough to still stab my sword through you. [19/04/11 22:52] Metal Bunny:I know the trap of this room, it's face eating bats [19/04/11 22:52] Metal Bunny:they won't harm me [19/04/11 22:52] *Lightsage*:What's the name of the book? [19/04/11 22:53] Metal Bunny:in fact, get that sword closer to me and I'll start the trap again [19/04/11 22:53] Nimrodel:What do you want in turn book? [19/04/11 22:53] Metal Bunny:Finally, the elf speaks sense [19/04/11 22:53] Nimrodel:for telling us the password... [19/04/11 22:53] Metal Bunny:I want something.. that keeps me from being bored [19/04/11 22:54] Metal Bunny:You see, the master is the kind of person of quick, clean executions and sometimes even mercy [19/04/11 22:54] Metal Bunny:those things bore me [19/04/11 22:54] *Lightsage*:You see that bunny over there? [19/04/11 22:54] *Lightsage*:You can have him. [19/04/11 22:54] Metal Bunny:What I want you to do, in order to continue, is to kill one of your own, slowly [19/04/11 22:54] Metal Bunny:I want to savour the screams [19/04/11 22:55] Nimrodel:Hmm [19/04/11 22:55] :*Shadowseeker* takes out a dagger [19/04/11 22:55] *Lightsage*:Ah, guess that's what we brought eon for xD [19/04/11 22:55] Nimrodel:Wait shadow!! [19/04/11 22:55] Metal Bunny:Or should I continue the trap? [19/04/11 22:55] :*Shadowseeker* begins placing the dagger on a page [19/04/11 22:55] Metal Bunny:The face eating bats will surely make you scream as well [19/04/11 22:55] *Shadowseeker*:Now, let me ask you...for a realistic estimation. [19/04/11 22:55] Metal Bunny:EH? What did I say!? [19/04/11 22:55] Metal Bunny:The book screams something strange [19/04/11 22:55] *Shadowseeker*:How many pages can I remove off you using just a dagger, before the bats finish me? [19/04/11 22:55] Metal Bunny:the ticking continues again [19/04/11 22:55] Metal Bunny:10 [19/04/11 22:55] Metal Bunny:9 [19/04/11 22:56] Nimrodel:This is saw >< [19/04/11 22:56] :*Shadowseeker* cuts into the page [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:the book laughs maniacally [19/04/11 22:56] *Shemhazaj*:puts a torch under the book [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:5 [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:4 [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:3 [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:2 [19/04/11 22:56] Nimrodel:Wait... We'll do it! [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:mmmh? [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:The book screams [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:the ticking stops [19/04/11 22:56] *Lightsage*:Philosopher's stone. [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:I want to hear screams [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:kill one of your own, slowly [19/04/11 22:56] *Lightsage*: (Nicholas Flanel? xD) [19/04/11 22:56] :Nimrodel pulls out her daimon's head [19/04/11 22:56] *Shadowseeker*:Even your own? [19/04/11 22:56] Metal Bunny:and you will live on [19/04/11 22:57] *Shadowseeker*:Right now you are one of yours. [19/04/11 22:57] *Lightsage*:I say we kill that weird bunny.... [19/04/11 22:57] Metal Bunny: (you can't summon creatures in here) [19/04/11 22:57] *Shadowseeker*:I say we just kill this book and over with it, he's unreasonable. [19/04/11 22:57] Nimrodel:this head.. is one of my own.. [19/04/11 22:57] Nimrodel: (inventory) [19/04/11 22:57] Metal Bunny:I already told you, I want to hear screams [19/04/11 22:57] Metal Bunny:I care not for the already dead [19/04/11 22:57] Nimrodel:You will.. [19/04/11 22:57] :*Burns* screams [19/04/11 22:57] Metal Bunny:screams is what I want [19/04/11 22:57] Metal Bunny:No, screams.. of death [19/04/11 22:57] :*Burns* screams more [19/04/11 22:58] Metal Bunny:The book laughs [19/04/11 22:58] :Nimrodel sporks burns [19/04/11 22:58] *Burns*:... [19/04/11 22:58] *Burns*:Ouchie. [19/04/11 22:58] Nimrodel:scream some more :3 [19/04/11 22:58] *Lightsage*:lapis philosophorum [19/04/11 22:58] Metal Bunny:Kill one of your own slowly, and you may pass [19/04/11 22:58] :*Shemhazaj* catches a mouse [19/04/11 22:58] :*Burns* hits his missing hand against the wall and screams properly [19/04/11 22:58] Metal Bunny:No, I want real screams! [19/04/11 22:58] Metal Bunny:Torture him to death [19/04/11 22:59] :*Shemhazaj* puts it on the book and closes the book with a big "splash" [19/04/11 22:59] Metal Bunny:Then you may pass, otherwise, no [19/04/11 22:59] *Lightsage*:Tabula Smaragdina [19/04/11 22:59] Metal Bunny:a mouse? want me to continue the trap again? only 1 second left [19/04/11 22:59] :Nimrodel hears the mouse scream [19/04/11 22:59] Nimrodel:wait [19/04/11 22:59] Metal Bunny:Choose, and choose swiftly [19/04/11 22:59] Metal Bunny:I know you will destroy me anyway [19/04/11 23:00] Metal Bunny:when you hear the master coming, you may destroy me [19/04/11 23:00] Metal Bunny:destroy me after the wall goes up [19/04/11 23:00] Metal Bunny:or destroy me when I set off the trap [19/04/11 23:00] Metal Bunny:I shall be destroyed [19/04/11 23:00] :Nimrodel takes shadows sword and runs after shem [19/04/11 23:00] Metal Bunny:I just want to hear screams [19/04/11 23:00] Nimrodel:You've been no help to us! [19/04/11 23:00] :*Shadowseeker* flicks Nim and takes back his sword [19/04/11 23:00] *Shadowseeker*:That's not yours to hold. [19/04/11 23:01] Nimrodel:Then you kill him >< [19/04/11 23:01] *Lightsage*:calculus albus [19/04/11 23:01] *Shadowseeker*:I think i'll do this... [19/04/11 23:01] :[Spell] Order of Sound- Metal Bunny [19/04/11 23:02] Nimrodel:NO!! [19/04/11 23:02] Metal Bunny:yes.. yeeesss, torture him! [19/04/11 23:02] :[Spell] Order of Sound- Metal Bunny [19/04/11 23:02] :[Spell] Order of Sound- Metal Bunny [19/04/11 23:02] Metal Bunny: (what are you doing?) [19/04/11 23:02] *Shadowseeker*:..I think he died. [19/04/11 23:02] *Shadowseeker*: (using a spell to fake sounds) [19/04/11 23:03] Metal Bunny:pfah [19/04/11 23:03] :Paracelsus wonders why not to torture the book [19/04/11 23:03] *Lightsage*:vitae [19/04/11 23:03] Metal Bunny:I have no eyes, but I know how many of you are here [19/04/11 23:03] Metal Bunny:I feeeeeel, your life forces [19/04/11 23:03] Metal Bunny:do not test me! [19/04/11 23:03] *Shadowseeker*: (and interesting..hearthepoor works even for mp5?) [19/04/11 23:04] *Shadowseeker*:Hm.. [19/04/11 23:04] Nimrodel: (erm.. cant you just torture Eon? :3) [19/04/11 23:04] *Lightsage*:Vis [19/04/11 23:04] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Eon [19/04/11 23:04] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Eon [19/04/11 23:04] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Eon [19/04/11 23:04] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Eon [19/04/11 23:04] :[Spell] Order of Enthropy- Eon [19/04/11 23:04] :[Spell] Order of Animal- Eon [19/04/11 23:04] Metal Bunny: (... are you torturing eon?) [19/04/11 23:04] *Shadowseeker*:Better now? [19/04/11 23:04] Metal Bunny: (also, spells don't work here, remember the trapdoor?) [19/04/11 23:04] *Shadowseeker*: (yes, with spells..should drain his lifeforce, and the last shsould make him look lik ean animal) [19/04/11 23:05] Nimrodel: (yes >>) [19/04/11 23:05] *Lightsage*:vita aeterna [19/04/11 23:05] Metal Bunny:Choooseee a victim or the bats shall come [19/04/11 23:05] *Shadowseeker*:Alright, then let me ask.. [19/04/11 23:06] Metal Bunny:mmmh? [19/04/11 23:06] *Shadowseeker*:Why should we believe you that you are willing to say it even after we tortured someone? [19/04/11 23:06] *Lightsage*:necromantia [19/04/11 23:06] Metal Bunny:interesting [19/04/11 23:06] *Lightsage*:SHOUTS: νεκρομαντεία! [19/04/11 23:06] Metal Bunny:are you implying that I am not willing to uphold my end of the bargain? [19/04/11 23:07] Metal Bunny:I am a chaotic book of necromantic and occult nature [19/04/11 23:07] Metal Bunny:I thrive on such instances [19/04/11 23:07] *Shemhazaj*:why should we believe you can open it anyway? [19/04/11 23:07] Nimrodel:I bet he cant even open the door. Prove to us that you can open the door and we'll do what you want... [19/04/11 23:07] Metal Bunny:but I assure you, I am also aware of my own impending doom [19/04/11 23:07] *Lightsage*:What's your title, book? [19/04/11 23:07] Metal Bunny:take me not for a fool [19/04/11 23:08] Metal Bunny:So, as a last act, after a satisfying display of torture [19/04/11 23:08] *Shadowseeker*:Actually, that interests me as well. [19/04/11 23:08] Metal Bunny:you will simply have to, believe and hope, that I will open the door [19/04/11 23:08] *Shadowseeker*:What is the title of a book that can speak itself? [19/04/11 23:08] Metal Bunny:I hold no title [19/04/11 23:08] *Shadowseeker*:Why not? [19/04/11 23:08] Nimrodel:wait.. werent there two books? [19/04/11 23:08] *Shadowseeker*:Surely the one writing you has to have given you one. [19/04/11 23:08] Metal Bunny:My /name/ is Misoparia [19/04/11 23:08] *Shadowseeker*: (there were) [19/04/11 23:09] :Nimrodel looks inside her satchel for the other book [19/04/11 23:09] *Shadowseeker*:Alright Misoparia. [19/04/11 23:09] Metal Bunny:Are you going to torture someone or not? [19/04/11 23:09] *Shadowseeker*:How were you created? [19/04/11 23:09] :Nimrodel pulls it out [19/04/11 23:09] *Shadowseeker*:By utilizing tortured people? [19/04/11 23:09] Metal Bunny:None of your business [19/04/11 23:09] Metal Bunny:I will not answer these questions [19/04/11 23:09] Nimrodel: (Buns... doesnt the other book do something?) [19/04/11 23:09] Metal Bunny:In fact, I will only answer one question from now one [19/04/11 23:10] Metal Bunny:of which one of you I wish to hear being tortured to death [19/04/11 23:10] Metal Bunny:You only pulled out the book, it is black [19/04/11 23:10] Nimrodel:which one? [19/04/11 23:10] *Shemhazaj*:open it [19/04/11 23:10] *Shadowseeker*:Let us discuss first then. [19/04/11 23:10] Metal Bunny:The one you just pulled out, so the non talking one [19/04/11 23:10] :*Shadowseeker* closes the book and stuff it into the satchel again [19/04/11 23:10] :Nimrodel opens the book and searches for answers [19/04/11 23:11] Metal Bunny:did you open that second book? you just closed it [19/04/11 23:11] Metal Bunny:did any of you open it or not? [19/04/11 23:11] Nimrodel:I did open the book [19/04/11 23:11] *Shadowseeker*:closed the 1st [19/04/11 23:11] *Shadowseeker*:the speaking one [19/04/11 23:11] Metal Bunny:okay [19/04/11 23:11] *Shadowseeker*:and then opened the 2nd [19/04/11 23:11] Metal Bunny:The moment you open the book, it crumbles into dust [19/04/11 23:11] Nimrodel:>> [19/04/11 23:12] Metal Bunny:The talking book laughs [19/04/11 23:12] Metal Bunny:Not like that book would have been of any use, anyway [19/04/11 23:12] Metal Bunny:come now, choose who is to die [19/04/11 23:12] Nimrodel:whom do you choose? [19/04/11 23:12] *Lightsage*:Didn't you just say we could ask you? [19/04/11 23:13] Metal Bunny:I choose for.. the elf to die [19/04/11 23:13] Metal Bunny:but you could always pick someone else [19/04/11 23:13] Metal Bunny:I just want to hear the screams [19/04/11 23:13] Metal Bunny:the real screams [19/04/11 23:14] Nimrodel:O_O [19/04/11 23:14] Metal Bunny: (guys, please hurry up, I am really hungry) [19/04/11 23:14] *Shadowseeker*:How about this deal. [19/04/11 23:14] Metal Bunny:NO! [19/04/11 23:14] *Lightsage*: (Muhaha, we're ebil) [19/04/11 23:14] *Shadowseeker*:I swear on my sword that if you help us get through this tunnel unharmed, we will leave you be. [19/04/11 23:14] Metal Bunny:No deals, no nothing! [19/04/11 23:14] *Shemhazaj*: (lol, let's torture the real bunbun ) [19/04/11 23:14] Metal Bunny:Choose! [19/04/11 23:14] Metal Bunny:NO! Choose! [19/04/11 23:14] *Shadowseeker*:And if you say no? [19/04/11 23:14] *Shadowseeker*:Then I choose you. [19/04/11 23:14] Nimrodel:Fine.. Kill me >< [19/04/11 23:14] :*Shadowseeker* stabs the sword and nails it onto the ground [19/04/11 23:15] *Shadowseeker*:*stabs with the [19/04/11 23:15] Metal Bunny:The book screams in agony [19/04/11 23:15] Metal Bunny:AAAARGH [19/04/11 23:15] Metal Bunny:AAzdio [19/04/11 23:15] Metal Bunny:The ticking continues for one second [19/04/11 23:15] *Shadowseeker*:There we go....screams of death. [19/04/11 23:15] Metal Bunny:walls on the side open up [19/04/11 23:15] Metal Bunny:and reveal a large mass of bats, the size of a small knator [19/04/11 23:16] Metal Bunny:They attack you, but you still hear a quick ticking [19/04/11 23:16] Nimrodel:>< [19/04/11 23:16] *Burns*:...Eeks. [19/04/11 23:16] :*Shadowseeker* pulls his sword out and ready the shield [19/04/11 23:16] Metal Bunny:They latch onto your unprotected areas [19/04/11 23:16] Metal Bunny:Lightsage, Burns and Eon have bats on their faces [19/04/11 23:16] :*Lightsage* Stands against that wall, back to wall [19/04/11 23:16] :Nimrodel takes her spork and stabs the bats [19/04/11 23:16] *Shadowseeker*:Full body armor for me? [19/04/11 23:16] Metal Bunny:Shadowseeker has one on his shield, the ticking goes faster [19/04/11 23:17] :*Burns* bats at the bat [19/04/11 23:17] Metal Bunny:Nimrodel has one on her leg [19/04/11 23:17] :*Shadowseeker* crush the one on my shield bashing it to the wall [19/04/11 23:17] :*Lightsage* stabs the bats on his face [19/04/11 23:17] Metal Bunny:Burns is suffocating, as the bat is eating his face [19/04/11 23:17] :Nimrodel screams [19/04/11 23:17] :*Shemhazaj* stabs the one on Nims leg with his katana [19/04/11 23:17] Metal Bunny:One bat dies, 23 more to go [19/04/11 23:17] Metal Bunny:Nims leg is severely damaged [19/04/11 23:17] :*Lightsage* hits the bat on burn's face with his trophy [19/04/11 23:17] *Shadowseeker*:Then go and stab the one on Burn's face. [19/04/11 23:17] :*Burns* hits his face hard against the wall [19/04/11 23:17] :*Shemhazaj* slashes the one on SS sheild [19/04/11 23:17] *Shadowseeker*:Use your stupid rapier, idiot! [19/04/11 23:17] Metal Bunny:Another bat attacks Lightsage from behind and Eon is slowly being eaten alive [19/04/11 23:17] :*Lightsage* takes out the onyx shard and trows it at the bat on nim's lag [19/04/11 23:17] Metal Bunny:The ticking is really fast now [19/04/11 23:18] :*Shadowseeker* tosses his shield at the one eating nim [19/04/11 23:18] *Lightsage*: (I'm standing against the wal... With my back...) [19/04/11 23:18] Metal Bunny:Burns suffocates to death [19/04/11 23:18] Metal Bunny: (right sorry) [19/04/11 23:18] *Burns*:I... was right handed. -.- [19/04/11 23:18] :*Shadowseeker* turns around and tosses eon into the mob [19/04/11 23:18] Metal Bunny:Eon is eaten.. to death.. is [19/04/11 23:18] *Shadowseeker*:Then go and stab the one on Burn's face- hello? [19/04/11 23:18] Metal Bunny:the ticking stops [19/04/11 23:18] Nimrodel:Can i borrow your rapier? [19/04/11 23:18] Metal Bunny:The wall in front of you goes up [19/04/11 23:18] Metal Bunny:The bats keep attacking [19/04/11 23:18] Metal Bunny:But the way to the laboratory is open [19/04/11 23:19] :*Shadowseeker* picks up Burns' rapier and fights with [/log] In summation, they just left from breaking into the mayor's room, with some vital information. They need a key to get into the trapdoor that leads to the laboratory. The key is in Oetzi's house, this is where the log starts. They fail to unlock (solve the riddle) the front door of Oetzi's house. A trap is sprung. (They are aware of traps being sprung that way, as burns already lost his right hand). They decide to break a wall, to get in anyway. They succeed, then, instead of just 1 trap, all 3 are activated at the same time. As the wall collapses and the roof falls down, and they watch from outside, a metal rod with spikes on it rises up from the middle and starts spinning, while the walls shoot fire. This means that the metal rod is hitting pieces of flaming wood at their faces. Hilarity ensues when the third trap activates, just when they managed to get the fire under control. The third trap is when the floor sinks a little and fist sized, fire or acid breathing beetles come charging at them, as they crawl from the newly formed 'pit'. They fight, a long time. Completely forgetting that stuff is on fire. The forest around them, as well as the house, burns to the ground and nothing but black remains. (could not stop laughing here) They still manage to get the key. They enter the tunnel. But before they do, there is talk of how difficult it is going to be and that Mr. Awesomeness should scale down the difficulty, I grudgingly accept. They manage to survive all the traprooms, by answering questions and riddles. (some of them, juuust barely, with the correct answer sometimes given literally less than 10 seconds before the trap springs) Except for the last room. Hehe. The last room has something chaotic on the wall. They can't decipher it. They use a talking necromantic book, that they stole from the Mayor's room, to try and solve this thing they can't read. The book refuses. It stops the timer on the trap, but wants the team mates to torture one of their own to death, otherwise he will unleash the trap anyway. There is a lot of arguing now, and I don't see the problem. () The book knows that they are going to destroy it anyway, and it wants to have a little fun first. They call the book's bluff, but at 1 second before the trap springs, the book pauses the trap again. More arguing, as if they have issue with torturing someone to death. Then finally, after half an hour (my stomach was really growling), they decide on what to do. They stab the book. The book, in one last act of defiance, screams and lets the trap continue. The trap is sprung and the walls on the side go down, to reveal knator sized face eating bats. A fight ensues. Halfway through the battle, the door to the laboratory opens. But casualties have already fallen and many are wounded. Burns, already having lost his right hand, has his head eaten off. Eon, not really having an issue with knator sized face eating bats, is eaten alive until only his ribcage remains. (Could not stop laughing) They finally got into the lab, after killing all the bats and read notes, finish the 'talk to dead people' potion and explain to the ghost of Marind Nitratos, how she was killed and by whom.
  2. 1: I think Shadowseeker is looking at the wrong end of the emotional spectrum and that Mithrandil is closer. But one person hoping, is still hoping.. So it's not really hoping, it's something else. 2: I think you are very close, but that you need to specifically need to look at the riddle line with the word 'unlock' in it. 3: The riddle says that it only makes you stronger if you are capable of channelling it well, don't assume that you automatically do it. In structure, it looks like a lot like the riddle from sally's door. Perhaps, there is a link? 4: How is the balance curious? And how does it fight along with you? I think you need to look closer to yourself. 5: I think it's not clock, but time itself, because there are other ways to measure time, but time itself is measurement. 6: I think 7 is correct, it's the only way to be sure. 7: you guys didn't really give an answer to that one... As for the last riddle.. I think none of you inspected the mayor's door, no? Even though he is the mayor, he is still a possible suspect!
  3. The Chief Detective here. Time is running out, as people are demanding answers and some suspects are behaving strangely. You have found riddles on doors, and talking to the mayor of the town, it seems that those doors, as well as the buildings they are housed in, were made by him. Apparently, he is a masterful engineer and made these places to be tiny strongholds, protected by traps and strong doors, that can only be unlocked by solving the riddles on them and writing it on the door. I, the chief detective, have a stinking feeling that they are hiding something. I order you to break into the rooms! Either solve the riddles to unlock the door, or find a way to break in from the outside, but beware of traps if you're not solving riddles, or if you write down the wrong answer. I am trying to solve the riddles as well, so I can give you some help, but they take time, as I am not the brightest thinker. (a hint per riddle, per day) Perhaps there is some valuable evidence in those rooms. Besides that, it would be a good idea to investigate the kitchen and servants quarter. So the challenge is.. investigate and get evidence.. break in if you have to. Beware however, if you steal things (so you don't copy things), or if servants catch you, then surely, you will anger some people and receive some punishment. *edit* please change 4thd into 4th ¬_¬...
  4. Strange things have happened. Yesterday, Mordred Nitratos was away from the village without notice, for a whole day. Whenever he is in the village, he doesn't allow anyone to see the body, let alone touch it anymore. People say that he leaves at night, for mysterious reasons and that during the day, he is tired and sleepy. The challenge for the Merry Devilers, is to stalk the mayor and find out what he is up to. *edit* ¬_¬ the title is supposed to say 3rd.. Edit: The title is a lie! *edit* dang you shadowseeker... ¬_¬, now lie down and cake will be served
  5. I'll post a new topic to get more attention. As chief detective, I have heard that there are some riddles posted on doors. I want you to find all of them (8 in total) and try to solve them. If you are stuck solving them, then you can ask for 1 free hint per riddle, per day, starting tomorrow.
  6. Since Mur requested that we segment it into smaller parts, we changed our instructions. We will update and edit the first post whenever a new part of the quest is due. Also, please use this topic to 'inform' the Chief Detective, when both the chat and PM are too small to inform him. (so.. for ginormous chunks of text Or do you want me to make separate topics?
  7. MD B-Day Festival Challenge of Team Bunny [log=Introduction and instruction] Team Bunny came up with one singular, oversized mega challenge, because we’re compensating for something that was huge to begin with. Our challenge? Team Bunny’s Awesome Murder Mystery! Your instructions are simple, solve the murder of the victim. It occurred in a village (the new lands of the tribunal). There are a lot of things you can do, so here is a guideline: - Initial evidence in crime scene - Questioning of people in the house/around the crime scene Make a list of suspects and ascertain the circumstances and find out about: - Alibis - Rumours - Potential motive(s) Create theories about the circumstances about the murder and investigate to; - Check backgrounds - Get more rumours/motivations/alibi’s to backup the theories that you made - Find more evidence to backup the theories - Provide a compelling case to find out who killed the victim! To allow you to recognize who is actually part of our team or important in the challenge, we are trying to change our tags to have TB (Team Bunny) in front of them. The other thing you should know is that your ability to work together and to adapt, are really important. Besides that, the last and most important thing you should know is that there are ‘Monitoring Characters’, who basically function as Dungeon Masters. We use these because there are no clickies, but also because it gives you greater roleplay freedom. For instance, if you wish to inspect the crime scene, then ask a monitoring character to accompany you to the crime scene and tell him/her that you wish to begin inspecting the crime scene. He/she will describe it for you and you will have total freedom in gathering evidence, or inspecting items, but beware, do something stupid and you will be punished, godmod and you will be disqualified, do something awesome and you will be rewarded. And realize, that you can die. However, only the person that died will be affected, not the whole team. The people who died or were disqualified may still observe, they just aren’t allowed to interact with TB people (who will just ignore them) or Monitoring Characters. The character of Metal Bunny is at the house at the top of the last set of stairs in the new lands, where Mur was standing. Metal Bunny is the Chief Detective, and you are all grunts hungry for promotion. Metal Bunny is also a Monitoring Character. Metal Bunny can help you in two ways. Either as a Monitoring Character that allows you to interact with the environment, or as the Chief Detective, to ask for hints and tips, or just general questions. Beware however, if you ask for hints or tips that it doesn’t quite stick to the spirit of the game and that we will deduct points for that. Now, go into town and solve the murder! As a general note, the Chief Detective will answer all questions, but ask twice if he thinks the answer to that question is a tip or hint. He naturally won't do that if you specifically ask for a tip or hint because you are stuck. [/log] [log=Challenges for day 104 and 105] The chief detective has the following to say: "Given the information that esmaralda and xrieg (and others) have gotten so far, there seem to be three types of people. The first are the servants who usually seem to know nothing, except for the special few who were closer to the victim. The second are the people who are just wandering around, not employed by the mayor of the town and not necessarily connected to the The third are the people who are connected to the victim and were at the dinner party and the last witnesses who saw her alive. You have identified the following as the last group of people: Mordred Nitratos, uncle of the victim, mayor of the town. Sally, fiance of the mayor. CrazyMike, the magician who entertained the party and close friend to the victim. He seems to have run away. Some speculate due to grief, others say that he fled, fearing justice. Knozz, a mysterious merchant and close friend of the mayor. Luanda, the narcissistic and deluded cheerleader, a close friend of the victim Oetzi Von UngernSternberg, a half-ape and gardener, servant of the mayor, close friend of the victim and lastly, Udgard. A strange, perhaps psychotic man, but a close friend of the mayor nontheless. Your challenge for the next two days, is to find out all you can about these people. Their motives, their alibis, and whatever background information you can get. One last thing however, I also want you to find out, all you can, about the victim. The circumstances she died under, what happened to her own family, such as parents and if she was doing something that made powerful enemies want to kill her. Search the crime scene, or any other place and try to find evidence." [/log] So, it is basically 8 challenges for the next two days (though if you take longer, because CrazyMike is still MIA, then it's okay, no pressure ). Also, if you take longer than that, then I don't really mind. However, other challenges will pop up and if you still have to do this after two days, you may get into time issues.
  8. It's a cruel and unusual life.

  9. Buuuh.. my exams are actually coming up right after MD b-day festival :(

  10. I think it's a bit too late yes, but you could always try. You're welcome at our team.
  11. Not last phase, just phase 2 Anyway, big announcement here! [size="7"]From this point on, once you join our team, you cannot, for very secretive reasons, defect and join the other team. You can still leave us, and keep quiet, but that's it![/size] Thank you
  12. Alright people, today is the day that I unveil my wonderful plans for the B-Day Challenge. If you are on this team and you don't have access to the following link: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/forum/234-team-bunny-is-awesomeness/ Then please say so, either in pm or in this topic. We're entering the next phase
  13. The commitment that is required, ultimately depends on you, but you will see once the new part of the forum is set up.
  14. Okay, since TTL offered he can do it and let CrazyMike help as well, since he has been a great help so far? Forum name: Team Bunny is Awesomeness! Or something like that. As for subforums, while I do see the need for spoiler related and extra restricted sub forums, I don't really know how many we'll need and we can always add more later/let the few people manage it between themselves.
  15. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1298576530' post='79532'] The other team has a small forum whereby we can speak and such with ALL members of the team, would you like one? - asking bunny so i want an answer from him, but i think everyone should see what i am suggesting so they may give their opinions to the leader. It will have normal rules just like any other subforum. [/quote] I actually wanted to do it all via the forum messenger, but then realized that it may have gotten messy and that it has a 20 participant maximum. So yes please *edit* I'll be in manchester for the weekend, so my response is slightly slower over the weekend. I'll be back on sunday evening, so.. yay.
  16. Yeah, come and join us; it was a bit late and I wasn't really overlooking the situation entirely. Glad we're in a team huh? Dangit, I keep wanting to send stuff out to all of you, but now I have to go to school, lol. Anyway, short notice, this team is open for everyone and anyone (except people from the other team), up until the moment we have a case of chronic 'unemployment', which means that if people are just doing nothing, then (while we are not kicking people out), it wouldn't make sense to let people in either. And since we are just starting, everyone is allowed in
  17. Alright, I think we have enough people now. (Along with sagewoman), I think we can close this topic. I'll contact you all tomorrow, I am kind of tired now.
  18. Alright, we are close to 20 people. Tomorrow I will stop with taking just any random person and start with organizing and planning. If someone after that still reeaaally wants to join, then they need to have a bit of a quest reputation. (It's not unreasonable right? I mean, we are on a schedule ) I suggest to the ones who are already in, to think of whether they want to help test quests, make quests, or both.
  19. I think it's kind of funny that dst decided to join the anti bunny team. She must be a complete masochist, because we all know that dst can't solve my quests and puzzles.
  20. Lol. Anyway, I think we, or Ailith, should put up a deadline date in order to solidify the people's choice, or absolutist and despotic rule, of the two team leaders. That way, we can more easily and concretely move on to the actual useful phase of organizing. But anyway, seems like people want me as a team leader so far, so if no one else more 'wanted', (for a lack of a better word), is pushed forward, then I'll be a teamleader. I suggest that once the teamleaders are known, that a more handy topic of team members and eager recruits is created, so that it's easier to see alts, or to actually know what and with whom the teams will be working with.
  21. Lol, this is pretty funny. Anyway, I think that in any case, there should be a deadline set for teamleaders to.. I am better off putting this in general forum aren't I? Anyway, lol.
  22. Well, the 14th of april is a perfect time for me, nothing much to do before, and the 22nd is right about when I actually have to do some effort for school, so if, and only if, people want me to either choose a leader, or to be a leader, then I'll step forward. I would've claimed power and drafted a legion of drones and minions, but oppression, propaganda and brain washing tend to stifle creativity. I don't really know why, but it would seem that it would be a counter productive tactic. So.. only if people reeaally want me to choose someone or actually be a team leader, so that chewett will be slapped with the metal glove, will I actually do so. So... please make it known if you want me to and specify what
  23. Doh, I wrote You're.. it's supposed to be Your*...

  24. You're Xmas card came in, and wow. Thank you so very much, it's wonderful :D

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