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  1. Thanks Mur, I feel honored At the riddle of Saco Hehe, this is going to break you You are sitting in a wagon. A train wagon. It's a fast and new train, real slick and smooth, like slurpies, that give you brain freeze . You are sitting backwards, which means that the train is moving in the opposite direction you are looking at. In that wagon are 4 people, besides you. One is a really pretty lady, like hawt, like Keira Knightly, when she's not skinny, hot. She sits next to you, lucky sonuva (unless you are not into ladies, don't worry we won't judge...much , in the middle of the couch. She is a special kind of girl, as she is able to fend for herself. She went to Shaolin Kung Fu class, so that she could kick dirty perverts butts, also she is sick of these sick men and will always defend a woman. Next to her is a guy with a goatee, that looks real sleezy, the goatee that is. Across the wagon, it's a special wagon with only 2 couches, with room enough for 2 3-seat couches, it's like a coupé sized wagon, also the window's are huge, like man sized huge because there are no lamps inside the wagon, anyway in front of you sits a guy, who has just been miraculously been cured from his 7-year long infliction, namely blindness. Note that he is older than 7 years, else he wouldn't be a man, but that's beside the point, the point is that he learned that he loves his sight so much, that he would kill himself if he would ever go blind again. The sad part is that the doctors told him that there was a 50% chance in the coming week that he would go blind again. Anyway, next to that guy, opposite of the hawt lady, is a nun. A real motherlike nun, and she became a nun, because she is not a lesbian, but is very suspicious of men. She hates them really, it's like a disorder or something. Anyway, she will always suspect men in the near vicinity to be total pigs, preying on woman flesh, not literally, we're not cannibals, it's just that we like.., I mean... She thinks that 'we', assuming you're a guy, are total perverts. She is already suspecting the guy with the goatee, to be a total debauched goat, no pun intended. Even if it were meant as a pun, it would really suck as it isn't even a funny one, so I'm sorry... really I am... just couldn't resist. Anyway the nun sees the guy on her left side coming in the wagon, so he is a new guy, with you included, the 6th person in the wagon. The guy is part of a film crew and cast and he is dressed as a savage. He explains everything, so nobody, including you, is not worried. The reason you should be worried is because that guy is wearing a big fat sharp knife that would rend the flesh from your bones, it's on his rightside, because he's left handed. But he explained everything, so there is no problem, also his name is Bob, also he has a smoking problem, so he askes if they could open the window, so that he could smoke. The problem is that he is trying to quit, but sometimes just can't leave that sigaret alone. His urges come in spikes, as in really strong, but very fast urges to smoke, these urges quickly subside. To fight these urges he grabs the nearest things with his hands and holds onto it. I know, I feel your pain... but there are things much more weirder things in the world, so go with the flow. Here comes the tricky part. The train rides into a dark black tunnel, you see nothing but hear a guy groping, followed by a high pitched scream, then you hear some kungfu kicks and a big fat shiny knife being unsheated and you hear someone, a guy at least, screaming. Then the train comes out of the tunnel and it is obvious that someone has died. My questions are: Who died? Why did he die? And the most important question:How could his death have been prevented and what is the moral of this story? Bwahahahahhahahahaa
  2. So we have Weaver Gared and Gjinja... are there more?
  3. Lol, the math problem is kinda neat, but sucks up to much time @ Grido, the version I know is the cannibal village and the village of eternal bliss . I remembered a riddle of my own, but I'll post it later or edit into this one.
  4. I hope it moves soon, not only because it's beneficial to all of us and the server, but also because then mur can go forward with other stuff, like resetting my xp , or ch3 , or story mode XD.
  5. It's a denial of another statement, albeit it was someone else's statement, but that's irrelevant. :D

  6. Lol, je ne comprends pas de française. Also, YAY GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN. I'm gonna change my font color to green after this too . latin translation: 1) Now it is good for [the] seeing. (The actual one, because you stopped using pink:)) 2) Now (it is) good for (what) must be seen. (Only if you put in the hiaat of + esse and + ille) 6 years of latin, wherein you learn the entire grammar of the language in the first 3 years. And 10 exams stuffed in 1 week? Ouch, I have 8 exams stuffed 7 days, but mine are likewise 3 hours a piece. Also should you go cry in a corner, do with while you're studying. Saves some time. I know, I study everywhere, I found out a couple of years ago that if you study in the toilet, it really works out well.
  7. I love it when people fall for that hello kitty thing, And it seems I took the wrong presumptions, as the warden is some kind of midget god of anti-cheating. In that case. Also ***edit*** And you can always go ahead and post riddles and puzzles, it's an open forum
  8. @ Ruin, the answer to the first riddle is correct The 2nd answer is wrong, Yay riddles, lol @ The first riddle. @ 2nd riddle.
  9. I can see different sections already. Creature Fighting/ritual Principles Uniqueness of players actions '' of balance artwork?/story? community lot's of other sections could be available as well, like the shop, mp levels (not being able to mercilessly crush newbs), pvp orientated, the different places, like loreroot or mb, etc etc... But we do need to draft stuff first. I'm so in for writing stuff about it, but I have zero wiki experience, except if you count the hours clicking feeling lucky and then clicking dozens of other links, occupying my mind for an entire day... Also I need to finish my exams first, then the dutch motto's and then I could help.
  10. Oh cool, we were talking about it in multiple topics. Nice to see it's getting there. Was just thinking about it... a new wiki always needs so much work, lol, that this new wiki is going to take a while
  11. Lol, mad with power... nice , maybe you could order stf around, at least his legs. You could use him as a horse, lol.
  12. lol, the famous Yami-Glastig Pax. Nunc bonum pro aspicendum est.
  13. Lol, we could form a posse and hunt both the assassin and biggie
  14. In that case you do deserve it Anyway, the pawn here, means Going to put in some different kinds of riddles An example: You are standing in a house with just 2 rooms. (yes the house is pover like that) You are in the '3 buttons' room, which has 3 buttons. One of these buttons turns on the lightbulb in the other room. You cannot see in the other room, so you cannot see if you are turning the lightbulb on or off. In this case the lightbulb is off. You are only allowed to go into the 'bulb' room when you are sure you know which button turns on the light. The question is, how are you able to know what button turns on the light? And one of my own 'cept they don't rhyme anymore You come across a man, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but it is near civilization. He's like rotting and stuff, and icky grossness and stuff is leaking out of him, along side with insects, gnawing on his scrumptious flesh, so he's dead. He's wearing sunglasses, a leather jacket, a hello kitty backpack, blue jeans, and blue suede shoes . You vehemently refuse to search him, to see what kind of underwear he is wearing, or what kind of socks. I bet it has harts or polka dots on them though. But you are able to guess what is in the backpack without having to grope inside of it, like a greedy little kid trying to get his lollies from some kind of sack, which was offered to him by a strange man in a gray van and when that kid reached in the kid was... uh... The question is, what is in the backpack?
  15. I knew it, you're female.

  16. Horrible pink haired girl? Your statement is the denial of another...

    Words fail me...

  17. or , and its enemy is But they probably have nothing to do with pawns. Oh that's real nasty, because you don't understand the riddle, yet guessed the right answer. Kinda like a lottery. Next time I post riddles, they will be riddles that need an explanation, so you can't guess the right word
  18. Lol, try not to double, or in your case triple post, just editing is good enough. Also, I have no idea what happened to your post.
  19. Lol, fine I'll confess. The pink annoys me, like a midget god of most unrighteousness that keeps poking non-shiny yet unwelcoming sharp objects into my cranium. It feels most unawesome. I have no idea why I have that, it's just a thing I guess... like how I talk to myself (admit it everybody does that from time to time ), sometimes I do that on purpose when people are near me, just to freak them out, especially since I usually think and therefore talk to myself in english (I'm dutch btw). It's one of those quirks you know? Heh I guess everybody our age is having exams.
  20. That is so awesome, this game has so much potential and it's already so unique . Really can't wait till I have my own creditcard, so I can donate too.
  21. Woops sorry ruin, hehe. Well I could try and explain. But like I said before, it did seem strange to me as well, namely the 2nd part of the riddle. The close yet far is easily explained, as death is inevitable and could always come for you in the next few moments, but it is also far away, because we are not conscious of every single second, and most of us die of old age, so it's far away, unless you are like 90 years old. The fear part we all know, some simply fear death, the connection between that and the war part is kind of confusing though. It could imply a victim-hunter relationship, those who fear death (victim of it) and those who propagate it (hunter). This could also be taken metaphorically, or as a conflict in one's mind, as one is weak and constantly fears death, the other is strongwilled, or rational enough to know that death will come anyway, and therefor does not fear it, this could be seen as a 'war' on death, but that would only make sense if death wants to impose fear upon humans. It could also mean what I stated in a previous post in this topic. Other than that... Noooo idea...
  22. It's not a girly color, though I did have such associations with it, but that stopped once I saw the first generation of metrosexuals, which was a traumatic experience all on it's own. Anyway, it, like Saki said, has an otherworldly color which will burn through your retinas and let you see the face of evil itself... Not a hyperbole, honest...
  23. woopsie, I made a typo, galefull doesn't exist, it's gale full Also And chewett you 'spoiled' the wrong word I am my enemy's creation. Though I'm no longer, when he is gone. I grow stronger, when he moves his pawn. For I sadly cannot tread, Where his gale full bane has shed. What am I?
  24. I have my exams in a week from now... And they last for 2 weeks :'( And I read the Journey to the West in English, with the original Chinese text on the left side. So when I was done reading the books, I had gotten used to reading only the right page... kinda weird, especially in school :S. Also: You lived in China? Cool... ish... depends on where you lived Also: pink? NOooooOOO00000OOOhhHhHHhh
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