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  1. Since the offer is high, I'll agree
  2. [b]Post offers here, minimum bid 1 SC. -Edit- Bidding ends on day 31 - 23:59:59[/b] [b]Angien 1 - No tokens[/b] Vital Energy 500/500 Stored Heat 26252 Won battles 25 Age 518 [b]Angien 2 - No tokens[/b] Vital Energy 500/500 Stored Heat 26252 Won battles 25 Age 518 [b]Angien 3 - No tokens[/b] Vital Energy 500/500 Stored Heat 26252 Won battles 25 Age 518 Yes... they are all 3 the same. Age posted on Day 23: Year 7.
  3. Is it possible to ask for something and then... not reveal your desire to others?
  4. Well.. the first 3 days of 2012 were utter cr*p. How was yours?

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      2011. Don't feel bad, mine were spent worrying if I would have a job after the holidays.
    2. Sharazhad



    3. Princess Katt

      Princess Katt

      Caught a cold on the first. Hope it's not an omen.
  5. I have doubts as to me being active this year. Is the awards system to look at overall holistic activity and average trend, which include simple day to day conversations and walking around, etc? Or do you regard it more in terms of any instance of activity, in which an intense burst of activity is more important? If it's the first, then no. If it's the 2nd then perhaps. (I haz a lot of school stuff )
  6. Collective action problem; there is no incentive to wait, as there is no guarantee that it will be there next time, as everyone has free access.
  7. Metal Bunny


    Wow this is derailing fast and looks to be counterproductive to the point and goal in mind when this topic was made by its creator. "I'm not going to just tell you what to do, Grido, because I can only tell you what I would do. I want you to do what you would do. " Really? Didn't he already do that? Doesn't that premise include the possibility of a return to old behaviour, implying that yes, while his behaviour (as you seem to have deemed it necessary as to require 'redemption' of sorts) may change as a result of this topic, that you are kind of trapping him? I want you to do what you would do.. That's like a (now ex-) girlfriend saying to me that 'if you don't know what you did wrong, then there is no point in me telling you'.. [spoiler]In case you didn't get that, it means that admittance of fault is not really admittance of fault if defendant is not aware or does not acknowledge fault, especially since, looking at this poll, the defendant has a majority support... What you want is a bent knee, you're not getting it[/spoiler] I sincerely hope you see the discrepancy in that..
  8. WTS 3 Old tokened Angien Eggs Bidding is public, auction lasts for a couple of days (3 at max). If you buy all 3 at the same time, you get a 1 sc discount. Minimum price for angieng egg is 2 sc. Price for token is 1 sc. So offer at least 3 sc. Details of angiens as follows: [b][claw3][/b] Claw III Stored Heat 26252 Won battles 25 Age 407 [b][goldbelt][/b] Gold Belt Stored Heat 26252 Won battles 25 Age 407 [b][blooddrop2][/b] Blood Drop II Stored Heat 26252 Won battles 25 Age 407 Basically.. same numbers all around (bonus points* if you know how I did that without fighting ) *[size=1]bonus points not redeemable for discount with purchase[/size]
  9. I've been here longer than most and this is.. I think.. topic (in spirit) number 3, maybe 4. Don't get me wrong, all I am saying is, is that it has happened to other people before and yes, they left. I never did that, even though I would meet people who would annoy me more than a mosquito bump on your buttcheeks. The realization I had however, was that, MD is much like people in real life, except that in the greater majority of cases in real life, you can't just quit the game, or at least, the overal greater majority of us don't. Why? Because walking away from those people and ignoring them is so much easier. It takes some time to get used to just ignoring people, and yes, it does lead to the problem of cliques and inside cliques you can have the same s**tty drama as well. However, as older people may have I realized in the way that I am active in MD, is that there is a way to strike a balance inside of MD's social networking. Another problem with ignoring people is that, you somehow feel like you are cheating yourself off of MD time and that you're actually stuck in this habit of going on there and discuss or get annoyed and fight, etc. But this is something everyone faces. There are causes to pick up and fight for, and then there are causes that are a hopeless cause and should be ignored. Wisdom here comes not from others' advice, but knowing yourself more clearly as to who you would ignore naturally... Don't you ignore me, young lady.. Anyway.. uh.. yeah, any time you deal with people, you should just treat them like people. It's what I did with.. a [b]lot[/b] of people, and they are all gone now, yay
  10. Aeoshattr, if I am correct, sorry about that, and I'll try and find the others, lol
  11. Oh, he already contacted me, I can't find Aeo, Neno and Jason.. I'll just keep 3 aged angiens in my inventory at all times
  12. Chewett is the antithesis of internet, as he shows us that spam works..
  13. Buuuh, I can't find Jason, Aeon, Ivorak and Neno.. Can anyone tell them that there is an aged angien waiting for them?
  14. Well, I am training for the european debating championships, so your here here (it's supposed to be hear hear), is greatly appreciated *cough* end of spam
  15. The problem with the whole point of 'setting' a limit, is that ultimately someone, or more likely, a group of people, set a limit which, by its very nature, goes against your very nature (if your tastes are the ones being limited). The point being that if a majority may decide against an individual's will and force it to abide by its rules. This is actually a good thing in many cases, as theft, murder, rape, pedophilia and other such measures, have been 'tyranically imposed by the greater majority on the fringe minority, according to the concept of implicit social contract'. But there is a reason why this is so undisputed; there is clear, active 3rd party harm (someone gets robbed, killed, raped, against their will naturally). In the case of something that is taste however, jurisprudence /suggests/ that the 3rd party is far less and that the harm is done inactively, not actively, nor even always with the intent of harm (also important). In comparison; hearing about 2 girls and 1 cup from your friends, not punishable by law. The harm is very subjective (I thought it was funny to gross out my friends, kind of like a very disturbing version of 'pull my finger') and the victim can always walk away or protest (my friends didn't), thereby removing their implicit consent. Having your movement restricted or the harm forced upon you however, is punishable by law. No one is allowed to tape your eyes to the disturbing movie that crawls its way around the net, nor is anyone allowed to turn up the volume on a radio show of which the content is disturbing (disturbance of public area). So.. yeah.. uh.. the other things you are talking about concern private institutes and companies, who are allowed to discriminate on non-arbitrary and business necessary traits and attributes. Your story only reflects a social change, in the sense that Disney thinks that they can profit more and capitalize on the scandal, whereas in the past, the entire social norm was different (more like you I presume) and as such, they were unable to capitalize and had to cut their losses. However, your story only reflects a change in social norm. It does not however, legitimize or justify a change in law or setting a new arbitrary limit. Strangely enough, the only outlet you do have, is to fight for it, and protest this social norm, until the majority re-converges on a limit that would suspend such activities as mentioned in your story. I, myself, hope you fail, seeing as how I truly believe that 'hurt feelings' don't deserve their own amendment in any constitution, especially not when you yourself are in a position to walk away, do the same thing to them (gross them out via a tea-party in front of their house?), or especially when the current social norm still dictates that they will not EVER reach high positions. (politicians and business people, will ruthlessly devour you if you had such a past as would any moderate voter). So.. your problem is that 'celebs' go further to create shock and generate publicity. I ignore them, and am quite happy with it
  16. Yash please, also, if you have picked, but can't find me, kindly go afk at the berserker's way, so I can more easily find you and pm the ctc's to you.
  17. About morrel and blackthorn, they were good players, but they were far too inactive far too quickly in my opinion. I also agree on Eon being better than Eden in those aspects, however, that doesn't mean that the standards for being good in Eden's days were far lower (as you said, combat gets harder, so the subjective criteria has to be relative when looking to the past) and harder to reach (Wodin held the crown for an excruciatingly long time, making it more of a 'shock' of what Eden did). But I agree, if it weren't for Eon objecting to being nominated, I think I would have had a harder time deciding. Also, so far, only rhaegar has chosen to pick creatures from the creature pool.. does that mean that.. no one else wants the creatures?
  18. Eon is still relatively new and Eden did get some powers (Role and rpc remember?), but the new part didn't really count so much with me, it was mostly that Eon was quite persistent into not wanting to being named legendary, which made me discount the new part more. In a sense, it seems to be clear to me that if Eon keeps going like this, then next year shall be a different call. Curi.. yosh, same-ish as eon and what you said. So uh.. yeah same with BFH? lol.. Correct again, their qualities are very hard to quantify. Tengri doesn't count that much as he was more of an alt and all the rest what you said. Rhaegar, well, in my opinion a quest that many others have done in the name of newbies, along with the savelites (which was abandoned) and the rebellion (which failed), I have to stay by my negative judgement. As for Granos, well, I sorta know of what he did, sorta.. lol
  19. I am alive, was in China for 4 days, am now in a debating tournament in Rotterdam as preparation for the European University Debating Championships in Ireland, so I am excruciatingly busy. More free time will arrive on this upcoming Saturday, which is probably when I will finally fully reply to Chewwy and it is probably the day when I will give out as much of the rewards as I can.
  20. I have items ID 20, 21, 22 and 23. I traded 24 (lettuce)
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