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  1. I am back, and I have an immediate correction: Monday the 2nd until Sunday the 8th. Also, Saturday may be a different time, depending on how my first BBQ of freedom goes.
  2. Hello. How are you? I am fine, but excruciatingly busy. But thanks for asking. I planned on doing another festival in about.. 1 week ago. But real life makes it so that even though I am in college, I haven't had an actual vacation in approximately 25 months. But, I can do stuff in the first week of September. So I will (Festival starts on Tuesday the 3rd, ends on Sunday the 8th of September.. Because I have to train people on Monday, that's why). No manager, that will have to wait for next year. Seeing as how I am busy until end of next week (WHEN I AM FINALLY FREE ROOAAOAOAOAOAAOARGH). I will do the stuff such as accepting nominations for legends, for next week. Also, if people want to help me update the descriptions of current legends, please do so, I'll pay you a shiny silver coin. If you wish to help with the trivia, I'll pay you a shiny silver coin as well. If you wish to donate quest rewards, yay. Winners of last year who didn't get their rewards yet, please tell me, I will finally do it, when I have free time again (after august 25th). For more information, go check the festival editions of previous years.  
  3. It won't be mutually exclusive. The order doesn't matter either. so if we wanted this, they could just adopt this legislation and build new laws upon that.
  4. Alright, I am slowly coming back to MD. Once my thesis is done, I'll definitely have some more time, as a lot of things will be ending in my real life. However, I am going to be away during the usual time for the Festival of War and Remembrance, due to a vacation in China and see some family again, a debating tournament in my own city, as well as training and preparing for, and competing in, the European University Debating Championships 2013 in Manchester, I am NOT going to be able to do a lot of MD during latter 2nd half of July and the first 3 weeks of August. This means that, seeing as I want to keep the festival going and make it more into a tradition, as well as making sure that other activities or quests go into it, I will open up the position for manager of the Festival. It will be a paid position. You will have some creative freedom, concerning quests and stuff. There will be some guidelines. There will be like 1 or 2 rules you can't break. I am mostly putting this up now, to see if people are enthusiastic about this, or not. As well as how much in compensation they expect. It takes at least 2 weeks. 1 week of doing stuff, and 1 week of organizing and planning and making new quests or adding stuff to the stories. Let me kindly know your opinion on this.
  5. Yeah, I'm going to finish this soon.. And make it simpler..
  6. So, I can't see the doom.jpg, what's it look like?
  7. Information regarding the Trivia contest. The trivia contest will probably start at 21:00 server time, on the 25th of August. The reason why it starts early, is because it took approximately 4-6 hours (can't remember), last year and the year before that... so, be sure you have some time. First I will fire random trivia questions. First 16 players that get 4 correct, go through to the quarter finals. First to break against nr. 16, 2nd against 15th, etc. Semi-finals, then fight for bronze, then fight for gold. Each round has 5 trivia questions, all of them concerning the stories I have told in the past, along with the tale of the legends. First player to hit 3 correct answers, advances to the next round. Each set of finals has increasingly difficult questions. The ones from semi's are already quite hard, the ones in the bronze and especially the gold fight, are brutal. The ones who didn't make it to the semi's will be given a silver coin and a WPcode Semi's get silver coin, angien and a WPcode. 4th place gets WP. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place get the choice between WP or a rare creature, with 1st place first pick. (But this depends on the amount of rare creatures I can give away. If I only can give 2 away, 3rd place gets choice between WP and angien plus a more worthwhile creature such as Imp, or more angiens ) 1st place also gets a trophy.
  8. The loose criteria I have in mind are: The first in something The leader of something Great influence/respect Accumulated skills, deeds and qualities over time But if you find something else that may be newsworthy, go ahead.
  9. *Not sure if this should be here, or in the market forum section* In lieu of the upcoming festival of war and remembrance, I am very willing to commission services of the MDNP or from freelance journalists. I have noticed that being absent for a total of 5 months of the past year, that I have a gap in my source material concerning players who may have done outstanding features. I wish for a condense information packet (less than 1 A4) on EON, BFH Lightning, Rhaegar and Seigheart at negotiable silver prices. I also wish for a introductory packets (1 paragraphs) on players you may think are worthwhile. For this, I require some proof, or possible witnesses (forum posts, their friends), BUT, if I deem it not good enough, no silver. It is totally okay to send stories about yourself, please contact me in this topic, or send me a message via the forum. I am also looking towards a more permanent partnership or even open source cooperation, towards the vetting of the legends in my ubiquitous and arbitrary list of legends. To increase accountability, transparency and to introduce more acceptable criteria, and therefore increase acceptance overall.
  10. Wow, I underestimated how much sleep I needed after trekking around the world for a half dozen weeks. Anyway, It'll start today and the stories will last for 5 days. (unless a war breaks out, right now). Trivia is on day 6, which is saturday, the 25th. However, because the trivia takes a really long time, instead of 24:00 server time, it will probably start like 3 hours earlier, right after most people's dinner. As for rewards, anything is fine, really. The rewards will be handed out to winners, but also people who make it to the octo finals, quarter finals and semi finals of the trivia. And I'll contact seigheart . Also, please post some people you think should be considered as legends. Because my source material is scarce due to busy times outside of MD.
  11. Okay, good suggestion, because I am really tired as well. (Just came back from a 2-month long out-of-the-country trip involving family and debating). I'll start on the 20th of August and it'll last that week. Oh and I messed up with the time. I was thinking that server time was -1 for me, when it is +1, so I'll start on 0:00 server time (so from 13 of Aug, to 14 of Aug, not 12 to 13). Does anyone want to donate prizes or have other suggestions?
  12. Wow, great response so far. But I won't be deterred, it's about tradition anyway. On the 13th I will start at 22:00 server time. As for the fighting, I won't do that, but I will still do the trivia contest. I think I have to contact the treasure keepers to ask for some kind of sponsorship, since last years it was done by Mur voluntarily. As for the Trivia, if you were wondering, it will at least be WP's, angiens, imps, and maybe (not sure on this one), Drachs. The way trivia will be run, will be same as last year, same for the stories and same for the legends. If no legends are submitted before the day of legends (day 5), then, I might add 1 or 2, but nothing else.
  13. Hey everyone, in case some of you were wondering, no, I am not dead yet. I have been planning a new festival for some time, realized I was busy with all kinds of stuff and sadly then decided to postpone the festival to start on the 13th of August. (Because, I am really, really, busy .) Anyway, I decided to allow for this time to let people give feedback to the festival as a whole, to let them nominate new legends (and start a flame war about why my subjective criteria are not good), and give suggestions for improvement, or even give ideas for new quests or rewards for these quests (or the trivia contest), if they so want to. So, uh, fire away
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