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  1. Where do you find his guards o.o?
  2. Um I do not think my idea is very uh... relevant >.> or useful <.<........but but like.... a hot air balloon O.O....So you could travel to other places and get to fly... Um... From the little platform on top of the paper cabin, you would have a person with a hot air balloon and a small dial thing you could click on that would have either north east south or west on it o.o which would show the wind direction at that moment. [size=4]You would go up to them and ask for a ride and they'd say "Sure, I'll give you a ride on my balloon, 'ope to see you again soon~&qu
  3. o.o.... [b]0011011100011101110000101[/b] [b]01011111[/b]
  4. [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1355413974' post='128127'] garbage [/quote] rats o.o
  5. I'm currently watching ~o.o~ [b]Bakuman 3[/b] [b]Btoom[/b] - So much love for this anime.... maybe that's just me aha >.>'' [b]Code breaker[/b]... [b]K [/b] [b]Zetsuen no Tempest[/b] [b]SAO - [/b]Why can't the next episode come out already o....o? [b]Kamisamma Hajimemashita[/b] - I started reading this as a manga which is why I'm now watching the anime >.>''... [b]Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo[/b] [b]Say I love you[/b] - another awesome sauce manga being made into an anime, ah the nostalgia~ [b][size=4]Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun[/size][/b]
  6. Did you know that in Denmark frogs go kvæk? o.o

  7. This puzzle annoys me....just turn gold already! -sigh-

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